A 'sisters' secret and other ideas [Futa, NC, bon, other]

Started by Hellis, January 04, 2009, 09:53:53 AM

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A sisters secret is pretty straightforward idea.

Bold is my desired part


Josh knew something was of with his half sister. They lived in seperate homes sp he never got a chance to dfind out just what it was. But during visit to their aunt thee the two are left alone. And when he hears his sister make noises in her room he stumbles upon her secret, knowing his life will never be the same. In order to turn the situation to her advantage his sister introduces him to please a cock can give him.

The Dark elves oath: MalexAny

A fantasy scenario, it chronicles the meeting between a cynical and mean spirited Half-Drow (mine) and someone cruel hearted who hires him for an bodyguard. The two of them affecting each others views on life as they get more and more entangled in each other. Will most likely contain bondage and and rough sex the more the get to know each other.

See on and offs for kinks and the like.