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Author Topic: Game of Thrones Story Ideas (M Looking for F)  (Read 594 times)

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Game of Thrones Story Ideas (M Looking for F)
« on: July 21, 2017, 08:31:57 AM »
Game of Thrones Request Thread

{Work in Progress}

Here are just a bunch of ideas I'd love to explore with a writer interested in the Game of Thrones TV Series. I am also an avid reader of A Song of Ice and Fire so if you'd prefer to base it off the books, I can do that too. For my On's and Off's and more details about what I look for, please check out my signature.

Fallen and Reborn

Davos Dayne

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Character:  Davos Dayne

Alias:  The Son of Morning

Age:  23

Position: Lord of Starfall and The Elbow

Allegiance:  House Martell (potentially House Targaryen)

Appearance:  Having pushed himself from a young age and getting involved in as many battles as he could, Davos Dayne carries the scars of a warrior despite his young age. Of Muscular build with wide shoulders and a slim waist, he stands taller than most men at 6 foot 1. He keeps his silver blond hair short and his eyes gleam purple and fierce at nearly all times.

Personality:  Raised on the stories of the Daynes, Davos has dreamed of greatness. This has made him ambitious and driven, but he has not allowed this to stop himself from realizing his humble upbringings. He is fair and measured in his approach to everyone, and is known for giving people a chance at first. However he is fierce with loyalty to those that matter to him, so can release an anger that is rarely seen but is scary to behold.

His Story So Far:  House Dayne is famed through the lands for their ancestral weapon Dawn and the naming of their greatest knights "The Sword of Morning". The once "Kings of the Torrentine" however have not been Kings, or even considered "Great" & "Powerful" lords for a long time. Songs are written about their beautiful daughters and galiant sons. But apart from Starfall and The Elbow, what power have they ever really held in Westeros.

With Edric Dayne's death whilst he was with the Brotherhood without Banners, their was a sudden power vacuum in Starfall where there was no clear heir to the throne. Run under regency for a period of time, it was brought forward that Ser Arthur Dayne had actually born a son with a woman out of wedlock. Not shun upon in Dornish customs,

Davos Dayne plans to change that how House Dayne has been percieved. Having grown up hearing stories of his House, of the great "Swords of Morning" and the "Kings of the Torrentine", Davos has dreamed of being both. Those dreams have driven him to work hard on not only himself but on the future of House Dayne and Starfall. Coined to be the next "Sword of Morning" and becoming more and more ambitious as he honed his skills, there are fears in Sunspear that he even has aspirations to be the Prince of Dorne.

However, every Lord needs a Lady, to continue their dynasty. Every man needs a woman to plot their next move. Perhaps they even need a snake in the sand? Or an ambitious heir? Or maybe even a Lady from another Kingdom of Westeros, who the laws of Dorne appeal to, where women can inherit.

History of Family:

Sexual Identity:  Hetro-sexual

Rumors and Gossip: 
  • Is the result of union between Arthur Dayne & A Martell???
  • Has a collection of relic's & weapons gathered from a short stint with the Golden Company

Strengths and Key Skills:  Master of Dual Swords, Horseriding, Inspiring Leader

Flaws and Weaknesses:  His ambition blinds him and sometimes he lets his heart lead him when he'd be better off following his head.

Character Likes and On's:

Character Dislikes and Off's:


Special Notes: 

Additional Pictures:
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