Seeking something... [NC-H, NC-E, VAN, VAN-E, MUL] & more :D

Started by spoiltkitty, January 09, 2009, 11:10:06 PM

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Potential Plot Ideas

Breaking In :: Lilah
    Lilah is a dove anthro, and is very agile and not much of a fighter but will defend herself where possible.  She is a newly caught slave and she’s not happy about it.  She’s been beaten to the point she is too exhausted to fight anymore and she’s been sold to the highest bidder (male/player) who intends to use her for _______ (breeding/entertainment/cleaning whatever you would use a slave for)

    Initially she is too exhausted to defend herself and is taken to his home where he tells her the plans and she gets a burst of energy to intend to run away.  However she has to be stopped and controlled.

Needed: Male character.  Female/Male player is fine I am pretty easy.  Light BDSM will be include, NC to begin with then leading to VAN-E depending on how it goes.


NB: I avoid canons like the plague

Harry Potter
Dark Jewels
Vampire Chronicles
King Arthur


Husband/Wife – honeymoon/last chance
Wife/Lover – could be linked to above
Hero/Rescued – you saved my life what do I owe you?
Mental Patient/Doctor
Stalker/Stalkee – why won’t you talk to me?! – Light BDSM/NC

This will be added to as I think of more



I would be happy trying on your 'Lilah' plot idea. If you are interested, write me a PM and we can discuss about the story background a bit...



Would love to take a crack at being your stalker.  Would love to discuss the details with you.


I Kinda like the idea of Student/Teacher, or Vampire/Victim. Even the Hero/Rescued sounds cool.


PM's will be sent in the next couple of days - SOOO sorry for the delay - work has been horrendous :(


my interests from what you put in are king arthur, charmed, and vampire/victim. What vampire movies, books, or tv shows have you used for inspiration on that.


Kicking some life into this old thread to revive it.  Will update with new ideas soon :D