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Author Topic: Dom-Dom's Eye Deer Thread. [M/M or M/F]  (Read 877 times)

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Dom-Dom's Eye Deer Thread. [M/M or M/F]
« on: May 29, 2017, 07:34:47 am »

Just Prefacing this by stating that these are all pretty much M/M or M/F ideas, there may be exceptions, and while I will explain these ideas more broadly, I'll mostly be looking to play as either the GM role (where applicable), and/or the dominant/ top role (where applicable), granted, I enjoy playing these things both ways.

I'm also definitely open to doing the same prompt with multiple people, but definitely less so, so I'll mark the ones I'm currently doing with someone else. Still, if it really catches your eye, don't be afraid to message me!

Next thing I'll preface is my prompts tend to be on the more extreme side of things (non-con, humiliation, monsters, degradation, transformation, BDSM etc.) And while that's not always the case, that's usually a prominent feature of my RPs. So yea.

The Endless Dungeon - CYOA Style Prompt - Highly Malleable - Currently Playing

The Endless Dungeon is pretty self explanatory, it's a dungeon that doesn't end. With that though, this idea can be molded significantly. My go to for this kind of roleplay is the following: A character wakes up in a small, dimly lit room, which aside from the glowing torch on the wall, the only thing in the room is two doors. Each door has some kind of vague indication of what's in that room (i.e. it could have a picture of a potion, or some kind of creature). The character makes a decision on which room to enter, they then face a challenge in that room, be it tussling and sexing a hulking beast, or taking a risk and drinking that strange transformation potion. After completing said challenge, they face the only other thing in the room... two more doors.

As you can see, this idea can be mixed up significantly. What if instead of it being a fantasy setting dungeon, it's actually a sci-fi spaceship that's been abandoned? What if instead of 2 doors, it's got more of a loose exploration, where you can go to several different places? Or what if the emphasis is more on how you'll solve the challenges, limiting the character's options to just one room for a more linear progression? This kind of RP can quite comfortably include vast amounts of surreal kinks, monsters, aliens, weird transformations etc.

Moving to a new high school/ college/ university - CYOA Style Prompt - Some Malleability - Currently Playing

This rather campy prompt is set on earth, a very modern, normal version of earth, or so our protagonist thinks. It's not until they move to a new school, which is filled to the brim with strange supernatural creatures and goings on that they realize they've gotten themselves into a sticky situation. The RP would follow said character as they go about their daily business, going to classes, trying to make friends, all while trying to fit in with a bunch of non-human creatures.

This prompt is definitely less malleable, given that the setting and most of the characters are a bit set in stone. However there is some room for malleability, particularly with the protagonist. Why did they move to this school? Are they actually a supernatural being themselves? Perhaps they are a human who heard rumors about this place, and they want to investigate it for themselves? Or maybe they are just an average Joe who transferred here with no knowledge of what was really going on here. This Prompt can account for a good amount of out there prompts, and it's realism can be adjusted accordingly.

You've made a powerful enemy - CYOAish Style Prompt - Not that Malleable - Currently Playing

This Prompt is one of my less Malleable ones, in the sense that I have quite a specific idea of how it would go down. It features a character, who is in need of being taken down a peg or two, maybe they're cocky, arrogant, prideful, or just some straight guy, we could even go one step further and make them an actual horrible person, like a sexist or a homophobe. Either way. This guy/ gal needs to have a taste of their own medicine. Which is the OTHER character comes in. This other character is an invisible force, maybe they are quite literally a ghost, or perhaps someone with the know how to make a voodoo doll. Either way, this character basically attempts to humiliate, embarrass and ridicule the first character however they can, mostly through remotely, or invisibly controlling them.

While I do mention that this prompt isn't very malleable, it can be mixed up a little. perhaps the controlling character actually wants to humiliate the cocky character for other reasons, perhaps they are an ex bully, or a sick, twisted person who has a crush and doesn't know what to do with it. Perhaps the controlling character is blackmailing the cocky character? Or perhaps the inverse could be fun, where the controlling character and the cocky character are actually allies, and they work together to wreak havoc! Either way, this prompt mostly deals in humiliation and control kinks, and less on surreal ones.

One on One monster Fun - Not CYOA style - Pretty damned Malleable - Currently Playing

While my first idea on this list focuses on breadth over depth, this one is the reverse, focusing on one monster and it's relationship with one non-monster. It can play out in several different ways, some more consensual and happy, others darker and more sick. The more consensual route involves a couple of characters who have dated for a while, both masquerading as humans, when in fact, one of them is a horrifying beast hiding his true nature, this in of itself can lead to a rather sweet story about acceptance, or can go several other... less sweet routes.

On the flip side, the rapey route involves the human character minding their own business when, Oh no! A wild monster appeared, rape, kidnapping, breeding... a lot of fucked up stuff can come from that, so yea. Just use your imagination. This prompt is pretty highly malleable, considering just about any kind of monster can be used, similarly, it can go in many different directions.

A very interactive virtual reality game - CYOA style - Not that malleable - Currently Playing

This is another one of my weird CYOA prompts, and this one is particularly high on the weirdness scale. Here's the premise: you wake up in your room one day ready to face another day in the world, a normal, standard, earth world. But what's this? Why is there a UI in your vision? A stats screen? Gear? Quests? Experience? That's basically the premise. you have woken up with an optical implant somehow making it's way into your eye, and now many people around the world have these things. The implant basically makes the real world into an MMORPG, with each person wanting to get the most exp and get the coolest skills! Naturally, the way to do that is with quests, and of course these quests involve sexual acts. Really, that's it.

The malleability of this prompt comes with the direction it can take. It can go from something rather vanilla, with the quests basically being varients of "do X sexual act", or it can go very extreme, with the quests involving rape, humiliation, BDSM. We can even go one step further with the skills, making people who were previously human unlock surreal skills, that make them less human. Really though, all that is up for discussion.

That's all for now, I'll probably add more as time goes on.
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Re: Dom-Dom's Eye Deer Thread. [M/M or M/F]
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2017, 09:23:32 pm »
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