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Author Topic: Montagne's Roleplay Ideas. Vanilla to Ex. Male for M/M and M/F.  (Read 551 times)

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Montagne's Roleplay Ideas. Vanilla to Ex. Male for M/M and M/F.
« on: December 07, 2017, 06:10:40 AM »
Come and Indulge in New Ideas
Currently Looking for New Roleplays


Who am I?

I'm a laid back guy in his late twenties who has been around E since 2010 (wow, that's nearly a decade now). An avid researcher of history, long time roleplayer and writer. I play pretty much exclusively dominant characters, and prefer my stories with some kink element if the plot is sex-driven. I'm always open to meeting new people on E, I've made some wonderful friends and RP partners over my time here, so don't shy away from sending me a PM. Here you will find a list of all my current story ideas.

What To Expect From Me & What I'm Looking For
What To Expect From Me & What I'm Looking For

Post Length/Writing Style: I write long posts. I think I'd be safe in saying longer than the median length for the site (but certainly not the longest!) My average post probably comes in somewhere around 700-900 words, (obviously, context specific) with longer openings. That's the sort of length you should expect if you game with me. I'm not necessarily looking for someone to match that, as I know it's quite a lot. However, I find it really hard to enjoy roleplays that are only 3-4 paragraphs traded each way. I'm looking for someone who will provide at least 500-600 words.

I prefer a proactive form of writing style that keeps the scene moving at a strong pace. Often stories can get bogged down in the same 30 minute scene for weeks, I look to avoid that wherever possible. Sex scenes are usually 2-4 posts per person (4-8 total) from beginning to end, but with lots of content in that space. I like my posts to read like a small chapter of a book, with a clear opening, that has reached somewhere significantly different by the end, so my partner has something to react to and build on. This style needs a little more OOC planning so both writers are on the same line of thought for where the scene is going (this is a collaborative effort after all) and maybe an occasional OOC retcon. But I find the writing style and pacing just so much more enjoyable than stopping at every single minor change in the scene to switch to the other perspective. I want to really sink my teeth into a long post with lots to react to.

OOC Communication: Communication is key. I regularly PM my RP partners just to discuss what's I'm thinking for the characters, to suggest future ideas and to check if there are any changes they would like. This is especially important when a post includes a few hours of IC time. Expect regular communication from me, and feel free to message me in return. Even if you're enjoying the game, tell me what you're enjoying. I love getting "Wouldn't it be cool if X..." posts from partners that can help drive the story forward in new directions. I'm very relaxed about my writing, if you didn't like something, just let me know, I won't take offence!

Proactive Story Development: I like to know the plot is going somewhere. I'll regularly suggest at least a rough outline before we start the story, a few different medium to long term plans for where we might end up. That gives a framework to move each post along towards and maintain interest. My favourite partners have always been individuals who are on board with offering their own suggestions, plans, and edits/additions to scenarios listed below. I want someone who has strong plot ideas and who isn't afraid to drive the story forward with their posts.

I'm very much a "yes and" sort of roleplayer. If you have a cool idea and put it into the IC, assume I'll roll with it unless it's absolutely the opposite of the theme. Have NPCs lay a trap for my character. Assume during sex-scenes that if it's in my ons list, my character will probably consent to it, and just keep writing. If you want to switch the scene from an oral sex scene to your character climbing on top of mine, go for it all in one post, you don't need to wait for an IC invitation, I'll happily go with that in my next post. Feel free to assume little details about my character in your post, if you want him to moan during a sexual act, or hold her hair, or move faster, just write it into the story, I'll continue with the line of thought you have. It is better to include interesting details which 99% of the time I'll be totally fine with and occasionally retcon, than miss out on the great writing opportunities that flexibility allows.

Posting Frequency: My job involves me working to some crunch filled deadlines, so occasionally I might not be able to post for a week. I'll always let you know if I'm entering one of those weeks (which are relatively rare). Otherwise, I tend to post 2-3 times a week, depending on how many stories I have on. I try to always write for my stories from oldest reply first, so no partner is left waiting.


Story Ideas
If you like these ideas, please read the "What To Expect From Me & What I'm Looking For" tab to be sure our writing styles will match up.

If you are interested in writing with me, simply send me a PM. Let me know which idea you are interested in (or if you would like to suggest one of your ideas, direct me to it) and what about the idea made you want to write it. Any initial ideas about characters/plot would be greatly appreciated

House of Lies
  • Kink Driven vs Plot Driven: Plot Driven
  • Vanilla/Light BDSM/Heavy BDSM/Extreme or Non-Con: Partner Preference
  • Plot themes: Medieval/Game of Thrones/Low Fantasy. Political Intrigue. Waring Houses. Betrayal By the One She Loved. Character Growth. Reconciling or Avenging betrayal
  • Sexual themes: Partner Preference.
  • one of my few lighter RPs and the one that I'm craving the most right now
House of Lies

House of Lies

Looking for a roleplayer (of any gender) who is a fan of the sex fueled political drama & intrigue of Game of Thrones. The story will take place some time before the current books to allow for the story to be dominated by our plot, rather than worrying about the imploding political scene around Westeros. Alternatively, we can tweak things to create our own houses/setting in a low fantasy style universe, the major thing I want to preserve is the theme of warring medieval houses, rather than the cannon characters.

Your character is the eldest daughter of one of the great houses, first in the line of succession for a house with no male heirs. She is married to one of the sons of a neighbouring dynasty who is played by myself. The plot begins deep into their marriage; they have developed a true romantic attachment that has grown out of this marriage of convenience, along with a 4 year old son.

18 months before our story starts a neighboring army invades her house's territory and her husband marshals his forces to travel north to protect his wife's homeland.  She soon receive terrible news as her husband marches to war - her father and mother's death. She is kept up to date as she grieves from her seat at her adopted family's court, her husband writing to her regularly to tell her about the campaign. Throughout the arduous time he is away news is brought of battles fought by her husbands bannermen, along with more disconcerting news of her family's knights scattering to the winds after her father's death.

After a long fought campaign her husband is finally successful and she is summoned to the seat of her house as the rightful heir to be crowned Lady of the house alongside her husband who will now become the house's Lord. Eager to see her husband again, and with the only news she had received for the last 18 months from him, she heads north. But, once crowned, her previous bannermen approach her with claims of treachery. They claim her husband let her family die to ensure his position over the northern lands after learning her mother may be pregnant with a son.

Are they telling the truth? Who is she to believe? Men who have been loyal to her family for generations or her husband she has grown to love? Can she rule her lands effectively, or will her husband end up taking control of her lands? Even if their story is true, what can she do to the father of her child - especially while his house's military is one of the few things that ensures her lands are safe from invaders?

This is a largely plot driven story focusing on the female character uncovering the treachery of her husband while growing from a princess and mother into a leader of her people. As I'm volunteering to play the "bad-guy" I have no qualms with him reaching a grizzly end at some point. Of course, just like in George R.R. Martin's world, the good guys don't always have to win. There should be serious internal conflict from her over news of her husbands treachery. From her perspective, he has been the perfect husband for years, and from the news he has sent her, he saved the kingdom while her family's bannermen disgraced themselves. There should be some cultural differences between the two houses.

Given the importance of plot to this story, a partner who can contribute ideas and help drive the story forwards is a must. The plot will also involve a number of NPCs, so I need a partner willing to share responsibility over them as well. As a loving husband and wife, they of course have a sexual relationship, and that will play a part in the RP. I'm happy for this dynamic to either be lighter than my usual games, or for her to be a lover of rough sex in the sheets, depending on my partners preference. This is far more a plot driven than sex driven RP.

Repeat Offender
  • Kink Driven vs Plot Driven:Kink Driven
  • Vanilla/Light BDSM/Heavy BDSM/Extreme or Non-Con: Heavy BDSM+
  • Plot themes:Virtual Reality. Trapped. Sexual Indulgence. Artificial Intelligence
  • Sexual themes: Masochism. Restraints. Heavy Bondage. Loss of Control. Forced Sex (Nearly all kinks can be included depending on the scenario)
Repeat Offender
Repeat Offender

The Virtual Reality Incarceration System (VRIS) is the next step in prison management, due for public trial in the next decade. It places the prisoner in a comatose state and generates the world around them in an dream like artificial reality, controlled by a central computer. This virtual prison can be altered to the rehabilitation (or punishment) needs of the individual prisoner. It also cuts down costs, no more buildings, no more guards, no more prison riots or protests. It is the perfect inescapable prison.

Your character is a lead developer of the VRIS system, who several years into the project requisitioned one of the VRIS machines secretly installing it in their home. They can now inhabit any virtual body they wish in any world they wish. They spend every hour they aren't at work either designing new worlds and characters for these simulations, or locked inside one of the virtual worlds they have generated. These worlds however, are not idyllic fairytales. They are a masochist, and the worlds they have designed are there to fulfil all their varied extreme sexual desires. Pain and degradation. Marching across a scorching desert, being trained as an animal on some farm or entering hell itself. All great ways to spend a weekend.

After a long weekend of exploring your most recent creation, you find you suddenly can't deactivate the programme. The computer no longer recognises you as an admin, but as a real prisoner, locking you permanently inside of this mental prison. Your sentence is extended and failsafes are over-ridden. You are trapped in prisons of your own making, torture and punishment scenarios so brutal it is hard but satisfying for a weekend. Now you risk being trapped there for years, maybe forever.

Can your character escape this world while being subjected to their most extreme sexual fantasies, and more importantly, will they want to? Approach me via PM with a few ideas for possible virtual worlds you would like to explore.

Comfort Officer
  • Kink Driven vs Plot Driven: Kink Driven
  • Vanilla/Light BDSM/Heavy BDSM/Extreme or Non-Con:Non-Con or BDSM
  • Plot themes: Sci-Fi Setting. Powerful becomes Powerless. Breaking someones will.
  • Sexual themes: Slavery. Non-Con. Stockholm Syndrome. Group Sex. Mind-Break. Extreme Humiliation.
Comfort Officer
Comfort Officer

The Orion Interstellar Mining Company controls a fleet of nearly two dozen mining barges, performing operations deep into the asteroid belt, mining rare minerals for use on the core worlds. The work is hard, filthy and dangerous, and its crews are notoriously hardy as a result. Your Character is a young executive of the Orion Company, the son or daughter of one of the vice-presidents. You have been attached to one of the company ships to learn how the actual operations work before you can take up your cushy desk job.

Your characters privileged upbringing got under the captains nose from day one, as well as the ship full or rough miners. They might have just bared it if your character stayed out of the way; if it wasn't for your characters constant attempts to take command, boss them around. Three weeks into the journey and the captain has had enough of the annoying suit hovering around him, telling him how to run his ship. The crew decide instead to give your character a role suited directly to their skill-set.
The ship Comfort Officer. Tying you up in the mess hall, the gang of miners take out their weeks of frustration on your body. Using as they wish.

This story can be played as a non-con story, or if you prefer, as a scene in which your character relishes the new role as the ships stress relief/prostitute, willingly accepting the role. Negotiating the demands of the men on ship and trying to exploit them to regain some control may be an enjoyable story.

Take Me To The Fallen Isles
  • Kink Driven vs Plot Driven:30/70
  • Vanilla/Light BDSM/Heavy BDSM/Extreme or Non-Con:Heavy BDSM+
  • Plot themes:Prisoner. Mind Control. Hidden Plots. Undercover Spy. Dark Elves. Magic. Ending a Curse
  • Sexual themes: Elegant Masochism. Sexual Slavery. Heavy BDSM. Mind Control.
Take Me To The Fallen Isles

Take Me To The Fallen Isles
Drow are a corrupted race. Fallen Elves, tainted centuries ago by demonic powers they left the main continent of the world, retreating to an island fortress, shrouded in mists. “The Fallen Isles.” The Drow have built a society in which decadence is an absolute. They are near immortal, and great wielders of demonic magic. With their considerable powers they built a culture of brutal passions; the most exotic sexual pleasures, profane music and illicit cuisine was theirs. Nothing about their culture avoids the touch of pleasure, and the corruption of demonic magic. Their city is built upon slaves, nearly a hundred for every Drow who perform every menial task in the city. They are messengers, builders, cooks, handservants, pets and toys. The Drow capture servants from every race of the mainland and take them to The Fallen Isles, never to return. The Drow have become the most expert subjugators of people, sadistic, torturous, with magic and curses designed souly for the subjugation and rebuilding of lesser races minds.

600 years ago, a curse was placed upon humanity by the Drow. They saw the humans, and they knew they would make the perfect slaves. Easy, bendable minds, nimble hands and... supple bodies. But, they multiplied too quickly to fully enslave, the Drow were comparatively few in number, lacking the manpower to fully subjugate the human kingdoms. Thus the Drow placed a curse on one of the human tribes, now grown into a mighty city state. The night they come of age, one in every thousand women are afflicted by the curse. Every night their dreams transport them to The Fallen Isles. There their captors torment them; for the Drow are masters of two things: Torture, and seduction. Every night their bodies are first placed through the most agonizing torture, bringing them to the point that their minds shatter into a thousand shards and they are mouldable like soft clay. Then the perfect toned ebony bodies of their Elven masters come to claim the women, and take them to such extreme pleasure that no man could ever bring them too. Some women lose their minds, never wishing to sleep...others only ever wanting to dream.

Once a year, on the last full moon of winter, The Drow return from their homeland beyond the shores covered in a magic mist, and make landfall in great ships upon the continent of man. The cursed women flock to the boats in droves, thousands of them, their minds so tainted by their need for elven pleasures they will do anything to be allowed to make it a reality. Most women board the ships on the first year they receive the curse, few last more than a year or two; either leaving for the ships, or taking their own life, every hour of their sleep filled with the siren calls of the Dark Elves. The ships are great prison arks which take the women back to The Fallen Isles to begin their new lives as slaves.

No attempt by the humans to stop this has ever been successful. Every ship sent into the mists that surround The Fallen Isles has never been seen again. Only one attempt was made to try to stop the women, locking up those cursed and meeting the Drow with an army rather than a horde of willing slaves. The Drow king, riding a ferocious black dragon, slew them all, and burned one of the great human cities to the ground for their resistance. From then onwards, it has become an accepted sacrifice the humans must give.

Your character was cursed nine months ago. For nine months her dreams have been haunted by her Drow masters. She is special, one of the few humans able to perform magic, a healer, still a studying apprentice. Her mind is far stronger than the other women, whose minds turn to putty in the hands of skilled Drow mages. The curse on humanity is maintained by the greatest of the Drow mages, only he has the power to maintain such a curse. He has taken special interest in you as a specimen seemingly resistant to the Drow and visits you in your dreams, tempts you, punishes you...ravishes you. It is time for the Drow to arrive once more, and you wait for him on the beach. You plan to stop him; to allow him to take you prisoner so that you can find the source of the curse, and stop it. The pleasures he gave you even in your dreams were near unimaginable. Will you be able to resist him in person, or will you surrender your body to him, like the rest of your kin. And more worryingly, does part of you want to.

Species Traitor
  • Kink Driven vs Plot Driven:Kink Driven
  • Vanilla/Light BDSM/Heavy BDSM/Extreme or Non-Con: Light BDSM+
  • Plot themes:Anthros. Interspecies. Taboo Relationships. Power Dynamics. Predator/Prey
  • Sexual themes: Anthros. Interspecies. Size-Difference. Rough Sex. Alpha Characteristics. Breeding. Pheromones.
Species Traitor
Species Traitor

This is more of a general theme than a specific story, and can be transplanted to any number of ideas, some of which I list below. The theme involves anthro's (furry characters) Like this one - NSFW. In a world in which there are such divergent characteristics between different species which populate the planet, there would be an inevitable sexual hierarchy, with the masculinity of predators and femininity of prey creatures being overly valued in the media. Interspecies relationships would be taboo, and this story would focus on that.

Anthro characters provide a number of possible kinks that aren't normally available to humanoid characters. A significant size difference between predator and prey species. The possibility for pheromones effecting the judgement of the pair, driving on their lust. The story would focus on a prey creature (your character) stepping outside of their species to have sex with a much large predator.

This could work as a cuckolding scenario, with a couple, both prey creatures, and a larger predator who enters into their life.

A simple relationship scenario, possibly a college scene, a prey and predator ending up first as room-mates, then as lovers. How do they negotiate the social taboo's around their romance.

A more coerced scene. A live in prey maid working at an all predator fraternity. The combination of pheromones mixing with these large mens persistent advances eventually changing her role to a sex toy around the fraternity.

Welcome to Garmr
  • Kink Driven vs Plot Driven:50/50
  • Vanilla/Light BDSM/Heavy BDSM/Extreme or Non-Con:Extreme Non-Con
  • Plot themes:Prisoner. Trapped. Apocalyptic Wasteland. Anarchy. Gangs. Violence. Sex to Stay Alive.
  • Sexual themes: Rape. Masochism. Sexual Slavery. Rough Sex.
Welcome to Garmr
Welcome to Garmr

Garmr is an infamous, hellish moon colony orbiting a gas giant on the edge of colonized space. Little water, no arable land, freezing at night and scorching hot in the day. Here the undesirables, the criminal underbelly of the colonies were dumped to eek out an existence in its nearly unsurvivable desert terrain. There was no way on or off the planet except the single space transport which dropped fresh prisoners each month. There was no authority on the planet, the world a lawless anarchy of prisoner rule. Rape, starvation, cannibalism, torture and death were commonplace, the average life expectancy a little over 2 years. The central government liked it like this: The planet had no resources or colonizing potential, so it was used as a constant reminder of why citizens should appreciate the brutal draconian justice of the central government - it was a true state-of-nature made real for all to witness. "If it wasn't for tough law and order, this world would be like Garmr." Was a common refrain from conservative commentators across the civilized systems.

Your character has found themselves convicted for a crime and deported to the this cruel, unforgiving world. Perhaps they were wrongly accused, perhaps they were just caught up with the wrong people. Maybe they had become personally obsessed with the life on this planet and got themselves convicted just to experience the raw reality of human relations. Either way, they are totally unfit for this kind of world, an attractive, pampered woman or man touching down in a harsh world of anarchy. How will they use the "assets" they have to survive planetside.

One alternative I've been toying with is the idea that every prisoner has a personal shield that can protect them from harm unless deactivated. Of course, that wont protect from dying from the heat of the desert, alone and without water. This means needing to trade yourself for the goods required to survive, willingly (or at least semi-willingly) surrendering yourself in order to survive. It all depends on how dangerous you want this world to be!

The Monastery
  • Kink Driven vs Plot Driven:50/50
  • Vanilla/Light BDSM/Heavy BDSM/Extreme or Non-Con: Heavy BDSM+
  • Plot themes:Twisted Romance. Exploitation of Power. Captured. Brainwashed.
  • Sexual themes: Chastity. Masochism. Sexual Slavery. Restraints. Shame/Humiliation. Heavy Bondage.
The Monastery

The Monastery

A dark fantasy realm where werewolves roam the dark forests of Eastern Europe. The people there are protected by the church, whom employ Inquisitors and monster hunters to capture and slay the beasts. The more submissive pups in the pack are taken to secluded monasteries far away from the city, collared with a blessed silver band which represses their ability to transform. There they are raised as nuns within the monastery, assisting the priests who capture the werewolves, and trying to fight their "affliction".

The girls spend their youth in prayer and contemplation, trained to read scriptures, they learn it is their duty to serve their priestly masters so that one day they might be rewarded in heaven with freedom from the burden of the beast that rages inside of them. While unable to transform, their werewolf blood makes the women raw, passionate and fiery of temper. They are kept permanently chaste from they time they enter the monastery, using a silver chastity belt, until the night of their "Trials."

At adulthood, the initiate is stripped of her clothes and chastity belt, and left to pray throughout the night, and should she be successful, she becomes a fully fledged sister, separated from the other initiates. What is unknown to the people outside the monastery, and the initiates, is that once a initiate becomes a sister, she is open to the advances of all the male priesthood within the monastery. Few women succeed, their first night overtaken with an animal lust once the blessed chastity belt is removed.

The nuns live a life of sexual servitude to the men who originally captured them there. Trained to please the every whim of their priestly masters, along with sessions spent within the bowels of the monastery dungeons, being "cleansed" with whips, floggers and other such implements. Your character is about to undergo her trials, filled with excitement about the unknown life ahead of her, hearing only lies of what is to come. She was taken during a raid on a werewolf tribe as a baby. She would have grown into an exceptionally powerful wolf were it not for the monastery's suppression of her abilities.

The story will follow from her excitement and expectation of the first night of her trials, to the horror of finding out what her future has in store for her. Followed by the breaking down of her mind by the cruel priests who control the monastery. Then, months later, a priest, the protege of the man who spared your character comes to teach at the Monastery, and a romantic D/s relation ensues. Throughout there can be attempted escapes, love triangles and other interesting sub-plots. The length of time we play out either the romance, or the N/C scenes before hand can be decided dependent upon both our preferences and character choices.

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Re: Montagne's Roleplay Ideas. Vanilla to Ex. Male for M/M and M/F.
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Looking to take on new games for 2018!

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Re: Montagne's Roleplay Ideas. Vanilla to Ex. Male for M/M and M/F.
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Bump. Taking on new stories.