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August 18, 2022, 08:04:43 pm

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Author Topic: Art School Dropout Turned Drug Addicted Whore  (Read 1002 times)

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Art School Dropout Turned Drug Addicted Whore
« on: September 13, 2017, 07:46:39 am »
Sluggishly dragging herself back home, following another tiring day of work. It's not enjoyable listening to bratty teenagers and your perv manager hit on you... but it pays the bills, well sorta.

A scrunched up McDonalds bag in Allison's  hand....again, thank the lord for her fast metabolism or she'd  be in a wheelchair at this point. Slouched over slightly as she watched the footpath, her worn out pair of red Converses hitting the floor with each step. Her earphones beneath her hood blaring out Kendrick Lamar’s latest single as she walked home in her own little world, sharing glances at the fellow people walking by. A few cute guys that she'll never see again....shame.

She turned to make her way into her apartment building, collecting the mail before stepping into the elevator, a few small smiles and soft waves to the other poor bastards living in such a cesspool of a building. After punching in the button to her floor, she leaned against the rail, exhaling as she tried to calm herself down following a few stressful weeks. She walked along the stained carpet to her apartment door, looking at the walls, covered in God-knows-what liquid. The stench hits her nose like a train, she remained unfazed, conditioned to such surroundings by now.

Allison unlocked the door, closing it and locking it behind her as she kicked off her shoes. She walked to her dump of a living room, seating herself on an old couch, kicking her feet up onto the coffee table in front of it. A few empty bud light cans, a PlayStation controller, some old college books, her artwork and vodka bottles are bunched together, like a cute little collection. An ashtray sits by her feet as she begins reading through the mail. Eviction notice, junk mail, the usual. She lights up a cigarette before opening up her phone, reading some text messages, one from mom, granting her request for her to wire some more cash into her bank, still thinking I'm in art college. One from my dealer, telling me about 'some new shit from Colombia'. Another from...... Kyle? Telling me I should probably get a checkup, awesome.

Allison  turned on the tv as she sat back, taking some much deserved drags as she looked around the living room. Her old wallpaper could do with changing, the torn effect ain't really doing it for her anyways? She should clean the carpet too, beer stains aren't the prettiest of designs this season. The  windows are filthy but eh, saves her having to close the curtains she guessed? Her unwashed clothes are piled atop an armchair that was once her grandpa's, passed down to her.

With a cigarette between her lips, she watched her phone screen like a hawk, it's Friday night and there's gotta be something on tonight? Even some college parties? She knows she dropped out months ago, but that doesn't mean she can't hang out with her friends. Besides, she dropped out because of them, deciding that she couldn't handle the pressure on top of her newfound addiction to certain substances. “I swear I'll go back when I'm clean?” Allison thinks.

So this is Allison, a 19 year old girl living alone in Queens, recently dropping out of art college, still living off of mom and dad's money with the lie that she's using it for college stuff. But in reality, she's  a mess, fighting a craving for coke as well as anything else that can get a job done. She's  currently working at Hot Topic, it's not exactly what she was planning to do when she moved to New York from Seattle, but it pays okay and she guesses it can open other doors in the future? She's a pretty outgoing girl, usually being described as: friendly, talkative, mellow, funny, easy....actually ignore the last one.


I'm looking for quality and somewhat quantity, I don't care about how much you write as long as it includes good detail that I can work with but I would prefer an average of 2-3 paragraphs... sometimes more pending on the scene.

I'd love if we could have multiple characters... some ideas are

Romantic relationship with guy (long term and multiple sceanrios.) I'm thinking that she has trouble staying faithful and the drug addiction makes it a very rocky relationship.

Boss - favours to stay employed

Rich guy - favours to get money and be spoilt Teacher - perhaps a really attractive teacher or Allison decides to start studying again after some advice from her boyfriend

Drug Dealer - Allison being low on cash or somethong else.

Basketball team romp

Casual fling at a party.

Can definitely include all of these scenarios and more.

But what i'm after overall is perhaps Allison having a small fling or two, showing her promiscuous nature before getting into the relationship with a really caring and loving guy, this would be a long term relationship and mostly realistic, the guy a big change for her as he actually cares, but their relationship would have ups and down with Allison's tendencies for drugs and sex... then perhaps darker stuff like... Arrests. Ending up in bed with married men. Gold digging. Recording amateur porn. Sex for cash. Blowing her dealer for free hits. Various forms of non-con: From her being too high to say no, to her being forced by some of the nastier individuals she meets.

I see one of the man influences with this by Allison getting into a relationship with a big time crime lord.
A man who is very high level in criminal activies, very violent, abusive. just an all around dangerous guy, and I'm thinking that maybe Allison starts to try to play him like she does all the other guys, and doesn't realize she's in over her head.

She's addicted to his drugs, he pleases her more often, has a great cock and deep down she just likes being treated like a whore.He can get her involved in more depraved shit, using her to fuck clients, persuade people in business deals, shoot porn with her.

My kinks would be rough sex, anal, dirty talking, spanking, hair pulling, light biting, light slapping, risky sex/hold the moan, cheating, rimjobs (both ways), clothed sex, interracial, larger men, cream pies, facials, being man handled and bisexuality. Sadomasochism Slapping Spanking Rough fucking Hatefucking Dub con Non con Tit fucking Footjobs Anal Receiving oral Fucking in public Blackmail Risk of being caught Infidelity Stockings Leggings Lingerie Drug/alcohol intoxication.

My limits are only largely scat and piss.

 I'd really love for this to be a very detailed and long term oriented rp.

I do really want to use Google docs to rp on but could do it on here. Also perhaps use kik or Google hangouts to chat and hash things out on but once again, could do that on here

I would really prefer to actually play the male roles and have someone play as Allison.

All I demand is that you're respectful, and cooperative. So thank you so much for reading all of this. It would be awesome if you could send me an opening message that really sells yourself, a message that makes me pick you from all the other responses.