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March 28, 2023, 02:13:44 pm

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Author Topic: Virtual Fuckality [M looking for F][Overwatch]  (Read 1008 times)

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Virtual Fuckality [M looking for F][Overwatch]
« on: July 26, 2017, 06:19:57 pm »
Inspired by this little gem (NSFW).

So, first things first: No major knowledge of the Overwatch universe is required for this setup. I’m just borrowing two of its characters and their basic (or parts of it) origin stories for this game, as well as elements of the world it is set in. There’s no dramatic big stuff. No Omnic Crisis, Overwatch (the organization) or anything like that.

She is Hana Song, a nineteen-year-old South Korean girl with a competitive spirit and a passion for gaming. Despite her young age, she is currently the world’s undisputed #1 Starcraft player for three years straight and is known globally in the gaming community by her callsign, D.Va. Despite being the object of many a (virgin) fanboy’s desire, she has always shown little interest in men     even from those most girls her age would want the attention from.

Truth is, Hana is a bit of a pervert. The teenage heartthrob pretty boys, athletes, and nerds pining after her don’t catch her attention at all. Instead, what makes her moist between the thighs is the idea of being ravished by a tall, burly, middle-aged man     the kind that's rough around the edges, with a beer belly, tattoos, and a face only a mother could love. Problem is, it's hard to find a man like that in South-Korea! Add to that the fact that her reputation could seriously be damaged if she was seen with such a man in public. So Hana’s wet dreams have thus far remained just that.

That is, until now!

Introducing the Augmented VR headset, the next level of virtual reality technology! To keep things simple, what makes this revolutionary is a small box that comes with each headset, which houses millions of nanomachines that are programmed to take almost any form or shape. Playing a racing game? They become your steering wheel, gas pedal, and clutch. Playing a finishing game? Here's your pole! Whatever your game needs it to be, the nanomachines become! Of course, as with most advances in the field of entertainment, it didn't take long for the sex industry to adapt it and create their own services for it, introducing software that allows the nanomachines to transform into lifelike avatars of actual people. This allows people to have sexual relationships with others from the comfort and safety of their own bedroom, with safety protocols in place that prevent acts of violence and other dangerous unwanted elements.

Now Hana scours the user bases of the most popular A-VR dating services, in search of her (wet) dream man…

He is Mako Rutledge, a forty-eight-year-old Australian man who made his living as a trucker, delivering supplies and goods to the solar farms and settlements that dotted the rough and vast Outback countryside. His favorite hobby is fishing, though being on the dirt roads of the inland for days to weeks at a time leaves him with few chances to do so. Luckily, with the arrival of A-VR, he now has something that comes darn close to the real deal.

Life as an Outback trucker isn’t the most glorious nor the safest job in the world. It also doesn’t help a single man find a wife very easily since most of the women he does actually meet on his trips are wives of solar farmers or are a little too crazy. On top of that, he’s not exactly what most would call god’s gift to women, being a tall but heavy-set fellow, covered in tattoos and a face that’s got some scarring from a particularly nasty encounter with bandits trying to steal his haul.

But with A-VR becoming more widespread, new services began to appear. Having already tried old-fashioned dating websites without much success     partly due to his constant traveling     he was initially wary. In the end, however, he decided to give it a shot, registering under his usual username “Roadhog,” while being curious to see what this whole A-VR avatar thing is like. Either way though, it was a good thing he decided to upgrade his truck with an antenna for high-speed wireless internet!

So I am looking for someone to play Hana Song, aka D.Va. I thought this to be a fun, smutty story, with the possibility of some sort interesting love story evolving later on, where the avatars, as lifelike as they may be (fluids included!) just isn’t enough anymore and the pair wants to get together in real life     and the events that may follow. Naturally, I’m open to ideas and discussion, so if you have interest, feel free to PM me! Oh, and also be sure to check out my O/O’s while you’re at it!
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