Survival Horror RP please :)

Started by MissRoziel, November 02, 2017, 01:57:17 PM

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What it says on the tin really. I'm in the mod for a survival horror role play, I've been playing a lot of silent hill, Dark corners of the earth and Outlast lately, and am In fact working on a silent Hill story for Nanowrimo, so I was hoping I could find someone interested in the idea.

I have a few plot ideas Based on these games.

The first is Basically an investigative journalist (MC) goes to look into an asylum that's supposedly treating their inmates very badly.  she meets with the director who takes her on a 'tour' but only shows her good things, hoping to get her off the trail, but during the tour some of the abused inpatients and ones who have been tested on escape, so MC has to get out alive... and hopefully unmolested.

The second is the start of dark corners, Basically MC is an empath who's been hired to try and discover the where about of Brian Burnham, who has disappeared from Innsmouth. However as she uses her abilities to try and uncover when the shop boy has gone she begins to get readings from the mind of something inhuman, and this inhuman thing becomes aware of her.  now she must try and escape the cultists of the town who think her empathetic abilities would be quiet handy to add to their blood line, weather she wants to or not.

Waking up in an abandoned car MC decides to try and find the driver, she finds herself in a creepy fog covered town What worse, there seem to monsters all over, and some pretty freaky cultists who keep talking about bringing forth a new god? What the heck?!  MC needs to find a way out and quick before some monster eats her, or one of these cultists tries to sacrafice her... or something weird like that!

((Please PM me if interested if you have another idea or want to add to what I have just say so :) I love input))

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am also taking art commissions to go towards my goal.