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Author Topic: Undisclosed's Desires  (Read 5264 times)

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Undisclosed's Desires
« on: October 15, 2017, 07:52:19 pm »
"The Runaway"
Billie woke from her dreamless sleep with a startle as Liam rose next to her. Although it had been a few weeks, she was still adjusting to sleeping next to someone, and the growing drug use had caused her to cease dreaming.

Half-asleep, she slipped out of the bed and wrapped a nightgown around her slim, slender frame. Liam insisted she sleep naked, and she had happily obliged, but it was still something she was getting used too. Back home, she had worn pajamas to bed, usually ones given to her as a Christmas gift from her grandmother. But her grandmother had died a few months before the last Christmas, and Billie’s world had changed so much since then. The drug use, running away from home, moving in with Liam, sleeping with him every night and waking up with his dry cum on her body, it was still taking some getting used to.

Billie went to the kitchen dressed in only her nightgown. She still liked the idea of making breakfast everyday for her man, even if she wasn’t very good at it. It was not like she had a mothering role-model to teach her to cook. But she still tried her best, and she liked serving Liam his breakfast. For Liam was Billie ’s rock, her knight in shining armour, her saviour.

Billie was born in the poor part of poor town. Her father left when she was young, leaving her to be raised by her mother. If madness and malice could have a baby, it would have been her mom. Besides the parade of men that had come in and out of her life, the only other constant in Billie's childhood was her mother’s meanness. Locked away when ‘company’ came over, blamed for her mother’s failure, beaten when she misbehaved, Billie had an awful upbringing. Of course, the adults in her life could briefly put on the appearance of normality when the state came over; anything to keep those government cheques coming. But otherwise, outside of brief, happy visits with her grandmother at Christmas time, there was nothing positive in Billie’s childhood.

Things only grew worse as Billie grew older, and her body started changing. School, which had always been a safe respite from her childhood storms, became filled with cliques, puberty, and dating. At home, the parade of men ended when her mother remarried, but to a man Billie found creepy, and who promptly moved in with them. Her grandmother grew frail and forgetful. And her mother grew worse, accusing Billie of being a skank, a degenerate, and a whore. With all the abuse, repressed memories, her step-father's perversions, her grandmother dying, and her failing grades, Billie had started skipping school, and was being slowly introduced to drugs, alcohol and sex.

The night Billie’s life forever changed started at a party. After a particularly fierce fight with her mom, Billie snuck out of her house with the help of her friends. They drove to a party outside of town, and that’s where she met Liam. A friend of a friend, he was the most handsome guy she had ever seen. Billie found herself falling for him at first sight, and they seemed to share a connection. Billie felt like she was attached to his hip the whole party, and in a haze of alcohol and drugs, they hooked up.

There was hell to pay the next morning when Billie returned home. Her mother, berating her, calling her all sorts of vile names. Her step-father, punishing her. And Billie , yelling and screaming at both of them. What had been a magical, special evening of Billie ’s young life, had curdled into a morning of anger and rage. Billie promptly locked herself in her room, and avoided all contact with her so-called caregivers.

During this turbulence, Liam became her life-raft. Not a day went by when she wouldn’t text him or call him. With the swirl of negativity surrounding her, Liam became a single source of happiness in Billie’s deary life. She started sneaking out with him, skipping school to be with him, doing drugs just to be with him. Liam became everything to Billie, and she was head over heels for him.

It was after a particular vicious fight with her mom, after Billie had accused her step-dad of trying to spy on her in the shower and her mother accused her of being a lying whore, that Billie hatched her plan. She had mentioned a few times to Liam about moving in with him, and he had never said no. She texted him, crying, begging, pleading that she couldn’t take anymore, that Liam agreed to get her. To save her, Billie thought. That night, Billie pack up as much as she could, stole some money from her step-dad, and fled in the night with Liam.

Billie laid her attempt at breakfast on the table as Liam sat down. Still dressed in only a nightgown, she was hoping for a little more attention before Liam left. Staying home all day, smoking pot, and watching TV had been fun at first. But it had gotten boring, and she was far from anyone she knew. Billie rubbed her hand along Liam’s inner thigh, trying to tease him while her other hand slowly peeled back her nightgown, trying exposed more of her body to him. She looked at Liam with puppy-dog eyes, almost desperate for his attention.

So I'm looking to explore a young woman, a runaway and the troubles that she has. From past trauma, developing mental health issues and addictions to alcohol, drugs and sex.

She won't stay loyal to Liam so I'm mainly looking for someone to play a mix of characters for this.

Happy for this to get quite dark and looking to hear peoples ideas for scenarios, characters and story lines

"Rose Garden Filled With Thorns"
Riley Cameron stepped from the limo and smiled that trademark smile at the flashes of camera's and the pap's who always seemed to yell out the same questions every time she appeared someplace... but it came with the territory and at 25, she had already had a career that spanned more than 20 years. From the 3 year old darling in a sitcom, through Disney's productions at 11 before getting her own iconic show at 16, she had been the sex symbol of a generation of teenage boys and some girls for a 4 season run of Tuesday's Troubles, awards and more exposure than you could shake a stick at. Her marriage at 20 to a man 17 years her senior had been a bit of a contraversery, but she still smiled and even wiggled her fingers at one of the women that she had done an interview with a couple of months before about her plans for the future and whether she would match her mother someday on the silver screen. Riley had perfected a clothing line, cosmetics and even wrote a book that hit the best seller list from the start; she had more than enough money coming in that she didn't have to work another day of her life if she decided to do that. Not that she planned to retire anytime soon. She was still a hot commodity and she intended to make the most of it.

So, she smiled and strolled up the red carpet... fuming inside with enough heat to fuel half of Hollywood. Her husband, a man who she felt... something for one minute and hated the next. Her husband of 5 years and she were suppose to be a happily married couple and these appearances were suppose to support that image. But Blain, her husband had called her less than an hour before they were due to go to the premier of her mother's newest film and he was running late; he would meet her there. She would lay odds that he was screwing that little 18 year old assistant that he had hired a few weeks before. Blain was nothing if not persuasive when it came to getting into women's panties; she should know... he had done it to her as well. "Where are you, you bastard!" she swore under her breath  and walked up the red carpet. There would be weeks of questions about their breakup, a separation or even a divorce until they appeared again as a couple... and who got the questions? Not Blain!

Riley lightly ran her hand over the silken material of the dress that she wore for the big event. She had put her raven hair into an up-do to leave her shoulders bare in the strapless black number that hugged her C-cupped breasts and slender waist... and did wonders for her ass before it stopped just 3 inches above the stocking clad knees and, of course, the slingback heels that everyone expected to see. Her deep brown eyes scanned the people ahead of her and her smile grew warm and sincere as she spotted the next heart-throb of the big screen. She wondered if he was involved with anyone... she wouldn't mind keeping him company for the next 3 weeks of filming for Law And Order. She had, of course, met him months before when he had started filming the movie with her mother and tonight, the movie would be viewed for the first time.


Hey Ry," she heard a voice approach behind her, just before turning to see the handsome supporting actor of the film she was about to see, Jonathan Crow. Crow was thirty five and in line to be the heir to the legacy of George Clooney. Preternaturally handsome, with no sign of aging anything but gracefully, the man was single, a commodity in Hollywood, and an unquestionable leading man for decades to come. Her eyes smiled as broadly as her mouth as she turned to say hello. No sooner had she done so, he greeted her with a warm, simply friendly hug and kiss upon her cheek.

"Hey Jon," she said.

"Where is Blaine?" he asked, away from the ears of any paparazzo at the distant photography line, leaving them only to fill in the imaginary, flirtatious conversation they conjured up and wanted to report. While they would be wrong, they actually wouldn't be far off. She certainly wondered if Jon Crow was available at the moment and would not mind finding out.

"He's on his way," she said. "He had some late work that kept him." The movie star with her stood a moment and offered his arm to escort her into the premiere.

"Well let's go inside," he said. She smiled again and took his arm, walking in with him, then quickly outside the eyes of any media, again leaving them to create a narrative of their choice. A while later, shortly before the movie was set to begin, as she mingled with Crow and others, including her mother, wine in hand, she saw her husband sneak through the entrance nearly undetected, finally ready to be by her side. As he did, she released Crow's hand, hoping he hadn't seen it. She didn't want to have the fight now, if she could avoid it.

"There you are," she said, clearly annoyed, but where nobody could hear, as he approached. "Where have you been?"

Blaine Kennedy gave an annoyed scowl toward his wife upon hearing her words. He knew exactly the arrow to fire from his quiver.

"The Markets are always working and never outgrow their usefulness," he said as he kissed her cheek so as only she could hear. He pulled back with a wry grin, looking proud of his wife for the crowds, while beaming only at the free and easy shot he had taken. He had grown wealthy on Wall Street years ago, first at Goldman, then replacing Jamie Dimon at JP Morgan. Having excelled at banking and finance at a young age gave him the freedom to pursue other pursuits and one of those had been the creation of an investment group that sought to bring an NFL team to Los Angeles. While he had always been an east coast guy, the warm weather and beautiful women of California suited him, and he had made the golden state his home when he was thirty. It was there, however, that he had first met Steven Frates, an angel investor in a number of tech startups in San Francisco, whose owners and CEOs Blaine coveted for their business. Soon, he had struck a friendship with Frates, who later introduced him to a number of the West coast elite, including many who found their way to Frates' Gatsby style parties in the hills over L.A. It was at one such party that Blaine had first noticed the golden skinned girl with the firm body and tight build - Riley Cameron, with whose work he had been unfamiliar, never having kids of his own to inform him of her popular appeal. Making a swift introduction, he learned she was the daughter of an incredibly famous actress, and though Riley was only twenty, he found her ever more appealing. Weeks later, he asked Frates for a number and, while at first hesitant, the financier set them up on a first get together which all involved hesitated to call a date. A quick and raging year later, they were married in a small, private ceremony in Aspen.

"It's not like you were having problems finding company," he nodded toward Jon Crow.

"Fuck you, Blaine," she replied as he stepped past her and toward the bar, where he ordered an Old Fashioned with Rye whiskey. She watched him move away before turning back and walking toward a group where her mother now stood. Blaine got his drink and turned with a coy smirk to look over the gathered crowd. Hollywood was never his scene, certainly more for his wife. Years ago, she had been a shark in these waters, the fierce, dangerous creature everyone sought to contain, though none could. He had never tamed her himself, though the dark nights overlooking magnificent views and vistas as he pistoned in and out of her tiny body in an effort to do so were as close as any had seemingly come.  He enjoyed the tabloid attention a bit, but Riley had eaten it up, playing to it as much as possible, and he grew to resent it when she quit working steadily, instead hamming for the cameras in New York, Las Vegas, London, Rio, and anywhere else she could spend his money and waste her own time.

He stepped from the bar, then listened as the studio attendants began ushering people into the theater. He noticed a cute attendant, perhaps no more than twenty, standing near the entrance and cast a wink in her direction as he sipped from his drink. He turned to look over his shoulder and quickly made eyes with Riley, arms crossed and head cocked as if asking him if he seriously dared to disrespect her in front of these people. He shrugged and finished his drink before clenching his jaw and walking toward her, offering his arm to go into the movie.

"Shall we?" He asked in monotone. Riley looked at him for a moment in silence. Then, she opened her crossed arms, placing one inside his own.

"Don't act like I don't know," she said. He raised his eyebrows.

"Don't act like you're not a whore, either," came his pointed response. Knowing they would step along a windowed corrider where the photographers outside would see, the girl put on a grin as if he had said the most delightful thing ever while they walked past the cameras lenses. She was a pro at making things seem perfect.

"Don't even think about staying in the apartment tonight," She responded, maintaining her grin.

"One of us should," he said, jabbing her again, referencing the opportunity she might have with Jon Crow, or perhaps another. She smirked at him, begrudgingly impressed and also holding down a fury just beneath the surface. As they stepped into the theater, she unclasped his hand and stepped down the aisles away from him, intending in no way to sit with him any longer than necessary. He swatted her ass playfully in the dark, finding it remarkable still just how firm it was and how much he liked it even though he often couldn't stand his wife. She was still good for something. She turned with a slight start before continuing on her way.

"Don't even think about that either," was all she said before joining her mother and friends in a row to itself as the opening credits rolled. Blaine walked up the stairs, in the opposite direction, giving no response. He would save it for the room later and see what she said then.


An old prompt of mine that I wouldn't mind exploring again.

Wanting the ups and downs of a couple in the limelight as they love/hate each other throughout their lives and go on escapades by cheating with numerous other people.

"Bad Love "
Lucky for Lucy she had a special charm about her that lead to a wide opportunity of job openings. She wasn’t oblivious to the envy some girls might hold on her either. After all she was a curvy, petite, young woman blessed with beautiful, brown, wavy locks of love. Her emerald eyes could pierce the hearts of many men and woman if she chose to do so but that wasn’t the problem. No, looks weren’t an issue for her. It was her mood swings so to speak. Her tardiness and seeming lack of motivation in the workplace that she struggled with. She was smart but she made dumb decisions and last night was a dumb decision. It was a decision that may have gotten her laid off today.

Liam, Lucy’s roommate, also happened to be her rock. Her boyfriend of two years; The guy she ran to every time something went wrong. His emotional support was so valuable. She didn’t know how she would survive without him sometimes. Sure, they both were broke as fuck but at least he could hold a job. She didn’t understand why her boss assumed being hungover meant she wasn’t able to function in the work environment. Then again, she did tend to fall asleep at the desk and her only job was to answer phone calls/redirect calls. It was hard to balance life as a young adult. On occasion Lucy wanted to enjoy the night life with her girlfriends but she also needed to hold a job so she could afford life with Liam. Moving in with her mom or dad wasn’t really an option in her head either.

Lucy’s high-heeled boots felt heavier than usual today as she set home for her apartment. It was as if the rain pouring down on her held a higher gravitational force on her body. Then again four blocks of concrete in heels wasn't ideal and her ride was still working at the job she just let go of. Hmmm…come to think of it…maybe…it was her outfit today that got her in trouble? She was wearing a pencil skirt which seemed appropriate to her standards, but maybe she should have buttoned that extra top button so her cleavage wasn’t as apparent. Lucy had gotten fired once before over not following the dress code, but the things they told her to wear didn’t make any sense to her. Regardless, her current situation still pissed her off and she knew Liam wasn’t going to be to thrilled to hear her news either.

Ughhhh are you kidding me? Stress was rising inside Lucy like a fire ignited with gasoline. Of all the days for Angela to bug her…

“Lucy, where’s your rent? It’s now two months overdue!”

“What about Marshal’s Rent? Why are you picking on me?!”

“He paid yesterday…” Angela said, and of course this only made Lucy even more upset. Even Marshal, the sketchy old man who dealt drugs had it more together than her.

“Fine!” Lucy screamed louder than necessary pulling out the cash she just withdrew from her final work check. She knew she was still down $250 or so but…that was all she had right now. “Liam will get you the rest by the end of the week.” She mumbled, still not in the mood to deal with people. She was feeling attacked and the last thing she wanted was Angela breathing down her throat about rent.

“Okay well, make sure it happens. I need it Lucy.”

“Yeah yeah, I will. I will.” she said continuing her way up the creaking wooden staircase, not really paying any mind to what Angela was really saying to her. It was all just words with no meaning at this point because it went in one ear, and just as easily out the other.

“Hey,” Lucy said to Marshal, “your shave looks nice” she remarked. She had to stay nice to Marshal, not that he was necessarily hard to get along with. No, that usually wasn’t a problem for Lucy but because on occasion he would set her up with some recreational fun. Liam wasn’t a fan of it but sometimes….Lucy just needed it and she couldn’t control it.

“Bad day huh?” he said, obviously noting the scene she made downstairs. All the walls were thin. Door closed or not, most people in the eight room, two story, apartment complex would have heard her yell at Angela. “Let me know if ya need som’thn later” his thick accent was obvious but she still didn’t know where he came from. Judging by the assortment of tattoos over his shirtless body she figured it was from a gang he may have formerly been in. On that note, Lucy liked to keep their relationship minimal and for….business only. But overall, he was a good neighbor to have next door. She trusted him. Enough.

“Hah, yeah. It’s been a day.” she said finding her key to open the door. But before Lucy turned the handle she looked back at Marshal and whispered “M…maybe later.”

Entering the apartment complex Lucy immediately threw her purse into the corner of the living room and slammed the door behind her. “Liam…” she said feeling her eyes begin to water as she looked into the handsome features of his face. “They…laid me off! I…I didn’t do anything wrong, I swear! They just decided to hate me!” she said moving herself over to him, hugging him close. Needing him. “And then…Angela…she-“ Lucy was practically hyperventilating at this point with her chest pressed onto his abdomen still not letting him go. But mentioning Angela’s name quickly turned what was going to be tears back into anger “-Angela yelled at me and I gave her all the cash I had. I can’t win. They laid me off…and I ..I felt like I was doing better…” she said slowly falling to her knees in front of him.

Lucy was a mess and Liam knew it. But what he didn’t know was how she planned on fixing her issues for the night…

”When was the last time …?” Lucy paused, biting on her lower lip as she looked up at him from her knees. A smile traced her lips as her fingertips lingered their way up from his boot to his thigh, and then danced around his crotch. “ …I got laid?” she asked twisting the negative words thrown into her face this morning by her boss into a more dirty connotation.


Hey guys! I'm really open to where this rp could go! Thought it'd create this and leave it a bit open as I'm curious with what some people could offer in terms of avenues to take it.

Obviously it's a couple that is down on their luck and barely managing to scrap by while Lucy has some... Issues.

"The Gold Digger"
Well, we can't all be like you Madison.” The pudgy, bespectacled blonde said. She looked at her coworker with a small distaste in her tone.

“What do you mean?” Madison replied, moving the blonde bangs from her face. “I just took the big party that was given to me, Alyssa.” She gestured towards the outdoor patio, in the direction of a large group of business suits.

“Ugh, yeah…” Alyssa looked at Madison's bust, “I bet those big parties have always been given to you.” She rolled her eyes but Madison didn't see.

“Um, okay.” Madison replied. “Thank god they came in. It's been so freaking slow today.” She unbuttoned her top blouse button and it seemed to cause the rest of the servers (and customers) to stop and process the cleavage. “I'm actually going to have to work.” She walked toward the table of suits.

Alyssa peered at her as she sauntered away. “It's not fair.” She gazed on Madison's tight maroon skirt as it clinged on as a second skin. “I bet her tip is going to be ridiculous.” She looked at her male coworker who was clearly spaced out in the same gaze.

Whispers at the table died down as the white haired men saw the approach of their waitress. One bearded man gently elbowed his peer for attention and causally dropped his spoon. “Oh dear, how clumsy of me.” He must have been in his late 60s. He glanced at his younger counterpart for a moment and then at Madison. “Miss, would you mind getting that?” He pointed to the spoon.

“Oh certainly sir!” Madison crouched to the ground as elegantly as possible, conscious of the tightness in her skirt. But all eyes were down her blouse, the old man eyes were lit with joy upon seeing the outline of her bra. He gestured with his eyes to his colleagues to feast upon the sight. “Here we go.” Madison retrieved the spoon. “I will get you another one.” She turned to the group, “Are we ready to order?” The men all took turns reading from the menu.

The final order was to come from the youngest man at the table. Youngest being an understatement, as you could see the salt and pepper in his hair. While the others wore ties and jackets, he had gone unbuttoned and casual. Madison gathered herself for a moment while attempting to form the words to ask him what he'd like. When his eyes left the menu and met her’s, there was a silence…


Now this story is one of a good digger setting her sights on a man that she thinks she will be able to seduce. Maybe her job really isn't affording the lifestyle she wants so badly.

I'm happy to discuss what age the man she seduces is. I am also thinking that even though they get together they she won't remain loyal to him sexually and will cheat around. Perhaps wirh his son, co workers, etc.

"The Lonely Housewife"
Now for this story I don't have anything written yet but I do want it to focus around a bored housewife that will end up cheating on her husband and fucking other guys. How she decides to end up cheating is up to discussion, does she do it because she just wants to, is it blackmail or is it to help her husband get a client or a raise? All up for discussion.

"The Rise of the Instagrammer"
So a fresh idea I have in mind is a story about a young woman that is a model on Instagram, trying to make it big on social media like many other gorgeous young ladies. It's a big market with many eager people wanting fame and always trying to boost their number of flowers.

So our young lady is going to want to try new ways to get more likes and followers. Perhaps she is invited to a fashion gala and a good way to get some extra notice would be to wear a dress by one of the top fashion designers but she needs to get a meeting since he is busy.

Perhaps her manager finds a casting spot for her on a reality T.V show but she will need to impress the producer of the show to put her on it.

These are just a few ideas that would make sense to happen early on. I'm thinking there will be many various scenes and characters she will get involved with.

"The Young Temptress "
"Make your mama sad type

Make your girlfriend mad type

Might seduce your dad type"

So the Billie Eilish Bad Guy song has me quite in the mood for something revolving around a young girl that gets up to all sorts of mischief. I'm really open to what kind of story can be made for this, although I do want it to hit some key themes and those are cheating and age play mostly.

It can be a high school couple with the female not staying loyal to her boyfriend at all. Can be in college. I do like those environments.

I am all ears to what kind of characters she could get involved with. I do think of her as a bit dark, liking to cause trouble and cheat around, liking the thrill and many pleasures in life such as drugs, alcohol and sex that perhaps stem from some trauma. Am happy for this to be quite dark and fucked up

Thinking Billie Eilish for the face claim.

"My Girlfriend is a... Porn Star!?"
Madison Ivy settled back in the chair and let out a slow breath, whoever thought this kind of work was easy had, obviously, never done it. With the towel that she had picked up on her way out, she patted her face and neck to remove the perspiration that she had produced from the effort of the job and with a little more care, worked the towel up her lightly bronzed legs before she patted her neck again. The break would be short, but like everyone else there, the breaks were welcome. She sipped from the bottle of water and pulled her cell phone out of a pocket and sighed as she tapped away.

Hi Lover, Work going into overtime with the deadline. Gonna be late for dinner, 8:00 ok, or reschedule?

Hugs and deep kisses, Madi

She hated to spoil yet another dinner, she wanted to see Liam and feel his arms about her tonight. They hadn’t had nearly enough time and the job was almost always the cause. Still, he was the steadiest boyfriend that she had ever had and he was dear to her in so many ways. After 4 months together, she was the happiest that she had ever been aside from the fact that work held her by the short and curliest, she would happily spend every evening cuddled up on the couch and watch some silly movie, or have him read to her in his rich voice.

“Ok Everyone, break’s over!” The director said and Madison Ivy sighed and rose from her director’s chair and slipped the robe off of her naked form and padded back out onto the set. “Where do we start?” she asked as she accepted the old woman that stepped up and sprayed water over her bare skin so that the splices would look right.

“Let’s resume where we left off, a few seconds of pretape to get a good splice. That ok Madison?”

The Petite woman shrugged, her brunette locks moving enticingly with the motion, “Doesn’t matter to me, but how about we don’t try to punch my stomach, ok?”

“Sure Babe, no problem.”

Madison Ivy slipped back up onto the ruffled bed and waited for the camera’s to get the right angle again, a young woman slipped up behind her with a bottle of baby oil… it didn’t show as much, and started pushing two fingers into Madison’s ass, “Hey, not so rough, ok? I have a date tonight and I would like to be able to sit down.”

“Sorry Madison.” The girl squeaked and was more gentle as she lubricated the starlet’s backdoor and slowly worked another finger in. “How’s that?”

“Fine, where's Hugo?” she looked around, “Ah, there you are.” A soft slap on her ass and she felt his cock slip into her ass with little effort. “Ahhhh… damn you’re big Baby.”

“And…. Action!”

Madison hoped that she would never have to tell Liam what she really did for work and that he would keep on believing that she was an actress for commercial and bit parts in on location shoots.


Looking to explore a relationship like this. A very in love couple in their first few months together but one of them has a secret, she's a porn star and quite well known. This can include multiple characters.


In high school Zara was a fairly average girl, not having huge boobs like some girls, not styling or colouring her hair in any crazy way. She still very attractive but spent most of time concentrating on studying. Not a nerd, just wanting to make it into med school, following in her dad and older sisters footsteps.

But her entire outlook on life changed.

The date was December 31st, 2015, Zara was 18 years old, her best friend Ashley and her were planning for weeks on their New Years Eve party at Jack's house. Deciding on their outfits, their hairstyles, even the drinks they were gonna have. The two of them were inseparable, basically the sister that Zara wished she had.

But Zaras mom and dad were adamant about her spending New Years with her grandparents up in Canada instead. Obviously she protested against it, demanding to stay at home, even getting Ashley's mom to agree to her staying over for the week with them. But no, no matter how much she begged and pleaded, she was forced to visit her older relatives…

Zara got home in the new year, hearing nothing from Ash, she was confused before receiving a phone call from her mom, crying her eyes out over the phone as she explained that Ash never came home, dying in a car accident on her way to the party.

Zara felt responsible for her death, agreeing to drive the two of them there before her parents dropping the bomb onto her. It sent Zara into a wreck. She was distant from her family, taking her spiralling emotions out on all of them. Refusing to continue her studies. Doing the exact opposite of what was expected of her, rebelling against them all at any cost. Even to her own detriment.

Following Ashley's funeral, Zara had nobody to turn to, she completely disconnected from her family, she lost her best friend and had no way to truly express herself, wanting somebody to pour her heart out to. She began frequenting a local dive bar. She'd always come across an older guy, in his mid 30's. He would shower her with compliments, buy her drinks, even take her home for no charge. She actually began to think he liked her, and that he was somebody she could trust and someone who would care about her feelings.

He didn't care one bit. He took Zaras virginity in the back of his car. It hurt but she'd continue to fuck him, just in the hope that he'd care about her and the lonely situation she would find herself in. No matter how much they'd fuck, it never changed a thing. He still couldn't give two shits and it left her feeling used, dirty and alone once again.....

She missed Ash. It was her fault and she deserved to be used and manipulated. She deserved to be punished.

Zara began to regret less and enjoy her masochistic tendencies. She would love the thrill of walking alone down a darkened alleyway, it's not like she wanted anything bad to happen to herself, it was just exciting to survive such a situation unscathed. It made her appreciate her safe home, her warm bed and loving surroundings a lot more.

The idea of fucking taken guys was so much more of a thrill. Almost praying to be walked in on with a girls boyfriend below her body. Watching her face was always a picture to Zara, locking eyes with her as she would grin and ride her ashamed boyfriend.

But, nothing compares to how damaged she can be on the anniversary of Ash's death.


This is Zara, now 21 years old, she lives alone in her own apartment (Almost a month late on rent). Working a low income job at Starbucks (although she hasn't shown up for a few days now). She started smoking quite often, admittedly having a drinking problem along with blossoming addiction issues, only coke, not the hardest stuff right? She keeps hanging out with older, more disgusting and crude guys, guys she would have looked down upon before Ash's death, but it was her fault, she needs to suffer, she deserves to be punished.

Zara would try to fall for the sweet boys, the guys that she would of happily bring home to mother with pride. She'd try to remember more of the night before, trying to make sure the sex is safer. Attempting to cut down on her drinking habits. But in the end it's usually for nothing. She'd go back to same old Zara, unprotected drunk sex, fucking gross older men, blowing somebody for a simple 8-ball. She'd cry herself to sleep, often wishing to be in Ashley's place

"The Art School Dropout"

Sluggishly dragging herself back home, following another tiring day of work. It's not enjoyable listening to bratty teenagers and your perv manager hit on you... but it pays the bills, well sorta.

A scrunched up McDonalds bag in Allison's hand....again, thank the lord for her fast metabolism or she'd be in a wheelchair at this point. Slouched over slightly as she watched the footpath, her worn out pair of red Converses hitting the floor with each step. Her earphones beneath her hood blaring out Kendrick Lamar’s latest single as she walked home in her own little world, sharing glances at the fellow people walking by. A few cute guys that she'll never see again....shame.

She turned to make her way into her apartment building, collecting the mail before stepping into the elevator, a few small smiles and soft waves to the other poor bastards living in such a cesspool of a building. After punching in the button to her floor, she leaned against the rail, exhaling as she tried to calm herself down following a few stressful weeks. She walked along the stained carpet to her apartment door, looking at the walls, covered in God-knows-what liquid. The stench hits her nose like a train, she remained unfazed, conditioned to such surroundings by now.

Allison unlocked the door, closing it and locking it behind her as she kicked off her shoes. She walked to her dump of a living room, seating herself on an old couch, kicking her feet up onto the coffee table in front of it. A few empty bud light cans, a PlayStation controller, some old college books, her artwork and vodka bottles are bunched together, like a cute little collection. An ashtray sits by her feet as she begins reading through the mail. Eviction notice, junk mail, the usual. She lights up a cigarette before opening up her phone, reading some text messages, one from mom, granting her request for her to wire some more cash into her bank, still thinking I'm in art college. One from my dealer, telling me about 'some new shit from Colombia'. Another from...... Kyle? Telling me I should probably get a checkup, awesome.

Allison turned on the tv as she sat back, taking some much deserved drags as she looked around the living room. Her old wallpaper could do with changing, the torn effect ain't really doing it for her anyways? She should clean the carpet too, beer stains aren't the prettiest of designs this season. The windows are filthy but eh, saves her having to close the curtains she guessed? Her unwashed clothes are piled atop an armchair that was once her grandpa's, passed down to her.

With a cigarette between her lips, she watched her phone screen like a hawk, it's Friday night and there's gotta be something on tonight? Even some college parties? She knows she dropped out months ago, but that doesn't mean she can't hang out with her friends. Besides, she dropped out because of them, deciding that she couldn't handle the pressure on top of her newfound addiction to certain substances. “I swear I'll go back when I'm clean?” Allison thinks.

So this is Allison, a 19 year old girl living alone in Queens, recently dropping out of art college, still living off of mom and dad's money with the lie that she's using it for college stuff. But in reality, she's a mess, fighting a craving for coke as well as anything else that can get a job done. She's currently working at Hot Topic, it's not exactly what she was planning to do when she moved to New York from Seattle, but it pays okay and she guesses it can open other doors in the future? She's a pretty outgoing girl, usually being described as: friendly, talkative, mellow, funny, easy....actually ignore the last one.

"The Cool Girlfriend"
When I wake up and roll over you’re not in bed. I reach my arm out, but it lands on the bed instead of you. I get up, groggy from a late night out and come into the kitchen wearing the pair of shorts I slept in.

Once I enter I see your ass in black lace booty shorts and a red tank top above it as you make some eggs at the stove. “Oh hey babe,” you smile and turn to give me a quick kiss when you hear me come in.

“It looks like Paul George isn’t playing this week, so make sure you take him out,” You tell me, referencing my fantasy football team.

“Fuck, you serious? I thought he was gonna play.” I reply.

“Nope, injured,” You frown back. “But on another do you feel about mimosas this morning? I’m sure we’ll drink beer later so I wasn’t sure if we should...but just like one or two I don’t think would hurt...there’s a bottle of champagne in the fridge.”

“Reminds me of college,” You laugh as you walk to the bathroom with my mimosa in a solo.

“What? Showering with guys or drinking in the shower?” I ask, watching you shimmy out of your panties and pull your tank top over your head. You pick your cup back up and take a sip. “Both?” You shrug as you reach in and turn the water on.

You turn toward me and wrap both arms up around my neck, one of them still holding the drink as you kiss me and smile. You put your drink back down and step into the shower ahead of me. Once I’m in you let me step under the water as you slip to the back of the shower and squeeze some of me body wash on your hands. “It’s supposed to be cold this week, did you see?” You say as your hands work me body, cleaning me. You watch as I️ then do the same with my bodywash into my hands and You turn around playfully to put your ass toward me and let me massage it into your body.

After we get out, we both get dressed - You put on a pair of black leggings with my Kawhi Leonard jersey and a pair of uggs. You strike a pose in front of the full length mirror You bought for my bedroom and snap a picture.

We get to my friend’s parents house, where we watch basketball and football sometimes and go down to the basement. Dave, Mark and Kenny are already down there when we arrive, just after the game started. “Hey,” You say as You lean forward while coming down the stairs. Once we get to the bottom you take a chip from the bowl on the table and eat it. There’s two televisions in his basement along with a pool table and dart board for our entertainment. “Dave, is Marissa coming” you asks as you slide into a stool at the bar while holds a pool cue and waits for Kenny to shoot. “Na, something with her mom or something...don’t really remember what it was exactly,” he laughs.

Anyway....hope you get the gist of the plot. Basically about a girlfriend whose the “cool” girlfriend that can hang with the guys and not be a drag. Teams and players open to change. It also does not have to be sports based. Thinking it would involve cheating.


Down to hear more ideas for roleplays as well, especially if they are similar to what I have posted.

Open to potentially playing either gender depending on the story.


I'm a big lover of dark themes in stories. Stuff such as cheating, abuse, mental health, substance abuse, rape, sexism, racism, corruption, degradation, objectification. Probabaly more but I'm a huge fan of all of those elements. So would love a lot of these themes in my stories.



Elder Scrolls

Dragon Age - Big fan of Morrigan but can easily use original characters in this world.

Mass Effect - Fan of so many characters in the series. Could also do something in regards to Andromeda with exploring new uncharted worlds.

BioShock - A dark dystopian as a playground.

Borderlands - A whacky odd adventure world.

Star Wars - Perhaps somethong in the Old Republic Era or the New one with perhaps Rey and Kylo.

Game of Thrones - Typically would prefer to use characters from the shoe and books for a story within this world.

The Witcher - Absolutely love the world and characters

Cyberpunk - An interesting setting with a lot of possibilities.


"Celebrity Things"

"The Dark Side of L.A."
It was typical LA night and one would lose themselves easily into the bustle of night life. However, in a small bar situated away from the bustling downtown, here was a humble and unlikely girl who we’d know as Katy Perry today.

Through the rickety door of the bar, there was some bustling as there truckers, regulars, and girl groups chattered and contributed to the bar’s nightlife. There were men who roared laughing about stories and jokes they shared with each other, while some others tried their luck to hit on the girls while receiving giggles and condescending playful comments in return.

All the meanwhile, Katheryn sat on a stool at the back of the dive bar. A lone light shone down on her as she strum at her guitar and sang into the shitty microphone. She tried to ignore the waitress shouting at the bartender, the two truckers heckling her as they played pool, and just focused on the music. She closed her eyes, willed away the distractions and sang, and tried to pretend she didn’t feel like throwing up from her nerves.

She had on a pair of tight faded blue jeans and a peach colored blouse. Her raven hair was pulled back into a ponytail and she had on the wispiest hint of makeup. She sat uncomfortably on her stool as she continuously tried her best to focus internally on her voice, music, and channeling her emotions into her music.

There was a smattering of applause as the final notes of her last song rang through the bar and died. Soon, however, everyone continued with what they were doing, again ignoring Katheryn presence.

She shyly cleared her throat and tried to smile as she almost whispered into the mic, “Ummm...thank you. I’m Katheryn Hudson. Have a great night.”

Then she got up and hurriedly rushed off stage, inconspicuously making way over to the bar.

Josh sat in this dump of a bar, a man of his prestigious job usually wouldn't be in a lowly place like this but sometimes he would come to this place even if it did leave an awful stench on his expensive suits. It was convenient and the place did have some strong drinks.

One of the main reasons he would go to these shady bars would be to spot any young attractive women, he would approach them and introduce himself as an agent to the stars, which was a half truth. They would talk, have a few drinks before she was on her knees, sucking his cock. It's funny what a small opportunity of fame can do to people.

He was here again tonight but this time he heard a voice that was quite soft and very unexpected in a place like this. He downed his whiskey that left his throat slightly burning before turning on the barstool to see a young voluptuous girl performing with a guitar. She looked so innocent as she plucked the strings and hit all the right notes.

Josh watched her, taking in every small movement of hers. Eventually she gave her name and got up and left from her small set, heading towards the back of the bar.

Josh continued to watch her in the dim light, wondering if he should approach her. He ordered another drink and thought about it.


Looking to make this a long term and detailed story stretching over quite sometime throughout the career of Katy Perry. Going from her struggling beginnings as she is degraded and forced to do thing she would rather not to her super stardom. The starter can be changed to something else. Might be open to changing the celebrity though I am very much in the mood for Katy. I do also like Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Iggy Azalea and Taylor Swift.

"I'm the Bad Guy, Duh"

Billie was doing well, her market of female fans were going mad for her, albums and tickets sales were going through the roof, so what next!? Of course more of the same. She was 18 now and her second album with weird creepy videos dropped....and flopped.

It seems that during her reign as an edgy pop queen, while girls loved her, boys...mocked her. The memes got out of control as all you could see in social media were memes about her being a try hard weirdo, comparisons to better music was well plastered in every review, her edgy theme was killing her. Men just did NOT like her weirdness. But thats all she had....right!?

It was a surprise but maybe a saving grace when an old video recorded in a rehearsal leaked. Billie always covered up so people focused on her music. But when practicing choreography she could dress down a little, in this particular video she had skin tight leggings and a tank top. The amateur clip showed her stretching her 18 year old body, twerking and dancing. The video went viral, trending on Twitter, Instagram, reddit and various other places. The hashtag #dicksoutforbille was even trending. It would seem she had hope yet, if she was willing to make a small sacrifice.


So I have this idea in mind for Billie Eilish, given this could be a different celeb or an OC with a celebrity face claim but I am in a massive Billie Eilish mood lately. So I'm thinking that her managers and agents want her to put herself on display a bit more to get better attention which means more views and money. Some heavy themes of corruption, abuse, age play, drug and alcohol use, rough sex, blackmail.

This can go in many directions, open to discussing and brainstorming it quite a bit.


I'm also open to exploring more celebrity ideas so feel free to suggest some! I am more in a darker mood but could perhaps also do something else.

I did have an idea of playing a fictional male that is an upcoming sports star, rapper or actor. Perhaps he develops a romantic relationship with a celebrity but will struggle to stay loyal as he is drawn into the world of drugs, alcohol and sex.

A celebrity or few in a post apocalyptic setting and a dark story could be quite fun.

My celebrity list -

Billie Eilish, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Scarlett Johansson, Margot Robbie, Taylor Swift, Ana De Armas,  Miley Cyrus, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Alison Brie, Kat Dennings, Iggy Azalea, Amber Heard, Kiernan Shipka, Natalie Dormer, Sophie Turner, Emma Stone, Emma Roberts, Emily Ratajkowski, Halsey.

Will probably add more to this list over time.


A few things about me. I'm a detailed and long term orientated writer that has been doing this kind of stuff for a number of years. I do like quite a mix of plot to go alongside the smut.

I'm happy to discuss things in OOC chat, brainstorm and plans things before we dive into it and get to know my partner a bit if we are in it for the long haul but all good if you aren't into that.

I'm happy to write through a thread, pms, discord or Google docs.

My preference is for long term orientated stories.

I tend to do a few paragraphs and would prefer the same back. My posting frequency varies from daily, to every few days to perhaps once a week.

Do let me know what gender/characters you intend to play since some of my prompts are in other thread categories.

Big kink list -

Hope to hear from people soon
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