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Author Topic: Drkwolf222 Come and join me. I have a few fun ideas. (M x F, Dark rp, Adventure)  (Read 575 times)

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Offline Drkwolf222Topic starter

   Welcome come in and stay a while

   Ok,  I am new and im not sure how best to format or lay out my ideas to try and grab someones attention.  So I am going to Opt for Tidbits and teasers. Maybe if you read a bit you will be inspired to try and write a bit.  More details are going to follow each  segment.  For now I am going to start with two possible stories. 

   The little things.  Here is my On and off List.  My On's & Off's Any thing on this list could be used in the stories. Pulling in kinks and other tidbits with out warning would be Great I love surprises .So Please look it over and feel free to message me any ask about anything. 

Red Shift 

    August 15th 2011, This is the day the first super powered villain made himself known to the world. He made his debut  by tearing down the Eiffel tower, with his bare hands, And demanding that the world leaders pay him a ransom or he would begin destroying cities. Three days later he was dead. I know how he died, And only two other people do as well. Its still one of our best kept secrets. Since that day there have been ten public twenty seven private and thirty four secret threats made by people that have superpowers. All but two were stopped. Thirty five by American forces. fifteen of those by my team.

   To call me a superhero is a stretch of the imagination. Yes I have powers beyond that of any normal person. But a Superhero elicits an image of capes and heroic poses. Smiling faces staring up at an Adonis in primary colors. That has never been my life or the image I see in the mirror.  I was a soldier, I joined the military for adventure and to help keep me in shape after high school foot ball never produced a scholarship. I figured a few years in the marines and I could get a government tuition to a good school. I joined the Corps May 15th 2011. on August 15th I was deployed to France to stop an unstoppable man. On August 20th  I made a choice that would change my entire life.

   My commanding officer brought me in to his office. He sat me down and informed me that the autopsy of the terrorist had revealed some amazing discoveries. And that a formula had been found in among his homes hidden laboratory. Scientists were working to try and reproduce what made him unstoppable. And I was a perfect candidate to volunteer for the project. I was young and had visions of myself standing on a roof top in a cape. So I agreed and tried not to seem too enthusiastic. I had a chance be a superhero, who needs college.

   Now a days college sounds pretty nice and sometimes I wish I could go back and smack my self. It probably would not have stopped me but it would make me feel better. Life has a way of making you see thing so much differently in hindsight. But its not all been bad. But its going to take a while to explain it all.


   OK Details.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
  Superpowers and Hero/villain Characters. - I will be playing the Primary Character And may flesh out a few NPCs.  My writing partner is welcome to make a fellow hero or a villain either one could take the story in a fun direction.

  Realism > Fantastical – I want powers that make sense and seem like something that a person could develop. Damage resistance, Strength , Agility,  Rapid Healing, Lizard like regeneration. All thigns that could with time become real.  Flight, Teleportation, Eye-lasers,  Super-speed ( flash, Quicksilver) are a bit beyond the scope of any thing that could be real.  I am open to talk about powers and how to work them in to the world.

  Bad guys are BAD – I am not a fan of the Misunderstood or Anti-Villian theme going around. Were a great villain is declawed or raped of all there wicked evil and made to be a misunderstood hero. Or redeemed.  A good example was the Recent Maleficent movie. A great Classic Evil Queen. Is reduced to a raped and tortured husk of her former self. And then rather then keep on her course of revenge they even steal that from her.  I really despised it. Another example is Once Oppon a Time. The tv  series.  They ruin so many good villains. And try and mix it all up in the most predictable manner to make Classic Heroes the villains instead.

  Powers in every day life – Finding fun and interesting ways to show how super-powers can be used in everyday life. And how they change the world around us.  One of my favorite things to try and do in the super genre.

The Miss-Adventures Of Stallion.

    Stallion woke, It was morning and the sounds of every day life in a port side town filled his room. The glare of sun rolling across the floor dust sparking in the beam as he blinked his eyes open. He sat up and looked around. The other side of the bed was disheveled, It made him smile as he remembered the night before, he had been having some drinks in a pub down stairs. A rowdy night of music and laughing and then bringing the lovely bar wench up stairs later. She was a buxom lass with a full fluffy hair and a fine set of breasts that he had playfully nibbled on and licked all the way up the stairs. He was not surprised that she had never been with an Barbarian. His race rarely traveled This far north  from his homeland. He rubbed at his wrist. And made sure the leather bracer was on securely. He had come this way to get away from his past. Traveled the great sea and now explored this unfamiliar land. carving him self a niche in the world with his blade. And  plowing young maidens  along the way.   

    The girl had stripped off all her clothes and was standing exposed in front of him She was pert and plump in all the right places. She did not look to be a shy virgin, No this woman knew what she wanted and she looked as hungry as he did. So Stallion decided To give her a show. Her eyes went wide as she looked him over. Then with a determined look pushed him on the bed and stood over top of him. After about 2 hours and a lot sweat, Stallion finished and the woman fell in to the bed beside him.  She had been asleep before him He wondered when she hand slipped out of his room.  He knew she would more then likely not be in the bar tomorrow and would more then likely not "Entertain" anyone else for a good week.

        He smiled as he added another notch to his belt. Thirty two hash marks for the thirty two ladies who would never forget the night they had with him. A crack of a whip and the click of heels made him tense. He looked around and then out the window. A cart was stuck and the driver cracked his whip over the draft horses back to get them to pull. And a tinker across the way tapping on an anvil.  With a sigh he brushed the tension away. He huffed and grabbed up his clothing and started to dress. He once more made sure his Bracer was in place. And slung the heavy old blade belt over his shoulder. As he stepped in to his boots. He needed to find some work and get on the road. It was time to move on.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
   Whats in a name- Stallion Is a name He is human and this is set in a normal fantasy world. He is not a furry Or anthro.

   Our Hero finds him self in Peril. - My desire is to have stallion fall in to a series of perilous events.  Some he may get away from. But in the end I want him to meet a bad fate.

   Wicked Women – I am looking for someone that would have fun  playing several wicked and evil woman that he will encounter. This is a chance to try out and explore different personas.

   A dark past – There is a past that is haunting our hero. What it is and what it will lead to is something I want to explore and build as the story progresses.
   He is a lover and a fighter. - I love to write out a good fight scene. Something that really gets your mind racing and blood pumping.   I also love to write out a really in-depth Sexual encounters.

   Groundhogs day. - A possible theme I was looking at using in the story is the Groundhog day scenario. Every time Stallion meets a terrible fate. He waked back up in the same room on the same day and starts over.   This is not a hard set plan But if you are interested we could try it out. 

I will flesh out more of these details as I think of them. Messages and inquiries are welcome and encouraged.
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