replacement daughter/stripper/escort/maid roleplay ideas

Started by playfullchick76, January 11, 2009, 09:57:58 AM

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For this one, i would be holidaying in europe,a former soviet state,russia, or the ukraine.Somewhere in asia is also possible.

I would be travellign through on my own, or on a group budget tour. I would be lured away, or taken from my hotel room, to become someones newest daughter, or exotic dancer, an in demand escort, or french maid fantasy.

I would find out that my own identity had been erased, or declared dead, and another would be set up for me. Alone and far from help, i would be made to submit and embrace my new life.

Or i could be going against a man, or another woman for a promotion at work. One night, i could be snatched and made to work as an exotic dancer somewhere for a night,and be photographed.The photographs are spread around, and im fired, leaving me little choice but to work in that chosen field.


You have been working at the ad agency for 2 or so years now, quickly moving up the ranks.  Recently the company was purchased by a new national company, and the new managers quickly appreciate your strong work ethic and good job performance. This is a very conservative company with nation wide connections.  You never were the kind of person to flaunt your tanned slim body at work, always wear attractive but conservative outfits.  You make sure your blouses are loose and don't show your your curves, your firm perky breasts, too prominently. 

There was a big deal that came in. Many of us worked very hard to win in.  After a week or so, it came down to just two of us. You and I. We are worked together in the past and I had hit on you a few times, asking you out. You were always very professional and always refused, telling me that you never mix work and pleasure.  Today is decision day, and I see for lunch with the male buyers that you have relaxed your prim and proper work attire, dressed a little more sexy for this private lunch away from the office.  I tell myself that if you get the deal that the only reason why you got it is because you used your sexuality.  I vow to myself that I will find some way to get you back.  Have you get even.  Have to punish you for your sexuality! 

The next day we find out that you won the deal.  There goes my promotion..... 


well i like that, i like that a lot, do you want to start the thread. I like what youve put in so far