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November 23, 2020, 07:29:18 PM

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Author Topic: Giantess/Shrinking interest thread (M for F/T) (now with Ant-Man)  (Read 1567 times)

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Shale's Giantess Requests!

What am I looking for?
I’m looking for a partner who is willing to play a regular sized woman/trans/futa giantess,
who interacts with my doll-sized male character. I don’t care about your gender, just if
you RP women well. I’m also looking for someone who’s more about story than smut.
I want it to feel real—as real as shrinking/giantess can be—and to be fun as well.
I want to explore the relationships and emotions more than the kinks associated with it.
For more, please read my *O/Os* or check my preferences in my profile.

What am I not looking for?
Just sex and kinks. I definitely want it, but I want emotions and feelings and even
funny moments with heart. I'm also not as into women becoming the size of giants
and toppling skyscrapers. But if she's in a giant world, like jack going to visit the giants,
that I do enjoy.

What do I look for in size differences?
Well if she’s the giantess, or he’s the shrunken, in comparison, he has to
seem anywhere between ½ inch to 5 inches tall to her. Sometimes bigger
can work, like a foot or two tall for a different scenario.

If you have any giantess/shrinking ideas, even if you don’t find it here, PM me!
I’d be curious to hear your ideas!

This Changes our Relationship

Themes: Friends becoming more, change to the everyday routine
Kinks: Shrinking, body exploration, maybe some voyeur (more can be discussed)

He’s working at a lab, when he spills a solution on himself and shrinks down to a tiny size. Until they can figure out how to reverse it, his female best friend decides to take him in.

Perhaps he’s secretly been in love with her for a long time, or maybe he always saw her just as a sister. Maybe she loved him or saw him as a brother. Whatever the situation is, things change. She has to take care of him, and he has to be okay with needing her help because honestly, he finds it degrading.

As time passed, maybe he catches glances of her changing or coming out of the shower. Maybe she finds it cute to treat him like a teddy bear, especially when she’s down or lonely. Maybe she starts teasing him or catches him watching her as she changes. Maybe if she catches him, she’s pissed and throws him in a drawer, or maybe she loves it and lets him watch.

I want to explore this relationship from friends to something more. What the relationship is afterwards, whether it’s a pet and master, or lovers, can be discussed. I also want to explore the daily change in their routine. Where does he get clothes? How does she keep him safe? If things become more sexual or fun, what do they do? What happens when she’s pissed at him or in a bad mood? Does she take it out on him? What about when she’s feeling lonely? Does she cuddle with him? A lot can be explored. A lot of conflicts can come from just them accepting the new day to day routine, and their feelings for each other.

Exotic Pet Shop

Themes: Culture difference, language barrier, sci-fi
Possible Kinks: pet play, size difference, gentle or strict giantess (more can be discussed)

She wasn’t human. Perhaps she looked close to human, or just humanoid—this can be discussed. However, she’s part of a space-faring race with advanced technology. She was also lonely and needed some companionship.

So she decided to go to her local pet shop. It wasn’t just any pet shop—it was an exotic one. There she could find pets from all across the galaxy. One creature stood out from the rest. He was a human, and extremely small compared to her. The size difference between their races is significant, to say the least.

He made sounds. Was it language? If it was, she didn’t understand what he was saying. It didn’t matter. She got all the necessary information on how to take care of him from the owner, and bought the appropriate accessories, including a cage and a leash.

She just wanted a pet. The problem was, he only wanted to escape. Does she sympathise with him, try to learn his language, and help get him home? Or does she really want a pet and decides to discipline and train him until he submits and accepts his place?

The Accident

Themes: Domination, covering up mistakes, captivity
Possible Kinks: Shrinking, strict/gentle giantess, trapped in clothes, immobilisation (more can be discussed)

This is similar to the “this changes our relationship” idea. However this time there’s a female colleague who accidentally drops the solution on him. She’s not exactly the nicest of people, and certainly not nice to him. She also needs this job and is close to getting fired. She realises this accident is probably the last straw.

So she does the only thing she can think of, and she quickly hides him and sneaks him out of the lab. She can’t let him escape and puts him in a cage/drawer. She doesn’t know what to do, and can’t bring herself to kill him and bury his body. Maybe she actually has a crush on him. She spins a lie with work and convinces them that he quit and left the country. Though, maybe some are suspicious of her, especially his family.

He only wants to escape but realises he’s at her mercy. So he agrees that he won’t try to escape if she can bring him back to regular size. Though he may need to help her—so she may need to sneak him in and out of the lab, and how she does it can be tricky.

Maybe things change between them and they fall for each other. Or maybe she gets pissed at his constant escape attempts and becomes extremely strict with him. Many things can be explored.

The Secret Affair

Themes: secret love affair
Possible Kinks: Shrinking, loving/strict giantess, trapped in clothes (more can be disccused)

A bit undeveloped, this can take place in almost any setting or genre, with any set of characters. However what’s important is that their love affair is taboo. Perhaps she’s a princess and he’s a commoner. Maybe she’s popular and he’s a nerd. Maybe she’s a rich socialite and he’s the help. Regardless of the relationship, she’s of higher status and decides (either willing or unwilling) to shrink him. She then carries him around, and plays with him, using her as she wishes.

The Revenge of the Ex

Themes: Revenge, domination
Possible Kinks: Shrinking, evil giantess, femdom, pet play, crushing, immobilisation, objectification (can be discussed)

This is a bit undeveloped, and far more sinister than the other scenarios. She’s pissed at him for breaking up or cheating on her. So she decides to get her revenge. She shrinks him down, and keeps him as her pet or treats him as an object she owns.

There are some things she could do to him, but it depends on what you’re comfortable with. This can all be discussed. I don’t have a lot of limits.

The Pet

Themes: Obsession, mistress/pet
Possible Kinks: Shrinking, pet play, femdom, gentle giantess (can be discussed)

This one is a bit undeveloped. The story goes that there’s a woman, who’s in love with a man. Maybe he’s a neighbour, a friend, whatever. She falls in love, but he doesn’t show back the same love. So she decides she wants to have him all to herself, and the best way is to shrink him down to a more manageable size.

She takes him, cages him, brings him for walks, and trains him to become an obedient pet to her. Now he’s all hers, and he has to come to terms with this. Will he accept his new place as her pet, or will he fight it every step of the way?

*NEW* Ant-Man!

Themes: Superheroes, Action, Romance
Possible Kinks: Trapped in clothing, carrying, body exploration, maybe something more sinister

I just came from Ant Man and the Wasp, and loved it. This story specifically revolves around Scott and Hope, between the first Ant Man movie and the Avengers. They're facing a villain and Hank, hope's father, has gone missing. So has all of his lab equipment. Now Hope and Scott must find Hank and save him. But their villain has attacked Ant-man, and his suit's regulator malfunctions, shrinking him to about 1 inch. They try to fix it, but hope needs the lab equipment, which is gone/destroyed.

Unfortunately Scott is too big to ride his ant, so now Hope needs to carry him around. He finds it humiliating, but she finds it funny and cute. Some sexy situations could happen between them.

Also we could do some alternatives, a story pairing up Ant-Man with Black Widow, or with another female superhero, or even just a regular woman. He could be on the run, in hiding, and needs her help. Perhaps he's been captured by a female villain, and kept as her prisoner. We could even do completely new characters, I play an Ant-Man like character, but not exactly Ant-Man. There are many possibilities.

Giantess/Shrinking Pairings

All of these pairings are very general, but a good starting point for something
involving giantess or shrinking mixed into the idea.

MC in Bold

Research Scientist x Test Subject
Biochemist/Science Student x Friend
Villain x Superhero
Teacher x Student
Teacher x Student
Popular Girl x Nerdy boy (but more depth than just cliche characters)
(step) Mother x (step) Son
(step) Sister x (step) Brother
(step) Aunt x (step) Nephew
Step-Daughter x Step-Father (no regular daughter x father)
Female Alien Invader x Human
Female Alien x Human Male Astronaut
Neightbor x Neighbor
Older Woman x Younger Man

Other Ideas?

Many things can be explored with this dynamic. If you have any other ideas for giantess/shrinking, even if you’re not sure I’d be into it, just drop me a PM. Who knows, maybe I’ll discover something else fun and new.
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Re: Story based Giantess/Shrinking interest thread (M for F/T)
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- "Giantess/Shrinking Pairings" section
- 2 pictures

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Re: Giantess/Shrinking interest thread (M for F/T)
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Figured I would give this a bump, and see if anyone was interested.

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Re: Giantess/Shrinking interest thread (M for F/T)
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I wanted to give this a quick bump, to see if anyone else would show any interest.

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Re: Giantess/Shrinking interest thread (M for F/T)
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Bump, and added some pictures and new pairings.

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Re: Giantess/Shrinking interest thread (M for F/T) (now with Ant-Man!!!)
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I've added a new story with Ant-Man, and fixed up my thread.

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Re: Giantess/Shrinking interest thread (M for F/T) (now with Ant-Man)
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A small bump