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Author Topic: Vio's Roleplay Extravaganza! (WIP)  (Read 1031 times)

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Vio's Roleplay Extravaganza! (WIP)
« on: June 14, 2017, 01:02:51 am »

- - - - About Me - - - -

Schedule: Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays 4:00 until 10:00pm I am working and not active. Any other day where I am not working, nor have any plans is when I will be most active. I am normally not awake until 11:00 pm, and I tend to stay up until 1:00am.

Activity: My activity depends on the time as well as certain conditions. I am active through out the day for talking and planning, but I only role-play during certain periods of time and in certain conditions. See my schedule above for specific times. I am most active, and more likely to participate in roleplaying in the evening. The conditions mentioned earlier is as follows; I am in good health and free of headaches. I am in a stable state of mind. I am prone to really bad headaches, which can last up to three days. Sometimes pain relievers do not work with my headaches, and it is during these times that I will be unable to participate in role-playing. I also suffer from depression, and it greatly affects my motivation to do things I love. When I am in a low point, I tend to drop in activity on the site as a whole. Please see my Ons and Offs thread for more information regarding that. I also attend university, so my activity on the site might fluctuate depending on my school schedule.

Posting: My posting speed depends on the time and certain conditions. As mentioned above, my depression affects my motivation, so it may become difficult for me to post often or at all. I'm normally a one post per week kind of person, but I can probably post once or few times a day. It really depends on how motivated I am as well as how interested I am in the current situation IC. My post length also depends on how invested I am in the current situation, but it is usually two paragraphs. Sometimes I will mirror the length of my partners' posts as well. I check grammar and spelling before I post, but there will be a few mistakes here and there. I prefer to role-play on forums in threads, but I do not mind role-playing via PM, chats, skype, or discord. I will not rp via email. For creating plot, world building, and character creation, I prefer to speak via PM, or over skype and discord.

Method of contact: As mentioned before. I prefer talking to my partners over skype and discord since I am always checking those applications. When I am away from the computer, my partners will be able to contact me via skype and discord. It's just better than private messaging on the forums. If you don't have skype and discord, and would not like to install the app then I will converse via PM. Just don't expect swift responses.

Genre's that I really enjoy are modern fantasy, fantasy, horror, romance, and sci-fi. I also enjoy slice of life when mixed with other genre's such as modern fantasy/supernatural. I just need something that will keep me entertained and excited. I also enjoy exploring realistic themes in stories, including some of the darker ones.

A lot of my ideas  found bellow are very flexible! I don't mind it one bit if anyone interested wanted to spit ball ideas for plot, characters, or anything really.

I mostly use art work and anime as face claims for my characters, but I do not mind using real people either. Just let me know what you prefer!

You can view my Os and Os here: . You can view them in the matrix as well: .

- - - - About Partners - - - -

I prefer my partners to be active through out the day, like me. I enjoy having partners that like to converse OOC. As I've already stated I would like it if my partners had skype and discord, and added me there so we could converse. It is not a requirement though to have these.

I am flexible with posting speed and length.

I expect my partners to have patience with me. As I stated above, I'm sometimes trapped in a funk and harassing me to post isn't going to make me want to post or even want to keep you around really. I just find that if you're more concerned about a story than my health, then that shows how little you care about me. Plus it is rude. If I'm in a funk, then just feel free to chit chat. Sometimes having a friendly conversation can lift up my spirits, and we'll get to know each other better too.

I am not a grammar nazi, but I like being able to understand and read my partners posts. Just double check your grammar and spelling before you post. You can do this by coping and pasting what you wrote into word, and then spell checking it. Avoid doing to much fancy coding. Sometimes trying to make your post "pretty" will ultimately just make it hard to read. If it hurts my eyes, then I wont read it. If it's legible then we're good.

  Quality over quantity. A safe length for me would be two paragraphs. To be honest, I don't care for super long and detailed your post. I care about movement and development. However, I won't accept short two to four or short replies. Give me something to work with that progresses the story forward, and I will do the same for you. ;)

The standard rules of Elliquiy apply. Break them, and I will report you.

Don't be a dick. If you're a dick then I'll  give you a warning. If you continue to be a dick then I'll report you.

Don't act like a child. If you throw a tantrum or blow up at me for whatever reason, then I'll try talking you down. I'll try to work things out, but if you continue to act like a child then I'll report you.

If you've find that you've lost interest in our roleplay, or you are unable to continue then please let me know. I really don't mind! Sometimes life gets in the way or an rp gets stale. I totally understand that these things happen. Just let me know and we will both move on.

I am looking for someone to be the bread to my butter. My go to role-play partner! I'm looking for someone that clicks with me. A little dedication and willingness to get to know each other would be great!

I expect my partners to have patience with me. As I stated above, I'm sometimes trapped in a funk and harassing me to post isn't going to make me want to post or even want to keep you around really. I just find that if you're more concerned about a story than my health, then that shows how little you care about me. Plus it is rude. If I'm in a funk, then just feel free to chit chat. Sometimes having a friendly conversation can lift up my spirits, and we'll get to know each other better too.

As for attitudes, well....sometimes people just don't click. It's all about finding someone you not only get along with, but are excited to work with as well. I like people who are eager to work with me, people who like to talk and have fun. I like having someone whose creativity I can rely on whenever my own is in a funk. Asides from that, I think that's it. :)

- - - - The Key - - - -

☑ = Taken
DT = Dark Themes
NA = Non-Adult Themes
★= Favored or Craving
M x M = Male and Male pairing
F x M = Female and Male pairing
F x F = Female and Female pairing
T x M = Trans and Male pairing
T x F = Trans and Female pairing
T x T = Trans and Trans pairing
A x M = Agender and Male pairing
A x F = Agender and Female pairing
A x A = Agender and Agender pairing
I x M = Intersex and Male pairing
I x F = Intersex and Female pairing
I x I  = Intersex and Intersex pairing
MOCs = Multiple Original Characters
? x ? = Any pairing of your choice, TBD
M/F/T/A/I x ? = specified character and character of your choice

- - - - Original Stories And Ideas - - - -
These story concepts are loosely based off of music lyrics and images that I have found over the years. Some are also influenced by dreams that I've had. A lot of the "ideas" below read "description to be added". This is mostly due to the fact that most the images below stirred up loose concepts for me, but I actually didn't write down any of my ideas. Basically I've forgotten what my ideas were for the images below. I would try to think up of something for them, but I'm sad to admit that I've lost my creative spark over the year. I would love hear if the images and titles below spark any ideas for you.
If you have an idea for any of the titles below then please leave a message!


School girl x boy relationship. There is more to this situation than meets the eye. My loose idea for this is obviously whats in the scene; a school girl finds a lonely looking boy out in the rain, and she offers her umbrella. This act of kindness is supposed to be moving for the boy, who hadn't received any kindness for a long time. I used to have a more thought out idea that was inspiried by the image, as well as this song: Unfortunately I didn't write the idea down and I forgot what it was. Due to this I don't have much in regards to plot.
Do you have any ideas?


Life up high is pretty pleasant, but this girl wonders what it's like down in the abyss. I'm not really sure where I am going with this one.
I think this would be an adventurous roleplay, but to be honest I can't really come up with any substantial plot with this image. Do you have any ideas?


I'm not quite sure where I was going with this image. I really liked the idea of "things not appearing as they seem" when I saw this, or a girl with DID/MPD. However, I'm not fond of romanticizing such a serious mental disorder, but I can't draw any other ideas from the picture. I thought of maybe something along the lines of a Yandere falling in love, or a psychological horror with romance. I'm not sure.
Do you have any ideas?

Jack and the Witches Hat
(Modern-Fantasy, Supernatural, Non-Adult to Adult, M x F)
This story is loosely based off the urban myth of Stingy Jack the drunken trickster (asshole). Jack is cursed to roam the earth as he is never allowed to enter heaven or hell. At first this was obviously pretty shitty for him, but due to the fact that he was no longer living he began to see things other humans couldn't. Fairies, goblins, gnomes, vampires, werewolves, and a plethora of other creatures. In time he found a place where these monsters roamed free from the prying eyes of humans. A little plain of existence that was created a long time ago by a powerful witch. Everyone knew of the infamous Jack (cuz he's an asshole) that had tricked satan not once but twice. Sure they knew he was a hassle to deal with, but he had no where else to go. It seemed that all those years aimlessly wandering the earth hadn't done much to change Jack of his ways, that is until a witches hat lands into his lap. What starts out as an nefarious plot for some mindless entertainment turns into something he never saw coming.

(Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery)

When she was a young girl, Muse A watched as the people she cared for most slowly vanished from her life. In the White City where Muse A resides it is forbidden to pass the through the white gates with out a special permit. Her parents were merchants, and eligible to leave the safety of city to attend business matters. Well one day they didn't return from one of their trips. After several years, her older sister became obsessed with finding out what happened to them and she too set out to get some answers. The elder sister waited for the right conditions to sneak through the gates unnoticed, and Muse A watch solemnly as her sister turns her back on her despite her pleading. Her sister never came back either. Time went on, and Muse A tries to live her life hoping that one day her family will walk through those gates again. Eventually her grandmother passes away, and she is left alone in the world. Fueled by loneliness, anger, and grief Muse A decides that she needed closure, and she too steps through the gates hoping to fill a void left there so many years ago. Not far into her journey of the unknown, she runs into trouble and is rescued by Muse B who decides to help her find some answers.

Dream Maiden

Loosely inspired by the video game Knights, I planned on this idea being centered around dream walking. I had some concepts to work with, but since I did not write them down I pretty much forgot everything I had planned for this one. Maybe it would be an adventure/action rp? Did this image inspire any ideas for you? If so please let me know!

The Flower Boy
( Modern-Fantasy, Dark Themes, M x F or M x M )

Muse A is taking their lunch break in the park when they come across an empty flower stand. A bystander notices their interest in the stand, and mentions to them that it would be wise to come back next Sunday. They return at the given time and date, to find the stand full of some of the most beautiful flower's Muse A has ever seen, as well as a handsome young man Muse B. Muse A purchases one only to discover that the plant has magical properties. Muse A confronts the boy, and their world is turned upside down as he takes them on an adventure only found in fairy tales.

The Puppet
A young university student has inherited a dusty manor in her deceased grandfather's will. When she arrives to the estate, she must get used to living alone in such a creepy house. Eventually after exploring the house she finds a boarded up door that is impassable. She takes it apart board by board and slips through the door. She finds a doll makers studio decorated with a plethora of various dolls, supplies, and equipment. She hears a chilling whisper lifelessly emitting from the back room and cautiously approaches flash light in hand. What she finds changes her life for the worse as the freakishly human like puppet hangs helplessly from the ceiling. Unsure of it's intentions she leaves it to its own devices, but eventually the doll grows on her. After all the creature is just as lonely as she is, right?

The Book Keeper
(Modern-Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, M x ?)

Muse A frequently visits a local book shop on their day off in order to relax. Though Muse A finds the owner, Muse B, to be quite strange, and has caught them talking to the books on several occasions. Sometimes he would go missing for hours at a time, or there will be a huge commotion coming from the back room. Despite this, Muse A isn't really bothered, as the shop is quiet and hardly crowded for the most part. Well one day, Muse A gets really curious as to what could possibly be going on in that backroom, but when they sneak in Muse A finds that nobody is there. Just an large empty room that looks like an personal library or office. Just as Muse A is about to leave the room something miraculous happens. A book flutters off from one of the many shelves to the center of the room. It opens to a certain page, and Muse A watches as it contorts and stretches allowing Muse B climb out. The two stand there in shock, and soon enough Muse B formally introduces himself as none other than the Book Keeper, protector of worlds.

Ghoulish Delights
I had written out a concept based on the image above, but have lost my notes. I don't remember the ideas I had for the inspiration above. Do you have any ideas? Maybe something akin to that halloween special that used to come on cartoon network every year. I don't remember exactly what the movie was called, but it involved a young girl and her "scary godmother".
It was a really cute concept, so maybe that's something we could do or something similar to it?

The Great Scare Race

I used to have an idea for this one as well, but have forgotten it. Do you have any ideas inspired by the image above?

- - - - Available Original Characters - - - -

These are already made characters that I have made available to any one on one story ideas that you, the reader or partner, may already have fabricated. Some of these profiles are incomplete or need to be edited, and the album itself is a mix of human and "mythical" personas ready for use. Below will be a list of these characters that I am craving to play;

Not Available At This Time

- - - - Fandom Stories And Ideas - - - -

Kiki's Delivery Service
( Fantasy, FxM, MxM, Dark Themes, MOCs. )
Three friends, witches from a small country town, have reached their coming of age ceremony. They take off together, eager to find a new home and help each other with their witch training. Eventually they happen across a port side city and learn that in the recent years public opinion of witches has turned sour due to an increase in what the magic community calls "The Lost Ones". Despite this harsh reality, they find their new home and begin their new lives. Unfortunately, the young mages must be cautious as trouble begins to arise with in the city when a small group of wayward witches arrive on the scene. Their antics eventually catching the attention of a group of witch hunters. The three young witches must prepare themselves for the difficult road that awaits them.

The Power Puffs
(Fantasy, Sci-fi, Action, Drama, Alternate Universe, Dark Themes, FxM, MxM, MOCs.)
This story begins almost a decade ago when a deadly rivalry is born between a man of science, Prof. Utonium, and a man of magic, Mr. Warlock. These poor unfortunate souls started out as child hood friends with a great amount of potential in their respective fields. They were like brothers....but even a bond between brothers can be severed with grief. After loosing someone precious to the both of them, the two were touched by an incredible darkness. One man becoming obsessed in unethical works, created what was taken from him that fateful day. He created the perfect teenage girls willing to bring safety and peace to his city once more; immediately making a name for themselves as The Power Puffs. The other, turned his back on his city and the world. He became an advocate of nihilism and chaos, for if he could not have happiness then why should anyone else? To counter the professors newest creations the wizard fabricated his instruments of destruction with his dark magics, thus creating the Rowdy Ruffs. Although, while the two are lost in war between fathers none of them realize of an even greater evil looming in their near future. A force so powerful that they just might have to set their differences aside in order to possibly save the world.
- - - - Available Fandom Characters - - - -

These are already made characters that I have created for various fandoms. Fandoms can range from anime, to live action television shows, to books. To see a list of fandoms that I am interested please see the list I created at the bottom. Below will be a list of these characters that I am craving to play;

Not Available At This Time

- - - - The List - - - -

The list includes genre's and topics that I would not mind centering a story around, but have no created any plot for these specific topics. If you have anything in mind please leave a message.

★ Soul Eater
★ Sailor Moon
★ Harry Potter
★ Disney Movies
★ Adventure Time
★ Miyazaki Films
★ Steven Universe
★ The Walking Dead
★ Digimon & Pokemon
★ Alice in Wonderland
★ Code Name: Kids Next Door
★ Oran High School Host Club
★ Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
★ The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
★ Avatar the Last Airbender / Legend of Korra
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Re: Vio's Roleplay Extravaganza! (WIP)
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2017, 01:04:53 am »
Reserved just in case

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Re: Vio's Roleplay Extravaganza! (WIP)
« Reply #2 on: June 14, 2017, 01:12:24 am »
Hey folks! I apologize about the stupidly large images. I dont know the coding to make them smaller, and it'll be a while before I can resize them. Sorry about that!

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Re: Vio's Roleplay Extravaganza! (WIP)
« Reply #3 on: June 14, 2017, 01:47:27 am »
Currently away from my computer so I can't update the main post about certain things. Please don't post in this thread! If you're interested then send me a pm please!