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Author Topic: The Four Havans  (Read 754 times)

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Offline EmrysMindscapeTopic starter

The Four Havans
« on: January 02, 2009, 06:20:14 AM »
This is just something I am throwing around while I wait to get approved. I think I most want to see what peoples interest would be in this game and also suggestions to prep it for when I do get approved. I know it is very raw...I like things to start that way. I figure if others are going to play in my game they should be there from the start.

There are thousands of realms on top of each other but most humans don’t have access to them normally. They only enter them in there dreams. In our world there is the city of New Haven. Its a large American city on the east coast like Baltimore or Boston.

Under the streets of New Haven in the lower subway tunnels is a wall that has letters carved in it, the belong to a language that none had seen before. Yet when the outcast and forgotten of the city discovered it there were some who could read the wall. The wall spoke of three of these worlds and how to slip into them when awake.

One world at first glance seemed like New Haven but was much more sinister. The buildings were all more warn down and the streets were filled with junkies and criminals. Strange creatures also prowled around like imps and gremlins. Gang fights were common and creatures of great power and darkness lurked in the corners.

The next world looked even less like New Haven. The buildings all remained but inside everything had been torn out and rearranged. The parks were wild primal lands were dangerous creatures roamed. There seemed to be some war going on between men dressed as jesters and the beasts that could talk. It was as if the Hatch mental hospital and the city zoo had taken over.

Then there was the forgotten place. The world filled with all the things that New Haven had forgotten. There were piles of junk everywhere but that was not all. Whole buildings from other worlds could be found and strange creatures. Also men and women with mask on wandered, none could figure out if they were living or dead. All they knew was that they could not remember their name.

At first only a few could read the wall and slip into these worlds. Some could only read parts of the wall while others could read it all. Everyone who left came back changed. They taught others, gained followers. Things started changing. The creature in these other worlds started figuring out about our world and they wanted a piece of it.

That’s when the fighting started. The creatures of the other worlds could not cross into ours but they influenced plenty of people to fight for them. A viscous brawl near the wall left many dead. Soon enough the authorities would learn about this secret hideaway. It was getting pretty bad until finely they called a truce.

Now the wall is neutral territory and all three worlds have agreed not to mess with things outside their realms. So the wild lands get the crazies, the shadow city get the criminals and the forgotten have their place as well.

There are hundreds of us now who can cross over. Some have to work for the creatures from beyond while others have their own crews. Most are just trying to build a new life for themselves. For whatever reason the wall has chosen us and so we just keep on trying to figure out why.

Players would play the folks who can cross over. There are creatures on the other side that can grant all sorts of gifts to players but most often it would come at a price. I would want it to be just an open ended roleplay, no system needed. Everyone who chooses to be involved gets to create part of the world. I have left the worlds open to a lot of possibility. The only main rule about powers is if you have any power that is beyond superhuman (other than slipping between worlds J) you owe a debt to some creature of power.

These creatures of power could be demons, powerful forgotten spirits, one of the jesters (that are chaos and madness spirits), one of the wild men or something else.