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Started by Coolbod8, January 05, 2009, 10:11:52 PM

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Hello all, I'm a recently approved new member to the forums and was looking for experienced roleplayers to play out scenarios that I have in  mind in real time over a messenger service.  More than likely Aim. 

The idea for the stories I like to participate in usually go along the lines of a women in a situation getting coerced into sexual experiences reluctantly.  For example, a woman getting drunk and hooking up with a co worker at a company party.  These stories then often lead into other situations such as gangbangs.  All the roleplays I do dont' necessarily require drinking, perhaps it could be a women who wants to get a raise or needs a job.  For example, an actress who wants to land a role decides to go past her limits and partake in a "casting couch" segment.  One way or the other the women is always coerced or pressured into awkward situations that she doesn't feel comfortable doing and wouldn't normally do without the circumstances being present.

In addition, any type of sitcoms or movies that could be spun to fulfill this type of roleplay, I would be interested in.  I'm open to any character or setting that someone is familiar with, and will make myself familiar with the same material.  I'm not really sure what PM'ing someone does, but from reading some of the posts around here doing this allows for a certain level of communication or interest, so I assume to do that, or just respond to this thread.

For these stories it doesn't really matter to me if someone is male or female.  However, their are really only two roles that are played in these roleplays.  The first being the female, and the second being all the other male characters.  I'm a very descriptive person and would like the same from someone I roleplay with.  Also, as you might of been able to tell by now, these types of roleplays usually take quite a bit of time, from my experience usually 2 or 3 hours a session.  So if you have the time I would love to here from you.

For any questions or concerns about this please feel free to contact me and I will get in contact with you as soon as possible.  Hope to hear from you guys soon.


Just to clarify what I wrote above, the examples that I gave are not the only ones that I am interested in, I would love to hear from some people and their ideas that follow the same general theme.  Look forward to hearing from some of you soon.