Dominant Female Looking For Submissive (Male Or Female)

Started by dreamslost4u, September 02, 2017, 07:00:20 PM

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Hey Y'all

I haven't had any stories where I've let my inner queen take over. My need to please and submit has kind of been taking over and not that I am growing sick of it. But I need a little variety in my life and I need my dominant characters back. I have a few plot ideas in mind depending on male or female and also partners preference of time periods and reality (supernatural or not)
I am seriously looking for a very submissive partner at the moment. Of course I don't want it to me all yes ma'm all the time that is never fun.

This is all vague and I understand that. I just would much rather talk things through with a person from the very begging based on what the you like.

PM me if you are interested.