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March 02, 2021, 10:50:35 am

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Author Topic: Vampire WW1 RP (M seeking strong willed F)  (Read 721 times)

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Offline Jack WolffTopic starter

Vampire WW1 RP (M seeking strong willed F)
« on: September 04, 2017, 11:57:24 am »
(This is just a little something I thought up whilst I was chopping wood.)

Christoffer Wolff awoke with a sharp inhale of cold air. The air was tainted by the acrid smell of burning oil and death. He sat up to find himself on the top of a snow bank that was below a short bridge, a bridge that a burning train was hanging off of. Luckily, the train was hanging off the other side and wouldn't fall on him should it shift and come tumbling down. He remembered why he was there, he had been drafted into the Austro-Hungarian Army and sent to fight against the Russian Empire. He also remembered what had happened after he was tossed through the window he was looking out of when the train crashed. As he landed in the snowbank, he had fractured some of his bones, ruptured internal organs and was dying a painful death. That was when she appeared in front of him. As he faded in and out of consciousness, he saw her kneel down next to him, whisper something to him in a language he didn't know before she seemed to bite him on the neck. He didn't remember anything after that, he had passed out. The only thing he knew now was that his wounds were healed, or rather.....He wasn't hurting in those areas anymore and felt mostly as he did before the train had crashed. A different pain afflicted him now. His neck felt as if it were on fire, and he moved his gloved hand to the side of his neck to find two small puncture wounds there and dried blood. He also felt a deep seated hunger inside him....A hunger that was like nothing he'd ever experienced in his life before. A wave of nausea swept over him and he slid down the side of the bank, tumbling a bit before he wound up on his hands and knees. He vomited up some blood and as he did so, his canines went with the blood onto the ground. Then a sudden flash of pain wracked his head as two longer, sharp canines forced themselves down and took the place of his old ones. He put a hand in his mouth and felt the teeth, blue eyes widening as he pieced everything together. "......Vampyr?" He whispered to himself as he shakily stood up in the snow, trying to make sense of everything. He shakily stood up and looked around trying to remember exactly where he was. He was in the Carpathian Mountains..... The Carpathian Mountains are in Romania....Home of the vampires. "Rumänien!......Rumänien!!!!" He exclaimed to himself. Everything was adding up. He was in Romania, where the vampire legend started.......He was in Romania.....A long way from Berlin and even farther from the Trenches of the Western Front where he'd been fighting before. How was he to get anywhere? Where was he to go? He looked around him as he walked away from the wrecked train, spying a castle in the distance up the side of the mountain. It was a better place to go than where he was at the moment......Or was it?

(It's not the best thing ever written, but I thought it would be interesting for an RP. To any female who sees this and is interested, you would be playing the mysterious vampire woman who came upon the burning train and found Christoffer lying there in the snow. PM if you're interested.)
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Offline Jack WolffTopic starter

Re: Vampire WW1 RP (M seeking strong willed F)
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2017, 01:40:24 am »
(Also, please do not be turned off by the sparseness of this posting. I prefer to not come up with a huge massive plot that basically reduces my partner to acting out fan fiction or the like. I prefer to come up with a fairly loose topic, thus ensuring my RP partner can make some of the stuff up themselves or bounce ideas off of me.)

Offline Jack WolffTopic starter

Re: Vampire WW1 RP (M seeking strong willed F)
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2017, 02:38:32 am »
(I've modified the RP a bit, made it better in my opinion.)