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January 19, 2021, 01:16:58 PM

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Author Topic: writing interesting stories (f for m, possible FxF, or FxTrans)  (Read 634 times)

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Offline lunetteTopic starter

Hello :3 let's dive right in shall we?

I am open to modern, fantasy, slice of life, fandom, and much more really, although I have the most fun in modern settings. I am open to many genres, I really only have two hard nos when it comes to the secondary genre. (because generally the main genre I desire is romance.)

tragedy/ CONSTANT drama (as in drama almost ever other post with no levity or fun. I have a big soft spot for comedy and this genre really has no natural room for it.)

When I role play I usually just prefer to describe MC in post, but I do have a face claim I can use in post. I do not let others choose my face claims or what my character looks like though, just because I enjoy when MC's are completely my own.

Generally I play large busted characters with brown hair and glasses whom are very short, the rest of the aspects depend on the rp, but generally those few traits are almost always in my character.

When I do a fandom roleplay I ONLY play original characters, and usually I am interested in playing against an original character as well since canon x OC feels unfair in most cases and I very much enjoy seeing the interesting characters people create to fit in different worlds (however, in the unlikely case that you really enjoy playing a canon character and don't mind playing against an OC, then by all means please still drop me a line if my request thread interests you!)

Fandom's I enjoy:
TMNT (...specifically Raphael from the live action movie. please don't judge me x3
harry potter
final fantasy (although be aware that my knowledge is rather limited)
and more, but can't think of anymore specifics to list. (feel free to message me and suggest a fandom if you feel so inclined!)

Generally I play lawful good characters with a deep sense of humor that they use to hide past trauma, upbeat and resilient despite all of the darkness they have faced.

I love to world build and come up with plots but I also love to bounce off ideas with my partner and I find this to be more enjoyable for both parties since it usually creates a invested interest.

I have a light size kink and enjoy when my partner's character is visually stronger and bigger than mine, so a relatively tall and muscular character (male, trans, or female) is pretty much my only request to how YC looks.

I am very much interested in smut being in the story however only if there is a build up to it, so the characters to catch feelings for one another before they get down to business, so at least a little build up~
(although mutual pining and attraction from the beginning is a must, if I can't easily tell if your character is attracted to mine when I read your posts it's difficult for me to build up the romance and enjoy playing.)

I love fluff but I also adore passion and having characters whom are drastically different so they butt heads and better the other through their struggles and become stronger together.
Romance is my bread and butter along with deep character development and interactions.

My NO's for sexy time and in general are:
-playing an under aged character (to be specific i will not play a girl under 20 years old)
-main character death
-Purely smut based stories (i need plot in order to enjoy myself)
-Any bathroom play
-BDSM (I can 'take the lead' or let my character be 'led', but domination or painful stimulation outside a spanking or biting lips/neck really isn't something I'm interested in, might also be open to gentle choking but only in selective cases.)

My 'YES PLEASE' are:
Crime fighting (think marvel, so action packed but usually with some levity. So not brooding and always dark)
Breast play (receiving)
Oral (receiving and giving)
Very light and affection based dom/sub dynamic
Marking (leaving hickies and scratches, etc..)
Sexual tension
Build up to smut

If I start a RP and then lose interest I will not just suddenly stop without giving an explanation or at the very least saying goodbye but I do my best to only play RP's I intend to keep going.

here is an example of my writing and to show the kind of depth I am looking for:

Lunette wasn't especially strong other then the strength behind being a skilled freerunner, but luckily for her, the woman Lunette was rescuing was especially tiny, she wondered if maybe she was a kid from just how light she was as Lunette picked her up like a fireman would across her shoulders and dashed away from the swarming black gas.
Lunette placed the woman to stand on her own two feet and smiled at her deist the fact that her mouth was covered, but she was the kind of upbeat person that her grin could be seen clearly through her bright eyes, "sorry about ruining your date, but uh, take it from me, you can do /so/ much better."

The petite girl blinked at Lunette as if she had never seen another human before, shocked from, well everything probably.

Lunette sighed, her shoulders slumping as she held her hand towards the girl for emphasis, "ok, that was just a playful way for me to say you should get outta here," when the girl still wouldn't move Lunette threw her arms up in exasperation, "well go on crazy face, what are you doing?" Lunette grabbed the woman's shoulders, twisting her around and pushing her forward, trying to kick start the lady's motor skills and get her to run away already, "people with guns around here! now SHOO!"

luckily this time the woman got the picture and started sprinting like her life depended on it, and Lunette was sure that a moment ago it had.

this was about the time she rounded back around the front of the truck to see what was going on with Shady Mc rips-off-car-doors and the mustache with legs.

Lunette stopped cold, the mans angry threat hanging in the air and almost poisoning it,

"I could kill you right now, in a second. you didn't care about trying to kill me, so why should I care about you? huh?"

Lunette winced at that reasoning, well, so much for thinking he was one of the good guys. generally the consensus of hero work was 'don't murder people unnecessarily' at least that was what she came to understand. sure she could sympathize and understand this hooded antihero's reasoning, but ultimately, she didn't feel it was right, so she had to do what /she/ thought was right

which, she was pretty damn sure she was going to regret.

she made anther smoke bomb, cocked her arm, held her breath, and then chucked it as hard as she could, slamming into the back of the mans head and then enveloping his face like a swarm of locus, but only for a few seconds, because she only intended to distract him from killing, and once she felt like she had she waved her hand and the black cloud suddenly rushed and covered mustache dude's face instead, leaving him blind and effectively incapacitated.

now that the man could see again Lunette did her best to stand tall and look unafraid, which was difficult due to only standing at a wimpy 5'3, her hands up by her head in an almost shrugging manner as she did her best to take on a casual tone, hoping maybe after a little joke she could reason with the guy, "ah, sorry bro, but this is a 'murdering free' zone, wouldn't wanna have to write you a heh heh." She gulped in nervous anticipation, but luckily she was far enough away to where he /probably/ couldn't hear it.

I have found that I cannot work with 'text talk' or present tense writing, no judment of course! I just cannot personally enjoy or work with replies of that nature. I am looking for someone whom can reply with in depth novel style posts which describe both the emotion in the character along with what they are physically doing.

I can and will reply at least once a day once an RP starts, sometimes more depending but usually once a day is what should be expected of me.

If any of this interests you please send me a PM with what you would like to try and some information about yourself and let's see if we can come up with something fun together?
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