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Started by Zeitgeist, January 13, 2009, 11:34:56 AM

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GoGo Yubari - The Early Years


Gogo is in need of a stern mistress! Granted, she met her demise at the age of seventeen and her formal training began a year prior to that, though her schooling in cruelty and viciousness sadly began years prior to that. She is wholly undisciplined, vicious and unrefined. Yet even without any formal training she's learned to defend herself. She was plucked from the streets of Tokyo, from the belly of its seediest neighborhoods. She is to be trained, and culled into someone who will one day be O-Ren's personal bodyguard, the most feared mafioso of Tokyo and proprietor of the "House of Blue Leaves".

This story begins a year prior to the events of the 'Showdown at the House of Blue Leaves' where GoGo fought and lost to Beatrix Kiddo "The Bride". She will be trained in martial arts, knives and most importantly the meteor hammer. She will also be taught to school her emotions and temper and made to behave amongst a more refined crowd. The balance between keeping her mean streak intact and teaching her respect for her superiors is an important one. She is a loose cannon, but that is in part her greatest attribute. Hell hath no greater fury than a meteor hammer wielding seventeen year-old abused girl in knee high socks and school girl uniform!

Her mistress will be stern, at times cruel and at times gentle, as the situation calls for. She is to be made into a weapon for O-Ren's disposal. Her training may occur at any number of locales, be it at a cloistered facility, the basement of the "House of Blue Leaves" and elsewhere. The mistress (you) is a close associate of O-Ren and is tasked with training this GoGo. The character is otherwise wide open and you're free to be as creative with her as you wish. Until GoGo is properly disciplined, be aware she will rail against authority, kicking, biting, scratching, spitting and spewing foul curses. Her training will long and arduous, but not bereft of rewards.

A seminal point in the plot might be the rape of GoGo in her latter days of training, where she manages to kill a man, one of O-Ren's many henchmen who forces himself on GoGo, thinking her an easy target. This scene could be played out by the co-writer or a third person perhaps. This would be coupled with the mostly non-consensual affections of GoGo's mistress.

GoGo's Background
GoGo was orphaned as a baby and passed around to numerous family members and close associates. She has endured the affections of perverted uncles, cruel aunts and various other people. She was on the streets of Tokyo's rougher neighborhoods at the early age of 12 and quickly scooped and indentured into sex slavery and massage parlors of ill repute. Through her trials she acquired a vicious demeanor and temper. She has been abused, neglected and used over and over again. While she's managed to stay away from any serious drug use she enjoys a stiff drink as much as any. While she is bisexual, she is just as likely to slice off the genitals of a man as scratch out the eyes of a woman. She is not without streetwise wisdom and a sense of survival. She will temper her actions if it suits her needs, though its a very tenuous balance.

She was corralled off the streets by an associate of O-Ren after being seen fighting off three older boys, one which she managed to kill. Cornered as she was she fought back like a rabid hellion. Her ultimate demise avoided after being scooped up by O-Ren's associates. It was thought the ferocious girl could be molded in a useful weapon for O-Ren's use and discretion.

The story will begin as GoGo is defending herself in an alley against three old boys. She will be taken away by O-Ren's henchmen. She will be then given modest accommodations and introduced to her mistress and trainer. There will be some exchange over GoGo's future and possibilities. Thereafter her training will begin in earnest and the story takes off from there. A conclusion will come after the aforementioned rape of GoGo and the killing of the henchman.


Interest anyone? I would play the part of GoGo Yubari, you would play her mistress.