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Started by somethingblue, January 11, 2009, 10:16:57 PM

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Alright, so.
Basically what I'm looking for is an awesome roleplay. I want something with intense imagrey, a kinky pairing, and plot twists galore. I'm the kind of girl who likes to play off of her partner's strengths, so if these ideas lead to you having ideas, please, let me know. I love details, so divulge them!
I'd prefer that this take place over a messenger, because that's what I'm used to, but I'd be willing to do it over the forums as well. Feel free to click that link down there to find out the sorts of things I like and dislike, but know that I'm very open minded. The *asterisks* mean I want to play that character.

Currently, I'm craving:
Amish Teen (during Rumspringa) x *English Teen*
Father x *Daughter*, but I like for this to include a hell of a lot of foreplay/teasing/drawn out stuff
Dr. House x *Patient*
Stalker/Kidnapper x *Stalked/Kidnapped*
Youth Pastor x *Pupil*, but this needs a stellar plot
Father x *Daughter's Friend*
Neighbors, specifically when there's a murderer/hitman/insane guy/teacher involved.

In general, I like older men and awesome plots.
I realize these are just pairings, but please, message me with any ideas you have, or asking mine, and we'll get this ball rolling.

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So how interested would you be in a murder mystery where two strangers to begin with have to work together? Perhaps fall in love or only think so until the situation is resolved.

The plot could be something like this.

A famous magician known to have become a recluse in recent years dies under mysterious circumstances. The authorities and his lawyer are convinced that he is dead but the body has disappeared. Invited to his isolated mansion are a number of people to hear the reading of his will. They are a strange collection though since a number are known to have been enemies to the magician and the others appear to have no connection at all.
You are a new cub reporter seeking to break into the big time but this event is by invite only which you do not have. However if you could get inside and find out what was going on it would be the scoop of the year. So far you have been able to get to the small airfield where the heirs are arriving to be driven to the mansion by limo. Among the faces of the rich and powerful, ruthless and unsavory, you spot one that you think you recognize. It is an older man you once did a story on for your high school newspaper. He was an inventor that never seemed able to complete anything though others building on his ideas became famous. You also know he was single mainly because of that fact. An idea comes to your mind. Could you convince him to pretend that the two of you are related in some way and thus gain you entrance to the event?

Some more background in the plot is that the mansion is like the magic castle. Lots of secret doors, magic equipment that could be used as deadly traps, a major snow storm that traps everyone in the mansion with no apparent way to summon any help or even contact anyone outside. Then things happen to the heirs. One of us is the killer? Or someone else unknown in the magic mansion? For what reason?
Further ideas to consider. Each guest is assigned one room and you wasn't on the list. What agreement is reached on sharing a room with your co-conspirator. This can be thought of before hand or come as a surprise when the mansion is reached.

Just some ideas to kick around as a starting point.
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Bumping this up.

I'm still really, really interested in a roleplay, so please, contact me.