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Author Topic: Through Time & Space  (Read 4093 times)

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Through Time & Space
« on: June 20, 2017, 12:34:53 pm »

Join me as I take on the insane project of liveblogging every currently released Doctor Who episode! This will also include the Big Finish expanded universe. I cannot liveblog a book, but I will be reviewing the Virgin New Adventures and Eighth Doctor Novels when I get to those.
Yes, I am insane.
Yes, I think it will be worth it.

Please note that there will be spoilers in this thread.

If I catch up, I will spoiler tag current release episodes for a week before removing the tags. Please do not shout at me. >_>

Comments are welcomed. :>

(Fancy graphics coming soon)
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Re: Through Time & Space
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2017, 12:35:41 pm »
Looking for a specific story? Here's the place to look!

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Re: Through Time & Space
« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2017, 11:26:27 am »
An Unearthly Child
Original Airdate: 23rd November 1963 - 14th December 1963

For the sake of these old serials, I'll be taking the first episode as the name of the serial. Each episode has an individual name until we hit partway through the second Doctor, I think? Off the top of my head.

An Unearthly Child is incredible. Even now, I think it stands up to the test of time. I feel we get a fantastic introduction to the world and to the Doctor as a character, and it doesn't give too much away. It keeps you guessing. Of course, I didn't watch this on broadcast. I'm speaking as a fan who has watched this several times, and who had seen episodes prior to watching this. Still, I feel it is an important watch for any Who fan.

We start with Ian and Barbara discussing an unusual student with exceptional knowledge. She knows more than any fifteen year old girl should, and is beyond simple concepts, such as the currency of the time. The two teachers, Ian and Barbara, decide to follow Susan home to see nothing but a Police Box in a junkyard, where she apparently lives with her grandfather. This startles the two teachers, and...

There, for the very first time, we meet the Doctor.
'I tolerate this century but I don't enjoy it.'

William Hartnell is an incredible Doctor. Seriously. He's delightfully alien, he's an enormous grump, and he's hard to relate to. He refuses to let on that Susan is here until Ian and Barbara hear her from inside the TARDIS, and then they force their way into the TARDIS, which we see for the first time is bigger on the inside!
Ian gives the most disbelief, given that he is a scientist and cannot comprehend. The Doctor spends a considerable amount of time being annoyed by the presence of the humans and chastises Susan for wanting to attend school, and eventually gets fed up and effectively kidnaps Ian and Barbara. We find out very little about the world we will eventually come to know as Gallifrey, only that Susan and the Doctor have fled and are unable to go back.

...And then we move onto the second episode, Cave of Skulls. And that's the downfall of this serial, really. Which, you know, is to be expected. Though I don't honestly mind the change too much. It's commonly regarded as being a terrible followup to a cracking start, but I like the story, honestly.
The TARDIS, for the first time, has landed back in the past. Back in the time of the neanderthals who have just discovered fire, and the tribe are struggling to come to terms with the change fire brings. Since the leader who could make fire has died, there is a challenge between two would-be leaders of the tribe. One is the son of the firemaker (Za), the other is the leader of another tribe that froze to death at some point (Kal).

I'd like to point out this was all done on a set. The sets, for the time, look fantastic and believable, of all things.

The Doctor is kidnapped as Kal saw fire shoot from his fingers and he demands the Doctor makes fire for the tribe. But with no matches, Kal becomes a laughing stock, and Za turns on the Doctor. Which is when Susan, Ian and Barbara re-appear and are taken prisoner, sealed away in the Cave of Skulls which is, quite literally, a Cave of Skulls.

During their captivity, the TARDIS crew are visited by an elderly woman from the tribe who is scared of fire and promises to set them all free if they do not show Za how to make fire. She is unfortunately caught after setting Team TARDIS free, and is killed during a scuffle with Za. I assume, anyway. It isn't exactly made clear, though.
Ian quickly becomes the leader, much to the annoyance of the Doctor, who still can't see him as anything other than a lesser being.

Za is injured whilst following Team TARDIS, attacked by an animal, and it is Barbara who cannot stand to see him suffer and so rushes forward to help, which is something that is misunderstood by Za and his missus. And, oh, actually, the old woman is not dead, though she doesn't last long and is killed by Kal for letting everybody free. Kal, to the tribe, twists this story and makes out like Za killed her, not him.
We cut back to Team TARDIS and it is agreed to take Za back to the ship, though Ian catches the Doctor picking up a rock to presumably try and kill him. Hard to stop the habit of a lifetime, you know.

Kal takes leadership of the tribe, because the tribe believes his lie, and that takes us to the the final episode!

Team TARDIS return Za back to the tribe after they have been intercepted by Kal and some warriors of the tribe, and Kal tries to weave his lies. He is tripped up by the Doctor after he is tricked into showing his knife covered in blood, and the Doctor persuades them all that Kal needs to go to exile as he will kill them all.
Za has made a miraculous recovery and can suddenly stand as team TARDIS are once again taken prisoner in the Cave of Skulls.

Za gets the full story of what happened during his injury from his missus, and Za contemplates something Ian told him about the whole tribe being stronger than an individual. He is adamant he will become leader and the firemaker, and so he goes to visit our wonderful adventures in the Cave, who are... Making fire!
Za promises to set the team free if they show him how to make fire, and all is going well until Kal returns! Ready to kill Za, except he becomes distracted by the fire, before launching into an attack. Za and Kal fight. It should come as no surprise that Za wins, and he leaves the Cave with fire to show his tribe.

Unfortunately, Za does not hold up his end of the bargain and does not let our wonderful team go. Susan has the wonderful idea of putting skulls onto torches, and when the tribespeople come to give them food, they are scared of the burning skulls, allowing team TARDIS to escape.
Well, giving them just enough time to run, back to the TARDIS, which seems a long way away thanks to some wonderful camera trickery.

The TARDIS dematerialises just as the tribe surrounds it, and we are away, Ian and Barbara begging to be returned back to their own time and the Doctor reveals he cannot actually fly the ship. Instead, they land on a rather... Alien world.
The radiation reading is delayed and pans to DANGER, and we cut away...

Next time: The Dead Planet!
Daleks. Next time: Daleks.
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Re: Through Time & Space
« Reply #3 on: June 26, 2017, 11:49:59 am »
The Daleks
Original Airdate: 21st December 2963 - 1st February 1964

So, a little bit of history to begin with. Doctor Who was never supposed to have 'Bug Eyed Aliens'. It was a gap that appeared in the first series that led to the Daleks being written and allowed to happen. It was penned as a one off, monsters who would never return.


This episode has been remade as Dr Who and the Daleks for the cinema in technicolour, starring Peter Cushing, and is just as good.

I also have a horrible bias because I love Daleks.

Anyway, here we go. We dive right in with the Daleks, picking up where we left off last episode. Back in the old days of telly, things were filmed with as few re-takes as possible. We see the radiation slip into DANGER just as team TARDIS go out and explore.
We are greeted by a very alien world.
It takes a while for the camera to adjust and settle out, or... Could be an intended effect. Not sure.
The world is dead. Quite literally, a Dead Planet. The things are barely living, covered in a thick ash. The Doctor and Susan go off to investigate, and Ian and Barbara talk about where they are and their current lost situation.

Susan is more interested in the beauty of the world whereas the Doctor is more interested in... Facts. Barbara finds an alien slug lizard thing that has been turned to stone, and the team decide this is probably not Earth, as the Doctor discovers the lizard is made of metal. Actual, living metal.

Cue human confusion! NOT ON EARTH! Barbara struggles with this, and talks with Ian who encourages her to keep faith. She then talks to Susan about the TARDIS, and returning home.

Ian finds a city in the distance, a very futuristic city. Sixties style futuristic. There are no signs of life in the city, and the Doctor's interest in it outweighs the safety of the others. Shocker. Even so early on, we become used to the idea he likes to get what he wants.
Still, they return to the TARDIS and Susan falls behind to pick up a flower, and gets freaked. We see a hand before she runs off screaming back to the TARDIS. On board there are discussions, and we see a bit more of the TARDIS' fancy capabilities, including logistics and food. Which is not proper food, more like blocks of stuff that is flavoured. The team are about to go to bed until there's a knocking at the door!


The scanner reads nobody is there, and after some arguing between Ian and the Doctor, they leave. We see the Doctor remove something from the lower console, and he lies about the fluid link having broken. Needs refilling. Mercury, that is't onboard the ship.
They need to get some from... Outside.
From the city.

And now we realise the Doctor is a bit of a shit. Spoiler: this doesn't change.

A reluctant team, except for the overjoyed Doctor, leave for the city in the daylight, though they find a little box outside the TARDIS. Poking it with a stick proves it isn't explosive (also if you poke something explosive, be sure to cover your face. Tips by Ian) and Susan takes the box and glass vials inside into the TARDIS for later testing. Then, it's to the city.

Another good looking set.

The team start to feel unwell once they reach the city, though they continue regardless, finding some unusual doors that open with a wave of the hand. Barbara is the first to go in as the team split up, and she travels down some corridors with short doorways, unaware the doors are sliding closed behind her.
We follow her for some time until she becomes trapped, and the fear sets in. She's realised the doors have closed behind her.
We cut back to Ian, Susan and the Doctor who have found nothing and are confused as to why Barbara has not reappeared, and then back to Barbara, who is running around wildly. Alone and afraid, sealed in.

The last shot we see is of Barbara screaming, pressed against a wall as a plunger approaches.
An iconic shot, and an amazing cliffhanger.

We move onto the Survivors. Part two of seven.

Ian, Susan and the Doctor enter the city and begin their search, and they hear a ticking sound, which leads them to a lab. They come to the realisation the people who live in the city are very intelligent, and also that the ticking is a geiger counter and the radiation is incredibly high. The Doctor comes to the realisation a neutron bomb was dropped outside, and also that they all have radiation sickness.
He also admits to messing about with the fluid link, and demands they must get back. Leaving Barbara, but Ian refuses to let that happen. Susan sides with him, and a reluctant Doctor agrees.

Then they leave the lab and walk into a group of Daleks.

They are ordered to obey orders, but Ian runs and is shot, paralysed from the waist down. They are taken to a prison where we see Barbara, and team TARDIS are reunited yay!
They discuss the Daleks, as they assumed they were just machines. It's Barbara who realises there may be something inside of the cases. She's also informed that they all have radiation sickness, and will die without treatment.
The Daleks are watching this on a camera, and it becomes apparent they are watching the radiation sickness. They discuss Thals, who live on the surface without any radiation sickness, but their four new prisoners have the sickness.
The Doctor is questioned about this, and he is assumed to be a Thal. He realises that the vials left outside contained a drug to combat the radiation. He clears everything up, and also learns that the Daleks cannot leave the city. He also learns about the war between the Daleks and the Thals, that the Daleks moved into the city to survive having bombed the Thals. This was five hundred years ago.

Hartnell at this point is an old actor and he has a terrible memory. Due to how these old shows were filmed, it was in as few takes as possible. No edits and reshoots like now. He begins to get his words wrong. This adds to the character. He refers to the drugs as gloves, which is amusing.
The Doctor says one of their team can go and get the drugs from the TARDIS, and also he fills them in about the situation in regards to the Daleks and Thals. Ian says he will go, but due to TARDIS defence mechanisms and his leg is still dodgy, Susan is the one who has to go in the end, despite her fear.

The Daleks discuss her movements as they are watching her, and their plan is to kill team TARDIS. They want the drug for themselves.

Susan wanders through the jungle alone in a storm, afraid as she hunts for the TARDIS. She collapses, oh no! And is about to scream as we cut back to Ian and Barbara looking after a Doctor who is struggling with radiation poisoning. Ian again pulls through as Man In Charge, and yay, he can walk again!
So what got Susan so scared?
God knows, she is up and running again. The Daleks have lost her in the jungle as she cries and screams until she finds the TARDIS and lets herself in, right through the doors, and she grabs the vials.


She hugs them, and realises she needs to get back. She opens the doors again, finds some courage, steps out, and we finish episode two, and lead into the third. Appropriately titled: The Escape.

God, I wonder what'll happen here.

Susan steps out and we see a person in a cape in a flash of light. He looks human. He tells an afraid Susan not to be afraid, which is a little too late. She soon realises that he's a Thal and he isn't mutated, THE DALEKS LIED, and he apologises for scaring her the other day. He touched her!

The Thals left the drugs for them, and she reveals the other three are prisoners of the Daleks. The Thals haven't realised the Daleks are still alive. Alydon the Thal escorts her back and gives her another set of vials as he doesn't trust the Daleks.

'If they call us mutations, what must they be like?'

Susan returns and she dispenses the drugs, and the radiation sickness begins to wear off. Susan fancies Alydon and she sings his praises. She goes on to explain how the Thals survived, thought they will not survive for much longer as their food supply is running out. The Daleks can hear this through their camera, because nobody has noticed it yet. The Daleks decide they may work to help the Thals, and they keep team TARDIS prisoner, even providing food and water. They request to see Susan, and Ian soon wonders how the Daleks found out about the Thals and their situation.

The Thals we see are quite civilized. Farmers. We find out the Daleks were once teachers and philosophers. The Thals were the warriors. They think of the changes that could've happened. They discuss team TARDIS, and the plan discussed with Susan to get help from the Daleks.
Susan writes a message to the Thals from the Daleks, boasting support of food, water, and they expect the following support from the Thals. Recultivation of the lands around and radiation drugs. Susan also discovers, whilst writing the message, they have a camera watching them.

They come up with a plan to disable the camera, a fight between each other. The Daleks realise the sabotage, but believe it futile. They allow them to remain unwatched in the cell whilst team TARDIS figure out an escape. It is the Doctor that realises it's the metal floors and walls that they use to move. Why they cannot leave the city. Powered by electricity. Ian comes up with a plan to insulate the Daleks...

We move back to the Thals. Their leader strongly believes an alliance can be formed, and Susan's letter confirms it.

Back to team TARDIS, who are analysing the Daleks and figuring out how best to go through with their plan. They realise they need to form a distraction and disable the lens. Barbara makes mud to throw at the lens, Ian plans to keep the door open, and Susan will throw a cloak. The Dalek delivering food appears, and BOOM, they spring into action. The door wont shut, so the Dalek panics. Mud is pressed at his eye, it is dragged in, restrained, and dragged over the cloak. It is rendered powerless. The women are sent outside as Ian and the Doctor realise there is indeed something inside of the metal shell. The creature is put into the cloak, and Ian climbs in. He barely fits, but it'll do. He cannot make it move, but he is pushed instead. Off they go down the corridor, and we see a hand from the creature poke out of the cloak.

We move onto episode four, The Ambush.

Ian figures out the controls! Wahey! Susan leads the way as they move throughout the city, Ian pretending to be a Dalek as best he can. Another Dalek is on guard and stops, not believing the team are wanted for questioning. Susan provides an amazing distraction and refuses to go, and they make it into the lift to go up. Guard Dalek reports the movement of prisoners, but control says there are no orders for questioning. An alarm is sounded, and Ian is stuck in the Dalek casing.
The Daleks begin to cut through the door, and Ian is trapped as the floor is magnetised. A wonderfully designed lift moves up, and Ian is seen struggling as the cut on the lift gets lower.
Susan, the Doctor and Barbara mek it to the top and send the lift back down. We see the door cut open and the Daleks enter, shoot the casing, and it's empty!
Ian is in the lift!
He makes it to the top just as the Daleks stop it, and he climbs out. The lift goes down. They're at the top, they can see the jungle!
They can also see Thals! They have come for the supplies of food the Daleks promised.

Orders are issued to exterminate team TARDIS as a Dalek goes up. At the top, no doors can be opened. Everything is sealed. The Doctor somehow manages to open the door and the lift coming up gets a large thing dropped on it, stopping it and I assume killing the Dalek inside. The BBC clearly do not want to wreck another one so soon so his body is not seen.

Alydon and the Thals are outside, preparing to pick up food. The Thal leader trusts the Daleks, but Alydon really doesn't. He is chastised, saying fear breeds hatred and war. Four Daleks are seen hiding in front of the pile of food.
Susan demands to warn the Thals, the Doctor refuses to meddle. It isn't their business. After discussion, Ian stays behind to warn them.
The Thals enter as Ian runs through corridors, and the Daleks prepare their guns. The leader calls for peace, pleading for help and promising help. The Daleks emerge, guns raised. Primed. Iam screams that its a trap, the leader is shot and everyone is shot at. Mass panic ensues.
Aldyon lives, and catches Ian on his way out. The Thal leader is the only one to have died.

The Doctor observes what the Thals have kept. The planet is given a name for the first time. Skaro. They talk science, planets, history of their species and planet. It seems Alydon is now the leader, and he does not understand the hate the Daleks have for them. It is established the Daleks are not human, and that they hate anything un-Dalek. Ian thinks the Thals need to show strength against them, but the Thals have really become pacifists.
Team TARDIS discuss helping the Thals, but the Doctor is eager to leave. They agree, but... Ian...

Ian realises that the Daleks have the fluid link from the TARDIS.

In the city.

Which takes us to episode five, the Expedition, and where I will be stopping for now!

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Re: Through Time & Space
« Reply #4 on: July 15, 2017, 10:33:05 am »
It has been a little while, longer than I would've liked since I left it mid-serial. But hey ho, life happens! Time to rejoin team TARDIS as they inevitably recover the fluid link for the TARDIS.

The Daleks
Original Airdate: 21st December 2963 - 1st February 1964

Okay, so we left off as we went into The Expedition. The Daleks took the fluid link from Ian, and never returned it. It is still in the city, where there are angry Daleks.

The Daleks have duplicated the Thal drug and it will be administered to Daleks in turn. They somehow have pictures from the Thaal camp, and they begin to assume there will be an attack from the Thals on the city. Ian is attempting to convince the pacifist Thals to go back to the city and fight the Daleks.
But, you know.
Pacifist Thals.
Barbara pushes Ian to try and persuade him further to get the Thals to fight, but he refuses. He doesn't want them to risk themselves.

Sixties TV was filmed in as little edits as possible due to cost. Things were not continually reshot until perfect, they were done as was. William Hartnell was old at the time of Doctor Who, and his memory was patchy. He forgets lines on occasion, and he continually gets Ian's last name wrong.
This adds to the character and charm, but it unfortunately is a sign of failing health.

The Doctor is absolutely on Barbara's side. He cannot build a new fluid link, and they need to leave. He is fully for using the Thals to get the fluid link back. But Ian refuses to ask again. He can't justify the principle of using innocents. Susan understands.
Ian begins to explain to the Thals that they need to fight. Only to be met with resistance. Ian threatens to take the history of their city, the records, to the city and trade with the Daleks. They won't fight. So they wouldn't stop him. And then, then he takes a Thal.
A female Thal.
Dyoni. The one Alydon loves.

Only for Alydon to punch Ian.


'So there is something you'll fight for!'

The Daleks in Section 3 have received the anti-radiation drug from the Thals, and it appears to have had a negative effect. Distribution of the drug is stopped. The Daleks are used to radiation. They cannot live without it. They come to the conclusion they probably need to drop another bomb in order to survive.

We are back to the Thal camp now, and Alydon is struggling with his punch. Dyoni says she would've hated him if he hadn't fought for her, and they are beginning to come to terms that they probably need to fight. They cannot be full pacifists.
Barbara speaks to another Thal about a bright, glowing light. It is a lake that has been ruined by the radiation reflecting into the sky. Full of mutations. It protects the back of the Dalek city. This is key news!

All of the Daleks in section 3 have died. The other Daleks, from section 2, have been taken in for testing about radiation. This will give them the answer to whether they need to drop another bomb. And this will also tell them they do not need to adapt the outside environment anymore. It must adapt to them.

Alydon makes a speech to the other Thals about how the Daleks are going to eventually come to attack them. He has come to the conclusion he will help team TARDIS. It is almost a unanimous decision from the other Thals to help.
And so preparation to attack the city begins. The best way? Using that lake as a way in. The Doctor also comes up with the idea that it might be best to use a distraction tactic. One team goes through the front, the other at the back from the lake.

All Daleks who were tested on have recovered. They do need radiation. They begin to plan another bomb and how long that would give them to survive.

We see the swamp. It is, for a set, very alien. The two Thals that have been through before are leading, though they are nervous. The team decide to look for a place to set up camp first, since the struggle through will be hard. They have two and a half days to make it through the swamp and mountains and to the city. Camp is set up, and Ian is seen washing his face in the lake.
Only for a creature to rise out of it.
A really weird, alien creature.
He runs to the camp, and as watch is set up, it is time to rest.

Ian is woken in the morning and led to the lake with a few other Thals. They realise the Daleks do get water from the lake. They could, theoretically... Use that way through. But it would be a heavy risk. As they return to camp for breakfast, one of the Thals heads to fill up water bags from the lake... Only to be met with a massive whirlpool.

This takes us to episode six. The Ordeal!

Filling waterbag Thal has vanished when the rest of the camp meet him. Dead. Nothing but a swirl in the lake confirms that. They must continue. They cannot hesitate.

Susan is with the Doctor, Alydon and Dyoni. They are surveying the city and observing, drawing a map, figuring out how to stop the Daleks from moving how their city. The Doctor urges that they have speed on their side, and surprise. Surprise is key.

The Daleks have prepared a report on the neutron bomb. It will take 23 days to make. But this is too slow. They need... Another way.

Barbara and a Thal are looking through a cave to try and get into the city. One route is blocked, but Barbara can hear some water dripping. Which means...
A small passageway leads further in, and the Thal decides to crawl through. Barbara will remain outside holding the rope. The Thal finds a drop, and decides to go down. He falls when Barbara cannot control the rope, and Ian appears.
The Thal is alive!
He is concerned about Barbara.
They've found a large cavern though with lots of tunnels!

The Daleks have realised the Thals are moving. And their scopes outside (which is how they can see them, duuuh) are being attacked. The Thals are reflecting light back to the Dalek's signals, which allow the Doctor, Susan and Alydon to look around the entrance without detection.

Ian and co are travelling through a hard to breathe tunnel that is taking them in a straight line. One of the Thals freaks out and wants to go back. He's trying to persuade one of the others to leave with him. A scuffle ensures, and rocks behind them fall, trapping them in. The dissenter is hit by a rock and he is okay, but he has basically sealed their fate in the tunnel.

The Daleks have scopes that record vibration, and they have realised people are there. Outside.

Susan has found a box and the Doctor confirms the city is powered by static electricity. Susan opens the panel and the Doctor whacks it with his stick. He instructs Alydon to tell the Thals reflecting light to move positions so they do not get shot. If the Daleks can even shoot.
The Doctor uses the TARDIS key to fiddle with the power wires and short circuits the panel outside. He is bragging to Susan and they find themselves suddenly surrounded by Daleks.

Ian and co have come up across a large hole in their path. They need to cross.
Jumping is about the only solution.
Ian decides to go first. A run and a jump. He has balls. The ledge on the other side is not wide.
He runs, jumps
And just about makes it!
The leader Thal for this group joins him, just making it. They explore their options and of where to go next. There is another tunnel, and so the others must be brought over.

The Doctor and Susan are captive. They have ruined a lift and some scopes. The Daleks are not happy. They explain their plan to kill the Thals. Extermination. Radiation needed to keep Daleks alive, so the Thals will die for the Daleks to live. This will happen tomorrow morning.

Barbara makes it over the jump, and she moves on. Another Thal makes it over, which leaves the dissenter to last. Bonus points for anyone who can figure out what is going to happen here... He is staring down at the water below. He can't do it. He freaks. Freezes. Tries, though. Like a good guy.
Fucks up the jump and drops into the water. Is almost pulling Ian off.

The Rescue is our final episode in this serial.

Ian struggles to keep his grip on the ledge as the dissenting Thal struggles. But the leader is back to help! The dissenter cuts the rope and falls into the water, and Ian climbs up. I feel no loss here because the dissenter was a tosser from the start.

The Daleks are spewing hate for everything other than Daleks and they plan to ruin the planet so they can go outside. They plan to start now. The Doctor is not happy. He isn't happy in the slightest.

Ian and co cannot get through as there is a fall of rock. They are stuck. The light is also failing. So they turn it off. However, there is still light coming in. Which means there is a light source somewhere. They realise they are actually right under the city. They are there!

Alydon realises the Doctor and Susan have become captive. He urges them to attack now!

The Doctor is trying to bribe the Daleks with the TARDIS, the proof is the fluid link. He urges them to examine it. He says he will help build them another so they can have their own. But the Daleks will take it when they can move outside. The bribe has failed, despite all.
But the sensors have picked up movement in the city.
The Thals are here!
No - It is Ian and co!
They are in the city, and lost. They are met with Daleks who issue a cry that the Thals are entering the city. But isn't it just Ian and co...?

No, it seems it is the Thals!

Panic ensues among Daleks who are about to release the radiation.
They start their countdown from 100. Because, you know, that's a sensible countdown.

Ian leads his brigade through and they bump into Alydon! The Daleks issue an order that every Dalek must go to the control room on level 10. Which gives Ian and co the directions to the control room. They struggle to as all doors are being sealed.
The countdown is on 44.
Ian and co have made it to the control room though with great stress, and as they approach, the countdown is on 27. Ian makes a dash, and the others follow slowly, avoiding patrols. They see the Doctor and Susan captive, and the countdown is on 17. They free them, and Barbara throws a rock at a Dalek. Distracting them.
The countdown is on 11.
The Daleks are attacked, the countdown is on 5. A bloodbath ensues as Daleks are attacked from every angle and Thals are shot. The countdown is forgotten. One Dalek is driven into the control and all the power is lost.
The Daleks are dying. One of them pleads with the Doctor, and he lies. Clearly lies saying he wouldn't know how even if he wanted to.
The Daleks are dead and the Thals are free.

They've recovered the fluid link too, that's important to note.

The Thals have food though it comes at a cost. They did not want to kill the Daleks. We are left with a shot of the mess left. Dead Daleks.

The Thals have their food and are trying to figure technology left behind by the Daleks. The Doctor says they shouldn't bother, though. They should evolve on their own terms. He is urged to stay by the Thals but he refuses, though he says they have a potential of life here.
Goodbyes are issued. Presents are given. Barbara is kissed by a Thal.
I did say they fancied each other.

The TARDIS leaves, and the Thals... Are confused.

As they are travelling through the vortex, an explosion happens!

Which takes us onto The Edge of Destruction! :>