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Author Topic: Penners is Searching (M for F pairings)  (Read 550 times)

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Penners is Searching (M for F pairings)
« on: October 25, 2017, 07:39:56 PM »

I am currently revamping my On/Offs. Please do take a look at them as they do/will contain more information on myself. For now, I will go into more details here.

I am currently looking for a good mix of plot/smut. I don't believe in ratios as you really can't judge how much of a plot is smutty or not. Its either smutty...or not too smutty.

That being said, I am only selectively seeking new partners and plots. I want to focus on a select few stories.

What do I mean by this?

1) I am trying to make every post in new stories 3+ paragraphs long.
2) I am looking for interesting Taboo Plots or Pairings, high on the kinks, things like:
--Cheating / Adultery / Cuckolding
--Improper Relationships (Teacher/Student, Boss/Employee
--First Time Scenes

Specific Pairings I am currently craving (gender of specific role is open unless specified):

-Any Incest Pairing (with a good plot!)
-Older Person/Younger Person
-First-Time for Teen Couple
-Friend/Friends Sibling
-Person/Sibling of SO

If interested, please PM! I don't bite (unless you want me to!) and I'm very approachable!

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Re: Penners is Searching (M for F pairings)
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2017, 09:39:41 PM »
Current Cravings (Pairings):


Boyfriend/Girlfriends Mother
Boyfriend/Girlfriends Sister
Girlfriend/Boyfriends Father
Girlfriend/Boyfriends Brother

Married Man/Wifes Sister
Married Man/Wifes Friend
Married Woman/Husbands Brother
Married Woman/Husbands Father
Married Woman/Husbands Boss

Craving Short Plots (details to be discussed):
-Couple 1 cannot conceive and only believe in the natural way. Couple 2 are their best friends and agree to help. Dynamics between the couples change drastically!
-Two Single Fathers have Teen Daughters that are best friends. The Daughters brighten their Fathers lifes by seducing each others fathers before swapping partners.

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Re: Penners is Searching (M for F pairings)
« Reply #2 on: November 18, 2017, 11:27:13 AM »
For a list of all plots, pairings, etc, please visit my On/Offs HERE


The Stepfather

Riley (16 - 18) didn't see her mother for a month. Her mother lived a jet-setting life style, due to the millions she had gotten in a divorce settlement. It allowed her and Riley to live a rich and prosperous life where neither of them wanted for nothing. Riley, of course, partied almost every night in the mostly empty mansion while her mother was away. She was stunned, however, when her mother returned - with a new husband in tow. Not only that, but the man was big and black. He looked like a professional athlete, easily 6'6" which was over a foot taller than Riley. And he was large - broad shouldered and muscled. Riley had to admit that while she had never been attracted to a man of color before, something about Jamal - that was his name - made her weak in the knees and wet between the legs.

It didn't take long to see the changes he had on her mother. Normally, she was the Queen of the household but clearly Jamal had taken her down a peg or two. Not to mention the PDA and innuendo, even when Riley was around or present. Her mom was acting like a school girl once again. She seemed willing to do anything that Jamal wanted her to do. And the worst part about it? Jamal sounded like he was an amazing lover. She had never heard her mother moan or scream so loud in pleasure before.

Riley started to act out and flirt a lot with Jamal, of course. She would have friends over and they would all giggle as they talked among themselves. Especially on a hot day when Jamal would lounge out by the pool, his muscled body on fall display for the high school girls who were quickly coming to admire his physique. Jamal seemed open to their advances as well, flirting back and lacing his words with innuendo. During a sleepover, one of her friends is dared to seduce Jamal. She doesn't come back until the early hours of the morning and can't stop talking about him, and how big IT much longer will Riley be able to hold out before finding out for herself?

DETAILS TO BE DISCUSSED. Looking for Riley (and her friend(s) but not required).

The Camping Trip

Moving was supposed to have allowed Andrew to get away from the bullies. It was supposed to keep the fact that his mother was a teacher at the same school a secret, to prevent further bullying. It was supposed to make him open up and come out of his shell, to make new friends and forget about the years of bullying. But being the new kid was just as bad as before, every school had its bullies and things hadn't changed at all. Sure, they didn't know the hot new teacher was his mom, but that didn't matter. He was quiet and shy and not a local. The bullying continued.

So his father decided that they needed a break. Perhaps getting Andrew out of his room and away from the computer games would help. They would go camping! Andrew was very reluctant to go. It wasn't his sort of thing. And sure enough, the canoe they were in tipped over and most of Andrews stuff was lost. An already terrible trip was getting worse for him. Especially that night, when he had to share a tent and blanket with his parents, all three of them completely naked due to their wet clothes.

His mother, India, had thought the move would change her marriage too. Her husband just didn't seem that interested in her anymore. So it came as a pleasant surprise when she was woken by the feeling of his arousal pressing against her. It was wrong, to be aroused with their son sleeping beside them, but she wasn't going to let such attention pass. She had her own needs too. She encouraged his touch but it wasn't until he slid inside her that she realized something was different, very different. He had grown larger than he had ever been before...unless, of course, it wasn't her husband in her, but her son....

DETAILS TO BE DISCUSSED. Further plot points to be discussed. This one has a lot of ways to branch out after this key moment. Seeking the MILF-Teacher.

The Webcam Show

Jess West was a popular girl. She swallowed on first dates and loved to spread her legs, if rumors were true (which they were). She was always up to try anything at least once and, if we're being honest, she loved the sex and the attention. Most guys in school had a collection of her nude photos on their phones at this stage and there was a running bet on how many guys she would sleep with her senior year of High School.

Her brother, on the other hand, was the complete opposite. Andrew, at 16, lived in the shadow of having a hot, popular older sister. He was bullied but not too badly - she kept an eye out for him, of course, and it was social suicide for some one to target him. Even so, he mostly stuck to himself. He was a bit of a geek and socially awkward. He could fix anything electronic and wrote code for fun on the weekends. And he had a crush on his sister - she was the hottest girl in school afterall!

Now that she was of age, Jess had a website up where she stripped and masturbated on webcam, live. She had even fucked a few guys while streaming as well and had quite the legion of fans already. Men of all ages were propositioning her for sex on a nightly basis but she still had her standards and didn't want to come off as a complete hussy, not yet at least. Andrew quickly discovered the website as well and knew their parents would flip out. And her website design and quality of stream left a lot to be desired. Feeling bold, and wanting some of the money she was making himself (electronics were expensive!) he confronts her over it.

They come to an agreement and he uses his camera to record her. She is always willing to try anything at least once, even if its with her brother watching, and she is soon goaded into giving the 'camera man' a lapdance. Andrew wasn't expecting that, but Jess wasn't expecting to feel the size of her brothers bulge. A few more donations and she is willing to go down on him despite his protests, discovering by far the largest cock in the school belongs to her brother!

DETAILS TO BE DISCUSSED. Must be willing to play Jess and a small amount of other characters. I will be doing the same with Andrew and all her male conquests.

I've had my eye on you...

Sarah (16 - 18) had lived her whole life next to her best friend, Rachel. Their families were best of friends and they often went on joint family vacations together. Some people even thought Rachel and Sarah were sisters given how much time they spent together, to the point of being able to finish each others sentences and thoughts. They slept at each others houses all the time, especially during the summer. Their birthdays were also a week apart as well so they often had joint birthday parties. Of course, their parents were best of friends as well and would often have dinner together during the warm summer nights over a BBQ.

Richard had watched Sarah grow up right alongside his own daughter. He had watched her blossom into a beautiful young woman and the innocent flirting of prior years had taken on a whole new meaning. Over the past year, the sexual tension between Richard and Sarah despite their age difference had been growing increasingly hard to ignore. Richard was starting to see Sarah as an object of desire and not just as another daughter. He has noticed the way she looks at him, the way she seems to dress for him, the lingering touches...

Sarah, of course, has long harbored a crush on her friends father. She has seen the way he has been looking at her lately and has found herself dressing to draw his attention and enjoying every moment she has with him. She has always dreamed of him being her first even though she knows its not a realistic dream to have - he is happily married and her second father after all! But a girl can dream, can't she?

It all comes to a head one day. Richards family has a heated pool. Even though the day is cold, the sun is shining and the girls want to soak in the hot tub and swim in the pool. Sarah gets Richard to rub lotion on her lithe body. That night, Sarah manages to snag the spot next to him on the couch, cuddling up against his larger body as things get cold once more. What will happen next?

DETAILS TO BE DISCUSSED. Looking for someone to play as Sarah. Ultimately, the events led to a very illicit affair to the two. How does it change family dynamics? How do they sneak around? What happens on vacations? And how long can it really last?

Yes Sir, Uncle Sam!

Sarah (16 - 18) had always been the shy, quiet type of girl. She did well at school and would be considered really smart if she applied herself even more. It seemed like she was just doing enough to keep good grades but not draw any undue attention towards herself. She was the same socially too - a small group of friends, but no boyfriend, wearing loose fitting clothes that didn't draw attention towards her from teachers or boys. She was the proverbial fly on the wall, always watching and aware but rarely partaking.

This summer her parents had sent her off to live with her Aunt and Uncle. Getting her away from home, they hoped, would open her eyes and make her come out of her shell more. Her Aunt and Uncle lived in a nice, quiet neighborhood near a lake, so there were plenty of activities for her to get involved in and potentially even get a summer job. Her parents were also hoping that she'd meet some boy who would help break her out of her shell as well. No one would ever have thought that it would be her Uncle.

Sam and his wife had never had children. For the last 10 years, they had had an open relationship - Sam's appetite for sex not having diminished with age, his wife understanding that she can't please him all the time. So far it had worked out with no complications or hints of jealousy. Sam went to pick up his quiet niece from the local pool, seeing her in a bathing suit for the first time. As conservative as it was - and unflattering as a one piece was - he saw that she was hiding a hot body under all those loose clothes.

From that moment, Sam started to press his boundaries with her. His touches lingered, he kissed her increasingly on the lips, he allowed himself to be seen getting out of the shower. She never seemed to push him away either. It only made him bolder, to the point where he would fondle her breasts while they watched TV together, french kissing her with his tongue. How long before she would give in to his ultimate desires?

DETAILS TO BE DISCUSSED. Looking for a bookwormy/shy/quiet/nerdy teen Niece.
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Re: Penners is Searching (M for F pairings)
« Reply #3 on: November 19, 2017, 04:02:30 PM »

Reversing the Social Order

Andrew was a geek. He knew it. Everyone knew. He was bullied because of it. So he kept quiet and stayed to himself mostly, preoccupied with video games and electronics and reading and history. He had never even kissed a girl. And then Sarah had asked him out, to be his boyfriend. He had barely ever spoken a word to her and she always hung out with the jocks, the same people that bullied him. He was shocked but the kiss on his lips had sealed the deal.

They had started dating, sort of. They maybe hung out a few times a week, where she would let him make out with her - teaching him how to kiss - while letting him grope her body. She never touched him of course,  never got him off. She would take him to parties as well. It was awkward for him of course. And then it happened. She cheated on him, right there at a party. She was thrown into a closet with another guy, for 7-minutes-in-heaven. She assured him nothing happened, but he saw soon the videos - the cellphone footage of her top off as she went down on the guy in the closet.

There was nothing he could do of course. A week later, at another party, she went off with another jock. This time, she went all the way with him with more cellphone footage to prove it. She said it didn't mean anything, of course, and stripped down to her panties to make out with Andrew to make it up to him. Then the next week, the ultimate in humiliation at another party - full, naked sex with his biggest bully, off in the corner where everyone could watch.

Something snapped in Andrew that night.

That weekend, his parents left town and when he invited her over, she got completely naked for him. Of course, he wasn't having any of it this time. This time, he had something planned. He put a blindfold on her and then cuffed her to his bed. She was scared, at first, but once he started kissing and touching her, she relaxed, especially when he went between her legs for the first time. But then Andrew got naked himself and laid on top of her, causing her to moan even louder despite her struggles when he entered her. She had always swallowed when giving head or made them wear a condom having sex, but Andrew went bareback into her, with a cock longer and thicker than any of those she had been with...

Andrew dominated her for the entire weekend, no longer being the bottom in the pairing, but exerting his dominance over her, breaking her down to be his little slut. She would no longer need to be with any of those jocks and they even noticed the change in her behaviour, the way she began to cling to Andrew....

DETAILS TO BE DISCUSSED. Looking for a secretly submissive slut.

Choosing Her Religion

Andrew and Mary had been dating for a month. Mary belonged to a very religious family, so they only time they got to hook up was at school or at his house. They did sneak around at her house, but it was a little bit harder to do. Mary being religious meant that nothing went below the belt and she was saving herself for marriage. Andrew was okay with that, of course. She was his first girlfriend and making out and touching her breasts was certainly more than he had expected to get at 16 years old!

Mary had a sister and Andrew had to admit he found her exciting and attractive too. She wasn't as religious as Mary and seemed more rebellious, unafraid to wear short skirts and the like. However, one day, Andrew let himself into their house - her parents were friends with his parents and they loved him - unaware that the house was empty. Empty other than Mary's sister...and her girlfriend. Marys sister, Jane, was a lesbian! He watched her making out with a girl from school, hands up each others skirts.

He must have made a noise at some point, but the girls turned to look at him. While the schoolgirl fled out the back, Jane went after him, panicking that he would tell her parents. He promised he wouldn't but she didn't believe him, getting down on her knees in front of him. He thought it was to beg him but instead she grabbed his crotch, his obvious erection catching her attention. Before he knew it, she was sucking him off. It was the most exquisite pleasure he had ever felt. And it wasn't going to be the last time either...

DETAILS TO BE DISCUSSED. Looking for some one to play both Girlfriend and her Sister, with an emphasize on the Sister.

Making a Buck, Making a Porno

Andrew and Sarah meshed so well together. Sex was always fun and they were very open with each other. Lately, they had been doing things in public - not so much as being watched, but the risk of being caught while she sucked him off in the movie theatre or having a quickie under the school bleachers, it turned them on even more. They talked about where they were headed sexually and decided to have sex in public for the first time at a party. They went upstairs to a bedroom but left the door open before stripping off and getting to it. Sarah had never cum so hard, being watched by so many other people.

So they did it again, but this time right in the middle of the living room of the house party on a couch, with people watching. A few even groped her breasts while she rode her boyfriend - he didn't seem to mind. This soon led to him confessing that he loved the idea of watching her being taken by other people. Reluctantly she agrees and hey boyfriend films her having sex. They even start doing things on webcam and discover people love watching them fuck or watching her with other guys.

Soon, they are having sex with each other as much as she is having sex with other people, of all ages and races, most paying to do so.

How does it change their relationship? What new kinks is she introduced to? Does she enjoy watching him fuck other women?

DETAILS TO BE DISCUSSED. Lots of room here for kinks, partners, ageplay, etc.

Something Old, Something New

Andrew loved Sarah. She was beautiful and quiet and very innocent. They had been dating for a month now and she had finally gone down on him. It was nothing special, but she certainly put the effort in. Then she asked him if he ever watched porn...he reluctantly admitted that he did and was surprised when she asked if they could watch it together. So they did and Sarah began to mimick what she saw, going to town on his cock while watching the porn. It seemed to work and she made him cum in half the time as before.

This became the thing to do and they started to get to it once his parents left, only for his parents to return a short time later. They asked to see what movie they had been watching and turn the TV on. Andrew had thought he had closed the porn but realized to his horror that he had not! The porn resumed playing and his parents went down and sat on the couch, starting to watch it. And as they watched it, his mother started to fondle his father! He was so embarrassed!

Sarah whispered into his ear that they should go sit down too. So they did and soon Sarah was fondling him. Then his mother pulled his fathers hard cock out and Sarah did the same. When his mother slid onto her knees and began to give head to his father, Sarah once again followed the same actions. As wrong as it was, it was also pretty kinky, having his cock sucked by his girlfriend while his MILF of a mother sucked off his father!

DETAILS TO BE DISCUSSED. I got this idea from a kinky literotica story I read. There are a LOT MORE DETAILS to go over in this one.

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Re: Penners is Searching (M for F pairings)
« Reply #4 on: November 20, 2017, 01:14:17 PM »
The Exchange Student

Richard loved teaching history to high school students. He loved opening their eyes to what he considered were important events and people that had shaped the world into what it was today. Richard also loved the foreign exchange program at the school and had eagerly signed onto it. He lived in a modest house and was single, so having a student stay with him for the course of the semester or year (depending on the program) was really no big deal. Besides, he had always had a thing for Japanese Schoolgirls. Their culture made them very subservient, almost like the 1950's Housewife image in the United States. Plus, having sex with them was always amazing!

Richard was part of a select ring of teachers who enjoyed fucking their students. It was a little harder to pull off with the local students, but the foreign exchange...well, being in a foreign country, unaware of its customs, and with broken English, it made the girls very easy to seduce or coerce into sexual relationships. There were always 3 or 4 of them at the school and the teachers would hold a special party for them at the end of each month, usually involving a night of group sex with them.

Suki was one such girl and had been the one chosen to live with Richard, a man old enough to be her father. Everything was so new to her that it was easy for him to convince her that what he was doing to her was right, not wrong, and was expected. She had been raised to please men, to become a good wife that saw to the attentions of her husband once she got married. Living with Richard was like a test or a learning experience for her. While she thought it was unusual to be kissed on the lips by him and to share his bed every night, he was her elder and knew about these things. She thought that the sex would only happen in his home, but since she was a student in one of his classes, she saw him during the school day too. And the party at the end of the month left her head spinning as she was passed from man to man and watched her friends being treated the same way.

DETAILS TO BE DISCUSSED. Looking for a meek, submissive but kinky Suki. The main focus will be 1x1 sex, but there is plenty of room for gangbangs and bukkake too.

Teacher Student Affairs

She was rich, popular, beautiful and a complete tease. She knew how to wrap a boy around her finger with out ever giving it up. Sure, she hooked up with guys all the time and a lucky few had felt just how good her lips felt - but she made sure her reputation remained classy and no one dared label her as a whore. Simply put, she loved flirting with every guy she met. Her friends fathers, her friends brothers, the nerdy kids in school, the jocks, the emos. She had a way of brightening everyones day up, with casual innuendo, flirty looks, and dressing to show of her best assets.

Of course, she was waiting for the right man, the man to treat her the way she wanted to be treated. Some one with a firm hand, that could put her in her place, that could make her feel loved even as she submitted to his every whim. She spent a lot of time online, reading Master/Slave stories, learning about BDSM and how roughness could equal love, not just a sign of dominance. She often had stories or image captions on her phone, sneaking glances in class or reading them in the bathroom. It kept her on edge and masturbating after school was a near daily habit for her.

He was her teacher, older than her father, married, and with children in college himself. His marriage was good and strong but he often found himself looking at his students in a way no teacher ever should have. And she was by far his favorite. No one seemed off limits to her and she flirted even with him. He didn't consider himself an attractive old man but it made him feel young again. She was certainly easy on the eyes. And then it happened - her phone fell from her bag as she was leaving class. She was gone, disappeared into the hordes of students before he could call out to her. But when he picked up her phone and saw what was still open on it, his eyes went wide.

He summoned to his office after school, causing her to panic. She had never been in trouble before! She couldn't think what she had done wrong! He shut and locked the door behind her and then revealed he had seen what was on her phone. He mused about what her punishment should be and she realized that she had finally found the man she was looking for.

DETAILS TO BE DISCUSSED. Themes of BDSM, public sex, exhibitionism, virginity, ageplay to be explored.