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Author Topic: Aimless' Shooting Gallery [Plot-heavy, FxM, FxF] (Updated 17/10/17)  (Read 579 times)

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Offline Aimless93Topic starter

Aimless' Requests

Hi there. I'm Aimless, and this is my request thread. I'm currently looking for detail-orientated partners who can post at least once a week. You can check out my O/Os (now streamlined for easy reading!) to learn a little more about me. I hope to update this thread regularly enough, but please know that anything I put here is not set in stone, and is absolutely up for discussion. Feel free to suggest alterations, or any fresh ideas that you might have (PMs, please).

Open Stories
  • Mr. Self Destruct (FxM, modern, romance gone wrong)
  • In Tenebris (FxM, fantasy, non-con)
Taken Stories
  • The Siren Sister (FxM, modern, infidelity)

The Downward Spiral Chronicles
This is a long-term, collaborative project that I would love to write, either with one partner (writing multiple characters over multiple chapters) or with multiple partners (only one at a time). I will post one chapter at a time, beginning with Mr. Self Destruct, and I'll try to leave plenty of room in each chapter for my partners to flex their creative muscles.

Series Overview: The Downward Spiral is not a happy story. It tells the tale of Abigail Rochford (right), a young woman struggling with undiagnosed borderline personality disorder, and tracks her descent into depression and depravity. Chapter I will introduce us to Abi and the titular Mr. Self Destruct – a controlling, manipulative young man whose emotional abuse will lay the groundwork for all that is to come.

Chapters: (read left to right)
  • Mr. Self Destruct
  • March of the Pigs
  • The Becoming
  • A Warm Place
  • The Downward Spiral
  • Piggy
  • Closer
  • I Do Not Want This
  • Eraser
  • Hurt
  • Heresy
  • Ruiner
  • Man With a Big Gun
  • Reptile

Chapter I: Mr. Self Destruct

[FxM] [Control] [Jealousy] [Romance Gone Wrong]

Seeking: Someone to play Mr. Self Destruct. As this is a collaborative story, I'm not going to tell you how to write your character. His name and personality are completely up to you.

Synopsis: Abi moves away to go to college, and meets the eponymous Mr. Self Destruct. He's a little older than she is, and she's immediately smitten with his perceived maturity as much as his personality and good looks. The pair soon begin a relationship, but Mr. Self Destruct is not all that he seems. He's as emotionally immature as she is, and once the honeymoon period has passed, his jealousy and need for control begin to show.

At his best, Mr. Self Destruct is carefree and fun to be around; at his worst he's passive-aggressive and emotionally draining. He knows that Abi loves him, but for whatever reason he cannot bring himself to bear the same depth of emotion—at least not all the time. He is aware, however, that her happiness is dependent on the state of their relationship, and uses that fact to control her, and to extract all kinds of sexual pleasure from her. Alas, she is all too quick to give in to his every desire, and as his interest in her begins to fade, she becomes little more than a means of physical and emotional release—in essence, a human stress ball. In time he grows distant, and the failing relationship leaves her sense of self-worth in tatters.

Notes: I'm really looking for something realistic here; Abi is happy to start with, but her seemingly perfect boyfriend turns out to be a controlling, emotionally abusive asshole, who slowly undermines her feeling of self-worth. Why he's like that is completely up to you, so long as you can make it fit with the plot. I'd really like this story to build to a strong climax that irreparably damages Abi and the relationship; ideas to be discussed in PM!

Rhapsody of Fire
This is another series that I'd like to write episodically, potentially with a variety of partners over the course of the series, or with one beautiful writer who can play multiple characters across the series. I will post one episode at a time, beginning with In Tenebris, and again I'll try to leave plenty of room for my partners to be as creative as they like.

Setting Overview: Following the defeat of the so-called Dark Lord, Akron, peace reigns once more over the enchanted lands of Turillia. It has been almost thirteen years to the day since the northern king known as the Ice Warrior smashed the Dark Lord’s armies at Acheros, and drove Akron into hiding. Since then he has been lying in wait, recuperating, and plotting his vengeance against the man who stole his rightful lands, and murdered his queen. Now the time is nigh, and once more the name of Akron will strike fear throughout the land.

Chapters: (read left to right)
  • In Tenebris (In Darkness)
  • The March of the Swordmaster
  • Lamento Eroico
  • Gargoyles, Angels of Darkness
  • Knightrider of Doom
  • When Demons Awake
  • Steelgods of the Last Apocalypse
  • Power of the Dragonflame
  • Agony is My Name
  • The Pride of the Tyrant

Episode I: In Tenebris

[FxM] [Fantasy] [Demons] [Non-con]

Seeking: Someone to play the Assaku. The role of Akron is up for discussion; it could be mine, it could be yours, or it could be shared.

Synopsis: Once the seat of power of the Dark Lord, Akron, the city of Algalord now stands ruined, little but a monument to his defeat at the hands of the Ice Warrior. It has been almost thirteen years since Akron set foot in Algalord, but tonight he returns, shrouded in darkness, and accompanied by his new queen-in-exile, the enchantress Morquenya (left). Their goal? To open a portal to the Netherrealm, and barter with demons. It is said that in the Primordial Wars, long before man walked the Earth, the demon lord Asag was banished to non-existence by Gaia, Mother of the Earth. Since that day Asag's children, the demons known as Assaku, have been charged with protecting his spirit—that which is said to be the root of all evil in the world. It is this power that Akron craves, and led by a blinding desire for revenge, he sends Morquenya through the portal to barter with the Assaku. All is not as it seems, however, and if Akron has retained any shred of humanity and compassion over the last painful thirteen years, it dies tonight.

Notes: This scene is not going to be pretty, but I don't want it to be a demon-smutfest. There is so much potential here for the expression of dark emotions.

The Siren Sister (TAKEN)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
[FxM] [Temptation] [Infidelity] [Anal]

Seeking: Someone to play Sabrina's boyfriend.

Notes: I really want some build-up for this one. It's no fun if your character just gives in and cheats on his girlfriend at the first opportunity. I want to see him resist! Besides, I kinda figured the NSFW pic below would be the straw that breaks the camel's back, and I'm not whipping that out right away.

Synopsis: It's summer, and wedding bells are in the air. They toll not for your character, but God knows he'll hear enough questions about he and Sabrina's plans before the week is through. You see, for the next five days he and his beloved girlfriend will be staying at Brook Lodge, a countryside wedding venue in County Wicklow, Ireland. The happy couple? Sabrina's elder brother, Barry, and his fiancée, Rebecca. Five days of crisp, refreshing country air lie ahead, but it won't all be sunshine and roses. For one thing, it's Ireland, and sunshine is never a given. For another, there's also the question of Sabrina's family, who will no doubt make endless jokes and inquiries about when Sabrina and YC are going to get hitched.

As one might expect, YC is warned about the more troublesome family members he's likely to meet: Uncle Jack tells tall (and frequently racist) tales, Aunt Eliza is an unabashed homophobe, and Sabrina's little sister, Vanessa (pictured), is the token black sheep of the family. In the past year she's lost her passport twice, been caught smoking cannabis by her mother, and only last month she had to picked up at the police station after being arrested for lewd and indecent behaviour. All-in-all, the Novaks promise to provide interesting company...

Two flights and an almost two hour bus ride later, YC arrives in Brook Lodge for the week-long celebration of Barry's love for Rebecca. It's not long before he meets the black sheep of the Novak family, fresh off her own flight. She's tired, a little grouchy, but she perks up pretty quickly around YC. Attractive men will do that, you see, and attractive, taken men? Oh boy... The next five days are going to be very interesting, and when Vanessa gets YC away from his girlfriend, he'll need every ounce of willpower he has to resist her...
(Plot inspired and explained by this NSFW pic)

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