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Author Topic: ZincStandard's Concepts and Cravings (looking for Dragon Age FxF)  (Read 969 times)

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Hey everybody!  I'm ZincStandard, or Zinc, or whatever else you want to call me, and this is my first attempt at a solo request thread on E.  It'll most likely be a continual work in progress, updated irregularly when new stuff comes to mind.  Expect little to no rhyme or reason, in organization or concept themes.

I've been roleplaying online for about five years now, and via pen-and-paper games for quite a bit longer than that (most of my life).  I consider myself quite literate, and while I don't expect my partners to be perfect, proper grammar and varied vocabulary will always make me happy.  I definitely favor quality over quantity in writing--my post length fluctuates from about one short paragraph at a time to several long ones according to my inspiration and mood--but I always need more than a few lines in response.  The one possible exception is conversations.  You know the thing a lot of people do, where in a conversation scene, they'll have their character say one thing, then go on to write about them subsequently doing and saying other things several steps ahead?  And then the other person goes back and responds to each step in turn?  I don't like doing that.  In conversation scenes, if you write that your character says something, or a sequence of things, I'm gonna assume that all comes out uninterrupted, and respond directly to only the last thing they said.  That can mean shorter posts.  For how much more organic it makes conversations, I consider that a worthwhile tradeoff.

Now, let me be perfectly up-front: I'm here to roleplay smut.  When I want to write stuff that doesn't focus on sex, I go elsewhere.  So, most of my ideas and interests will run very much towards that end of the smut-plot spectrum.  That's not to say I don't appreciate a good plot, but what's more important to me is likable, well-crafted characters.  Even if they find themselves in ridiculous sexual situations, I want them to feel and act like believable human beings (or whatever other sapient lifeforms they happen to be).  Expect even my most overtly sexual characters to have histories, personalities, and interests beyond just fucking.  I appreciate the same.  All this being the case, my tastes can run more toward the short-term.  Again, not to say I can't get into a long-term story, but it will require coming up with new interesting things to explore once the initial concept is played out.

So, I think that gives a decent picture of my style.  Without further ado, here are my big cravings at the moment, presented in no particular order.  All of them at the moment are pretty ridiculous and silly.  You have been warned.

Dragon Age 2: Hawke Eccentricities (FxF, canon characters)
For this, I'm looking for someone familiar with Dragon Age 2, and comfortable writing canon characters.  Ideally, you'd be willing to play Merrill or Isabela (or, even better, both); I'd also be happy with Aveline.

This plot is set between acts one and two of DA2, after the Deep Roads expedition but before everything goes bad with the Qunari.  I'd play Ciaran Hawke, a rogue with a sharp tongue who also happens to be a nudist, and very sexually open.  In this continuity, the Hawke family always practiced this lifestyle (incest optional, up to you), but kept it to the home so as not to attract attention.  Now, however, Ciaran is wealthy gentry in Kirkwall, and with Bethany already at the Circle, nobody can really stop her from doing as she likes.  On top of being famous for everything she's done in canon, she's also become known for walking around Hightown naked in broad daylight, and bedding just about every unattached person in reach (publically or not, your preference).

I could see it going a couple ways from that premise, depending on who you want to play.  In the year-and-change they've known each other, Hawke's companions have all been made well aware of her eccentricities, and I imagine they've all taken to them differently.  As I said, my biggest craving would be to play opposite a Merrill and/or Isabela who've adopted a similar lifestyle themselves, taking advantage of Hawke's clout to let them get away with it.  If you want to play one of them, we could start from there and follow some of what they get up to around the city.  On the other hand, I see Aveline being much less open-minded, probably doing all she can to get Hawke to clean up her act; if we focus on her, it could be about that tension, and Hawke trying to persuade Aveline to her way of thinking.

A+ Dogsitting (FemboyxFxDog, bestiality)
Alex is what many would call a femboy.  He doesn't like that term.  He's a man--he just happens to like growing his hair long, and wearing makeup and "women's" clothes (as Eddie Izzard would say, they're not women's clothes, they're his clothes, he buys them, they're a man's clothes), and because he naturally has a feminine face, figure, and voice, he can easily be mistaken for a woman until he tells people otherwise or they see him naked.  This doesn't bother him.  Why should he care what people assume?

Alex is self-employed, running a business called A+ Dogsitting.  On top of what the name implies, he works with dogs in all kinds of other ways--walking, training, and so on.  His specialty is unneutered males.  He helps them deal with sexual frustration by letting them fuck him.  He's open about this with his customers, and the friends he's made in his current city.  He's not open about it with his family, or anyone he knew from back home, mostly for fear of his parents finding out.  They've always been completely understanding and supportive about him presenting as feminine, but this is something altogether different.

One Friday, your (female) character, a very close friend of Alex's from college, unexpectedly stops by Alex's house, looking for a place to stay while in town for the weekend (why?) and excited to catch up.  Alex always had a secret crush on her.  Unfortunately, he's just taken delivery of one of his regular customers, a big doberman named Tank, who always gives him an especially hard time.  He's supposed to watch Tank until Monday.  Can he keep the dog off him, or at least keep your character from catching the two of them?  Well, obviously not.  But what will happen when she inevitably learns the truth?

What is she thinking? (FutaxF, taken)
This one's less developed.  I want to play a futa character who does sexual stuff in public--and not in the "sneakily fuck in a back alley" way, but the "broad daylight, out in the open, people are watching" way.  Walking into a grocery store naked with a spoon, scooping a hole out of a watermelon, and fucking it in the middle of the aisle.  Jerking off in a public gym shower.  Maybe she's a pornstar, and films this stuff.  Or maybe she just does it for herself.

This isn't some alternate reality where people do stuff like this all the time.  Bystanders might be shocked, they might be outraged, they might be into it, but they don't treat it as normal (unless they're making a show of being cool and open-minded).  Reality is distorted just enough that people don't call the cops--or if someone does, they show up, see what's going on, and are forced to conclude somehow that technically, nothing illegal is happening (that could be fun, actually).

Your (female) character is one bystander.  Without dictating the specifics of her reaction, she's interested, and she and my character get to talking.  Eventually, my character ends up convincing yours to join in--possibly not right away, maybe they start hanging out and correspond for a while before your character takes that plunge.  Like I said, this one's less developed.  I'd love to work on it with anyone who's interested.  Your character could also be a futa, if that's something you're into.

So, any of that strike your fancy?  If not, but you suspect for whatever reason that we have interests in common, don't hesitate to pitch me your own ideas!  I'm an easygoing type, so please don't be shy--the worst that'll happen is I'll politely decline, and we can go our separate ways.

Feel free to PM me if the urge strikes.  I look forward to hearing from you! ;D
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Re: ZincStandard's Concepts and Cravings (new idea!)
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2017, 10:06:17 PM »
Adding a new idea that's wandered into my head.  Check it out!

A Long Way From Home (FxF, FutaxF, transformation, tentacles)
This concept involves me playing a GM role to your single main character.  She'd start out female, but that's before things get interesting.

In the present or very near future, an alien spacecraft crash-lands on Earth.  Out of it emerges its lone pilot, a scout sent to observe humanity.  Her species are metamorphic, the most skilled at shapeshifting (like her and her fellow scouts) able to convincingly mimic entirely different species (like humans), at least under cursory examination.

Her ship is wrecked.  She has no means of contacting home.  The odds of her ever being able to leave look grim.  She will likely never see another member of her own species.

Then along comes your character, and she sees a glimmer of hope.

One benefit of her species' metamorphic abilities: they can transmit part of their genome to other creatures, turning them into hybrids, who can then pass this change on themselves.  The scout may never see her own kind again, but with your character's help, she can bring something of them to Earth.  Don't worry, it's not like she wants to rape your character, take over her mind, and use her for a planetwide invasion--this isn't that kind of story.  The hybrid transformation has no effect on the recipient's personality or free will.  It does come with some physical changes, but they're minor, really.  In the case of female humans, they most obviously take the form of...well, a tentacle cock.  Which, of course, is how the change is passed on to others.

So, the scout beseeches your character for help: accept the change, and find others willing to do the same, to save her from spending the rest of her existence alone.  In return, there are lots of benefits--enhanced longevity, strengthened immune system, and hell, maybe having a tentacle dick is enough fun all on its own.  Of course, there may be risks involved.  They'll have to be careful who they trust to be let in on the secret.  If Earth's governments discovered the scout's presence, there's no telling how they might react.  But really, how likely is that?  After all, who would believe any of this if they hadn't seen it with their own eyes?

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Re: ZincStandard's Concepts and Cravings (mainly looking for FxF)
« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2017, 11:03:48 PM »
Bump!  Craving the Dragon Age concept!

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Re: ZincStandard's Concepts and Cravings (looking for Dragon Age FxF)
« Reply #3 on: January 13, 2018, 04:31:17 PM »
Bump!  Still mostly looking for the first one.