Circus Act: The Snake Charmer (Female wanted) [M/F] [BON] [NC-H]

Started by Tyki Mikk, January 11, 2009, 06:53:44 PM

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Tyki Mikk

This is my first time requesting an RP here, so be gentle XD

Looking for a (dom)female who would be interested in filling this role:
The setting of this story, as you might guess, takes place in the circus. The role that I'm seeking to fill is that of the snake lady at the traveling circus. My character would be some random guy in the audience who just happened to come there that night. During her performance, it seems like she's only looking at him as her eyes always manage to find his as she does her snake act. After the show's over, he approaches her to tell her how amazing her act was, she then invites him to her trailer so they can talk more while she winds down from her work. At this point she could possibly take a shower or something before coming back and she begins to come onto him and tries to seduce him. He nervously tries to get out of the situation, but she's not asking and is willing to take what she wants by force!

One extra bit of information about this snake charmer is that she not only has trained her pet snakes well, but she can control (or talk to and command, however you'd like) her rather large friends. She calls out one or a couple of her big ones out to sneak up behind him as she pushes him into their coils. They wrap around him and hold him down in a type of snake-like bondage and squeeze around him at her command when he doesn't do as she says. She takes that chance to have her way with him now that he can't resist her and eventually seduces him into pleasure and to enjoy it.

Be sure to check these out as well ---> On's and Off's
This may help give some sort of idea of what I'm looking for in this RP a well.

If there's any other questions you might have, feel free to post them or PM me, either way is fine.

Winds Of Lust

AAH! Tyki Mikk! -does what could only be called a fan boy squeee-
D-grayman is such a great manga...

Lovely plot as well. I'm disappointed I didn't think of it first <.< 

Good luck finding a partner. Snake bondage...figgen brilliant!

Tyki Mikk

Lol, yeah it is XD

Thanks, I hope there's at least a few dom women that might be interested in playing out an RP from an angle such as this.