The Devil Is a Woman (Female Looking for... everything)

Started by DealWithTheDevil, June 09, 2017, 01:57:12 PM

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Disclaimer: Constantly Changing, Constantly Updating

So, most of the information you can find about me is either in my profile, or in my On/Off link. This will give you a pretty good idea of what you’re working with. For the most part, I’m just going to post several plot ideas/cravings I might be having, and I should have a link up for keeping track of which post I’m on and what for. Please don’t be afraid to message me with any questions you might have in regards to my plots/kinks/topics and if you have any ideas you’d like to try out, send it by me! I’d love to hear about some wild/kinky adventure.

I'd also like to note that most of these plots are on a default setting, but by all means gender can be switched/swapped anyway you would like. I'm capable of dominant aggressive characters, nurturing characters, sweet and meek characters. You name it, I'll enjoy playing it. 

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Kink Heavy Plots That Happen to Have Story

Gypsy and Warrior: She’s a damn thief is what she is... the gypsy has found her way onto the barracks one night in search of a quick buck, little does she know that the warrior on night watch is going to have her neck in a noose.. if she doesn’t find a way to repay him that is.

Divorced and Boy Next Door: She thought she had it all. The job, the car, the house and yet it all came crumbling in an instant the moment she realized her husband was having an affair. Six years down the drain. Deciding to find who she is again, my character goes back to her roots, staying with her brother in a small town while she gets on her feet again.

Greek Priestess and Warrior: Ah, the festival of Ares has begun, and it is the job of several priestesses to Aphrodite to show them exactly the kind of worshiping they need after a long battle. Super hot kinky potential one-shot or plot could thicken.

Prisoner of War and Prince (or warlord): The castle has been stormed, the king has had his head... misplaced. The queen and her sisters/daughters are held captive and the new man in charge has arrived. I need this one to be aggressive, barbaric, humiliating, degrading... Hurt them like you mean it. Show them who's in charge.


Story Heavy Plots That Happen to Have Kink

Valkyrie and Prince: This is an interesting version of an arranged marriage rp. In this world, any woman who wishes to can join the military as a valkyrie, which includes a full set of wings. She may continue to serve in the military until she is wounded in battle. When this happens, she is required to adhere to a marriage that is arranged by the king. The better the valkyrie the better the marriage. This can be used to aid in diplomatic arrangements because the valkyries are not only exclusive to the city of Florn, but also because they are intelligent and extremely well trained. This rp would start on the battlefield where the two meet, not knowing that the person they would be opposing that day would be their arranged marriage of another day.

Nomad and Rogue: A nomadic woman captured on a king's raid tries to find and easy out and steal whatever she can find before leaving in the dead of night. When she's caught by one of the king's men who secretly is of noble birth, she knows she's been had... or has she? With the overthrowing of kings, jealous queens, and wars to be had, what will transpire when the gypsy is in service to a king slayer?

Oracle and Barbaric Warlord: There's a seerer that a far off kingdom has in their grasps, but this warlord wants her for himself because he has plans to conquer the known world.... and she is the only person who has predicted his father's death accurately. The only problem is, she's owned by one of the greatest kings that egypt has ever seen, as well as the cruelest.

Witch and King: Happily married and ruler as far as the land can be seen, the king has been gifted a slave had been brought before him to be killed, accusations of thievery on her head. The king decides to grant her a pardon, on the chance that she can serve him, finding her unusual when she neither pleads nor begs. As the plot unfolds, slowly he comes to realize he has a sorceress on his hands, and the hungrier he gets to conquer land, the more he uses her powers and predictions to conquer all kingdoms of the known world. (I can play multiple characters, personalities, and roles for this roleplay)

Crime Boss and Undercover Agent: She's the head of her own company, transporting weapons and facilitating the relocation of... other precious materials. He's an undercover agent posing as her body guard to find out more information. Can he play her game and sink to her level without joining her? Or was it too late the moment he saw all that she could offer?


Ideas With No Fleshed Out Plot

1. a man who can only see a ghost when he holds his breath
2. a priestess for her old gods and a warrior for his new one
3. a man who accidentally summons his own she-demon
4. a man who accidentally reads a woman out of a book.
5. man unwittingly makes a deal with the devil.