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Author Topic: Journey to Freedom (cclayjr and Lady Ren)  (Read 625 times)

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Journey to Freedom (cclayjr and Lady Ren)
« on: September 17, 2017, 03:03:10 AM »
 Damien Jermaine Kidd was going back to high school, senior year.  He was ecstatic, football star running back.  Still dateless, but that was what his mother liked.  ‘No stray babies coming out of nowhere.’  He could hear her say.  She was looking for his future, he was looking for right now. 
He was 5’9” 210 rather muscular, dark skin with light brown eyes.  The beauty of it is he had been built that way, for about three years now.    His mother did let him get a gold earring in his left ear, only one.  ‘I don’t want you lookin like no girl.’  Her voice rang out.

 When the coach of his present team saw him a year ago, he practically begged Damien to be on his team.  Then he was not wanting to, he was reluctant for a number of reasons.  He was pissed at his father for breaking up the family.  Then it was his change in physical structure, apparently, he was a mutant and his powers had developed about four months ago. 

He was still working out the particulars, but right now he could run fast, he was much stronger, he was agile.  He could hide in shadows better than anyone he knew anyway, it was almost like he created the shadows.  He could see in darkness as if it were regular daylight, that included pitch blackness too.  He once threw a lightning bolt, but it took a lot out of him and once when he was hurt he accidentally found he could absorb electricity sitting next to an outlet, which healed him.  Strangely enough, that was the one thing that really brought a smile to his face.  As if being able to run like lightning wasn’t cool enough.  Yet here he was about to embark upon the last leg of his life.  The journey to freedom was right through these doors.  “This is the beginning.”  He told himself as he walked through the doors of the high school.

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Re: Journey to Freedom (cclayjr and Lady Ren)
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2017, 03:48:30 AM »
Students were arriving onto the school grounds, teenagers turning into adults funneled into the halls to find their lockers or their hangout spots before their first classes. Already niches got together and easily identified by their appearance. The jocks wearing their letter jackets, the popular girls wearing the same style clothing that got most guys to notice, the trouble makers wearing torn jeans and stud earrings in places, the goths wearing their dark colors, and the nerds trying remain invisible to the bullies, and even the troubled teens who would rather score drugs under stair wells and bathrooms.

She walked through the sea of faces she didn't bother to remember, hear headphones blasting metal. As she walked by the guys took note of the new exchange student, as some of the girls started to gossip among themselves. She was a foreigner from south Asia but she clearly had mixed Western looks. Her skin was slightly tanned, Her long black hair was tied into high ponytail with two front long locks parted down the middle dyed red along with some streaks in her hair. Her eyes were gray as they pierced through rectangular lenses. Her lips were painted a dark shade of violet. The necklaces she wore around her neck was a jade ring pendent, a red stone teardrop, and black collar with a metal fang hanging in the middle of her neck. She wore a tank top that hung from her neck, covering her cleavage tucked into her gray jeans, and a loose wavy shirt that hung off her shoulders with the black and white print of a tiger on it. Her boots were of high end make. Rumors spread like wildfire because she had been dropped off by a porshe. That she was from a wealthy Chinese family who wanted to send their kids to a higher form of education in the States. Though rather, they just wanted her somewhere else where she wouldn't embarrass the family because she was acting out.

One of the popular girls came up to her and started greeting her. She had an overly energetic voice. "Hi! I'm Cindy, I'm part of the student council and wanna give you a big welcome to our school and all that. I know, it's like, super awesome how you got here and all. So nice to see, like, someone with a lot of cash not snub a public school rather just go to a private one. Cause ya know, it's like, proving that you can get the same education anywhere else in good old USA! So, you wanna join clubs or whatever, I can totally, like, give ya the connections you need. I bet you would LOVE IT in art club, but, like half the guys in there are total dweebs if ya get my drif." She went on in describing the other clubs while she found her locker, taking out a piece of paper with the code written on it and set her things aside. She turned to notice Cindy now had a friend beside her also talking excitedly about the high school clubs, and trying to sympathize her adjusting to a new country. She looked at them stone-faced, eyes darting between the two expecting them to run out of breath. When they did stop talking, she took out her earphones, paused the music and asked. "Sorry, what did you say?"

Cindy and her friend looked at each other, obviously feeling that they were ignored, but keeping up niceties, her friend replied. "We... were just asking what you're into so you can join a club! Exciting right!?"

"No thanks." She stated flatly as she put one earbud in, Cindy interrupting her process.

"Do not know English that well? Or..."

"What kind of fucking question is that?" She retorted, clearly annoyed as she put in her music, walking towards her first assigned class.

Cindy and her friend stood their gawking as she walked away. "What a fucking bitch. Try to do them a favor and whatever."

"Bet you she's some Communist Spy or an illegal call girl for those old pervs."

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Re: Journey to Freedom (cclayjr and Lady Ren)
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2017, 05:01:53 AM »
 He was officially a jock now, but he wasn’t the click type.  If they weren’t his friends before, they weren’t his friends now.  In truth, they weren’t fond of him considering him the uppity type since his dad was a big-time Colonel overseas.  He could probably drop most of the jocks without his powers so it wasn’t an even contest now.  He wore his gold hoop earring, a red shirt that hugged his now more muscular chest and brought out his skin tone that much more, he was typical jeans, but he didn’t do holes his dad would kill him.  The jeans were crisp ironed heavy starch it was his daily routine, he gave him time to think and plan, he really loved listening to music while he did it. 

He watched her walk in, she looked kind of like his would be girlfriend in Japan.  He would have stepped to her but everyone was gawking her now.  Even he had to admit he was a little jealous as his father had promised him a Porsche that he failed to deliver on.  Even the color was cool, he didn’t see the driver.  Funny thing is what would he say?  ‘I think you are beautiful.  Something simple like what is your name?  What are you listening too?’  Dude, you have NO game.  He thought to himself as he watched her.  ‘Damn she was nice on the eyes, she makes Mariko look plain.  Nice lips too.’  He thought as he didn’t stare but he watched her.  He heard the whispers but ignored them, he wasn’t one for the rumor mill.  He might ask her later, should he get the courage.  It at least explained why he was still single.  Although he liked women, it was something that made the normal him seem more tongue-tied than normal.  Everyone just assumed she was Chinese, she could have been Japanese or Korean.  He had a couple of cousins that were.  ‘Yeah, Japanese would be insulting if she were Chinese.’  He thought to himself.

He watched the Welcome wagon of Cindy and Darla approach her.  He listened to the exchange and did his best not to bust a gut at her reaction.  ‘Damn I am in love.  She is awesome.  I will ask her, her name at least especially if we have any classes together.  Your fault for thinking she is some dumb foreign exchange student.’  He shook his head and watched them walk away.  “Sorry, not every body loves your clubs.”  He said in his best excited girly voice, flicking his imaginary hair, as they flicked him off and walked away.  He smiled as he heard the first bell ring.  His hand hurt a bit as he felt a bit of electricity roll over his fingers.  Not enough to be seen, but definitely more than static electricity.  Boy, he was glad he had physics this semester.  If nothing else he would get a better grasp of how his powers worked.  ‘All except for that damned darkness.  Not that he was freaked out or anything, but to be ported from one location to another through a shadow was simply unnerving especially when you didn’t know where the location was.  It was safe as it was from shadow to shadow, but he quickly learned his way around the city, having to run home that was for sure.

His class schedule wasn’t too bad: English Lit, Algebra/Geometry, History, PE,  Lunch, Physics, Chemistry, Japanese.  Pretty stacked schedule.  His mom’s idea.  ‘I don’t want no fools runnin round my house boy.’  He shook his head and headed to class.  He read pretty fast now so hopefully, it wouldn’t be too much homework for him.  He still had football practice so again, finding a date would be pretty hard this semester till homecoming at least.

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Re: Journey to Freedom (cclayjr and Lady Ren)
« Reply #3 on: September 17, 2017, 05:53:22 AM »
"Song, Shu Wen. But my adoptive English name is Jade." She said before the class of her homeroom. One of the students in the back with his cap on backwards asked allowed. "Is it a law to adopt a new name in America Song Su?"

"No, it's because throughout history, White people can't pronounce names from countries very well it's extremely annoying when we hear you speak it. And Song is my surname."

"Well shit, they got everything backwards in Japan."

"I'm from Singapore, and I'm Chinese."

One of the other students spoke out. "Shows how much you know about other countries Devin, way to be insensitive."

"I ain't bein insensitive, just saying that we think it's cool they give us those hot cartoon girls with the nice racks."

"Oh my god." Followed by a few jeers and other muttered comments. The teacher was not amused as he barked. "Devin, I remind you that is inappropriate. Miss Song, please take a seat and welcome once again to Malbourne Highschool."

"Thank you... and you may call me Jade." She said as she took a seat. Already noting that her first class was Biology. She preferred life science. The other mundane classes like literature, history and physical ed. was of no interest to her. But she was happy to get psychology, chemistry and art.

When she finished her work, and had no particular interest in socializing with her classmates, no matter how much they hounded her for information. She took out a bottle of ink that was mostly for the old fashion dip pens with a sharp end, and took out a very tiny brush no bigger than a toothpick and started painting her nails black. When there was nothing left, she painted intricate markings over her fingers that was a mesh between geometric shapes and calligraphy.

"So... uh... what does that mean in English?" One of her lab partners asked her. She rolled her eyes and replied. "Depends, what does a square or a two straight lines mean if you just jam them together?"


"It doesn't mean anything, I just like painting on myself when I'm bored. When you see actual Chinese, you'll know."

"But how could I-"

"You'll know when it doesn't like it's fun to do. Do you have fun writing every letter of your alphabet?"


"Than I guess we have some common ground and maybe the US will make ever lasting peace with China and not nuke each other." She said, laying out her think sarcastic pleasing tone. Her lab partner left her alone the rest of the period. Sure she should at least apologize, but that was the least of her worries. Rather, she was more concerned about her own recent development. Like how the recent news of newly emergent mutants or people with special abilities were popping up all over the world. And for her, it began her late junior year that she noticed she could manipulate her drawings. In her own time, she practiced in the alleys or empty buildings to test how far she can control the ink. But she had than learned she could pull the drawing subject out as a replicate of something material. She started off the small objects like tennis balls, tea cups, pencils, and coins. Than she started with apples, printed money, and live animals like mice. She learned that the food she creates will taste like liquid ash, printed money is only as good as her own attention to detail, small solid objects can last for a long time, living things will liquefy into a puddle of ink in 6 hour unless it's been blocked out a lot. So a completely black cat will last for 4 days and she replicate ink on a solid surface so long as she touches it.

She was even careful to make corrections on her skin without anyone watching as she swipes her fingertips over her skin. Her memories she learned she could "see" partially through the eyes of her live creations so long as one eye was closed. But the experience was disorienting because she had to see like she was watching two screens showing at the same time. And her money printing tryouts got her blacklisted in Singapore. And she would have to be insane to try that in the US.

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Re: Journey to Freedom (cclayjr and Lady Ren)
« Reply #4 on: September 17, 2017, 06:15:26 AM »
Ms. Amanda Vefy kind of hot for an English Lit. Teacher, she was caucasian with a deep tan, dark hair and stunning blue eyes.  She was nothing if not shapely, he heard several were trying to not only hit on her but bed her.  Despite how she seemed to look at him with some interest, he liked her more as his teacher than a potential girlfriend.  It was useless to sleep with a teacher and for her to get fired, that would mean no job ever; so to him, it wasn't worth it.  She was covering Mythology the first month, he wanted to laugh out loud.  That was something he excelled at even other countries mythos, he was good with he had read and learned growing up as he loved that as a passed time.  Everyone gave their introductions and he did his some people clapped knowing he was going to take them to state if his last year's stats meant anything.  In truth he wanted to drop the team, thinking his abilities would give him an unfair advantage.  He thought that maybe his dad might hear of his football and start watching and cheering.

He noticed Kathy Lewis looking at him as if he was on her next meal plan.  She was known for her desire to bed some football hero all the way to the pros, her rep was on the shower stalls and whatever disease she might have had or shared he wasn't willing to either have or find out.  True he wasn't one for the rumor mills, but he had seen some of her in action on Dwayne Jordan's phone and he wasn't going to go down that road at all.  As he sat down he went over, the next section and realized that the American Lit was not going to be his favorite topic to cover, but he was going to make sure to be ahead and decrease his homework load for his other course.

In the meantime, he focused on what to do about money since he now had practice, games Friday nights and Saturday / Sunday were free and he still had to practice with his other abilities.  He pulled out a deck of cards and tried to work on his magic and slight of hand.  At least that was his excuse for his speed, sometime if people just saw you doing things in plain sight they would think anything else was wrong with him.  Just a quick move and finger flick.  He had gotten pretty good with one trick, then he thought of just counting cards.  That would be dangerous though, so he would have to think of something though and quick.  Hard to get a date when you have to borrow your mom's car.  Just as he thought of running home, the bell rang for the next period.  He gathered his thinks, Ms. Vefy yelled the classroom assignment.  "Everyone have a great day."  She said looking almost directly at me, I waved and ducked out heading to my next class.

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Re: Journey to Freedom (cclayjr and Lady Ren)
« Reply #5 on: September 17, 2017, 06:38:11 AM »
The second class she attend was filled learning how the spelling and grammar rules were done differently in this country since when she attended in Singapore, their curriculum was based off British standards. The class was over before she knew it and it was the break period where students had at least 20 minutes to get to their next class and wait or get a quick snack from the tuck shop.

She walked through the halls, with her earphones on, no music but it kept people from talking to her. But her path was intercepted by a a body who was taller than her, buzzed haircut, dressed like a punk, plus the piercings. "Hey, I just wanna say. I am a big fan of tattoos."

She looked at her hand, than at him, and said. "Thanks." And moved around him, trying not t o bump into his friends that clearly wanted to encourage him taking to the new girl. One of them did. And naturally, she felt his hand. She snap her grip on his fingers, bending them backwards painfully that he dropped her wallet on the floor. Her other hand catching his elbow, pushing it at an angle that would dislocate it. The fresh screaming cry dragged the attention of everyone in the halls and at the scene. Her eyes glowering at his buddies who wanted to move to get her off him. Bending his fingers more as she shouted "Back off or I'll snap them!" The warning was clear as the poor sod increased his volume as she pushed a little harder, keeping him locked down on one knee.

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Re: Journey to Freedom (cclayjr and Lady Ren)
« Reply #6 on: September 17, 2017, 03:05:32 PM »
History was a snore fest.  It took a lot out of him not to fall asleep.  He would have to make it a point to read after class or he might not get a good grade in here.  In truth, History was boring because he remembered it all.  He didn't believe it all as his rule was history was written by the victors.  His many martial arts teachers taught him.  He wished at times someone would have taught his people martial arts back in the day, perhaps slavery wouldn't have lasted so long.  But nonetheless, he would have to work hard not fall asleep in Ms. Ericsson's class.  It didn't help that the woman looked like she belonged in the victorian age and she was very proper her style of dress made him wonder briefly if she was a vampire, then he remembered it was daylight out and she didn't turn to smoke or that gay 'Twilight' crystal crap.

He moved like he was drugged as he was leaving class on his way to PE class.  It was then that he went down the hall getting ready to pass by his new crush when she did something that was so quick that even he was amazed and he was very fast.  Apparently, Stuart Martin had maybe got a little too touchy-feely and she was giving him what for.  He wanted to laugh at the ditz before he dropped her wallet and Damien shook his head.  'That is what he gets.'  He thought to himself, but the more he looked at it, the painful the lock appeared.

He moved to intervene.   "Ok Michelle Yeoh, can you let him up now please?"  He did his best to be polite, but damn if he didn't want to ask her out or at least her name.  His hand was extended as he did notice the jack of the headset.  He was too distracted by her eyes to smile, but he extended his hand further in hopes she would let him up, or even help her up.

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Re: Journey to Freedom (cclayjr and Lady Ren)
« Reply #7 on: September 19, 2017, 12:38:09 PM »
Her intense eyes looked up to meet the boy who decided to step in. He clearly was a friend to those jokers. She shoved them off. Enough room for him to grip his arm and hand. "You some kind of freak!" He yelled at her. She ignored him. She just bent down and picked up her wallet and didn't bother to talk to the boy as she pocketed her money and move in the opposite direction of a wandering teacher. "You get one wish." She said to the boy as she walked past him. She took in his pose, he was obviously some kind of athlete, but she didn't want to waste her energy explaining herself to someone.

She looked over her hand, seeing a few smudges knowing she'd have to fix it later. She walked past Cindy's group of friends who started to gossip. "Oh my god, can you believe she did that?"

"To that pot-head? Yeah, I'd do it too if I could ya know."

"She's painted a target on her back. I bet you they're gunna pay her 'visits' after school."

"Stalker shit?"

"Maybe, who knows, Bobby likes getting even. And with how much of a cold bitch she is. I bet you they're gunna do more than take her money."

"Poor new girl has to learn the hard way."

Jade pay mind to some of the gossip as she was at her locker, changing out her books. Looks like I have new petty shit to contend with.

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Re: Journey to Freedom (cclayjr and Lady Ren)
« Reply #8 on: September 19, 2017, 02:17:07 PM »
He looked at her confused, ‘One wish?’  What was she talking about?  ‘I wish for you to talk to me and not walk away.'  He thought he then looked at  Stuart.  “Idiot, bet you will keep your hands to yourself next time.”  He said as he turned to follow her, or go in the same direction.  He didn’t want her to think he was any kind of stalker, but he too was on his way to class.

He heard the girls talk about the new girl, he smirked thinking.  ‘Stuart was lucky she didn’t do more.’  He could imagine the boy being caned for stealing.  He didn’t like the rest of what they were talking about.  He actually felt bad for whomever thought they would stalk her.  He wouldn’t mind seeing it honestly as he was sure they would get what was coming to them.  Hell he wished most if not all girls new martial arts.  Definitely decrease the rape count.

He moved to stop by her locker as she was in front of him changing out her books.  “So are you ok?”  He asked honestly.  Nothing as smooth as he wanted, he didn’t want her thinking he was with those yahoos.  He did notice her wiping on her hands and the tattoos?  I didn’t know tattoos smeared.

This was definitely not the group he wanted to be associated with for sure.  ‘Girl has to learn the hard way…please. Ya'l gonna get yer feelings hurt.'  He thought as he shook his head.

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Re: Journey to Freedom (cclayjr and Lady Ren)
« Reply #9 on: November 26, 2017, 09:46:14 AM »
She glanced at him briefly as she rotated her books in her locker. Sigh, just give him a satisfactory answer. The last thing you need is more attention. She thought to herself. She spoke as she put her things away, "I'm alright. This sort of thing is actually quite common in the school I was in. Except, well, the thieves back home actually made an effort not to get caught, bumping into someone and just taking things out of people's pockets, while the person is in front of you, is an incredibly poor attempt. I know it would be better for everyone if I just ignore them when they take my money. But as new student, and a guest in your country... this sounds like an ungrateful complaint, but your countrymen have poor manners in hospitality." She closed her locker, spinning the lock to a random sequence. "I think dislocating his shoulder would have been a good object lesson." She said as she looked at the boy straight in the face.

She had to admit, back in Singapore the darkest skinned students she could engage with are Indian transfer. But she was the transfer student in a country where people of all colors could live in harmony. Supposedly on the surface, so it was just like home. He spoke kindly, and didn't appear to be some kind of trouble maker or misfit. But there was something off about him that she couldn't pin. Then it hit her. He's trying to be nice to me. He wants something.

Following her own presumption she flat out asked him. "What do you want?"  It was hard not to sound mean but with the way she stares out from behind her glasses, it made her look like she was glaring.

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Re: Journey to Freedom (cclayjr and Lady Ren)
« Reply #10 on: November 26, 2017, 12:25:14 PM »
"Damn where did you go to school, Hang'em High?  I am sorry, that is not the way things work here.  I am sorry that that poor excuse for a male did that.  I am Damien if you care.  And as a guest to our fair country, I will be the official welcome wagon and invite you for pizza after you eat pizza?  I don't want to assume or anything, I don't want to offend you.  I like my arm NOT dislocated if you please.  And slamming his head into a locker might have been a good object lesson."  He said trying to be cordial and friendly, he was hardly afraid of her and now that he had her actual attention he might as well try, she was talking to him after all he had nothing to lose really.  'Ask her out, she says 'No.'  Life goes on.  Cool.'  He thought to himself.  '1 in 1000 she says yes and you have a date for once instead of being the geek of the week.'  He went over the scenario.

"I want to ask you out?  But didn't know how without being offensive or getting kicked in the nads or punched in the face?"  He said realizing he guessed he really did get on her bad side, the way she was glaring at him.

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Re: Journey to Freedom (cclayjr and Lady Ren)
« Reply #11 on: November 26, 2017, 02:55:45 PM »
"Well that depends... how's your reputation?" She said as she walked, expecting him to follow the conversation on her way towards her next class. She asked him a rhetorical question, at first to just drag him along and appear social, but than she actually considered that if he had strong appearance to be the jealous type, guys will at the school will leave her alone. Girls will gossip but that's what earphones are for. If he slept around guys will either think she's easy or decide against it if they think she "caught something", rumors on both genders. If he's the type  to commit to a relationship, that might keep a nice distraction until she flies back home.

She decided to entertain his curiosity. "We do have pizza overseas. Asia is technically closer to Italy. Pineapple Pizza is super big back home. That's why I hate it."

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Re: Journey to Freedom (cclayjr and Lady Ren)
« Reply #12 on: November 26, 2017, 05:18:34 PM »
"I am a ho...just kidding, a part of me wish that I was.  Truth be told you will be my first high school date."  He said apparently she hadn't punted him to the curb yet so he was hopeful.  He was not surprised by the looks he was being given, most of them totally shocking.  He couldn't tell if they were for him or against him at this point.  He didn't care either way, he had no girlfriend so if they had been interested they would have stepped up.  Now that he had made a play for someone, someone else wanted to be interested.

 "I don't have a rep really, I am just me.  If I keep my grades up, keep my nose clean for the most part I am a shoe-in for a full ride in football maybe even the pros at some point.  If we start dating, I will take you to meet my mom...eventually.  Some girls will like you, some won't.  Some guys will still hit on you, that one won't.  I wish I had a bad boy rep, but I don't!  I am good on some subjects, my grades got me this far so I do have the chance to an academic scholarship as well.  By the looks of things, I am talking too much cause I would really like you to go out with me.  No pineapple pizza I promise."  He said finally breathing and trying not to blush but failing miserably.

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Re: Journey to Freedom (cclayjr and Lady Ren)
« Reply #13 on: November 26, 2017, 07:37:47 PM »
A nice guy? She thought as she heard him lay out his prospects for her. At least on the surface. She did not believe he was being completely genuine. At least until he mentioned his mother. He's almost too sweet. She thought knowing the type of person she was, she was not the type of girl you introduce to family members... at least as far as her family ties are concerned.

She smirks softly, not apparent of anyone to see. And out of his line of sight so he can't gauge her reaction. She replies back with. "I'll entertain tour of the town after school. I suppose that counts as a date since I still need to know the place I'll be staying in for the next six years, afterwards we could have a light "dinner" or pizza. But to be honest, it may have to be a coffee since I'm on a strict curfew." Granted she really wanted to be alone afterwards, but mainly the "date"is an ideal cover to dodge her handlers.

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Re: Journey to Freedom (cclayjr and Lady Ren)
« Reply #14 on: November 26, 2017, 10:02:00 PM »
"You will entertain a tour of the town?  Ok for the slow people is that a Yes or a No?  I be a dumb jock so you be havin to break down doze big words."  He teased looking at her, he couldn't have sketched her to be more attractive...maybe a little bit but not by much.  He was glad she was at least talking to him instead of staring daggers at him like he was something off the bottom of her shoe.

"So you are going to go out....wait six years?  You are stuck here for six years?  Who did you piss off?"  He said not realizing he had said it out loud.  His town was ok, but he couldn't wait to get out of here.  If you weren't part of the in crowd you were definitely on the outs.  He was only in someone's vision cause he carried a ball and a championship was insights for this year.  Otherwise, those that he was teammates with right now might be lining him up for swirly duty.  "So what is your curfew, so I can make sure to have you back home in time.  Don't want your family to have me caned for keeping you out too late or thinking I am taking advantage of you."  He was just being himself, he thought he would try that since he wasn't a bad boy and he had just turned jock so he didn't have the a-hole thing down yet.  His mother always taught him to be himself.  He hated that advice as it worked for spit to get him a date.  Everyone wanted who they thought you were and when you didn't measure up you got the boot.  Honestly, he had waaaaay too many issues going on right now to try to keep up pretenses, either she liked him and was going to give him the time of day or he would move on.  He needed someone real to hang out with right now.

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Re: Journey to Freedom (cclayjr and Lady Ren)
« Reply #15 on: November 29, 2017, 11:52:44 AM »
"Yes, it's rather spontaneous. But as long as I am home at the expected hour, so I have to be end the date at around thirty minutes past five. But if my driver finds us, than I'll have to return home anyways. So this tour might be abrupt." She says as she arrives at her next class. She turns to look at him. "If this works for you, I'll wait for you by the track behind the school. I think I saw a back exit for athletes."

So maybe she made it look like she was avoiding her handlers. If he thinks she's just playing hooky from her strict parents, that all the more reason to keep up the ruse as a rich girl with a rebellious streak. And hopefully, make him think that she's under close watch so being involved romantically might be out of the question. Being asked out wasn't something common to expect from just anyone but from boys who have family connections who want something from her family. Being in a relationship was more like a polite conversation starter through intermediaries. At least that's how Jade viewed the whole farce. Being in this country has opened a lot of breathing room for her to experiment, and who knows, she might like talking to someone who such a genuine interest. But she wasn't holding her breath.

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Re: Journey to Freedom (cclayjr and Lady Ren)
« Reply #16 on: November 29, 2017, 11:59:58 AM »
He looked at her and frowned.  He didn't trust her in this moment, maybe she was trying to play him.  But she seemed far too honest for that, if she was interested in him there was really only one way to find out.  "I will be there."  He said thinking he had a date with the most attractive girl in the school now.

He wished the could have kept her, maybe let her in but he was only pushing for a date maybe a romantic interlude but a true mate.  Not with his abilities.  She would never believe him if he told her but he really did want to go out and be with her and this was as close to freedom as he could.

He ran to class abit more happy than normal but he was going to meet her at the appointed time.  He held himself at bay till he could meet with her.

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A few of her classmates tried to get her to talk about what how she could twist the arm of one of the boys in the hall like it was nothing. The rumors flew faster than the call to one of her teachers to direct her to the counselor's office to talk to her about students who have "behavioral issues" and how to take steps towards a peaceful resolution. Jade found the procedure a bit laughable because of two reasons. One; there would be nothing to talk about because of her family status which is why this was very unusual to her. Second; the policies of bullying were all the same and pestering the offended party was a waste of public resources. She had to break the counselor's authoritative rant with a wave of her hand telling him to stop to ask him directly. "I want to be frank with my English."

"Yes Miss Song?" He asked from his desk. At that point she stood and asked. "I can appreciate you are a by the book man who thinks a good conversation can make this... disharmony of social order stop. But in the real world, when you have no authority to look after you, you defend yourself. I did not break his arm, I warned him I would, there are consequences. But I come from a place where honor means something. So to make long conversation short, I will promise not to hurt anymore thieves, and only use my powers of self defense only when I am in mortal danger. Agreed?"

Clearly the councilor did not appreciate the concept of this new student trying to cut short his work as he straightened up in his seat and asked her to sit down. "Miss Song, this is your first day, I can see things are done differently where you are from, but I think you need to realize that your curt behavior isn't going to fly here. So yes, I'm allowing you this incident to go quietly but I will be keeping my eye on you." He said, hinting at a vague warning as he wrote his notes on document.

What he didn't know is that she could feel the ink run from his pen, and as an added bonus, she could see it highlighted through objects concealing it. A trick she discovered she was capable of two years ago. She could focus her sight on a closed textbook and find the answers on a certain page. She couldn't read a page that was lined horizontally at her eye level, or far away texts, but placed properly, it was like a X-ray vision for words, numbers, even down to handwriting. In fact, this is how good she was at spotting forgeries in her family's businesses. Whenever she could spot that someone was giving her counterfeit money, to a real painting made by the same artist.

She saw that his threat was empty as she took not at his file cabinet was lined with problem cases that never got resolved.

"Miss Song?"

Her concentration broke as she looked at the counselor.

"You can return to class now."

She nodded as she stood up and returned to her class.

Later that day, she was finally done with all her classes and the final bell rung to end school, students either went home or to their local hangout in town, some stayed to hang out at their clubs. Jade was tapping her fingers on her hips to the rhythm of one of her favorite songs. She walked around the track, staying out of the way of the runners who were likely practicing early for track club. She had already been stared at plenty today by the remaining students. It's like she stuck out alike a sore black thumb. Being the new student gives you that kind of attention. She paused at what looked like the back exit, ignoring the buzz in her pocket, likely her driver asking her where she was.

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Damien had been looking forward to this all day.  You would think that he hadn't had a date since middle school.  Apparently that had been the case.  He moved quickly to get his car and drove to the spot that he said he was going to meet her.  He moved to look at her and realized he was sappy, this was his first date since middle school Gina Martin.  It was the last time he wasn't a total dweeb and even got a good night kiss.  Her family moved to Ireland the next week.

He didn't want to be a creeper, but he stood there looking at her for a few minutes just enjoying the view.  He moved like a shadow for how big he was, then he spoke as he was a few feet away, if she was that good with her hands. He didn't want to see what she could do with her feet.  "So my lady your chariot awaits."  He said pulling off his glasses as he looked at he fully now.  She was nothing if not beautiful.  He moved to open the door for her before getting in himself.  He sat there turning on the engine before looking at her.  "Where too?"  A light smile played over his lips.

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She looked at him for a moment, taking note of him smiling at her. He was either presumptuous to think she was easy or he was excited about dating the new girl. She may as well play along for now as she got in. She didn’t smile but she didn’t look very displeased either. She took out her phone that had been buzzing and turned it off. If only to delay her handler. “First, does this town have anything close to a Internet cafe? I need to make a quick login and the locks on my phone and internet at home is annoying to bypass.”

She than crossed her legs and sighed. “Or we can head to the middle of town and you can walk me around showing me the local hangouts and essential places to know.” She turned to look at him and ask, “I know it’s a long shot but does this place have an arcade?”

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He was nothing if not lovely.  He realized she was going to be a hard nut to crack, but if nothing else he was persistent to a fault.  She is in the car with him, he might as well make the most of it as it may not happen again.  He noticed the phone he did glance the digits, some apparently she didn't want to answer.  He could only surmise it was those she was trying to get away from for the day with him.  He was partially glad as it gave him time to her, he could only impress her so much or so far.  The rest would have to be her actually being interested in him. 

"Internet cafe?  Nope, we have the library, just as good no coffee.  That would be Java Joes or Starbucks.  We can go walking in the middle of town I can show you the spots and yes we do have a couple of arcades.  Once with video games, standups, one with made video games PS4 and Xbox."  He said as he started on Mitchell street and would show her the hangouts and the groups the frequented them.  He knew them all and had only this year been invited to the athletic group's hangout since he was on the football team, before then he was geeks - arcades and comics and such.  He left that part out about not being in the know.

"So what all do you do back home?  And why do you have to break through your own security?"  He asked.

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She raised an eyebrow slightly as he showed some curiosity as she did her best to answer him. “I liked to gamble and sometimes the people I bet with think I’ll help them when they loose. And one crashed a family dinner and since than, my parents have been monitoring my online activity so doesn’t happen again.” She said as she put her phone away and looked out the window taking not of a few landmarks. “Does that bother you?”

She didn’t look at him when she asked as she spotted a place for tattoos. She found a good source of ink and spot to ‘recruit’ helpers. She brought her attention back to Damien, eyeing him up and down. She considered testing her ability on him, but at this point turning the first person being nice to her... would be poor manners at least. After all she at least had to grant him some interest in knowing her. He did in fact drive her far away from her driver.

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He looked at her, not offended at all.  He was violating his own rule.  "So me being with you is a gamble and if something happens you bail on me and I am on my own.  Is that about right?"  He said as she looked at her, moving to park the car.  "Or was it something else you were trying to say?"  He said as he looked at her, making sure he passed by several of the best landmarks.  "You try a ping repeater, it will continue to go on and you can make your signal appear at the last place you were for at least an hour or two.  It delays your GPS signal till you turn it off.  Sorry just the geek in me."

"Come on let's go."  He said as he moved to help her out of the car.  He moved to walk with her down the road.  "Tell me about you...please.  You know likes, dislikes, things you do when you don't have big black men stalking you wanting to date you and not get their heads used as a soccer ball."  He said as he made it a point to go passed the different places that he mentioned on the way to the arcade.

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"Well, I think I displayed how unattractive I could be this morning. And the fact that I could break your arm didn't drive you away. In fact, I hoped by doing those two things would give most of the boys a clue not to bother me and yet you asked me out. I guess I was curious myself why you were so brave to date the new weirdo." She replied to his earlier comment on gambling. As he told her a trick to help delay her handler her eyebrow raised curiously and suspiciously wondering if he had done dodging of his own but didn't press the info. "I don't mind if you geek out, I happen to like smart guys."

She followed him out of his car, walking beside him with her hands tucked into her pockets already casting a few glances as she was clearly the subject of talk since she was new and news of her arm-twisting had spread. But her attention was brought back to Damien. "Well you know I'm from Taiwan, I have family that rubs elbows with other wealthy families, so the social circle is very limited until you dodge your babysitters and drivers who also make sure boys don't talk to you. When I do sneak out, I like to hit the arcades with some friends, even some competitive stuff. Which kinda lead to that whole gambling incident. But I'm really into arts and crafts..." She said as she turned her gaze to the tattoo place that she saw as they drove past. "And believe me, if the cost of being skinned alive by my father wasn't looming, I would get one. Maybe two. But I really want to try  being the one who writes the ink."

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 "I didn't notice that.  I was paying more attention to the quick and controlled motions of your arms."  He teased as he shook his head.  "So you were hoping I wasn't interested in you after that?  I am more interested in you, wanting to make sure I am not on the receiving in of that wicked armbar."  He smirked as he walked with her.  "Date the new attractive weirdo.  I guess it takes one to know one?  I am told I am determined and I don't scare easily."  He said as he walked with her.  "Hmm, that is nice to know, if I find a smart guy that meets your interest, I will be sure to introduce him to you."  He winked, doing his best not to blush at the fact that she said she liked a smart guy.  As he was considered a geek before his body morphed out into this muscular beast that caught the coach's attention to put him on the football team, but he was still on the outside of that group.   "You are very attractive and not a weirdo."

"Mainland.  So you are a socialite.  Well, a guy could do worse than dating a Taiwanese Socialite.  It is Taiwanese right?  I don't want to be insulting.  We are in such a PC world, no one wants to be offensive.
 I am Black, just in case you were wondering.  I am not African-American.  Never been to Africa.  So I don't want to be considered PC cause I am going to say something plainer.  Like are you Asian?" He said walking with her.  He was not the cream of the crop, his parents weren't rich.  His dad knew people with his connections so he was at the school and was more the scholarship child. 

"You gamble on what games.  I wanna know what I can beat you in before I make my bets."  He taunted, before frowning as he peered her over.  He was drinking her in, she was petite, but nicely shaped in the right places.  Any guy would be lucky to have her as a girlfriend.  He wasn't about to push it, they had just met, but he did enjoy spending time with her. 

"You want a tattoo?  Now that is cool.  I had thought about it myself, maybe if we get closer I will let you make one for me."  He said honestly having thought about it and not trying to impress her.  But he chuckled as she thought like he did, his mom would kill him!  He continued to show her around.  "Where would you like to go?  We are going to have to commit, arcade left, mall and the school crowd right.  Fun or rep?  They are going to see us and think we are together, as long as that doesn't bother you?"  He said, knowing it would be both good and bad at this point.