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Started by Tom, September 15, 2017, 01:43:42 PM

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Looking for a few different scenarios. I can play either role in all of these and I'm happy to team up with players of any gender.

She has been his nanny since birth. Now he's sixteen and she expands on her duties to make him a competent young man. This scenario could be set in a historic setting; possibly England early 1900s in an upper class family.

She is a talented young woman; maybe an atlehete, a dancer or a singer. Her father is her couch and love. She seduces him and he slowly, reluctantly agrees.

Set in WWII. He is a US or british soldier/spy behind enemy lines in France. She is a young nun who nurses him to health after an injury. Romance and lust ensues.

I'm also interested in these pairings:
Nerd/alpha female
Closeted female/lesbian