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Author Topic: Samurai Jack Plot Bunnies [Fandom][MUL]  (Read 816 times)

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Samurai Jack Plot Bunnies [Fandom][MUL]
« on: May 23, 2017, 08:34:18 pm »

There be spoilers ahead. This is your warning. Also, I'm willing to play either OC or Canon character in any story.

Edit: Since I've received a few PMs about it, I figured I would go ahead and note it. I'm not interested in having Jack involved in any sexual situations where he goes through with having sex with someone. The only exceptions would be a Jack/Ashi situation. Any Jack games where Jack is one of the main characters will be treated as a No Smut game (again, exception is when it involves Jack/Ashi).

Jack and the Pregnant Nun (No Smut)

This take places before Season 5, but after Season 4. Someplace in the time gap.

Also, this is a 'No Smut' game. Jack and the OC Female will not be intimate. Not just sexually, but not even romantically. The OC may offer herself to him, but he won't accept. I want to focus on the adventure aspect and what it does to Jack's personality. This is about his losing hope. It's not meant to have a happy ending. The story itself can be fun, action packed, gory, and what not; but it will end with the OC Female's death. How she dies is to be discussed with my potential partner.

I am willing to play either Jack or the OC Female. Anyway, on with the plot idea.

Jack finds himself trudging through the days and finding it harder and harder to make himself keep going. There are days when he just doesn't see a point in going on. He could stop completely and just lock himself away somewhere forever. Give up and just let it be done. But then something happens and he remembers why he's still fighting.

Which is what happens when he finds a group of men (aliens, humans, cyborgs, what have you) harassing a young girl. It's a common sight, but he's gripped by rage when one of them throws her to the ground and he realizes she's pregnant as she grabs her belly and asks them not to hurt her baby. Jack takes a few of them down as the others run off. Once they have been dispatched, he tends to the poor girl. Helping her up and offering her some of his food and water. She gladly accepts and he can tell it has been a while since she ate properly with the way she scarfs it down.

Jack offers to walk her home, but she confesses that she has no home. That after finding out she was pregnant, her family turned her out when she refused to get rid of the baby. She went to the baby's father, but he turned her away too. It disgusts him that people could do such a thing to a woman in a time of need.

She proceeds to tell Jack that she heard a story about a group of nuns that live on a mountain who would take her and the baby in. It's a peaceful place. A place of hard work, but of happiness where they could be safe. It saddens him, because he has heard many stories of places like that, but they all turned out to be lies. Either lies or already left in ruins by the time he finds them. But seeing her as she talks about it, he doesn't have it in him to break her heart and tell her that this Cloister of Nuns can't possibly be real. He realizes it's been a long time since he has seen such hope in someone's voice.

Even though he knows it can't be real, he offers to take her there. He at least can keep her safe till she can give birth and perhaps he can find somewhere safe for her along the way.

Notes: The story would have various mishaps that they get into along the way. Him attempting to convince her to stay places they come across. Possibly a stop at the Scotsman's place. Maybe a moment when she offers herself to him and he declines, attempting to build up her confidence through talk.

The OC wouldn't be completely helpless. She can use a gun and even a knife in close combat. Her pregnancy would make these more difficult as time goes on. Personality wise, she could either be rather naive or just have very poor confidence in herself.

Her closeness, friendship, and watching her pregnancy progress would serve to cheer Jack up. Give him something to hope for. Give him a sense of purpose for the time. Though in the end, it will all come crashing down (the manner of which will be discussed via PM).

The Demon Child (M/F or M/M)

Despite everything he had been through, losing Ashi felt the hardest to deal with. He was angry for a long time. He had worked so hard and while his father said that hard work should not be done for a reward, he felt like he had deserved something. Seeing her walking towards him, looking beautiful and ready to marry him, that was supposed to be his reward. Love. Children. A family of his own. A woman who could understand him and the things he had gone through. But no. It had been ripped out from under him. Leaving him as cold as he'd felt the day he nearly took his own life.

His spirits were finally lifted as the little lady bug landed on his hand. It brought a smile to his face as he remembered her and the story his mother had told him about the red string of fate. How the gods has tied a red string to both he and Ashi's ankles and how they were destined to meet. That even death could not break the string. One day, they would meet again, even if it were only in the after life. Her not existing physically since Aku's demise did not remove the soul that had been created. The red string of fate would lead them back together eventually.

As time went on, his father, while knowing his son had been through something extremely difficult, began to pressure him to take a different bride. To have a son and continue their line. It wasn't that he didn't find other women attractive, but he couldn't imagine being with any of them. It would be simple to marry one of the village women, but he could never bed one. The thought of it made him ill.

Going to the tree he'd shown to Ashi and where he'd seen the lady bug, he had gone to get her blessing. To look for a sign that she felt it was okay for him to move on. Maybe not to find love, but to at least find a wife to satisfy the expectations people had of him.

Instead of finding a sign to move on, he found a different kind of a sign. A wailing baby boy sitting under the tree wrapped in a shirt. He knows it's impossible, but he knows it is the shirt Ashi had found in the prison they had first kissed in. As he picks it up in his arms, it stops crying and just looks up at him. Jack doesn't know how it can be, but he is sure that it is somehow the child he and Ashi would have had.

Notes The story would start with Jack's son as a teenager (17). Jack is Emperor now. He never took a wife. Jack's son is feared by the village. They know there is something 'off' about him. They know that Jack's original bride, Ashi, was from this strange future he'd been to and while people suspected she wasn't exactly human, they never had proof. But when Jack came back with a baby out of the blue, claiming it to be a gift from the gods, they had their doubts. They knew he had to be something different.

His son is fairly mild mannered, but prone to outbursts at random. Jack does his best to keep his son calm and train him to be a good hearted soul. But even he knows there is something inside of his son.

The story would surround Jack's son and an OC. They could either be good or evil and either want the son to become good or evil. I'd like to discuss that with my potential partner.

This game can span Light all the way to EX. Also open to being No Smut, but not a requirement.

The First Daughter and the Eighth Born (F/M)

Time travel can be tricky. Just because Jack made it back and defeated the original Aku does not undo everything instantly. No. Aku's future had already been written and it cannot just be wiped out. Instead, Jack has created a second future. The two run along side each other, never to meet again. What Jack did manage to do was to weaken the future Aku to the point that his influence is nowhere near as great as it had been. Allowing people to rise up and continue fighting against him and slowly gaining their world back.

The cult known as The Daughters of Aku is demolished. With the true daughters gone and the High Priestess dead, they have nothing holding them together anymore. But like Jack making it back home, it does not undo what they had done. No one spoke of the child they turned out after it's birth. They were the Daughters of Aku and thus, when the Priestess gave birth to an eighth child and it turned out to be a son, they could not have that. The child was sent away and never thought of again.

While Jack and Ashi made their stand against Aku, the boy was fully grown and trying to figure out who and what he was.

Notes I was thinking Flora and Aku's Son would meet in a similar fashion to how Jack and the Scotsman met. Fighting each other at first, but making friends by the end of the fight. Neither of them know that he's Aku's son at first. Instead, he believes himself a powerful magic user (rather than the half-demon that he really is).

Game could span Light to Extreme. Eventually, he would have an outburst of some kind that reveals him for what he is. Flora, having been there in the big fight, recognizes that creature he turns into.

Highland Rave (F/F)

Second eldest daughter of the Scotsman, Isla, fought alongside her father's ghost, Jack, and all their allies. She was there when Jack and Ashi disappeared through the time portal. The fighting stopped for a few tense moments. Everyone wondered what was supposed to happen. Would everything just disappear and they all just cease to exist? But it never happened. Even the demon lord was in shock as hours went by and nothing happened. He laughed and boasted about paradox timelines and other things that Isla didn't understand. What she did understand was that the fight wasn't over.

The demon lord retreated, promising to return some day, and as they were chasing him down, Isla was tackled to the ground. She expected a minion of Aku, but no, it was a dark skinned girl with bright pink hair. She was unconscious and badly wounded. The small, slender girl was nothing like Isla had ever seen before, though she did understand injury. Without hesitation, she brought the girl back home and began caring for her wounds when no one claimed her. There were a lot of unclaimed wounded and dead. This girl was just one of many.

Notes It would be a slow building romance between the raver girl and Isla. While Isla accepts her feelings for the other girl, she would be reluctant to be open about their relationship as she feels it would disappoint her family. This could cause all kinds of drama and what not. Isla could also help train the Raver Girl to fight more properly for future conflicts with Aku. Could even have the Raver Girl attempt to brush off the responsibility and run away, not wanting to fight, and Isla going after her.

All kinds of fun, girl on girl stuff. Isla learning about her sexuality and what not.

Post here or PM me with interest.

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Re: Samurai Jack Plot Bunnies [Fandom][MUL]
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Added The Demon Child.

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Re: Samurai Jack Plot Bunnies [Fandom][MUL]
« Reply #2 on: May 25, 2017, 01:16:20 pm »
Added The First Daughter and the Eighth Born.

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Re: Samurai Jack Plot Bunnies [Fandom][MUL]
« Reply #3 on: May 25, 2017, 02:29:50 pm »
Added Highland Rave.

Last one for a while.