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October 17, 2021, 12:57:48 am

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Author Topic: Unforgotten Promises  (Read 749 times)

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Unforgotten Promises
« on: September 14, 2017, 08:13:27 pm »
On your 18th birthday your love of five years breaks up with you, leaving you alone and broken, without an explanation. Heartbroken you call Evan, your best friend from your child hood. Evan shows up to your house, demanding that you still go out and have a good time. With much reluctance he gets you out the door and into the heart of the city. He makes sure to wipe your mind clear of your break up, giving you a night full of fun and laughter. Late into the hours of the night you begin to head back to your house, Evan chatting away about the nights events.

Five men interrupt your walk, threatening to shoot whoever moved. Evan tried to reason with them, offering up his wallet, but they weren’t interested in that. This was a small group from a gang that wandered the city streets; newbie’s killing for their initiation. Evan feared for your life, knowing what this gang wanted. It was when one of the gang members grabs you that Evan loses it, charging them he takes down the one who grabbed you, but is quickly grabbed by the other members. The gun is now being pointed at Evan, waving as the man yells. Evan looks to you, a small but sad smirk shifting his mouth. The gun fires, the bullet burying itself deep into Evans stomach. The sound attracts people, forcing the men to leave you and your dying child hood friend. 

It’s funny the things your brain pulls to the surface when you’re dying. It’s almost cruel, mocking you, reminding you of the things you will never be able to see, feel, smell, hear or taste again. I never really thought about what my last moments would be like, but I wouldn’t have imagined them this way, cold, scared, and bleeding out in the streets with you at my side, yelling my name. I wanted to reach out to you, comfort you, still your shaking hands, but I couldn’t move anything, or say anything.

My vision began to blur, the lights in the streets spilling together like an oil painting behind your tear streaked face. If I hadn’t been dying I might have said it was almost beautiful. The feeling in my body had diminished, leaving me to feel weightless, as if I might float away with the next gust of wind. The smell of your perfume was so strong; you were leaning so close to me, whispering to me. I tried to inhale, relish in your sent, but it was fading, like I was. I strained to hear your words, hanging on each sound, but the harder I listened, the quieter you got. I tried to swallow the thick liquid in my mouth so I could say your name, but it only stifled my breath, causing me to choke.

Death weighed heavily in my chest, my lungs taking in less air with every gurgled breath, my hearts beat slowing at every pump. I knew a part of you didn’t want to look at me, to be here with me, to see me dying in these filthy streets, but the selfish part of me was grateful for your sense of loyalty. You will never know how thankful I was for you being there for me, believing in me. There was so much I wanted to say to you, but because I had been such a coward before, these words would now be forever lost to you, buried deep within my heart.

My last few moments I am sure went quickly, but to me it felt like eternity. Images of you played in my head of that night and many nights before. You looked so beautiful tonight, your hair curled into perfect ringlets, your sexy black dress hugging your every curve, driving me wild. I always wondered if you knew how you affected me. The way you flipped your hair, exposing your neck, made me want to touch my lips to your skin, to see if you tasted as sweet as you smelled. Your smile was so convivial, warming me on the coldest of days. The sound of your laughter was my favorite, you would always tell me how annoying it sounded to you, but to me it was my inspiration.

My memory of tonight began to fade, giving birth to another many years back. We were thirteen, stuck in that stage of no longer being a child, yet not being an adult either. It was the year you had gotten your first boyfriend, giving me my first feelings of pure jealousy. I had stayed over at your house for your birthday sleep over, cutting off all your hair while you slept, in hopes that your new boyfriend would find you undesirable and leave you. It had backed fired on me greatly, not only did I get grounded, but your boyfriend had felt sorry for you and shaved his head, making you fall even harder for him. You had stayed with him up until…well tonight. The events of tonight began to crash down around me, bringing me back into this horrifying reality. No, just one more memory, let me see her one last time. My mind took pity on me, bringing me to when we first met.

The fall air around us was cool, the sun warming our bodies just enough to keep us from shivering. We couldn’t have been much older that six or seven, our parents chatting away on the benches, leaving us to get acquainted. You were so much smaller than me then, not that it changed now, looking up at me with big curious eyes. You pointed to the swings shaped like horses, insistent on riding them. We walked to them silently, too shy to speak to one another. You struggled climbing the swings so I tried to help you, but you demanded that I leave you alone, that you could do it on your own. You slipped and fell from the swing, skinning your knee. It was the first time I had heard you cry, a sound I never wanted to hear again. I helped you into a sitting position and began blowing on your knee, whispering to you that you would be okay, that I would take care of you. Your tears dried at my words, telling me to promise that I would never leave your side. It was a promise I will never regret, one I would make a thousand times over…but tonight I would break that promise.

Ten years later….

Ten years after the accident your character is going to be an adult who is out on her own, trying to make a living. She and the boyfriend she broke up with the night of her birthday are now back together, living in a small apartment. They have great jobs, are deeply in love, and newly engaged, but what happens when Evan suddenly turns up and she is the only one who can see him? Is she hallucinating? Is it a dream? Or could it be their second chance?

I will be playing Evan and her current fiancé. You will be playing the female character. We can introduce more characters later if we wish, but these are going to be the main characters. There will be mature content in this story so if that is not your thing then please do not message me about this story. If you are interested then please pm me and we can talk some more about it.