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April 11, 2021, 04:39:18 pm

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Author Topic: Sit's Think tank (F Seeking M Partner)  (Read 943 times)

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Sit's Think tank (F Seeking M Partner)
« on: August 20, 2017, 09:13:56 pm »
Yup.. It's another one of those. A dime a dozen by the looks of the boards, but bear with me. Perhaps I can catch your interest and we can create something to have a little bit of fun.

I have two ideas;

One, being along the genre that I am most comfortable role playing in, which is the fantasy genre.
Two, is a step outside of my little box, but something I thought of years ago in the infancy of my forum role playing career, just never had the chance to really flesh out.

Before I really begin though; feel free to have a gander at my On/off thread, and bear with me for a moment.

To me, introducing a character is often easiest to do with what we almost all like to classify as an Introduction post. This gives me a chance to lay out a setting and give you a feel for how my character operates in the beginning of a story. While you'll be able to get a good feel for these characters through these intro posts, it won't be the whole story. I feel that through some brainstorming we can flesh out the story, add your character and point the plot in a direction that will suite us both while being one we both feel comfortable following.

These introduction posts are by no means concrete in nature, and can be changed should we decide it would be in both of our best interests to change a few things.

What I'm looking for in a partner.

I am in no way shape or fashion the most eloquent writer, and will have my stumbles and moments of no inspiration, as I expect anyone will. I'm looking for someone who isn't afraid to help me build on these stories, and really take them to heights that I didn't foresee when I was initially inspired by them.

Introduction posts, classically, will be longer than the majority of the posts that I create. I like to work between 2-3 paragraphs per post, as it helps flesh out details, but also keeps the story moving. If my partner could match that, it would be great! But I understand in the beginning, while establishing everything, it may sometimes be difficult to do.

Still with me so far?

Please, please, please, if you have lost interest in the story, don't drag it out or hesitate to let me know. While ending a story due to lack of inspiration be it on my part, yours, or both of ours can be hard; it's like a break up. It's not easy to do, but just a quick message to let me know you're not feeling it anymore is greatly appreciated. The quicker we can both move on, the better.

Lastly, I can be an obnoxiously rapid fire poster. For an explanation on this, see my on's and offs (Which I'm assuming if you've made it this far, you've already read.. If not, hop on over there!). This by no means, means you have to be the same. It's just the way I operate. However, I would prefer a partner who is able to post at least once every day/ two days. I tend to lose interest if a story moves much slower than that.

Still have you're interest? Let's delve into those story ideas!!

Current Ideas that I would like to pursue.

Currently in progress
This first one, is the one that steps a bit out of my comfort zone. The character being dominant in many ways, and somewhat cruel, and jealous. It's not a character I typically play, so this could be interesting. And she is a character that will develop over the course of the story.
Your character has some leeway here in terms of what you want them to be in terms of occupation. As mentioned above, I prefer that the partner I have be male, and I foresee him being human in this scenario. Ideally, I would like for him to be a strong personality that challenges my character, in a somewhat classic fight for dominance.
Of course, this can all be open for discussion and tailored to your comfort level.
Your character will have been the one who passes by the apartment door in the introduction post.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Modern day cities. To some, they held a promise of a future full of riches and good company. To others, they remained as monotonous as ever. Never quite offering up the excitement one had hoped to experience once the big move had been made. Each was littered with socialites, and the ever-average human just trying to make ends meet with their lack luster investment portfolios and less than desirable resume's. The blur of traffic as the clock tolled at 5 pm each night was enough to make your head spin. The masses of office workers rushing back to their waiting families, or empty apartments. Each moment ticking past, quickly taken for granted, then forgotten and thrown away. 
If only they knew what eternity really felt like.
The click of stiletto heels echoed around the nearly abandoned lobby of the office building. A silhouette in black emerged from the hall of elevators as the lights slowly began to flicker off, most everyone in the firm having made their way home. A smirk hung on the young woman's lips as she stepped past the night guard, making mental note of the look of longing that crowded his expression as she passed. It drew a chuckle from her crimson stained lips. A chuckle, that much like the click of her heels, echoed in the lobby as she finally stepped through the glass doors and onto the street. The city had already been bathed in the cool darkness of night, a light breeze offering a much-needed reprieve from the summer heat as it whipped its way through the tall buildings. Eliciana nodded to the last few of her co-workers who had stopped for a quick smoking break, bidding them goodnight as she lifted a delicate and well manicured hand to hail a cab. It didn't take long for one to skid to a halt near the curb where she stood. Quickly, she lowered the bag from her shoulder before reaching towards the door, opening it, and sliding into the nearest seat. 
"Corner of North Blvd, and Third Please." She said quietly as she settled into the back seat of the rather musty old cab. She wrinkled her nose slightly at the smell of the driver lingering with the other passengers who occupied the vehicle before she did. There was no shortage of aroma's in the city, though most were extremely unpleasant. Eliciana patiently waited as the cab pulled away from the curb and into the flow of the Friday night traffic....Time, was of no concern to her.. In her eyes, she had all of the time in the world to waste..
However, when the time is yours to waste, you tend to look at it differently than others. Closing her eyes, Eliciana slowly let her mind slip into the past. It had been a great number of years since the day she had been sired. It had been the most painful night she could remember, far too painful to think on it for too long. That night had changed everything, from the way she now lived her long life, to the way she thought of others. Shaking her head, her dark eyes shifted as the cab slowed to a stop at the corner of the two streets she had mentioned. Eliciana opened the door, slipped a twenty seductively into the collar of the Cab drivers dirty shirt, and exited the cab. Her short fluid steps leading her slowly towards a rather nice apartment building.
She gave a quick nod to the doorman as he pulled open the heavy door that lead to the inside of the apartment building. She let out a deep sigh as she traversed the lobby, just as she had each morning and at times, multiple times a night. Fortunately, it took her only a few moments to reach her apartment, her keys rattling as she removed them from her handbag to unlock the door. As soon as she entered, she lay her belongings on the small sized dining table, situated only a few steps into the mid-size apartment. Her apartment was clean, much like her own appearance. Decorated in a minimalist fashion, with only a few pieces scattered about that the average person would find extravagant. Eliciana took moment to flip the light switch near her kitchen, stopping in front of a mirror in the hallway.  Delicate hands reached towards her hair to allow the almost too neat French twist to fall out of her raven black hair. She ran her fingers slowly through her hair to allow its natural curl to retain its shape once more. A small smile formed once more on her crimson lips as a simple voice sounded not far behind her. Eliciana turned placing a hand gently against the curve her hip as the man in the doorway took a few steps towards her. 
"Hello Darling." Her voice broke the silence between them, as she took the step towards him. " You left the door open." Eliciana scolded him, but stopped him, reaching forward and taking his arm as he turned to shut the door. "No no... it's alright. I'm sure the neighbors won't mind the screams.." 
A devilish smile replaced her small smirk as she wrapped her arms gently around his broad shoulders from behind, a hand placed over his heart as she rested her chin on his shoulder. Eliciana tilted her head, laying a short kiss on his neck before lifting her lips to his ear. "I'm so happy you came back." She whispered, her lips lingering at the bottom of his ear.
She lifted a hand, bringing it to the back of his neck, running her fingertips down the length of his spine. She could feel the shiver it sent through his body. It was clear he ached for more than just a simple touch, but wasn't something she gave freely. Eliciana opened her eyes briefly, catching the eyes of a passerby as he walked across the doorway to her apartment on the way to his own. A small smirk crossed her lips as she made eye contact with him, before she once more turned her attention to the man in her arms. There was a reason she allowed the door to remain open. Excitement, the danger of being caught and exposed for what she really was. It was all something new, and worthy of the time she had to spare. Eliciana lowered her gaze once more, tilting her head towards the dip of the man's neck, her lips grazing the delicate skin. Her senses flooded with the heat and sound of his heart pumping blood through his veins. She took a deep breath, lifting her head once more, placing a hand on his shoulder as she circled to stand in front of him. Her dark eyes lifted to meet his, analyzing his expression and the thoughts that played out as it changed with each new one he had. It was a shame he couldn't be here forever, as she was quite fond of this human, but turning him over to her darkness and way of life, would drain far too much energy for this one night..Both hands dropped to her sides as she took a step back, debating her next move.
The quickly stepped forward, closing the distance between them once more, placing a firm hand on Eliciana's hip fearing that she might walk out the door.. "Don't Go." He begged, his grip tightening against the fabric of her skirt, afraid to let her go. 
A slight laugh erupted from her small frame, taking his hand and removing it from her hip. "I'm not going anywhere." Shaking her head slightly as she led him towards the window just five feet from them. It was in that moment as they stood, looking out the window over the skyline that Eliciana began to question her decision. It frustrated her, knowing that human emotions should no longer plague her, but a large part of her craved the mortality that was standing just next to her. She craved the feeling of knowing that the next moment could be your last, and the feeling of the sun on her skin. Once more, she drew in a deep breath, pushing the feelings back down, knowing that this man couldn't live. She needed his blood to sustain her. 
Shaking her head once more Eliciana wrapped a free arm around his body, exhibiting an amount of strength that clearly shocked him. Her grasp locked his arms at his sides, his body going rigid as his natural defenses released a dose of adrenaline. His confusion however would be short lived. Quickly she lifted her lips to the delicate skin at his neck, biting down much to his surprise and protest.. His yells ripped through the small apartment and the hall just outside, echoing and reverberating through the floor of the apartment building, He raised his hands, grabbing the arm she had firmly around his body, his nails dug ruthlessly into the pale skin of her arm as he attempted to free himself. 
Eliciana continued. Draining his remaining strength and any life that he held within him, waiting until his knees buckled and collapsed in her hold before she released him from her vice grip. She let her arms slip from around his body, letting him slip to the floor as he struggled, drawing in his final breaths. Unconcerned if any had heard his screams, she turned, her eyes cast over the open door before she looked back to the dark window looking over the city, her tongue running across her freshly stained red lips removing any blood that lingered. Eliciana lifted a hand and pushed her dark hair away from her face, sitting slowly on the couch just to her right, her thoughts turning circles in her head as she gazed over the cold body in front of the couch, easily hidden front view of the still open door. She would have to take care when disposing of the body, which more often than not ended up being the hard part. 

The second story will be posted within the next few days as I prep for Dragoncon :)

Have I caught your attention?

If one of these does happen to catch your attention, feel free to shoot me a PM! Let's see what we can create together.
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Re: Sit's Think tank (F Seeking M Partner)
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2017, 07:27:53 pm »
Just a casual bump with a possible new idea.

Okay, perhaps not so completely new, but one that didn't go too far and I would like to give it another shot. This is a plot line I would love to tweak and work out more details with a partner. Nothing in this intro post is fully set in stone and I am willing to change things to suit both of our needs.

A few things I would like for this story line to have or explore:

-Dominance: It's in my O/O's and quite honestly a huge turn on for me.
-Potential for Non-con: My character is seeking assistance from yours, and payment required may tip the scale beyond money.
-The potential for a romance to begin: Not right in the beginning, given the events that transpired, but down the road, it would be nice. (The classic "we hate each other to begin, but have settled to work together, and well fuck, now we love eachother")

Shall we move on to the intro post? Well, here goes nothing!!

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It was a rare day when the clash of steel dulled long enough for one to understand one's own thoughts. War had torn through the land, the days pulled long and hard for each who wielded the weapons of war. A quiet moment, though most often brief, was a welcome reprieve for all who fought for the crown. This day had granted them many of these moments. Though the whisper of attack held steadfast to the wind that blew through the encampment.

Small worn and dirty tents littered acres of land outside the walls that protected the kingdom to the south. Waters to the east, and forest to the west, with the promise of bloodshed held to the north. The soldiers who inhabited these tents were tired. They ached from battle, and ached for their loved ones who waited for word of their safety.They nursed wounds, both large and small, but never lost their spirit. You could hear it as you walked through the rows of the encampment. Laughter. Men, and a few women who had volunteered to protect the kingdom had found joy in few things. These things, could be anything, but finding joy in even a few things made the hard days and nights pass much easier.

It was this laughter that Eline found relief in as she wandered through the camp. The night had begun to fall, bringing with it the cool breeze as the stars began to dance in the evening sky. She could hear music coming from the arena where many had gathered to enjoy the evenings impromptu festivities. Her steps led her in that direction as she looked to the sky, taking in a deep breath, savoring these peaceful moments for everything they were worth. She knew that battle would once again be on the horizon. Their enemy had retreated the previous day after a loss in battle, but their retreat didn't mean there defeat. It only meant that they were planning.. And while she may have taken these few moments to enjoy the peace, in the back of her mind Eline knew that danger could be within any number of feet from her. This enemy grew stronger as the war raged on, stronger and more cunning. They were not to be underestimated, and she knew that.

A calm smile washed over her face as she neared the small arena. The sight of dancing, laughter, and enjoyment was enough in that moment to fill her soul with contentment. This is what they fought for. They fought for moments like these, where an arena could be used for enjoyment, not the normal training of new recruits for battle. Eline stepped closer to the festivities, raising her hands to clap along with the drums and violins that had been brought out for this special occasion. The music was lively and danced in time with the flames of the large fire in the center. Eline's eyes danced with the flames, her smile breaking out into a wider grin. She raised her hands to clap to the beat, cheering on those who had decided to partake in the dancing. They moved with a somewhat clumsy grace, influenced by the drink that had been sent from loved ones in the kingdom not far from them. It made her chuckle softly.

Eline stood still a few steps back from the arena, half in shadow, and half in light. If there was one thing her training had taught her,  it was to never fully drop your guard. And while this moment was meant for carefree celebration, she could not fight nor push off the feeling that something sinister lurked just beyond the shadows. With a deep exhale, she shook her head and closed her eyes. "You're being paranoid, enjoy this night, for another may not come for months" she thought to herself, glancing around her surroundings before turning her attention once again forward.

That was when she felt it. The meaningful touch of the hand that snaked around her waist from behind. Followed soon after by lips that gently lay a kiss against her neck before he cradled his head in the curve where her neck met her shoulders. His other hand found its way to her dark hair, tied atop her head and away from her face, fingers lacing through the strands, pulling gently to tilt her head back. This action allowed her to release all tension that had built up with the initial contact, knowing now this touch was not the touch of the enemy. "You're here." Her breath escaped her as she spoke these words. Breaking from his hold to turn and look him in the eye. She placed a hand against the side of his face, taking every second of this moment to enjoy his presence.

It had been days since she had last seen him. Aramis was a scout. The last she had seen him was mid battle as he rode away towards the enemies encampment. Having him this close again was like a drug to her. Eline stepped closer to him, placing a gentle kiss on his lips as she pressed against him. This moment was everything, and she took it all in not knowing when the next one would be had. She and Aramis did all they could to keep their relationship a secret. While romance within the ranks of the soldiers was not forbidden, The commanders discouraged and frowned heavily upon it. Where many saw love as a strong force worth fighting for, they found it to weaken their ranks. Eline knew she would cut down one hundred soldiers if it meant keeping Aramis by her side.

She closed her eyes as she rest her head against his chest, the beating of his heart like music to her ears. She wrapped both arms around him, tightly at first then relaxing to a loose hold as she simply stood, enjoying everything about him. Eline looked up as he took both of her hands from around his back, holding them gently. Aramis looked towards the festivities beyond then smiled lightly down to her, briefly returning the kiss she had given him moments ago. He led her quietly towards his tent that rested on the outer most borders of the encampment. He had been away from her too long, and the fire in his eyes was easily read.

Eline had only stepped just inside the small tent before Aramis placed a hand on either side of her face, holding her tightly as he pressed his lips against hers. An action that could only be described as a carnal need. She returned the kiss as she fought to remove what little armor he had. Dropping his chest plate and shoulder armor in pieces as he pushed her backwards towards his makeshift mattress.

"Aramis.." She broke from the kiss long enough to catch her breath as she placed her hands on his chest. "We shouldn't be doing this." He quickly broke her train of thoughts with another heavy kiss, guiding her down to the ground with a hand placed on the small of her back. As she lay down, she tore at the lacing of his trousers, his cock already straining against the thick linen. It had only been days since they had last seen each other but this moment made it feel like it had been years. His fury and desire only excited her more. Eline fought to push away his trousers, her breath growing heavier with each passing second, all thoughts of war and battle far from her mind. The only thing she wanted was him. Aramis stood to kick away his trousers and lift his linen tunic, his lower body illuminated by the flickering candle to the side of the tent.

Eline smiled a bit as she raised herself to her knees, her slightly calloused hands finding their own path up both of his thighs, resting ever so briefly on his stomach as she moved closer. Aramis placed one hand on her shoulder, his other finding its way to her dark hair where once again laced his fingers to take hold and guide her movements. She pushed back against him slightly, only wanting to tease him, her lips lingering at the tip of his cock. She moved one hand, taking it gently as she lay gentle and light kisses along the length, taking pleasure in the ecstasy releasing from his breath. His satisfaction and impatience was evident at the tightening of his grip on her hair. Aramis looked down as Eline opened her mouth to allow his cock to slide between her lips. He enjoyed seeing her this way, but not near as much as the joy he would gain from having her once again on her back.

He allowed her to continue, her soft lips caressing the length of his cock as she shifted her head back and forth. Her calloused hands giving new sensation as she wrapped her fingers around the base, now moving her hand in tandem with her head. He let out a moan, letting his head fall back as his eyes closed. This caused her to stop and lift her gaze to him, releasing him from her mouth just as she brought him to the brink but not over the edge. "Shhhh." She whispered, standing as she wrapped her arms around him in an embrace, resting her face in the dip of his neck. "I've missed you so much.. " Her words were muffled against his skin, but they held enough emotion to permeate through his body.

Aramis took the moment of this embrace to begin removing her clothing, wasting no time as he began with the belts that held her pants around her hips. He tossed the belts to the side, then pushed her pants to her ankles. It was in a blind moment of passion that he had her once again on her back her legs spread around his hips, and in one swift motion he thrust the length of his cock into her. Once again taking ownership of her body, just as he had done the first time they shared an encounter like this. Eline bit down against his shoulder, her hands clawing at his back as he continued his attack on her body. All of the frustration of war and the anger from battle being released in this moment. Eline bit down harder against his flesh, it was all she could do from screaming in pleasure.

Every nerve in her body was alive at this moment, the anticipation building with each thrust that Aramis could muster. It took only moments before waves of pleasure rolled through her body. She tensed as the sensations continued, only relaxing as the waves ceased. Her chest rose and fell with heavy breaths as she lay her head back against the ground. Her eyes closed. She let her hands relax, releasing the grasp she had on his back as her arms fell to her sides, Aramis finishing shortly after she had. Eline felt his gentle kisses along her jawline as he moved to lay beside her, wrapping her in a protective embrace where she would have chosen to stay forever given the option. And it was here that she drifted into a slumber, aided by his gentle breathing and the music still in the distance of the camp.


It wasn't the ring of steel, or the sun that woke Niamh the next morning. Rather the call of a messenger as he rapped against the fabric of her tent. Eline opened her eyes, taking in her surroundings, confused for a moment. The bed from which she woke was not the same that she had fallen asleep in. She woke in her own tent, not Aramis' tent. She scrambled to stand, grabbing her cloak from her side and fastening it around her neck to cover herself as she made her way to the front of the tent. It only took her a moment to pull the ties that secured the tent and kept the entrance closed. As she stepped outside to greet the messenger, she was taken aback by just how brightly the sun had shown.

"Eline?" the messenger asked as she exited the tent. As she nodded her head, he handed her a letter, then headed back off into the encampment.

Eline took a moment to look around, only now just realizing that Aramis had brought her back to her own tent late at night before retiring once again to his own. The memory of the evening they had spent together still fresh and vibrant in her mind. She turned and re-entered her tent looking down to the letter in her hand.. No. Not a letter, a summons. Her mouth ran dry as she lifted the seal of the letter and unfolded it. The cursive writing that scrawled across the parchment was a mark of royalty, no commoner would have the education to pen a letter in such a fashion. Her stomach dropped as she began reading through the wispy letters that marked parchment.

It was a summons to the training arena. She had helped in the training of new recruits in the past, but had never been royally summoned to do so, which caused some confusion. As did the remaining words that she read. The king was to make a visit, and this summons was to be for his entertainment. She had been instructed to carry with her one short bladed dagger, be donned in a hooded cloak which hid her face, and was forbidden to speak.
They were all odd requests, but made by the crown, had to be obeyed. As such, she closed the parchment and dressed herself. Her dagger hidden at her hip, and her cloak once again fastened around her neck. Eline stepped once again outside her tent before drawing the hood of her cloak up and over her head, hiding her face from the bright sunlight that warmed the earth.

She looked around as she walked towards the arena, noticing that there seemed to be an emptiness about. The normal hustle and bustle had ceased. Perhaps all had been summoned to the arena for the Kings arrival. It wouldn't be out of the realm of ordinary for this to have happened. In an effort to boost his ego, the King enjoyed larger crowds, and with ranks swelling into the thousands, a large crowd was quite easy to summon. These thoughts were confirmed as she near the arena. The stands around the center pit of sand filled with the soldiers of the crown. Each dressed as she was, faces hidden with the cloaks that were standard issue upon entrance to the ranks.

Confusion washed over her face as two men stepped towards her, guiding her into the circle, where she could feel thousands of eyes fall on her. Looking up towards the stands, her eyes fell on the small box that had been built specifically for royal visits, and there sat the King. Dressed in grand robes, a crown of gold atop his head, glinting in the ever present sunlight. Beside him on either side sat each of the commanders for each rank in the armies. Confusion only continued to plague her as another was brought to stand by her side in the center of the arena. She looked over, unable to decipher just who the other was, their face hidden beneath their own hood and away from view. Eline then returned her gaze to the King in front of her as he raised his hands to quiet the crowds and speak.

"It is a fine day when you are given the chance to amuse me. And recent events brought to my attention by my commanders have brought this opportunity to us." The Kings voice bellowed and echoed across the arena, as one would imagine a Kings voice should. "It's a bit unorthodox, but I feel this will bring much satisfaction to not only myself, but the others who shall witness this event." He paused, looking down towards the two individuals standing alone in the center of the arena for all to see.  "A test of strength. A test of will. And a test of loyalty to the crown. For only one will leave this arena." A disgustingly amused smirk rose across the kings lips as he spoke his last words. Silence had fallen among the crowds, for each now understood the gravity of the situation.

With a nod of his head as he once again took his seat, the King spoke once more. "Begin"

That final word had left Eline in a slight state of shock, her body numb as if felt as though her conscious had left her physical body. She had little time to gather her thoughts before she felt the heavy force of a fist, driven by anger, make contact with the left side of her face. The impact was enough to knock her backwards and off of her feet, her hood falling back and revealing her face.

She collided with the ground unable to catch herself after the blow. Stunned, she shook her head gently trying to refocus her attention to the present moment and the whereabouts of her assailant. This blow left her at a slight disadvantage, nearly knocking her senseless. Eline placed her hands to the ground in a hurry to right herself before another blow hit her. She stumbled slightly as she took a few steps backward, the sun high in the sky creating a blinding glare as the sweat rolled from her brow into her eyes. If the other in the arena with her had been given the same summons, they would only be armed with a dagger, and their own strength.

Once the ringing in her ears began to cease, it was replaced with the shouts and jeers of the crowd around her. It didn't bode well for her concentration. She took a deep breath, doing her best to refocus her attention on her opponent who stood near motionless in front of her. She left her dagger in its sheath to her side as she widened her stance to once again steady herself. Her opponent had yet to draw their weapon, and for her to do so now would only result in an unfair fight.

It seemed as moments had passed though it had only been seconds before her opponent made their next move. Stepping into an all out charge towards her. Eline waited until the moment was right, eyeing the persons feet till they neared and came within two steps of her. She took one step forward, bending her knees and bringing her body lower to the ground. She pushed one shoulder forward, wrapping her arms around the waist of the person as their bodies collided. In one swift motion she lifted the assailant up and over her shoulder causing them to fall hard on their back behind her. The force of their oncoming movements signaled to her however that this person was not going to go down easy.

Eline drew her dagger just as she pivoted to once again meet her opponent who had already stood and was again making their way towards her. It was a short distance between them, only made shorter by blade of her dagger as it met the flesh of her opponent. It was as if time had stopped in that very moment. She felt the warmth of blood spill over her hand, but what confused her was the touch of her opponents hand as it closed around her own, only driving the daggers blade deeper into their own body. This person wanted to die?

The weight of her opponents body collapsing onto her own brought her back into reality. Eline bent her knees lowering them both to the ground as she slowly removed her dagger. The weight of the body in her arms was as heavy as death. She had experienced this weight many times as she had helped drag the dead and dying from the battle field. It was a feeling that would never be forgotten. Today, the weight was the cause of her own hand, marked by the blood that now soaked her cloak. She drew in a sharp breath, maneuvering from beneath the body as two others stepped into the arena to take on the burden of moving the body. She had done her job, and though short lived, she had hoped that the fight had pleased the King.

It was as she was turning to meet the gaze of the king once more that she caught a glimpse of the victim beneath the hood. The man she had so lovingly shared a bed with the night before. Almost immediately, darkness began to close in around her vision as her breathing began to quicken into shallower breaths. Her body not getting the proper amount of oxygen. The dagger that had been held so tightly in her hand to defend her own well being now slipped from her grip, hitting the ground below with all of the weight of the world. The blood of the man she would have killed so many for now stained her own hand. She reached out for anyone, or anything as her knees began to buckle.

She had to be dreaming, she would wake and this would all be a figment of her imagination. She drew a sharp breath as the Kings words broke the silence.

"Let this serve as a reminder to you all. Your loyalty is pledged only to me and my country. No others." The King spoke, His tone was sharp, pointed. He gazed down from his 'throne' towards Eline who had since buckled to the ground. Sobs raking through her body. He held no remorse for what he had brought upon her. Lessons had to be taught. She and the others knew full well of his view on members of the varied ranks falling for each other. Perhaps, if they had been a bit more careful, they would not have been caught.

Eline had placed her hands on the ground as she sunk low, bowing her head, every emotion taking over the whole of her being. The others in the arena upon command of the King had started to clear. As others walked past her in crowds, she lifted her head letting out a cry that held the weight of the world. A cry that would pierce the soul of any who heard it. A cry that proclaimed to all who would listen, that her battle had not ended.. It had only just begun.

As I have stated above, none of this is truly set in stone as far as a plot line goes, it's really just an intro to get the "juices" flowing if you will.

If you're interested in perhaps fleshing this idea out with me, send me a PM! I'd be happy to discuss it with you!!

Happy hunting all!