Seeking female RP partners

Started by Coreli, January 03, 2018, 12:37:18 PM

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Was active here some time back and after an absence would enjoy throwing my hat back in the ring. Listed below are a few story ideas, but am open to anything you might have in mind as well. Drop me a line if interested and we can talk more.

A few relationship/situational ideas I would enjoy exploring (Forums, IM or One Shots):

Genie In A Bottle Came across a request from another player but it was already taken. Love the idea of this, and would very much enjoy seeing how it would play out. Lots of options for a plot, or perhaps just a nice one shot? Plays on the servant-master theme, but not in a dark way. Maybe "he" is a guy that has never played the dominate role, and now that the opportunity presents itself, he embraces it? Could be fun.

Vacation Not sure how this would play out, but would enjoy working through it with the right partner - or partner"s". It would revolve around 2 couples on vacation - maybe a ski trip where they get snowed in? Or at a resort during a storm? Some place where they are confined. They spend a night drinking, and talking, and... well, there are lots of possibilities. Could also work with a couple meeting someone on vacation, and they decide to experiment?

Phone Call (This idea I have been bouncing around and thought it would be an interesting RP. Basically, a man or woman lose their phone - at a store, in a cab or at a restaurant. The person that found it, then calls them to let them know they have their phone - or the person who lost it, calls to see if anyone picked it up. In the end, they immediately feel a connection, begin to flirt. Perhaps they are both in bad relationships, or just getting out of one, and begin to call each other regularly. They still have not met, but find themselves getting more and more involved - challenging each other to act out their fantasies. Could lead to an eventual meeting, or because of their situation, continue to play a seductive and secretive game. Could be fun with the right partner with an imaginative brain.)

Escort/Client (Either a first time experience for either or both, or an ongoing relationship) Could be a businessman traveling, a trip to Vegas, mistaken identity, a response to an ad or a chance encounter.

Bodyguard This could go a number of ways. He is either a hitman who falls for his mark or a bodyguard hired to protect a witness or celebrity.

Affair Either they know each other or meet by chance. Perhaps at a convention away from home. Once they return to their lives, they realize their connection is stronger than they both anticipated.

Masseuse/Client (Can be at a typical parlor, resort, a hotel visit or a more seedy establishment.)

Truth or Dare A college couple decide to play a game one night, and it ends up going further than they expected. Or it could be something more mature - with people at work, or while at a convention. The two co-workers (or boss and secretary) are at the office late one night...and...

Strangers (No names, no questions. Perhaps a chance meeting on a plane or at a bar. Would be a great way to explore new avenues and fantasies, but the allure of being with a stranger - allowing each to be who they really want to be. Their only contact is through secret rendezvous that could be during a lunch break, an exotic evening, an afternoon movie, in a restroom where they work, or even an exotic location - the more creative the better. Could be great for dom/sub and switch)

These are just some ideas - I am game for anything though, so if interested, give me a shout.