ZincStandard's Gentle Femdom Search (M characters seeking F partners)

Started by ZincStandard, November 14, 2017, 05:35:43 PM

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Hi all!  So, I feel like this is distinct enough from my other (main?) search thread to warrant a thread of its own.  Here, I'm looking for partners who want to explore a specific theme: FxM gentle femdom.  See, this is one of my favorite things ever, both in real life and in fiction, but I feel like it never gets enough appreciation.  Not to say more people necessarily should like it--I can understand why it's not super popular--but, well, it's something I've never even really gotten to explore in a roleplay, and I've always wanted to.

Now, at the moment, I don't really have any particular plots in mind to hang on this hook.  They may occur to me in future, and if so, I'll be sure to update this thread with them.  For now, though, I'm just gonna use this space to list some more general thematic elements I'm interested in, to hopefully make the request less vague.  If this kind of stuff strikes a chord with you, and a plot comes to mind that could feature it, please don't hesitate to suggest it to me!  Bear in mind, none of this stuff is essential--if you enjoy even half of it, I guarantee I'll be interested.

Male subs who aren't weak or pathetic.
Just because a male character likes being dominated doesn't make them less masculine.  Male characters can have fears and insecurities, and show vulnerability, without deserving to be demeaned or mocked.  I wouldn't mind writing a character who most would never guess was submissive, who only shares that side of himself with your character because he trusts her that much.

Most of the time, I like to keep my smut roleplays pretty simple, without much drama.  For this, I'll pile the drama as high as you like.  I like the idea of our characters being each other's safe harbor, the place they turn to for refuge when life is just too much.  Them against the world.  This can and should go both ways--just because your character is dominant in bed doesn't mean she doesn't have struggles of her own that she needs help with.

Just rough enough.
Like the title suggests, I'm not interested in stereotypical porn femdom.  Black leather and latex, humiliation, verbal and physical abuse...no thank you.  That doesn't mean I can't handle things getting rough at all, though.  Grabbing my characters by the throat, shoving them against a wall, throwing them to the ground, even a bit of a slap now and then--all great in my book.

I also like the opposite, though ::)  Fluffy affection always makes me happy to write.

Okay, now we're getting into blatant wish fulfilment, but yeah, if you feel moved to write about your character praising mine, calling him pretty, a good boy, whatever--I will treasure you until the day I die.

Affectionate name-calling.
And once again playing with opposites, I definitely wouldn't mind having my character called nasty names--slut, fucktoy, that kind of stuff.  As long as it's done with love, and a smile.  That contrast, using words like that as terms of endearment, is what makes it fun for me.

This is an absolutely, insanely huge favorite for me.  Be proud, be jealous, be territorial.  Mark my characters.  Show them off.

Pet play.
I'm not into super heavy stuff here, and nothing all the time (unless the main focus of the roleplay is on my character agreeing to try that lifestyle).  But collars, animal ears, calling my characters puppy or kitty...yeah, I like stuff like that.  Though I'm not super into playing actual animal-person characters--I've just never seen a setting that doesn't make them seem kind of silly.  If you really think you have an idea involving one that could work, though, fire away.

Little play.
Again, not super heavy.  But hey, stuffies, cute PJs, calling your character mommy, being called baby or babyboy, all fine and good.  This I definitely wouldn't want to write about as a constant lifestyle thing, though.  Can, at your discretion, come with an actual age gap, though I have no interest in playing an actually underage character--18 and up only.

Okay, this is definitely the most specific.  I think there's a ton of potential for gentle femdom goodness with werewolf characters.  Before I go any further, I want to clarify that I'm not interested in any of this alpha/omega stuff that's going around.  Not to kinkshame, but that concept just grinds my gears, because it's based on such flagrant misconceptions of how wolf pack social dynamics actually work (spoiler alert: in a real wolf pack, there's no set hierarchy beyond "mom and dad are boss").  Even without that, though, you've got characters who embody the primal, the unrestrained, who have no fear of pursuing what they want and the power to take it, balanced with fierce loyalty and deep affection for those they love...you see where I'm going with this? ::)

So, yeah, I have no idea if anyone has the slightest interest in this, but hey, that just means if you are, you're pretty much guaranteed my attention.  Any takers?  Feel free to message!