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Author Topic: [Closed] Plots of Eden (looking for [Ex])  (Read 1462 times)

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Offline NadirTopic starter

[Closed] Plots of Eden (looking for [Ex])
« on: January 07, 2009, 11:47:57 PM »
Closed - I'm full on RPs

I have locked this topic - PM me if you are interested and include the working title of the plot that you are interested in.

I wrote some of these with he/she pronouns, but the genders of any of these can be switched around. I don't mind what gender I play or what gender my co-writer plays. Also, there plots are not what has to happen - if you see one you like but are unsure of some aspect (the era it is set in, the roles, etc), it can always be changed. Where they are housed can also be discussed - I play anything from NA to EX.

Weirdness ahoy...
(Click images to get larger versions)


Taste The Blame
Fantasy - An angel (preferably not fallen) comes across a young demon and decides to have his way with her (m/f, m/m, f/f or other) [NC] [Ex?] I'd play the demon


The Hungry God
Persander The Sexless was a god, but lost hir godhead over the centuries as people stopped visiting hir shrine, but shi kept her powers of shapeshifting. Shi built a new shrine in a busy city, making it into a temple of pleasures to bring in worshippers and priests. Shi can appear as any gender, any age, any beast real or imaginary. Shi offers hirself up to the mercies of humans and things that use to be human in return for their belief and their tributes, pooling hir powers until shi can reclaim what was hirs.

I see this as a series of shorts, with men and women, human, vampire or any other sentinel being, covering a great many kinks. Can be anything from [NA] to [Ex] except [NC]. Persander being a dom/me or sub as the situation calls for it.


Faeries Of Rook's Height
Modern Fantasy - Faeries are the must-have accessory at Rook's Hight College. Small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, they come in all different varieties, and they are low maintenance - an iron necklace chain, a silver collar and a travelling cage all come with the pet. Take them on a walk past a flower garden with a long leash and they're fed, or if it rains they can drink sugar water. Not a pet for children, though - they mature quickly and can display... behaviour best kept from young eyes. Be wary of leaving windows open, too - wild or feral faeries might be tempted to enter. [closed until further notice]

In The Name Of Science

Dark Urban Fantasy - Croft, a werehawk youth is in a research centre, being experimented on for ways of controlling those with the spreading lycanthropy infection. The head of the department is obsessed with his test subject. Using a mixture of drugs, cruelty and kindness, he tries to gain Croft's affection.  [Non-con] [Bon-H] I'd play Croft in this.



Winter Sun
A couple are on their way back from a work's do. They are arguing - one of them has been cheating and the other found out at the party. Distracted by the argument, they crash... and one of the characters wakes up in a different world. The time setting can be anything from sci-fi to modern to far history with a fantasy twist (like Life On Mars meets InuYasha, or ancient Egypt with dragons). The character keeps hearing things from his/her comatose self, like machine bleeps and doctor natter, and wants desperately to get back to their reality. A quest ensues. [NA] to [Ex]


Untameable Bedlam
Bedlam is an old fox, who gained enough magic to be able to 'wear' a corpse she consumes. In other words, she is a kitsune. She can only remember back twenty years, her fox mind not able to hang onto things any further back. She is an immortal, mischievous spirit who likes to tease and taunt people. Visually, she is human - not fox ears or tail - but her mouth is full of canines - the one thing she couldn't digest. In her wanderings, she stumbles into a sidhe's territory. The sidhe is a fey, the king-race, or so they picture themselves. Any fey that enter its territory is expected to pay respect and tribute to him - but Bedlam doesn't know sidhe custom.

The sidhe tracks her down and commands her subservience, which she refuses to do. (Contact me for more, I have a longer plot for this) [NC][Bon][Ex] I'd play Bedlam


Beyond His Duty
The Slave-guard, Kylar, has fallen for the woman he was bred to protect. She knows it, and delights in tormenting him - giving him small favours then crushing him the next moment. I want to explore the turmoil this relationship creates. It can go a few different ways - it can be Kylar/the lady, with the lady tormenting and teasing him in terns until he snaps; Kylar/another man or woman, prostitute, fellow slave or a blue-blood who took a fancy; Kylar/his next owner (he could be sold on after falling into a rage and attacking his Mistress' lover)It can slot into any genre, from historical to sci-fi. I'd play Kylar. [any]


Fire Bird
Fantasy - The court magi is dead. His apprentice is almost ready to take his place - but first he must gain control of his Master's familiar and source of power; the immortal phoenix. [NC] [Bon] [Ex?]   I'd play the phoenix.


Closer Than Kin
Dark Urban Fantasy - A singer has been rising through the charts, becoming famous overnight. He's got looks and talent and a new style that his fans are loving. On stage he is vibrant and powerful, the life in his voice capturing attention and his lyrics are soul-shaking. He has the usual hangers on - bodyguard, groupies, an entourage, always changing - but there was one face who didn't leave him, no matter where he went. No one knew who he was to the singer, or what he did. He hardly spoke to anyone, not even the man he followed. He became something of a symbol, until in one interview the singer admitted the man was his older brother. After that, he was ignored again, allowed to linger in his siblings shadow.

No one but they knew the singer's brother was dead.

(This can go in several directions: The brother can be the devil in contract with the singer; He could be a ghost who is feeding from the emotions of the crowd to become more solid; or he could be an angel granting the singer his wish.) [Bon] [Ex] I'd play the singer.

The King's Castrato
Fantasy - The king is little more than a figurehead, caring little for the welfare of his subjects and concerned only for his own pleasure. The Church are the true powers of the land, and to keep the king pliable, they give him what he wants. When his eye falls on a eunuch choir boy, it is arranged so that the lad is alone with him. (This can be short or long - an extension of the plot could be the Church manipulates it so the king falls for the boy, to further control the king by keeping the youth away should the king deny them a boon. This could work or backfire, driving the king to submitting fully or retaliating and claiming control of the throne to get the youth.) [NC-H] [Bon] [Ex]  I'd play the Eunuch.Now Taken


Beautiful Broken
Dark Sci-fi - A girl is the only survivor of a horrific experiment. She has been implanted with computer chips and sensitive antenna, all trying to allow her the ability to read minds. It works, but she looses her mental stability, unable to turn it off or block out anything. The lab runs out of funding/is raided and she is sold off as a low-grade slave. She passes through a few hands, though she isn't kept for long, and eventually ends up in an auction house. Your character is browsing the slaves, and finds something of interest about the girl. He/she/etc could suspect what the implants are for, or have some energy that silences it. Now Taken

...yup, I'm strange....

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Offline Zeitgeist

Re: [Mul] Plots of Eden
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2009, 12:01:15 AM »
I'd be interested in the: "Fantasy - The heir of the kingdom..." idea if you'll have me. I'd like to offer a bit of a twist if you wanna discuss in a PM. Thanks.

Offline Oliander

Re: [Mul] Plots of Eden
« Reply #2 on: January 08, 2009, 12:19:45 AM »
Strangely enough, number four really does it for me. Do I have some strange tinkerbell fetish I wasn't aware of until now...?

Well anyway, I hope you'll contact me if we can do something with it.

Offline Murphy Sez

Re: [Mul] Plots of Eden
« Reply #3 on: January 08, 2009, 12:51:58 AM »
Ooh, I like how you think! As for the Tinkerbell fetish Kuroi, every guy has one! She's blonde, scantily dressed, and bite sized!

Offline NadirTopic starter

Re: [Mul] Plots of Eden
« Reply #4 on: January 09, 2009, 03:37:51 PM »
*laughs* Thanks Murphysez. ^_^

Offline NadirTopic starter

Re: [Mul] Plots of Eden
« Reply #5 on: January 23, 2009, 08:25:03 PM »
Three new picture prompts. I'm only going to take m/m for now.

Offline NadirTopic starter

Re: [Mul] Plots of Eden (looking for [Ex])
« Reply #6 on: January 25, 2009, 11:00:42 PM »
Added Slave-guard plot.