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Author Topic: Looking for a few good writers! Macro/Extreme/Bimbo- the Bimbo CEO  (Read 814 times)

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Hello! I'm obsessed with transformation.. especially if the transformation is slow, gradual, and against her will. Physical transformation is best, but some mental transformation is fine as long as it compliments the TF. Bimbofication is a good sub-transformation as well. Becoming a nymphomaniac.. cumslut.. addicted to new sensations/adventures.. I'd love to explore writing with you.. planning with you.. and developing a new story. :-)

I currently have several games going on but am always looking for a few more well written stories. Please look at my list and private message me if you are interested. The most recent story is at the top, some of the older ones are at the bottom of this post.

I'm looking for a writing partner to explore this concept with me. I'm looking for a partner that posts 3 to 5 times per week using the forums. The story would have some transformation/bimbofication and could be a realistic or slightly future setting, depending on what my partner has in mind.

I don't mind pushing the boundaries, eventually she could be a living, walking wet dream who can cum just by wearing clothing. Maybe she gets more horny the longer she doesn't have sex and after a day or two, will have sex with just about anything to get an orgasm.  The more extreme and exaggerated, the more fun. Even her mind could be changed to love pleasure but, obviously there would be enough there to push the story forward, she couldn't simply become unplayable and unenjoyable, though. No such thing as too large breasts, too curvaceous, too much pleasure, too many modifications, or too many changes to enjoy sex.

I do have some on/offs that you can be aware of- no animals, no scat, nothing excessively gross.

Please message me if you're interested!

Story Concept A-----------
In this game, our intrepid hero would be the tribute from her town, each year they give one tribute to the demons inside of the gate to keep their world safe.The character would wake up, in a new, wondrous, sexy, and dangerous land.

The basic idea is over the top fantasy, similar to Dungeons and dragons with a lot of magic, potions, and transformations thrown in.

She would definitely go on some sort of adventure to save her kingdom, her family, etc. The characters are transformed and gain new abilities, she can either go on the adventure by herself or you could be another character with her on this adventure. Maybe one of the characters can be from this land and the other can be from somewhere else, 2017 earth maybe?

If you are interested, shoot me a message and discuss what you are going to add to the story.

Some inspirational images:

End of Story Concept A-----------

Story Concept B-----------
This story is going to center around an ordinary college student, a plane vanilla jane that meets a bad boy, that turns her life around, both figuratively, and literally. She starts off wearing frumpy clothes, no makeup, mismatched things and is transformed into a buxom gothic suicide style girl.

Maybe at the beginning you can suggest some slight changes, maybe different clothes, different makeup, maybe her path of change would go something like:

Clothing (from normal to slutty)
Makeup (from no makeup, to bright/colorful/slutty)
Lip Injections (from ordinary to XXL)
Plastic Surgery on Face (larger eyes, smaller nose, pinned back ears)
Liposuction from smaller waist/skinny tummy
Breast Implants (from B cups to H Cups or larger?)
Fetish Training
Anal Training
Rib Removal
Butt Implants
Ankle Training/Foot Training
Sex Addiction
Cum Addiction

That doesn't have to be the actual order, but, something like that would work out.

Here are some inspirational images

End of Concept B-----------

Start of Concept C
Ella would be a young pleasure mage, a mage in training who could change her reality if she had enough pleasure, although she would have to learn a lot to get to that point. I would look for someone to do some worldbuilding around Ella.

here is the first post:
Ella always knew that she was different from as long back as she could remember. She had strange dreams that sometimes came true. She sometimes had animals come right up to her and whisper in her ear, and, even more strangely, when she talked back to them, they replied! She knew something was going on, but, couldn't figure it out. When she was ten years old, her parents revealed that she was actually adopted, her parents died in some sort of accident and Ella always wanted to find out more. When she was fourteen, her parents bought her a parakeet. This was no ordinary parakeet, secretly it would have conversations with Ella. Somedays, her bird, whom she named Poly, would tell her to look inside of the small mailbox decoration in her cage. Ella usually just let Poly out of her cage.

Ella found out that she had artistic abilities as well, she loved drawing, painting, ceramics, just about anything she could get her hands on. She had strange dreams, even when she was a teenager, of beautiful and handsome creatures, that she just didn't understand.

She grew up tall and thin, with a dancer's lithe build. She was very fair skinned, with dirty blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, she couldn't get a tan if she tried. As she blossomed into womanhood she always felt out of step with everyone else, she didn't have the same interests as anyone else, spending her time drawing beautiful people, both men and women. Her friends always thought there was something sinister or dark about her drawings, but couldn't exactly put their finger on it.

As Ella turned 18, Poly gave her an unusual letter. The letter invited her to a Summer Program for gifted students. Ella had never thought of herself as gifted, sure, she loved drawing and the arts, but, was she 'gifted'? She wasn't sure. The letter said,
"Hello Ella, You are invited to the Hopkins Research Institute for Gifted and Talented Students. Show up at this Saturday at 15000 Buckwillow Drive, at 7am sharp. Bring only the essentials. Don't tell anyone.  Signed, Chelsea Hightower."

Ella was both nervous and excited, how was all of this happening? She wasn't even sure it was possible. She decided to pack up and leave her house around 640, using Uber to take her to the location on the invitation. She realized it was the train station, which had seen better days. She paid the fee and climbed out of the car, walking towards the train stop. Did people even take trains anymore? She wasn't sure.

Sure enough, the door into the station was unlocked. Ella walked inside and looked around. The board was empty, except for one outgoing train at 7am, leaving from Gate C.

Ella walked to Gate C and there was an old fashion, steam locomotive, that was light up and ready to go any minute. Ella boarded, walking inside and looking around. It was an ordinary train like you might see 50 years ago, there was no staff though. Ella sat down, the door closed and the old engine roared to life. The train started moving. Ella looked outside the window and, sure enough, it pulled out of the train station. Ella realized all of a sudden she was real sleepy, almost instantly. She closed her eyes.

When she opened them, she was somewhere else. She was sitting inside a small room with four other teenagers, all similar to herself. She stood up, looking worried. She realized she was the only girl here, then suddenly a door hidden in the wall slid open. A beautiful woman walked from behind the hidden panel, "Good morning my new pupils.. I'm Mrs. Hightower, Headmistress here at the Hopkins Research Institute. You have all been chosen because you are special.. and, soon I'll reveal just how special you are... Please, follow me."

The Headmistress lead them through the doorway and down a long hallway. The hallway had pictures, objects, and curious things everywhere one looked. Some were recognizable, but many were not. "Please, look but don't touch," the Headmistress said. She led them down a hallway, at the end was a door. She waved her hand in front of the door and the door unlocked and opened. "Here is the West Wing of the institute.. it's for our newest recruits.. Please, find your room and.. you'll be summoned for breakfast in thirty minutes, after you get situated."

In the West Wing, the first room on the left had the words "ELLA" written to the right of the door, the letters shimmered. Ella looked around at the other guys and realized none of them were named Ella. She walked inside, looking around. It was a small, old fashion room, like something you might see in a castle from 100 years ago. It had a bed, a writing desk, a small dresser, and a small, foot by foot window that presumably looked outside. It also had a small bathroom, not much more larger than a few feet by a few feet. There was a small bath and shower, along with a vanity, sink, and toilet. It was the smallest bathroom that Ella had ever seen, it looked like something out of a RV or something.

Ella's room also had a cage and Poly was there, waiting for her. She let Poly out of the cage and hugged her, giving Poly her most favorite treat, that she still had in her purse.  Ella packed away her things, putting on the white linen robe that was set out on her bed, with the pinned sticked to it, "Please wear for breakfast." Ella wasn't sure what to wear under it, so she did wear her bra and panties under the robe. Luckily it was a light material so wasn't too hot. She also put on the sandals that were next to the bed and was still exploring the drawers when there was a knock on the door.

Ella was lead from her room to the outside hallway. The other new recruits were also dressed in robes of various colors, hers was the only white robe she realized. They were lead into a large banquet hall, that curiously, had many mirrors all over the place. Each wall had 5 or 10 mirrors of various sizes. Ella was directed to sit down, which she did so. She was still confused about what was happening, then had an image pop into her mind, of a beautiful woman, with ridiculously large breasts, which she started sketching in her notepad. She was lost in her drawing, then heard someone talking to her, setting down her pencil as she finished the detail on the breasts. There was a boy, really a man, that had started talking to her.  She was blushing both from him and her drawing, "Oh.. Uhm, sorry, I'm Ella.. Today's my first day.. uhm, who are you and.. what's going on, exactly?"
End of Story C

Story Idea DD

You- set in motion to make my character a whore
Me- My character wakes up and looks/feels like a whore

In this story I'm picturing my character waking up in a strange bed, in a strange body. After doing a bit of looking around, it turns out she's a woman with an incredibly beyond designed for pleasure. She's tall and thin with a massive chest and curvy butt. Obviously she's been altered through some means, she also realizes that she's extremely horny, wet, and aroused. Her body looks like some sort of porn star, with the largest breasts that she's ever seen:

Was she altered by an ex boyfriend? Cursed? In a car accident that causes her boobs to grow?
What happened to her? That's a mystery that we're going to work out together.
End of Story DD

Begin of Story E
My idea is that a plain jane, vanilla cam girl, who decided to get into the biz as a dare from her boyfriend, finds the fame and fortune alluring and intoxicating. She might start off ordinary, but by the end, she will be anything but. You will play her boyfriend and mentor helping her to transform into the most beautiful woman that has ever lived. Maybe you are a sugardaddy, a gifted surgeon, a retired web millionaire, it doesn't really matter. You have found this unshaped lump of coal and have started to transform her into a diamond.

Maybe you start by getting her to change her clothes, a small nightie that you encourage her to wear. Next she has a trainer or possibly meals that reshape her body, from ordinary to curvy. Perhaps her DD natural chest isn't to your liking so you encourage her to get experimental breast implants, that grow based on the calories that she consumes.

Maybe she starts off playing video games, then changes into cosplay and being a cam girl, with a focus on sexuality and pushing the edge. She can become more famous, sell her merchandise, get endorsements, date movie stars, or anything else that is fun for both of us.

Inspirational Pictures.

End of Story E

Begin of Story F
I posted an outline of this story last week, but have since fleshed it out. My partner for that original idea changed his mind, so I'm once again soliciting writing partners. Keep in mind, I going to run one or two vastly different versions of the this game. 

The orcs have recently been expanding their potion and gadget skills and want to train Queen Narra to become insatiable, impossible curvy, and desire orc meat above all others. Her body can be so curvy she can barely walk, but she would need to move around, or at least have some sort of magical aide that her move if she became so large she was immobile.

The basic idea is over the top fantasy, similar to Dungeons and dragons with a lot of magic, potions, and transformations thrown in. The potion and machines would make Narra more agreeable to breeding, especially when the chief decides to fully impregnate her. Of course, after getting her ready through her transition from skinny elf queen to sexy elf breeder, she might be fought over, altered, stretched, changed, and magically altered- not to mention insatiable and horny. The training will likely leave her leaking and her large breasts full of nutritious milk. She may be fought over like a piece of delicious meat.

Maybe the Orc King declares that other orcs may only fuck her ass and mouth, and he alone gets her juicy womanhood.

If you are interested, shoot me a message and discuss what you are going to add to the story. Expected posts- 3 to 5 per week, minimum of 10 sentences

Here is the first post:
The forest of Tamaril had stood since the beginning of time, living undisturbed for thousands, even tens of thousands of years. The forest nurtured those who lived within it's blessed walls, the very strength of the land flowed through the Queen and all of her people. The forest provided everything the elves needed, nurturing their hearts and minds. The eldest elves lived thousands of years and were blessed with eternal beauty. They looked like humans in their twenties well over 10 centuries of living. The forest elves were tall, thin, and lithe. Their moves were graceful and beautiful. Magic was all around them.

The Queen was a young elf by most elves standings, having just turned 200 years old last year. The queen was a beautiful forest elf, with fair skin and golden hair. She had sparkling blue eyes. She was arrogant because she thought she was chosen by the forest and it's people- that she would have a long and prosperous reign that her kingdom would stand forever. The elvish royal guard kept the kingdom safe, Narra wandered around her grounds without worrying about it, she would frequent the tranquil grove near the outer most edge a few times a week, to reflect upon her path and the path of her people. She always had two elite guards with her, the best of the best.

She finished up her duties for the day and headed to the tranquil grove to meditate. The grove was as ancient as time itself. She headed inside the grove, addressing her soldiers to wait at the entrance. There was only one way in and out, so she should be safe. She took out the small wine pouch, pouring herself a third of a cup into a crystal goblet, she stoppered the pouch and savored the delicious, fruity blend, that was a gift from a new emissary that had recently arrived in their forest. The magicians in the Queen's kingdom had cast several spells to make sure that the wine was indeed safe.

He was taller than a human, with very broad features and was as strong as an oxen. His screen was a curious shade of brown, she had never seen anything like him before. Her taster had drank one of the pouches completely and was fine, hence the rest of the pouches. As she drank the wine, she immediately felt like something was wrong. There was a burning in her throat, that spread to her skin. She started peeling off her clothing, screaming for the help of her guards. Instead, she found she had no voice, just a soft whisper that sounded like the rain bouncing off of the varied leafs in the tropical forest. She took a step, then another, collapsing on the spot.

She didn't see the roots themselves start moving, attacking the guards, wrapping them up in tree branches. The emissary was watching from a safe distance, walking closer as his plan was set in motion. He had been meticulous, planning for the last 6 months to lay the perfect trap.

As the queen laid on the ground of the grove, a large shadow approached the doorway, clearly by it's size and girth, this was no mere human.

End of Story F

Story Concept g-----------
Background: Shayla Mc Addams was raised and grew up in a small town in the mid-west. Ever since she could remember, she knew she wanted to be famous. She was much more concerned with boys than studying during high school. As she blossomed into womanhood she started thinking more and more about becoming famous and decided that being the worlds most famous porn star would be the most fun and the most lucrative- since she loved everything about sex. She even dabbled a little bit using the internet to share her erotic pictures. She saw ten different guys during high school, recording and documenting almost everything she did with her guys. She turned her dalliances into a business, saving up money to officially break into the porn business. She will likely become obsessed with being a famous porn star/celebrity/transforming her body- so bring your ideas to add to the story.

She knew that she would need plastic surgery, laser hair removal, her teeth whitened, her navel, nipples, and tongue pierced too. She might need a lot of other things too, but she would worry about that when the time came. Her hair was styled, her nails manicured and pedicured- she was finally ready to get to work. She had worked at a coffee shop just to make money although she spent all of her time thinking about how to break into porn and how to get famous, too.

Shayla would have the goal of being the biggest, most famous porn star of all time. She'd want to be recognized where she went, flirted with, dressing in sexy, revealing clothes, and everything that goes along with the quasi celebrity of fame/fortune

As she finished up her shift at Coffee World, she sat down on her netbook and was browsing the internet, doing some research on the best way to break into porn. She had made a small website and taken pictures of herself and also chatted with a few friends too, making barely enough money to pay her monthly server fees.

Character Biography

Name: Shayla McAddams
Age: 18
Height:  5'8"
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair:  Dark Brown Hair, medium length
Eyes: Brown
Facial appearance: Shayla has a classical beautiful face, with thick lips and a small nose.
Body: Thin and Lithe, like a dancer's body. She has a well developed butt and is in great shape. She has average sized breasts, but is hell-bent on having surgery to make her body stand out- and, look like it was built for sex and pleasure.

Personality: Shayla is fun, flirtatious, and driven to become the worlds most famous porn starlet. She is creative and artistic, dabbling in photography and even drawing- although she spends most of her time planning on how to get famous and rich while having lots of sex.

Turn Ons: Shayla is driven to become the richest, most famous porn star in the world.  She is playful, flirtatious, stubborn, creative, and headstrong. She has heard about experimental surgeries to remold her body into a sex goddess, she's definitely interested in physically changing every aspect of herself.
-------------- Story Concept g-------------------------------

Begin Story h
Heather had just graduated high school when she decided to go camping with her best friend to celebrate surviving high school. She was innocent, she had never even kissed a boy. She always wore outfits that covered herself up completely. As they drove out to a remote location, camping in near the California / Nevada border. The first night went great. They had fun that first night. But everything went south the second day. As she woke up in the morning, her friend was gone. She was in a dark room, restrained. There was a beep from a life support machine. Her body felt numb. She couldn't move, she looked around, and realized that she was naked, laying down, with a huge pressure on her chest. She glanced down and couldn't see her feet, she had a huge pair of breast implants. She wondered what else they had changed on her.

Your character might be a rejected geek that has decided to create what he couldn't find in the natural world, the perfect nympho- well, almost perfect except for her feisty personality. Maybe you're a scientist that has been stuck in the lab, sold patents for hundreds of millions of dollars and now are going to create what you feel you deserve. Or, you can come up with some other reason for changing an ordinary girl into someone with the body and libido of a world class pornstar.

Please look at my on/offs to make sure we're compatible. The transformation both physical and mental is what I enjoy.  End of Story h

  Begin of Story i
Hi! This is a game idea inspired by looking through old posts, essentially a powerful CEO is stressed out about managing her multimillion dollar empire, and she gets put on some pills to deal with the stress. The pills act as a gateway drug where she gives up more and more control of her life, eventually leaving her career to focus on pure hedonism and pleasure. She would eventually end up a 100% artificial, ditzy bimbo who loves nothing more than being the perfect girlfriend.

Maybe she's having headaches from the stresses of running a multi-million dollar company and just wants to relax, take it easy, and learn how to please her new boyfriend, who happens to love fake strippers, anal sex, and hedonism. She decides to start training to take a cock up her ass, because her new boyfriend has been bothering her about that. Maybe she used to be perfectly happy with her body but now wants it changed to bring more pleasure to her boyfriend- starting with bigger boobs, at least a pair of fake looking silicone/saline/string  H cup implants, over 5000CC per breast eventually- she could even undergo the Heidi Montage transformation from a few years ago. She could get lip implants, a boob job, butt implants, and have her libido enhanced to crazy levels where she's practically a nymphomaniac.

Excessive Surgery, hypnosis, genetic modification are all solid and possible opportunities for transformation.

Inspirational Story Ideas:

  End of Story i

Begin of story j
I think it would be fun to explore a character like Punky Brewster when she's all grown up. As Punky hit her teens, puberty hit back, blessing her with a massive set of breasts. She topped out at 38DD on her 5'1" frame and was given the nickname Punky Boobster. She decided to go under the knife to restore herself to a 38C, but as her chest became smaller her opportunities in Hollyweird all but dried up. She has scars on her chest from her reduction surgery and is self-conscious of the scars. She fell on hard times and got into pills and alcohol. It has now been almost 10 years since she was a teenage superstar and she's trying to make a comeback. She receives a strange invitation from a private clinic that promises to return her to health and possibly even her former glory.

Maybe as part of her comeback her former figure can not only be restored, with her beauty being restored to her time in the 20s and her chest not only being restored to her teenage years but even improved upon. She might grow to the point that she's in porn star/fetish star area, especially if as she increases in size, everyone tells her how good she looks, and, that's when she can be trained to appreciate her body and want to improve/increase her curves, not diminish them, possibly lactate, wear leather/latex/corsets all the time, as well as have her libido restored to when she was an out of control teenager. There could also be degradation and humiliation, maybe despite her amazing breasts, she can only orgasm from anal penetration or oral stimulation. There could be training/stretching, piercing/nipple play, lots of chances for her to recover from her addictions and get new ones
End of Story j

Begin of Story k
I'm looking for someone to write a young coming of age game where the main character is a teenager who's looking for stardom, looking for her Jack White from the White Stripes to form a duo or small group and 'Making it"

Sophia knew since she was a little girl that she wanted to be a drummer for a rock band. Ever since she was 5 years old she had good rhythm, but she had trouble finding partners who had as much passion as her. She practiced forever, every spare second and gigged with everyone. For some reason (possibly her curvy bouncing, jiggling body), she got a lot of practice.

This story will start right as she had a huge breakup with the lead singer of her last trio, who she felt was on the verge of stardom, but he ended up liking drugs more than his music and more than her.

It would be fine if you just played one character two, and we took turns with the rest of the cast.

There's a lot of angles the story can take and stories that we can explore. Sophia might be willing to explore transformation like Sabrina Sabrok, and, her transformation might eventually overshadow her drumming skills. Maybe your character, the manager, not only encourages her to transform but also wants her to take vocal lessons and take up being a lead singer, or some other angle for her to advance.

I'm looking for a poster who writes 3 to 5 times per week at least 2 paragraphs . Look at my feedback and see if we're compatible.

End of Story k

Story Concept L-----------
My character starts off as a sexually repressed virgin who has just had her 18th birthday and has never known the touch of a man. She decides to embrace hedonism and pleasure completely, seeking to train for the sexual Olympics, taking her from virgin to whore in less than 6 months.

This is going to require dedication, months of training, as well as the use of state of the art equipment, sympathetic plastic surgeons, as well as your character, a trainer or doctor who will help my character exceed her own expectations.

She decides to join the sexual Olympics that are carried out every other year and wants to sweep the Ass Category, where her ass will be rated for size, sensitivity, shape, firmness, and ability to satisfy multiple partners.

This is going to require a lot of training, from stretching, plugs, and gaping, to potentially having plastic surgery to allow her to become an Asstastic Nymphomaniac Superstar!

End of Story L

I have space for a few more games here on E. Typically I look for about 3 replies a week minimum, with at least a paragraph reply. Good grammar and intelligent responses are a requirement. You can look through my previous posts and check my Ons/Offs to see if we're a match.

If any of the stories have piqued your interest, please PM me and tell me what sort of character you want to play and what what you will contribute to the story. The game would be hosted in the channels here on Elliquiy, as opposed to instant messaging, email, or anything else.

Thanks in advance and I hoped you enjoyed reading my idea!