The Lonely Sadist and the young Masochist

Started by Jester, July 26, 2017, 07:21:36 AM

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He was a widower and an older gentleman.  No one would have known his secret. His passion. He was a sadist and at home in his spare room he stored a treasure trove of canes and floggers and other varied instruments to cause pain to a submissive girl.

He was lonely though and he had not spent time enjoying his hobbies for a long time since the death of his wife.

He meets your character quite by chance. It could be an innocent comment, a careless dropping of a book or perhaps a reply to an online advert. But your character needs what he offers nearly as much. MAybe your character needs an older dominant daddy or perhaps it keeps them from self harming and managing their depression

Possible starts could be

1. Meeting at a coffee shop and one notices the title of the others book and they start chatting.
2. Your character accepts a new job as a cleaner and one day the spare room is not locked and you cannot help but peek inside and at once you are excited.
3. Your character responds to an advert advertising regular spanking sessions.
4. They meet at a drugs or alcohol rehabilitation centre hoping to find suppoort for their addictions and depression.
5. Your character catches my character masturbatng in a public place and decides to help the sad old fool!
6. In desperate need of a father figure you would do anything to please your neighbour/ mums new boyfriend.

This is a story focused on spanking, pain, but also a touching and tender friendship between the two characters. Ages can be changed. They are both depressed and they both have something they can give each other.