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September 27, 2021, 08:59:10 pm

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Author Topic: The Hills of Home [M lf F, Light to Med NC, Horror Themes]  (Read 737 times)

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The Hills of Home [M lf F, Light to Med NC, Horror Themes]
« on: October 25, 2017, 10:15:47 am »
Home, West Virginia is a little town in the Appalachian mountains where nothing happens and the townspeople like it that way. They like things to be nice, safe, and quiet. They just want to raise their families in peace with maybe an occasionally friendly hello to a neighbor on the way to church.

Except something is happening, whether they want to admit it or not. In the last year 6 women in or around the area of Home, West Virginia have given birth to what the media has dubbed "Armidillo Babies". These children seem to all been born with the birth defect known as Harlequin Ichthyosis, a form of hardened skin that usually proves to be lethal. Normally there's only 7 babies born a year with this in the whole country, and now this small town has produced 6 of them by itself? Even weirder, this seems to be a new type of Harlequin's Disease, one that's not as extreme and thus seems to be survivable if the skin is kept clean.

A team of experts from the Government has come to investigate what's causing the Armidillo Babies, looking for something in the environment like something in runoff from the nearby mines or an insect-borne virus. What they discover though is that the mystery is much simplier then that. They discover that all the Armidillo Babies have the same Father - but by then it's too late...

Hello! Just a little something inspired by the upcoming Halloween, an idea for a group game. The basic premise being in that a remote rural town a normally extremely rare birth defect is popping up a lot more then it should, because - as the characters find out later, some of them the hard way - the biological father of the deformed offspring is a "The Hills Have Eyes" style mutant that lives in a cave near the town. I call him "Andy". :P

To add a level of campy Halloween shenanigans, there's an additional twist. "Andy" might be a "The Hills Have Eyes" style mutant but there's a powerful aphrodesiac in his semen and pre-cum. Meaning the rapes themselves are actually incredibly pleasurable, and most victims - not all but most - believe they're in love with Andy and are secretly on his side. [Hence why nobody's talked to the police.]

As such female characters usually fall into three catagories -

1.) "Government Types" - Members of the group of experts sent in to investigate the string of birth defects, starting the game completely unaware of the existance of "Andy" and that all the "Amridillo Babies" have the same father.

2.) "Townies" - Local women who've maybe heard rumors of "something in the hills" but for the most part are just as in the dark.

3.) "Andy's Girls" - Local women who before the start of the game have at some point been raped by Andy, but due to the aphrodesiac in his semen (whether they realize it or not) they have decided to at least do nothing to stop him for now. This can range from strong-willed women conflicted by what they should do to about the mutant that raped them but in the process gave them the best sex of their lives, to a woman that full-on secrelty believes she's in love with Andy and wants to - or is - carrying one of his Armidillo Babies.

Actual sex/rape scenes would be played off of the main thread, and a character can secretly and subtly become one of "Andy's Girls" during the middle of the RP without anyone else realizing it because of it. With player permission of course. I'm also liking the idea that if you make a character and if you want her to start as one of "Andy's Girls" that has to be kept secret from the start, but if you take this option she has to be a "secrelty believes she's in love with Andy and at least wants to have one of his Armidillo Babies" type.

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