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Author Topic: Dragon Age Fandoms  (Read 551 times)

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Dragon Age Fandoms
« on: May 23, 2017, 10:07:46 AM »
Beyond the Shadows of Hawke

Carver Hawke was a talented young man …and a bit of an ass.  He was always struggling to find his purpose, to not live in the shadow of his older brother (or older sister), and to make a name for himself –to do something reputable—that was his own.  Eventually, through a set course of circumstances, he did.

I'm Wanting to write a tale about Carver in his days as a Templar, of Gray Warden, who finds himself involved with either a lovely girl from Lothering who is a mage, or Merrill.

Notes: Searching for a partner (gender unimportant) to write from the perspective as Carver, and who is willing to help cobble together a story with npcs. Themes to be explored: sibling rivalry, jealousy & bitterness, overcoming prejudices and fears of mages and magic, secret romances, loyalty and devotion. Sexual kinks to be discussed.

If interested, please send a PM.
Thank you.

Seduction, Carnage and Death.

She was born into a noble house, one of wealth and power, the family lacked for nothing including that of secrets. She was one of three siblings, the youngest daughter of a Tevinter Magistrate, and the only child who did not possess the ability for magic.

It was said that she murdered her sister.
It was said that the Magistrate knew of a suitable punishment far worse than death, that he had no qualms of inflicting it upon his youngest daughter.
It was said that the slaves had an uprising within their house to free her, that she escaped and went South, away from Tevinter.

South was where she met him, and not by accident. An Antivan Crow.
Falling in love was not part of the plan.

Notes: Looking for a partner to write from the perspective of the Antivan Crow, who would be willing to help create the plot/story, and who would be comfortable creating NPCs to enrich the world. Possible themes to be explored: betrayal, revenge, political intrigue, being hunted, an assassin’s life, slavery, servitude, racism. Possible kinks: rough sex, bondage, public displays of affection, spanking (erotic and/or disciplinary), knife play, oral sex, and anything else deemed suitable to the characters and storyline/arch.

Returning to Denerim

After it was all done—with the Archdemon slain and the remaining Darkspawn retreating to the Deep Roads—the Hero of Ferelden chose to travel and she would do so with Zevran …at least for a while.

Years would pass.

There was an obligation to attend Wynne’s funeral—the Adviser to Queen Anora--to grieve the loss of a friend who was steadfast by one’s side during a difficult time, the onset of the Blight, and who offered counsel during that grueling time.

Returning to Denerim seemed simple…
And then there was Alistair. Nothing was ever easy.

Notes: Searching for a partner (gender unimportant) to write from the perspective of Alistair, and to help create the story (plot, npcs, etc). Themes that may be explored are: reticent love, past regrets, strained friendships, love lost, angst, jealousy and selfishness. Kinks: sexual tension, sexual attraction, voyeurism, passion, and anything else that is suitable to the story.

An Army Unto Themselves: A Tale of the Grey Wardens

Blights and Darkspawn, it was why the Grey Wardens existed: to fight the creatures, to make the lands and the people safe, to vanquish the taint of evil.

From all walks of life did they exist: nobles, warriors, mages and criminals; elves, humans and dwarves; those who willingly joined and those who were conscripted and brethren they would become if one survived The Joining.

Not an easy task did they have for their lives were shortened not from simply the skirmishes and the battles they fought, but their blood was tainted. Nightmares they would have, and when one heard the calling, into the Deep Roads they would venture, to die fighting instead of crumbling into madness.

Before the Fifth Blight, before the armies of Ferelden gathered at Ostagar, there were other tales written and spoken about the Wardens …

Notes: OCxOC  --or—Duncan x OC (would be searching for a partner to write from Duncan’s perspective). Looking for a partner who would help craft the tale between two Grey Wardens, and who would be willing to explore themes of morals, self-sacrifices, sacrifices for the greater good, corruption and politics, romance or something like it, and questionable circumstances (and yes, there would be violence and gore).

A Murder of Crows

…I must deal with the Crows, but when I return to you, not even sharp razors will be able to separate us!
Until then, you remain in my dreams. Especially the naughty ones.
Yours always,

She had forgiven him for attempting to take her life, and defeated before her, lounging at her feet, there was something about the Antivan Crow that appealed to her…and so his life was spared much to the vexation of Alistair. 

He remained loyal, and had become more than a friend during the time in which the fifth Blight threatened Ferelden and after the Archdemon was defeated, she and Zevran traveled together at least for awhile, at least until duty separated them.

With Vigil’s Keep secure, with Mother and the Architect dead, all she wanted was to return to him …somewhere in Antiva, somewhere in the shadows where he murdered Crows.

Notes: Searching for a partner to write from the perspective of Zevran, and one who would be willing to help create the story. Could be persuaded to write M/M with the right partner. Themes to be explored would be corruption and politics; blood, murder and assassinations; an assassin’s life in Antiva. Kinks: rough and/or romantic sex; possible bondage; knife play; blindfolds; voyeurism; and really anything goes in Antiva, right?

The Will of Justice

In the wake of Knight Commander Meredith, in the wake of the slaughter that saturated the halls of The Circle, and of the Templar Hall, Kirkwall strained to rebuild.

The Champion of Kirkwall, Hawke, she had disappeared into the depths of the Free Marches with Anders. Lovers they had been, and emotional bonds entwined the two...and given the massacre, given the choices she made, they seemed inseparable.

But Varric had forewarned her.
And tales that Fenris told her of the Tevinter Magistrates offered glimpses of a personal history, of slavery that ought not to have existed.

What does happen when a demon and a person unite as one?
No longer were they separate individuals, Justice and Anders; personalities melted into one being.

Anders had changed.

Always did he brood. Always did he speak his opinion regarding Mages, or that of the Templars, or the Chantry.  Yet something was different. Something to which Hawke noticed, but could not pinpoint, could not put into words.

There was violence. And bitterness. And hate.
Anders was a man shaping the world, burning it, welcoming his destiny...

But many innocent people perished in his wake, consequences of his actions, and no longer could Hawke endure, or forgive, or accept. Never had she the strength to strike Anders down, to end his life... and so she left, quietly, and without word.

A friend she would seek out, and begin a new life with him.

But the will of Justice is peculiar...

Notes: Searching for a partner to write from the perspective of Fenris and to help create the story.  Will consider M/M for the right partner. Themes to be explored: regrets and sacrifice; friends becoming lovers; past regrets; jealousy, violence and abuse; building a new life etc.

Malfeasance  Taken

He was the Knight Commander, resolute in his beliefs, uncompromising in his principles, and steadfast and true to the Templars in his care.
Whispers there were of him joining the Knights Divine.  …

Then there was her. The mage from another circle, the one of noble birth, but they had captured her in their jurisdiction. She was an Apostate. A Maleficarum.  And he remembered her from his childhood days, the youngest sister of his best mate, the one who he used to tease, to tug at her braids …and there was a stolen kiss or two. Vague memories that he wanted to elude.

Her fate rested on his decision, but the Maker would have different plans for both of them.

Notes: Looking for a partner to write from the perspective of the Knight Commander, who would be willing to help create the plot/story, and who would be comfortable creating NPCs to enrich the world. Themes to be explored: forbidden relationships, questioning faith, lyrium addiction, corruption and politics, Templar and Circle life, etc. Kinks: sexual tension, seduction and/or reluctance, tender and/or rough sexual encounters, and whatever else may be suitable to the story.

Please PM me if interested.
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Re: Dragon Age Fandoms
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Added: Seduction, Carnage and Death. 
Claimed story: Malfeasance

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Re: Dragon Age Fandoms
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Added: Beyond the Shadows of Hawke