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The Bear Cave

Heya, welcome to my request thread. All of my information is going to be sorted neatly, so you can skip through what you don't want to read to find what you do want to read. Please make sure to read all bits in red. They're important!

I only role-play over threads!
Let me repeat this for those who didn't care to read it the first time - I only role-play over threads.

About Me

I go by the alias "Bear" and I'm a twenty-four year old married woman. I am a full time working mom to my two kids (one June 2015, one August 2016) and I role-play when I have spare time. I enjoy reading, writing, watching Netflix, and spending time with my kids & cats.

What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for a partner that is able to communicate with me what they're interested in, not interested in, and plot ideas. I want someone who is able to write creatively and progress the plot. I like people who have ideas and don't just agree to my ideas. I want someone that can write more than just a few sentences because I enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing. I stopped writing one-liners years ago and I don't plan on going back to it. I expect you to have the maturity to tell me if you're getting bored and not just drop me.

Respect is always my #1. You treat me like a dick, and I'll be the biggest cunt in the world. You treat me respectfully, and we're cool.
Let me know if you're losing interest in the role-play or losing interest in an aspect of the role-play. I am not offended if you say you are bored, I'm more offended if you don't say something. Role-playing is about fun, and if we're both not having fun then there's no point.
Don't flirt with me out of character. I have no interest at all. None. I don't find it cute, or funny, or whatever. I find it annoying.
Respect my off list. I'm not kidding. I have few hard offs, but they are hard offs.
I do not write posts that are "one-liners" and I don't partner well with people who do. If you aren't capable of writing multiple paragraphs worth of material (NOT fluff), then we won't work together well and I will lose interest in the role-play. I like details, descriptions, and insight into your character's mind.
I have memory issues. They are the worst when it comes to responding to PMs, which is why I don't role-play over PMs. If you send me a PM and I open but don't respond please resend it or follow up. I am the worst when it comes to opening a message at work and forgetting it. I don't mind you reminding me. It helps me stay on track. The same applies to role-plays. If I take longer than a few days and you haven't heard from me, please feel free to send me a message.

My f-list has the extensive list of ons/offs, a quick list that sums up my hard ons/offs.

Hard Ons
(insert dick joke here)

Ribcages - I love the way ribcages look and I will adore you if your character's physique allows for their ribcage to be visible either regularly or when stretching. If you describe it, yaaaaas. I love them.
Violent / dominant males. I like when a male displays his dominance over the female, either subtly or through force. I love it.
Romance. I can't help it, I'm a sucker for love stories. I like the two extremes - rape and romance.
Large cocks. This is self-explanatory, right?
Teasing / sexual build up and tension. I want your character to make mine really work for it. I want her dripping in her panties and already so close to an orgasm that she can't stand it. Maybe he leaves her dangling on the edge there and begging for more, maybe he finally gives her everything she ever wanted and makes her see the stars. Either way, I thoroughly enjoy the build of sexual desire and tension.
Evil characters. Yummy!
Hairy chest on men. :heart: Yes, lord. I'm actually really into hair pretty much everywhere save for writing out a hairy back and ass. A+ if he's got a trimmed beard. Mmmf.

Hard Offs

Characters below 17 years of age.
Parent/child incest. I'm a parent and I cannot fathom how that is remotely interesting to sexualize your child.

Current Cravings

All links are to safe for work character pics for reference.

Reality-based Plots

Male Teacher/Female Student - not currently craving
Kinks: Romance, taboo, older/younger dynamics
The relationship begins in a local online chatroom - she lies about her age a bit and he lies about his own. They chat for weeks and fall for each other only for school to come back in session. The girl is a high school senior and is now juggling her online romance with her school work, which is taking a toll on her previously outstanding grades. A concerned teacher approaches her about the problem and finally puts the pieces together on his online romance's true identity and is now faced with the problem of telling her and possibly moving their relationship to a new level in reality.

Princess/Servant - not currently craving
Kinks: Romance, forbidden love
An arranged marriage has resulted in a princess being sent away to a nearby kingdom to be introduced to her husband-to-be. Instead of falling madly in love with her husband, she finds herself falling madly in love with his servant. If their romance is found out, then the servant is doomed, but they can't resist each other no matter how hard they try.

Contract Killer/Victim - not currently craving
Kinks: Romance, possible snuff, possible breath play
A contracted killer has grown weary of killing people that are not quite ready to face death. Instead, he turns towards a new career with a lucrative (but extremely illegal) business that has opened up. People call in anonymously to a suicide line to request their death and can pay a certain amount to ensure that they will get the method of death that they want and the time they want. A young woman has called in a very odd request - she doesn't just want to be murdered. She wants to love the person murdering her. She wants hot, steamy romance and instead of her romance peaking with a romantic, love-filled proposal with the ring of her dreams, she wants him to put a knife through her ribs and end her life. But after so long of playing the part of her lover, will he be able to fulfill his end of the contract?
Song that inspired this plot - "Doctor Online" by Zeromancer

Pirate/Stowaway - ♡ ♡
Kink: romance
In hopes of a new world of adventures, a young woman stows away on a ship that she believes to be headed to the new world. Once they're well on their way she discovers that the ship isn't what she believed at all - it was a pirate ship. She's been discovered once they are well on their way and is thrown to the mercy of the captain. Luckily for her, he craves the touch of a woman more than he craves punishment. But there's a spark between them as well.

Married Boss/Young Secretary - not currently craving
Kink: forbidden romance, slow buildup, taboo, possible MxFxF or MxFxM
The boss of a large company finds himself slowly becoming enamored with the secretary that he's just hired. She's young and vibrant and there's only one issue really - he's married, supposedly happily so. But his wife has become disinterested in him to say the least and the secretary is giving him more attention either way. He can feel a bit of a spark between them but he's hesitant to move further.

Nurse/Disabled War Veteran - ♡ ♡
Kink: taboo, romance heavy
A man becomes a hero on the battlefield but at the expense of his legs. He's sent back home to be given the best care possible and is assigned to an intensive care ward. His nurse is young and sympathetic, a soft heart that truly feels for him. She finds herself lingering in his room and talking to him longer, though it breaks her heart that she knows that he'll never be the same as he was before the war. He's limbs but he hasn't lost the charisma he's had for years, and she finds herself falling for him.

Nurse/Prisoner of War - ♡ ♡ ♡
Kink: taboo, enemies becoming lovers, romance heavy
During WWII an American soldier is captured in Germany, but he's severely injured. He claims to be a high ranking officer and has the right ranking on his shoulder that he'd taken from a body of his commanding officer to save his own skin. He's taken care of by a nurse that is standoffish and frosty towards him at first. But his personality wears on her after a while and she finds herself warming up to him, more so she finds herself nearly melting beneath his touch and finds herself in compromising situations.

Cop/Felon - Not currently craving this
Kink: taboo, blackmail
A young and still naive female cop finds herself in a compromising position she shouldn't have ever put herself in in the first place - she's found herself at the mercy of a felon. A one night stand has lead to this felon having pictures of her that, if exposed, would ruin her career. She's now in between a rock and a hard place as she's been given the warrant for his arrest.

Princess/Servant - not craving
Kinks: Romance, forbidden love
An arranged marriage has resulted in a princess being sent away to a nearby kingdom to be introduced to her husband-to-be. Instead of falling madly in love with her husband, she finds herself falling madly in love with his servant. If their romance is found out, then the servant is doomed, but they can't resist each other no matter how hard they try.

Pirate/Stowaway - ♡ ♡
Kink: romance
In hopes of a new world of adventures, a young woman stows away on a ship that she believes to be headed to the new world. Once they're well on their way she discovers that the ship isn't what she believed at all - it was a pirate ship. She's been discovered once they are well on their way and is thrown to the mercy of the captain. Luckily for her, he craves the touch of a woman more than he craves punishment. But there's a spark between them as well.

Best Friend/Best Friend - ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
They've been best friends since they were kids and have been inseparable even into adulthood. But now she's getting married and he fears it's too late, but he never thought he had a chance with her anyway. It's only on her wedding day that she realizees she can't go through with it, because at the altar she's supposed to be loving her soon-to-be husband... But all she can think about is him

Husband/Surrogate - ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
Kink: cheating, pregnancy, romance
When his wife is found to be infertile, they turn to the help of a surrogate in order to conceive a child. The pregnancy is flawless, but the only issue now is that he finds his interest in his wife waning as the surrogate's belly grows heavy with his child. He can't resist her, but he also can't get caught.

Fandom Plots

Gotham - Penguin/OC - ♡
Kinks: open for discussion
I don't even have a plot thought up for this, I just know I would like to play a female character (preferably OC) against the Penguin. Not gonna lie, he's kinda hot even though he's... Geeky.

Gotham - Edward Nygma/OC - ♡ ♡ ♡
Kinks: Sexual tension and build up, intellectual characters, possible kink
Edward is under investigation after some evidence has gone missing in a major case that he was pulling
apart. He suspects the new intern working for Gotham Police Department, a young woman that is extremely intrigued by the curious riddle-filled man.

Suicide Squad - Joker/Harleen Quinzel - ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
Kinks: Corruption, possible bondage, possible electrical stimulation, taboo sex, possible blackmail
I watched Suicide Squad very recently, and though I was very skeptical of the new
Joker/Harley, I found myself very fond of the both of them. I enjoy that they kept the abusive aspect of their relationship very real, as it kept to what they were supposed to be. That being said, I'd like to role-play out their origin story of when Harley is not quite "Harley" yet. I'd love to role-play out the time of the Joker being in the hospital when Harley is still Harleen Quinzel and he is manipulating her into his power.

Harry Potter - Fenrir Greyback/OC - ♡
Kinks: Non-consensual, werewolf on human, possible knotting
It's the seventh year at Hogwarts and the castle is run by Death Eaters. Fenrir Greyback has been given the chance to be the disciplinarian of the students. He takes particular joy in torturing them, but has recently found a student that he is fixated on and decides that the best torture for her would be a night alone in the Forbidden Forest with him.

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Prince Zuko/OC (Book One) - ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ (Please?)
Kinks: possible non-consensual turning consensual, bondage, power play, romance
After a failed attempt to destroy the fire nation from the inside, a young rebel is sent to Zuko as a tease. His father makes Zuko an offer that is hard to refuse -- get the girl on their side and he can come home, honor restored. All he needs is to know where the rest of the rebels are hiding.

Harry Potter - Slytherin/Hufflepuff - ♡ ♡ ♡
Kink: corruption, dub-con, slight romance, secret relationship
A Slytherin student is paired with a Hufflepuff on a dangerous project for Herbology and finds that he gets a lot of amusement out of torturing her and her innocence. She's a sweet soul and he quickly discovers that he's more than just attracted to the fact she would do most of the project without making him work. He's also attracted to her sexually, but she doesn't seem to be the most interested in sex as he is. He decides he'll have to educate her just as much as she feels the need to educate him.

InuYasha - Naraku/OC - ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
A cocky and headstrong half demon has fallen in love with Naraku and in her journey to become a more powerful half demon, she offers her services up to him. He plays on her emotions to use her to attack InuYasha and attempt to break the group apart.

Fantasy-Based Plots

Vampire/Human - ♡ ♡ ♡
Kinks: Romance, possible blood play
The vampires are having the gathering of the century, but to cover up their existence, they are requested to travel by human means only. Unfortunately, a plane crash strands a group of people on an island with this skilled and now hungry killer. As the other survivors slowly pass away, a human female starts to suspect the handsome man she is developing feelings towards...

Vampire/Serial Killer - not currently craving
Kinks: Blood play, snuff, torture, possible multiple partners, heavy smut
A vampire and a psychopath -- what could be a sweeter love story? Their insane minds play together like awful children and they have found the one thing that connects them stronger than anything else? The lure of the Blood. Even though she is just a human, she feels the call of the Blood and feels the urge to drink it, spill it, and bathe in it. So together they have a wonderful affair of love, bonding over the death of others and the delight in draining
Sample Writing
Millions of years of evolution didn't amount to nothing, but by just looking at the collection that were packed into this room like sardines, you would never tell. Top of the food chain and yet they were driven by a simple desire to mate, grinding against each other as they consumed enough alcohol to subdue their great mental capacities. They were literally dumping thousands of dollars a night to not think for just a bit.

But among the herd of humping and grinding cattle, there lay the ultimate predator, a wolf in the sheep's clothing. She was a woman, having groomed herself to meet the requirements for the ever-lusting man. Eva had always been a beautiful woman, but the last few years her descent into madness had treated her well. She worked out as often as most people prayed to god, ate a rather strict diet, and kept her body in near perfect physical condition.

And it was because of her strict regimen that she had attracted a fly into her pretty little honey pot, a rather attractive man that was rather intoxicated. His hands were hungry on her body as they danced -- well, it was closer to dry-humping than anything else. She could feel his cock press against her with every bump and grind, his need plain on his face. It was when she was sure he was just about to toss her to the ground in the club that she leaned close, whispering in his ear that they should return to her place.

The man was more than willing, following her like a good pet ought to. It was all a part of reeling him in, then, her house quite inviting to her guest. Her bed was a lovely thing, scarlet sheets and soft, warm comforter. He practically walked to his own death, tugging her along to his quite literal death bed. It wasn't until this point that she had returned his affections, her lips hungry on his body, hands grasping him and fondling him. She wanted him excited, wanted his blood rushing.

Sex was a messy thing, always had been. And it was never interesting with those that were drunk. He'd been far too eager in removing her clothes, his own following suit. The man had a cock that was rather impressive, but she wasn't paying attention to his swollen length, far too interested in the veins that stuck out on his body, her fingers trailing one.

Eva permitted him to get forceful, to push her down onto the bed, wrestling his way in between her legs as he position his cock against her opening. He thrust inside of her with a grunt, his cock delving deep into her sex as he started to move, his only pace to fuck hard and fast. He was a selfish lover, caring more about his own cock being satisfied than his partner. But that was fine. Eva arched under him, her hands sliding beneath the pillow. She faked a moan, arching up against him and proclaiming something along the lines of him being the best lover she'd ever had.

Her fingers found what they sought, the hilt of a blade that she'd hidden there before leaving in search of prey. Her moaning, writhing bullshit came to a swift halt, a true smile coming to her lips as she brought the blade across his belly, his blood gushing over her in hot gushes, his intestines falling out onto her stomach.

"Ah, yes," Finally, her lover wasn't so selfish, emptying himself upon her to make a hot, sticky mess of red on her sheets and between her legs. She was finally enjoying the sex, her hips bucking up into his now unmoving hips, his weight coming down upon her as his strength died with him. She came to her orgasm as he died on top of her, the last of his blood seeping out in slow drips.

As satisfying as it was to control man like this, it was always so disappointing afterwards. Such a mess to clean up, what with the blood and the body to dispose of. It was second nature to her by now, a process that was well worth the rewards she got.

And again, tonight, she found herself in the breeding grounds again, primed and ready for the hunt...

Human Princess/Anthro Pet - ♡
Kinks: Forbidden relationship, virgin female, knotting/tying, vanilla sex, romance heavy
In a society where anthro exist, they are viewed as pets for the wealthy, so it was no surprise for the princess to have been gifted a handsome young pup to have as a playmate. But the princess isn't a little girl anymore and her pup has grown into quite the large beast. They are as. Lose as ever, but the relationship is different. Even though it is forbidden, the princess can't get him out of her mind. They already share a bed together and she can't help but wonder what other ways her pet could serve her...
Sample Writing
The princess was a pampered soul from the day she was born, a sweet creature that had been born into the lap of luxury and truly belonged there. As a child, she had been blessed with everything she could ever want. But money could not purchase a friend for the lonely child.

At least not until she was seven. On that birthday, she was gifted her closest friend, a young anthro pup that was to be her pet. The creature was older and taller than her even at that age, but was still pampered enough that there was play left in his heart. The princess had found what true happiness was at last. The first few years were the best, with days full of play and laughter. As she grew older, the play turned to hours of talking. He was her closest friend and only confidant.

After a while, the two had become inseparable and it seemed only natural that the anthro be permitted to sleep in her bedchambers -- first, on a padded bed on the floor, then later at the foot of her bed. It wasn't long before the two were found nestled together in innocent embrace, the epitome of close friendship.

Even with the years of play behind them, she found it impossible to let her friend go. She had blossomed into a woman, and he from pup to full canine. The years had changed them but had not separated them. At the age of eighteen, she still refused to have her pet sleep anywhere besides her bed.

The cuddling had remained innocent. For a while.

In the quiet of the night, Elle slid her hand over to find him, her fingers brushing softly through the fur on his chest. He leaned in to her touch, their bodies so close she could feel the heat of his breath on her neck. He nipped at her gently, bringing soft little gasps from her lips, her body arching up into him. His hand moved on her body, first grasping her breast, fondling her through her silk nightdress. It moved then, following the curve of her side until his fingers found the edge of her dress.

Her breathing was ragged, electricity thrumming through every inch of her skin. His hand formed a trail of static, moving from her outer to inner thigh then finally cupping her sex gently. Elle blushed. She hadn't been aware she didn't wear panties. He pushed up her night dress to her stomach, sliding his hand away from her just enough to tease at her clit, making her press up to him in eager anticipation. Her breathing had grown heavier, body absolutely aching for him now.

His tongue was on her neck, followed by another nip. He worked his way down her body in slow motions, finally stopping between her legs. His tongue brushed her slow, teasing before he began. It wasn't long before her hands were on his head, her teeth biting into her lower lip to stifle her sounds of pleasure. He stopped just as she was on the verge of orgasm, grinning from between her legs. As he leaned up, she glanced down at him. His cock was erect, the tip almost dripping with precum.

"I'm ready." She whispered, watching as he leaned over her, slowly letting his tip rub against her virginal opening. Her arms wrapped around him, enjoying the heat from his body as she anticipated her virginity being broken. His muscles tensed, his tip entered, she gasped and -- and woke up.

Elle awoke feeling an odd mix of excitement and embarrassment. Her sex was alive with need over her dreamed fantasy of sex, her legs clamping together to try and stop the electricity. Her pet, her /real/ pet, lay next to her still. Her cheeks were hot and her body cold with a light sweat. The dream had come before, but never so intense. And as always, it was so hard to shake.

She propped herself up on her elbow, steadying her breathing as she touched his shoulder. "Hey... Are you awake?"

Human Heiress/Anthro Bodyguard - Not currently craving
Kinks: Teasing, knotting/tying, taboo relationship, heavy sexual tension and buildup
When the heiress to a large fortune moves out on her own, her father purchases her a gift -  a healthy young anthro to protect her from anything that could ever harm her. He didn't think it through that it might not be wise to purchase her a male pet, and the daughter seems to be a little too interested in tempting the beast... Not that he would complain.

Damned Soul/Demon or Satan - Not currently craving
Kink: deception, adventure, romance, possible torture
A soul is damned to hell due to a loop hole in the standards of what constitutes 'good' and 'evil'. As she wakes on the other side of death, she finds herself in the outskirts of Hell and accompanied by another damned soul - a man who also claims his innocence. They make a pact to help the other to the center of Hell where it is rumored that if they can make it to the belly of Satan's mansion they will be able to reclaim their souls and gain entrance into Heaven. The plan is flawless, except for one disastrous flaw - her partner is not who he seems to be.

Virtual Reality, open to discussion - not currently craving
A new virtual reality game has been created and it's more interactive than ever. The latest update lets your mind upload into the internet to give the best experience possible. You create a character and explore a virtual reality world that is every bit as immersive and real as reality. The only problem with the world is that it's prone to glitches and is easily rigged to promote catfishing. Old men can make their avatar be attractive young women and attractive young women can be hook-toothed Orcs with balls bigger than coconuts. Overall, though, it's a great game and people enjoy it. They're able to fight without feeling pain, have sex, and explore worlds they could only imagine. They can create worlds and explore. This story line is going to be based around two people that ordinarily wouldn't have met and the idea is based extremely loosely off a manga I read like... 10 years ago called "Reality Check!"
In the manga, the female character is the main player's cat that takes on a human/neko form and becomes extremely popular.

Genetic Experimentation - ♡ ♡ ♡
The government has created a facility in which it takes the homeless youth off the streets under the guise of giving them homes to stay. Instead, they are subject to cruel and unusual genetic experimentation in order to perfect the ability to make a human-animal cross-breed to draw out the best pieces of each breed of animal and make soldiers that are able to kill nearly any enemy. Their formulas are wrong and instead they are creating half-beasts that are beautiful but mostly useless. Out of pity, a caretaker has formed a relationship with one of the captured half-beasts and is dangerously close to lettng her free.

Ghost x Hunter - ♡ ♡ ♡
A ghost is trapped reliving the night she was murdered over and over. A hunter, set on destroying this frightening specter, finds himself transported back in time to investigate her past, and maybe prevent her from dying in the first place. He has limited time to figure out what happened and possibly save her. But what happens when and if he does?

Experimental Drugs - ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
An experimental drug is being released for human testing -- a chemical that is supposed to let you safely live out your wildest dreams. It takes the person into a dream state where anything is possible and the story line is safely controlled by the overseers. But it's not perfected by any means. Your greatest dreams are now your worst nightmares and the way out isn't as easy as it seems.

Ice Nymph/Human
Kinks: romance, slow build
An adventurous man stumbles upon something he's never seen before -- an ice nymph. Like wood nymphs, she has features of that which she must protect. Her skin is cold and prone to melting and she is tasked to protect the ice she lives within. Despite their differences, he falls in love with her and tries to work so both of them can enjoy their "happily ever after"

Werewolf/Werewolf (Brother/Sister)
Kinks: brother/sister incest, knotting, smut heavy
Growing up the siblings had always known their status as werewolves. As his sister reaches maturity and goes through her first transformation he was the first one to help her through it. But now she is entering her first heat... And sister or not, instincts are still instincts for a creature more beast than man...

Female Dominant

Evil spirit/possessed man - not craving
Kinks: Female dominant, interracial, corruption, fiction heavy, possible snuff, possible torture
The very first sin to ever be committed was the sin of the forbidden fruit - and the original sin began with Eve. The Bible details the curse of Eve, from a woman now having menstruation to the pains of labor to bring a child into the world, but no one talks about Eve's true curse. Instead of death, she was stuck in limbo as the Original Eve. The eve of it. She has been nothing but a spirit, influencing the weak minded and corrupting people. The first time she got too much power, God flooded the earth and left only Noah's family to survive. And so she was weakened, at least for a while. But opportunity has struck again, and oddly enough in a man named after her husband. He is a weak man, already suffering from the beginnings of mental disease. She uses it to get inside his head, first as a whisper but steadily gaining strength until she can force him to commit horrible acts without being aware. As he starts to believe in her powers, she is able to manifest as her true self - a gorgeous, brown-skinned maiden with round ample bosoms and wide hips. She's a treat for the
eyes, but she is truly still a dark creature full of evil. And Eve is only getting stronger.

Demoness x Inexperienced Summoner - not craving
A young summoner has found his way to a spell that he has performed extremely wrong. Instead of summoning a lesser demon, he manages to summon a demoness of great power. Fortunately for him, she takes pity on him and decides to teach him magic to increase his skill and give her power. She's a cruel teacher, though, and finds that he works best with the positive rewards of sex.

Sorceress x Man - ♡ ♡
I'm enjoying this thread so I would like to do something along these lines with other writers. I would like to explore this story with more than one person.

Female Teacher/Male Student - Not currently craving
Kinks: Female dominant, inexperienced partner with experienced partner, bondage, sexual tension, forbidden relationship
When one of her students falls behind in class, the teacher takes notice in it and offers him private tutoring so that he wouldn't be embarrassed in front of his friends. They find tension building between the two until a romantic relationship forms between the two of them and they cross the lines. But he's inexperienced and she wants to show him the world of kink... Maybe even use it as a way to help him study.

Succubus/Human Male - Not currently craving
Kinks: Female dominant, seduction, somnophilia, possible power play
A succubus is loose, and she is very much on the hunt. In order for her to survive, she is required to fill her almost constant nightly needs of sex - a need that cannot be denied. She feeds off of sexual gratification of her partners and each new orgasm that her partner experiences takes years off her life and keeps her young. And she has perfected her craft down to an art with the new use of 'lucid dreaming' that people are addicted to. She uses her spell work to put her victims into a form of sleep paralysis before taking full advantage on them. Even if they wake up, they're not able to refuse her advances. Her latest victim is a man she has become quite fond of and has started to visit on a nightly basis. But he's tired of only dreaming of her, he wants more, so he has devised a plan to try and defeat the succubus' spell... If it works.

FxF Pairings

The Princess and the Maiden - ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
Stolen from her home country, a princess is kept prisoner in the enemy's castle as one of the spoils of war. She's too valuable to kill but certainly not something they can let simply go to waste. They have made the choice to keep her alive despite her fiery personality and her habit of escape attempts. Her sole company is a maiden that has been tasked of keeping up with her and preventing further attempts at escape. There's obvious friction between the two due to their opposing sides, but reluctant attraction is soon to follow.

The Sorceress' Apprentice - ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
Well endowed with magical abilities from a young age, a girl is cast away from her village for fear that she will hex the place or bring bad luck from the gods. In her desperation, she seeks out a powerful sorceress to be trained to take charge of her powers. She finds herself growing in power and abilities the longer she spends with the sorceress, and soon finds herself conflicted with trying to decipher attraction and gratefulness to the woman for saving her life.

Pirate Captain x Pirate Captain - ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
Friendly competition between two rival pirate captains has turned into bitter rivalry as one of them decides to take on the task of transporting slaves. Morals are brought into question when the other is stripped of her captain status and betrayed by her crew, forced to join the would-be slave trader on her ship. Two strong personalities clash and tensions build on the ship as the two butt heads over morals, power, and the odd sexual tension between them.

Plotless Pairings

Game of Thrones
Sansa x Sandor Clegane ♡♡
Sansa x Petyr Baelish
Sansa x Joffrey Baratheon ♡
Sansa x OC (MxF or FxF)

Harry Potter
Draco Malfoy x OC
Luna Lovegood x Fenrir Greyback

Elsa x Hans
Elsa x OC
Anna x Hans

Real Life / Historical
Pirate x Captive
Master x Slave
Circus Freak x Ring Master
Princess x Pariah ♡♡
Lawyer x Mobster
Serial Killer x Investigator
Serial Killer x Next Victim
Serial Killer x Victim's Sibling
Doctor x Patient
Cop x Prostitute

Werewolf x Alpha ♡
Vampire x Slayer ♡
Vampire x Human
Vampire x Werewolf
Werewolf x Slayer ♡
Human x Orc
Djinn x Human ♡♡

Mary Sibley x John Alden
Mary Sibley x Tituba ♡

Naraku x OC ♡♡♡♡♡
Koga x OC
Naraku x Kikyo ♡

Hidan x OC
Kisame x OC

Teen Wolf
Stiles x OC ♡
Stiles x Lydia ♡
Peter x OC ♡♡♡
Derek x OC
Peter x Lydia ♡♡♡♡♡♡
Jackson x Lydia
Sheriff Stilinski x Melissa McCall

Star Wars
Darth Maul x OC ♡
Anakin x OC ♡
OC x OC ♡♡♡♡
Kylo Ren x Rey ♡
Kylo Ren x OC ♡♡♡

Lord of the Rings
Azog x OC ♡♡♡
Legolas x OC

Incarnations of Immortality by Piers Anthony
Mars x OC ♡♡
Thanatos x OC ♡♡
Percy x OC ♡♡
Gaea x Percy ♡♡
Niobe x Percy ♡♡
Percy x OC

Swan Song by Robert McCammon
Swan x OC
Swan x Robin
OC x Man with the Scarlet Eye
Swan x Roland ♡♡
OC x Roland ♡♡♡
OC x Colonel Macklin ♡

Once Upon A Time
Hook x OC ♡
Hook x Emma ♡♡
August x Emma ♡♡♡
August x OC ♡
Rumplestiltskin x OC ♡♡
Rumplestiltskin x Belle ♡
Felix x OC ♡♡♡♡
* - - - - - - - *
Chill me, thrill me
Fill me with fantastic terrors never felt before
Nameless here, forevermore.

Ons / Offs


* - - - - - - - *
Chill me, thrill me
Fill me with fantastic terrors never felt before
Nameless here, forevermore.

Ons / Offs

Dark Horse

Hey there HeyThereLittleBear,

I would love to talk about some ideas for Husband/Surrogate, Genetic Experimentation, Experimental Drugs, and many others. If you're in please let me know!