Looking for a BB Code reference post!

Started by Tiaan, September 11, 2017, 06:37:44 AM

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Hello! I love to use BBcode in my posts to make stuff look beautiful, and I use some external websites to help me get the right codes, but sometimes they don't work - probably E has it's own modified version of BBcode? Sooo, I was wondering if there was a reference post anywhere? Or an external website that has the same / similar version, with a list of the common codes (for images mostly, but adding margins and stuff is useful too!)

For example, if I want to put an image in my post, but it's big, I'd use something like [img height="200"]Picture.jpg[/img] but that doesn't work in this forum, and I find myself going through lots of trial and error possibilities til I get the right one! Then next time I want to use it... I've forgotten it >.<

If such a thing exists, please leave me a link : )



It does work. I use it all the time.

Here it goes:

Original picture size:

Resized verison:

You just have to leave out the " in your code. ;)

[img height=250]http://www.betterbuzzvt.coffee/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/coffeecream_menu_9.jpg[/img]


Thanks Nico!

Would still like to find a reference list that uses the same syntax if anyone knows one!


You can find a lot of the information in various threads in the tutorials here:  https://elliquiy.com/forums/index.php?board=453.0

For a quick answer to the images, if you take away the quotation marks from the 200, it should work.  Here's an example of that code and a little more that I keep stored in the Greasemonkey Snippets script (a handy thing for any Elliquiy writer) to insert a character picture in posts

text text text
text text text
text text text
text text text
text text text

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Awesome! thanks GypsyRose! Just what I was looking for : )

I did try to find it on my own, but can get lost sometimes  ;D