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August 17, 2019, 09:43:47 AM

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Author Topic: Encounters in the Pokemon world. (Seeking GM and/or 1-2 players for interaction)  (Read 578 times)

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Offline NygennTopic starter

Last year I got into Pokemon RP with a character who has really grown on me since then. It has been a while since I got to play and would like to explore some more interactions of any kind with him.

Short character summary
His name is Salem Archon, now about 22 years old and he is from the fictional paradise region 'Regalo Del'Mar'. This region is extremely primitive, with people living wild and free in small tribe communities alongside wild Pokemon. Some time ago Salem set out to explore the world and found his way into the strange and exciting world of modern society, where he first learned about Pokemon capture, training and battling. He met a wonderful girl who inspired him to explore his talent and potential as a trainer and has since found a master to drill him in the ways of the elite.
As part of his training Salem has been traveling with the girl for the last year and has fallen in love with her, but she is keeping him at arms length. Now recently his master has has called him back to be her representative in a gathering of the rich and famous whilst they reside in a luxury resort where they are discussing setting up a grand Pokemon Expo next year.

Personality wise Salem is a very energetic and positive person who is still very new to the ways of the modern world. He struggles with the concepts of class hierarchy which can naturally lead to rubbing people the wrong way by accident. He is very social, warm and caring though. He has a wonderfully trained warrior/swimmer physique, with golden brown skin, white hair, sparking sea-green eyes and a heart-melting smile. A couple of very loyal Pokemon accompany him on his adventures.

Mentally he is extremely open minded and sexually about as liberal as they come. Sex with love is the best of course, but sex for the fun of it or just to relax is no big deal either and for that reason he is not picky about the gender or species of his partners.

My attempts at drawing Salem

What I am looking for
It's really quite simple, I just want to play Salem again and meet some interesting characters for fun/interesting/potentially steamy interactions. Like Salem I don't really mind if they are male or female, human or Pokemon, or trainers with Pokemon. The encounters can be something short that happen along the way to his next destination, or something longer lasting.
They can be anything from a wild Pokemon encounter, to a person in need of help, to someone looking to just seduce this exotic man for some quick fun or perhaps try for something more long lasting and substantial, or even someone or multiple someone's who ambush him and capture him for one reason or another. It can also be a combination of things with 1 or more players. I'm open to anything really.

If I can find someone willing to GM some events then that would be ideal. Perhaps we could even discuss the gathering of the spoiled elite where Salem will clearly stand out as a sore thumb, but might also catch the eye of someone. I'm open to suggestions.

I don't mind if you're a girl playing a guy or a guy playing a girl or any other combination. The RP can be a single encounter or a series of events. The only thing I do ask is that you are literate and a detailed writer. I am interested in characters with some depth, thoughts and motivations and will ask you to try and make your posts several paragraphs long. Give me something to respond to and interact with.

That said, feel free to post here or send me a PM if you are interested and have questions or suggestions.

Salem's Pokemon

Salem has gathered a diverse bunch of companions over the years and no two are alike.

Blastoise (M), Ajax is Salem's oldest friend and companion and a giant Blastoise, easily twice the height of what is the norm. It's on his shell that Salem first left the Archipelago that is his home region. Currently Ajax resides with the trainer girl who inspired Salem. In his absence he entrusted her protection to his best friend.

Mawile (F), Kaguya is Salem's Mega evolution. She's had a very tough life before meeting Salem and is covered in scars because of it. She's very introvert and used to not get along with anyone or anything, but recently Salem and she made a breakthrough, unlocking her Mega-form and awakening her love for her trainer. She has expressed an interests to be sexually intimate with Salem, but her small stature and his large size make this difficult.

Infernape (M), Achilles is an arrogant little shit of a Pokemon. He's half the size of what is normal for his species and thoroughly pissed of about that. He's aggressive, competitive, and all together a real hand full, although he has recently come to respect Salem and his prowess as a trainer. So long as Salem keeps benefiting his combat performance Achilles will listen to his instructions.

Dratini (F), Aeryn is Salem's genetically modified adoptive daughter. About two years ago he rescued her egg from a Rocket Laboratory on an island where they were doing genetic testing. He had no idea what she was or if the egg was even still alive at the time, but he just couldn't take the chance to abandon a potential new life. She hatched sometime later and turned out to be a Dratini so dark in color she almost appears blue/black. The baby imprinted on him and he fell in love with her in return so he adopted her as his baby girl.

Minccino (M), Tymolin, Timo for short, is an active and somewhat delusional young Pokemon. With a very lively imagination he very much has his own take on reality and seems to live in a world where he is a brave hero with many dangerous adversaries and rivals. Particularly Ajax often bears the brunt of Timo's fantastic tales, which he usually just ignores.

Emolga (F), Emily is not really one of Salem's Pokemon but rather a free Pokemon who is infatuated with Tymolin and often wants to play the role of the princess in his fantastic stories. She's been with the group for a little over a year now and Salem has offered to make her a part of the team whenever she wishes. To this date she's declined for reasons yet to be determined.

Cherubi (F), Lenalee is the physical representation of the party's innocence. She's a little mentally challenged resulting in a perpetual childlike persona. Completely unfit for battle she does always manages to lift spirits with her wonder and optimism and sugar sweet kisses. She posses some healing and support abilities which have saved the group on multiple occasions during their adventures.

Absol (M), Sorano while being the latest addition to Salem's team immediately became a very close companion and confidante. Being one of the more responsible members of the team Salem often entrusts Sorano to watch over the others when he's not able to do so. Sorano is very curious about Salem and his adventures and thoroughly addicted to the massages Salem always gives his Pokemon after they worked out hard. These often lead to a happy ending and sometimes, when the mood is right he gets to mount and fill his trainer to show his appreciation.

Garchomp (M), Fang is not actually one of Salem's Pokemon, but rather one of the combatants of the girl who motivated Salem. During their separation she insisted that if he gave her Ajax then she would give him Fang. Luckily Fang and Salem get along like brothers and often spend their mornings sparring and wrestling each other for exercise.

As you may have noticed, Salem has more than six Pokemon with him and that is because I have always felt that the limit of six is more of a tournament agreement than it is a physical barrier. Salem also doesn't have a PokeDex nor is he affiliated with any of the known professors that take care of trainer Pokemon. This is just my take on things however and I have always felt that in an RP you could make things a little bit more realistic than the videogame mechanics allow. They do form a decent basis for general guidelines though.