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January 21, 2019, 08:22:03 PM

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Author Topic: Pooskey's Pile of Plots and various Points (Looking for specific settings only)  (Read 237 times)

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Offline PooskeyTopic starter

Disclaimer: This is written from my phone, therefore any spelling errors or grammatical mistakes are to be blamed on the errorist known as Autocorrect.

Welcome one and all to my first, and hopefully only, Request Thread in my search for plays that will allow my creativity and inspiration an outlet and to be shared with others.

I also have an O/O thread for those interested in looking that through. I am still interested in my idea and the characters mentioned on it.

However I am looking for something different and longer to explain here. As this is an active search I will also mention what I am going to be doing and what I would like to expect from anyone who picks this up.

I will offer the following:

- 2+ paragraphs per person, per post in average.
- 5+ characters to play at the same time.
- 1 post at least every 2 days considering the length of each post.

I will expect a potential partner for this idea to be able to do about this he same. Although I am willing to discuss shortening the number of characters if anyone can provide an idea where less fits in.

King's Game

A class of students are selected at random, at least by their own beliefs, to participate in this game. They are all sent a text message to inform them that they are now participants in what is about to happen. This means however that a bunch of rules are put into effect immediately, and an order is given for the first 24 hours. The King has the power to punish those who fail to follow the rules set out or fails to complete their order.

The rules are as follows:

- One may no block the King's phone, or otherwise hinder connection such as cancellation of a phone agreement.
- One may not attempt to inflict serious harm on other participants in order to restrict them from completing their order.
- Should anyone attempt to confront the King without proper evidence of their claim that said person is the King, they will be punished.
- The game is of Life and Death. Punishments range within those boundaries.
- In order to win, one must successfully name the King or eliminate any other participant through skillful use of the orders given.
- There can also be a complete dead end with no winners.

Every order will last 24 hours, from midnight to midnight. When an order is completed, everyone will receive a text message confirming that someone has been obedient to the King. Orders will vary from the to day, however they must never be taken for easy tasks. Sometimes they are riddles that give a task once solved.
Tasks may be of any kind, including sexual, violent, emotional and even ridiculous.
Should anyone fail to complete their order, the punishment is always death.

There is much more to this idea, but I would rather like for someone to message me through the Private Message system so we can set something up.