Tales of Ooo: Billy and Canyon (Looking for Canyon)

Started by BlueEyedBard, June 11, 2017, 08:51:58 PM

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Hey there fellow fans of Adventure Time. Since the first time I saw this show I have wanted to role play a story set in the world of Ooo, as I find the history just fascinating. I just have never found the plot that I really like.

But recently, while watching through the series again, it came to me. I want to tell the story of the history of Billy and Canyon. The top rank, red belt, power couple that tore through the land of Ooo, battling the forces of evil just for the fun of it! Then, after a long day of kicking bad guy ass, they spend long nights locked in the wild throws of the kind of pent up, adrenaline fueled lust that only two world class heroes could experience together.

I like these two because both their characters have only really been touched on, same with their back stories, as we didn't meet Billy until after he lost his drive to fight evil and eventually had to be brought back to the life by Finn. And we only saw a glimpse of Canyon when she showed up to finish Billy's bucket list. So I would like to start from when they get together, follow them through their adventures fighting evil, finding loot, even taking down the Lich (something I think they could have done together).
I even have in mind a way for them to have first come together by bringing back an old ghost from the past...

When we first met the Fight King he was already a deranged husk, filled with nothing but a need to watch ghosts in an endless competition for a prize that hadn't existed for hundreds of years.

But before he became the forgotten monster trapped in his own arena, the Fight King ruled his kingdom with a violent, iron fist. His people suffered under him, neighboring kingdoms suffered because of him, his existence caused nothing but suffering for all but one, every year.

The Fight King was virtually untouchable. He was a recluse. Staying hidden away in the center of his barracks-like castle every day and every night, except for one. The day of the Gran-Dam Tournament
When the Fight King would emerge from his castle and goes to the Eternal Arena. Where champions from around Ooo would gather and battle for the favor and the glorious prizes the Fight King offered the final combatant left standing.

But not everyone was there for the glory and the riches. A tyrant like Fight King made enemies, entire kingdoms of enemies. And it so happens that, the winner of the tournament, gets to stand face to face with Fight King himself. So one kingdom, to the north of the Fight King's kingdom, got the idea to hire a hero of legend to fight in the tournament, to win, and to slay the wicked king when they were allowed to face him. It was a plan so simple anyone could have thought of it. In fact, someone did, the kingdom to the south...

During the tournament Billy and Canyon meet and form an instant comradery, being the two biggest badasses there, there is even some obvious attraction there. But knowing that eventually they would have to battle each other to complete their mission, they squelch these feelings. But by the end of the tournament, when it is only the two of them left, they realize that the only way they are going to complete their missions is to work together to kill the Fight King.

The specifics are loose with even the tournament, but I would especially like someone who is interested in delving into the possibilities of this totally insane, world of Ooo.
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