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Started by Revolution, August 07, 2017, 01:24:46 AM

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Heyo. This is my first request thread, and I'm a little rusty so bear with my mistakes. Don't be afraid to PM me if you've got any questions at all.

If you don't see something here that you're curious about, please PM me. If you like my style and have your own plots or ideas, PM me!

The Personals

  • My Ons/Offs
  • I'm a casual roleplayer. I can reply at least twice a week, generally more if replies are shorter or I'm into the story.
  • I try to match my partner length-wise, but longer replies (6+ paragraphs) exhaust me mentally and take longer to write, obviously, so I can't reply as often. Just give me a poke if you're impatient, I don't mind, and I'll let you know what's up.
  • I only roleplay Male/Male relationships as the main pairing. As for side relationships/characters, as long as they don't get too in-depth, I'm cool with a lot of things. Just ask.
  • Grammar is good, but as you can see I don't stick to it that strictly. Take a look at my writing samples linked at the bottom of this post if you think it'll bother you.

Between Two Realms

The Basics 
A faerie somehow finds himself your character's world, injured and half dead. YC stumbles across him and takes care of the faerie for his own reasons; perhaps he wants to help out of the goodness of his own heart, or he has other selfish interests for not letting the faerie die. Perhaps the faerie committed some grave crime in his own world and escaped to YC's world as a last desperate effort to throw off his pursuers. Literally anything could happen.

  • I would like to play the faerie in this scenario [pictured above], with your character being the human/humanoid who finds him.
  • I'm NOT looking for a simpering sub who'll let MC walk all over him. I like playing switches or feisty subs, so I want to play against someone who will complement that.
  • I love sexual tension more than sex itself, so it'd be cool if they don't, like, jump immediately into the smutty bits.
  • I'd prefer a more fantasy/medieval setting, but I like chatting about roleplays so we can figure it out together if you have other ideas. (I'm not that picky, honest.)

Royal Compromise

The Basics
Our characters are both royalty from different countries. To maintain a freshly created truce between the two different countries, a member of the royalty is sent to stay in the other country for an extended period of time, (could be months/years). This is about them learning to get along with one another while juggling the best interests of their differing countries at the same time. (This is very loosely based off of the book series Captive Prince, if things had happened a little differently. You don't need to know anything about the series so don't let that scare you off.)

  • I will be playing a prince [pictured above: Miles McMillan]. I originally figured it would be two princes, equals, but of course I'd love to hear any character ideas you have if you're interested in the idea. Just let me know in the PM.
  • I want culture clashes and conflict between the two royals. Perhaps one country employs slaves, and the other harshly disagrees with that. Diet, government, sleeping arrangements, fashion, climate, etc.
  • Looking for a Switch/Dom! MC will be a switch/fiesty sub.
  • Sexual tension gives me life. It'll probably take a while for them to jump into anything substantial, but who knows.

Miscellaneous Themes/Loose Ideas

-- I'm fairly good at building plots around kinks if there's something you're itching to write, especially if it's something we both like. Just shoot me a PM and we can chat from there.

-- A one-shot clubbing scene where our characters dance and get dirty together. Could turn into a longer story if there's enough interest.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
<-- I desperately want to play a male belly dancer/entertainer. Could be fantasy themed/historical. Could be an entertainer that belongs to the royal family keeps teasing a residing lord and gets caught up in a scandalous love affair. Could do master/slave. The entertainer could be a gift to someone. I'd love to create a plot with someone!

-- Always interested in the tried and true 'dragon takes an interest in their human sacrifice as more than just a meal'. I'm cool with playing either the dragon or the human in this situation.

-- A/B/O. I've been reading a lot of fanfiction lately with A/B/O themes and I'm always up to include these dynamics in everything. Like this fic I read about Hunger Games style Alphas vs Omegas. Omegas have to escape an arena before an Alpha catches them, and it's considered a competitive sport.

PM me if you're interested, or if you want to write something else with me. Don't comment here, because I'll likely miss it. If you want some writing samples, here're some roleplays I was a part of when I was last active:

Dangers of the Desert w/ syrupy
Fix w/ Sevenpercentsolution
The Conqueror and his little Prince w/ shii
The Captive Prince w/ FlightlessBird
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Reopened Between Two Realms, and added Royal Compromise! Looking to add one or two new games!
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Added miscellaneous plots/themes! I'm always open to playing plots based on the themes listed in my on/offs. Just shoot me a PM if you're interested~
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