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December 03, 2020, 02:19:34 PM

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Author Topic: True Sons of Japan (WIP) (Seeking Co-GM) (Harem) (Canon/OC Friendly)  (Read 966 times)

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Offline WanderingBlackDragonTopic starter

Where to begin...

Premise & Overview
I've been nurturing an idea for group roleplay for a couple weeks already. The short of it is that I'm looking to begin something of a rping continuity, in which various players would get together to tell different stories about an overarching world, and eventually a universe. Once each rp's story is resolved, that one would end and another one can be started up at another time, building off the events of that story.

This continuity I have planned involves an Multi-Dimensional Guild of sorts. The greater details of this guild can be found here and will be updated soon. The short version is that The Guild is more of a network for people with extraordinary abilities & talents (I.E Superheroes) that allows them to contact one another to collaborate efforts, trade resources & services, and for people in need of such people to contact them. Due to The Guild's cooperation with most governments, membership can yield certain legal privileges such as freedom of travel, possession of dangerous weapons, or exemption from schooling for younger members

These roleplays will contain a mix of canon and original characters, settings, & mythos. As such, players who wish to play as canon characters or original characters are welcome to join.

The Roleplay Itself

This roleplay is going to be a mix of action and romance, as would be befitting the nature of this site. The universe itself is a modern one, containing supernatural elements that are esoteric and/or hidden from the general public, such as power with supernatural abilities, or supernatural races (I.E elves, kitsune, etc) hide in plain site and the like. I may have such creatures decide to make their presence public, but that can be saved for another rp.

The story of this rp is set in Japan. The nation is in a state of unrest as a group of nationalist extremists called Nihon no shin no musuko, or "The True Sons of Japan" has taken to the streets. Their goal is to ultimately purge all foreigners, be them tourist or immigrant, and foreign influence from Japanese society. Afterwards, they wish to return society to the ways of the Edo period.

As one would guess, this group has brutally attacked people -both foreigners and those who even disagree with them- have burnt down libraries, immigration offices, cafes, or anything bearing what they consider "Cultural poison". Despite the extremists violent actions and dogmatic ideology, their numbers continue to grow and they are picking up a shocking amount of support. The country is now divided on this subject, between the extremists and their supporters, and those who are at least against their rhetoric.

So far when I came up with this, I wanted this rp to be more cooperative and have the players ban together to deal with this group. I may still do this, but I might be inclined to allow some players decide which side they'd be on.

Also, I originally wanted to use this plot to serve another rp craving in the form of harem play with my OC. However, at the same time, I'd like to make the rp a bit more open for other romance/sexual plots, just as long as they don't interfere with one another. To accommodate this, I'd like to allow players to play multiple characters, with a limit of three per player. Since this is my first time attempting to run a RP group in a while, I want to keep it small for now by allowing three players and then once things are running smoothly, allow a few more.

What I'm looking for
As aforementioned, I haven't attempted to run a rp group in a while, and my last attempts at doing so didn't pan out very well. I'm looking for a GM to help me iron out any kinks in the rp's story and format. Once that's finished and the rp itself begins, I just need help managing the whole thing, making sure the players are obeying the rules and, most importantly, enjoying themselves. This may include controlling certain NPCs, especially for the action scenes, and helping me manage the story.

While the RP itself would be open to canon and original characters of different backgrounds, considering this RP in particular takes place in Japan, I'm looking for someone into Anime/Manga/Japanese video games, or someone with knowledge of Japanese culture to Co-GM with me.

If you are interested

Simply drop a response in this thread or send me a PM where we can talk further.

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