Your very bad day (M for F, lots of spanking, no sex, one shot)

Started by Denivar, July 05, 2017, 10:32:47 PM

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You are a high school student with a bright future. A good devoted young Christian woman who has made a commitment to save herself for marriage, attends Church regularly, has excellent grades, and are popular. You attend a prestigious private Christian school. Perhaps you're even a pastor's daughter.

Your parents and your school both believe strongly in corporal punishment for misbehavior. However, you have never really been spanked. You're a good, well behaved young lady after all.

This role play would be about that one Very Bad Day when everything goes wrong. A perfect storm of terribleness. It might start in the morning with you giving your mother a little too much attitude. She's frustrated -- you've been crossing the line a bit too much lately -- and this results in her telling you she needs to do "what should have been done some time ago" and you get your first ever spanking. Then you are sent off to school with admonitions "not to be late". One thing leads to another, and somehow, at school you make a teacher mad. You are normally such a teacher's pet and the idea of you being punished is just about unthinkable, but today is that one-in-a-million bad day. You crossed the wrong teacher at the wrong time and he organizes for you to be made an example of, paddled in front of the entire class!

You see where this is going ... a perfect storm of slightly unbelievable pain and punishment for your poor character, perhaps caused by slightly hilarious (well not to her) coincidences.

Much of the role play will focus on the pain and humiliation of the spankings, and her shocked reaction to them. This role play won't have any sex in it (no teachers progressing things by seeing you after class to ravish you) though it might have some focus on your sexual reaction to what is happening. (Perhaps you find it painful and humiliating but can't help but feel aroused at the same time, maybe to your confusion?) ... and perhaps your character soothes herself at the end of the day by pleasing herself.

This is probably quite a different idea, so naturally it will probably only be interesting to people who enjoy a good spanking as much as I do. Please message me if interested.
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