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Started by MagicalPen, May 20, 2017, 03:49:58 PM

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Purple denotes major cravings!

Looking for the FEMALE ROLE in these ideas.

His Brothers Wife

He had loved her from the moment he had set eyes on her. She just happened to be his older brothers girlfriend at the time, now she was his wife. He saw her throughout the year at family get togethers. He had a plethora of girlfriends but none that were every steady or marriage material. Christmas was arriving and he was picking her up from the airport to take her to his parents home in the Rockies, a storm blowing in.

She was unhappily married. She was convinced her husband was having a fair - longer hours, more work trips, etc - and she was at her wits end over it. This would be her last vacation with the family, she was sure, going to file for divorce after the season was over. What she didn’t count on was being trapped in a motel room with her brother-in-law, letting her own doubts cloud her mind, giving in to a night of passion with the one man that seemed to actually care about her.

[Seeking a lonely, troubled wife to embark on an ellicit affair with her brother-in-law, continuing it through her stay, and then seeing where it takes us from there.]

My Wife is a what?

Things weren’t quite adding up. His wife was gone for week more and more frequently, but at least it was paying the bills. She was rarely asking him for money anymore and seemed to have a steady income with which to buy herself new clothes. He thought she may be cheating on him with a sugar daddy, so sets things up to make it seem like he was gone again.

He tracks her back to their house and soon finds the truth. Two men show up and he watches as his wife entertains them before having a threesome with them. Money is exchanged. While watching, though, he finds himself strangely aroused by watching her with other men.

He confronts her about it, getting off while listening to her tell him how it started and what its like to be with other men. Instead of making her stop, though, he starts pimping her out instead - to his friends, to his boss, to random guys - living out some of his fantasies.

[Seeking a kinky wife to become a whore, and her husbands whore. Wide range of male characters to interact with.]

Naturally Submissive

She was a natural submissive, even though she wouldn’t let it show. Her daughter had taken after her as well. She watched as her daughters boyfriend would touch her, make her touch him, even when she - the mother - was around. She saw all the signs. She heard them making love late into the night, remembering the days when she was that girl, like her daughter, with a Master to take care of her. She caught glimpses of them too and knew her daughters boyfriend was an Adonis among men.

Late one night, barely wearing anything, she goes downstairs to get a drink of water. And then he appears, completely naked. He sees the tattoo on the small of her back - one that shows she used to be someones pet, that she was and is a submissive. He takes full advantage of her right there in the kitchen in the middle of the night. Soon, he moves in with them, the Master of both Mother and Daughter.

[Seeking someone to primarily play the Submissive Mother, but also the Submissive Daughter. Incest between the two would be appreciated as the Boyfriend becomes the Dominant force in the household]

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Her Boyfriends Father

Sarah found her boyfriend cute. He was a bit geeky and shy, but always nice to her and she had known him for some time. They kissed and all, but he was quite nervous when it came to rounding the bases. At first, she thought it was cute and all, just like the rest of him, but it was starting to grow...tiresome for her. She was always having to initiate the contact and take the lead. She had her needs, of course, and he just wasn't quite fulfilling them! It was making her grow frustrated and was tempting her to break up with him and find greener pastures. But that would break him and their families were quite close, having known each other for a long time and all that jazz.

Even so, it was killing her inside. She found herself masturbating more and more frequently to get off, usually while watching some pretty hardcore porn. Why couldn't he be like that, be more assertive and sexually aggressive? It was so frustrating! What she needed was some one who could take control and didn't need to be told, or ask her, what she wanted. She liked flirting with her boyfriends father, especially when he flirted back and like most girls her age, she did dream of being with an older man, but never imagined it would happen.

One night, watching a movie with her boyfriend and his dad, and feeling especially horny, she kept fidgeting in her seat between the two. She tried to touch her boyfriend under the blankets but he kept pushing her away. She began to doze off eventually but was woken back up by fingers under her skirt. She quickly perked up, thinking it was her boyfriend, but after following the hand the wrong direction, she realized it was his father instead. She was too turned on, too desperate for attention to make it stop. After the movie ended, her boyfriend went to bed but she 'wasn't tired yet' so decided to stay up - and see where the rest of the night would take her!

Her Bestfriends Father

Sarah had always had a crush on her bestfriends father. The man was sexy and handsome. He was nice and a popular guy in the community too. He never looked down on anyone and was always really friendly. He seemed like the perfect husband to have and she had to admit that, despite the obvious age gap, she was quite jealous. She loved to tease and flirt with him, trying to make him uncomfortable, flashing her skin at him. She especially liked sleeping over, teasing him wearing almost nothing but her undies.

She didn't know why she did it, but one night she heard him moving down the hallway (during a sleepover) so slid out from her blankets and went downstairs to 'get a drink'. She saw him, sitting on the sofa with his laptop, typing away. She was able to sneak up on him and grab his laptop before plopping down onto his lap - to tease and flirt with him while keeping the laptop out of reach. She knew he was a writer but not what he now was her chance. She began reading and discovered it was erotica, about a girl like her and a guy like him. She was...surprisingly turned on and could feel something hard pressing back against her.

One thing quickly led to another after that and she was soon learning just how inexperienced she was!

The Making of a Star

His girlfriend was hot. Super hot. Guys always stared at her and tried to get in her pants. He didn't know how he landed her but he had. And she was a good, kinky fuck to top that off! And he saw her looking, flirting back with the guys hitting on her, being a complete cock tease. And something about that turned him on.

At a club one night, with her looking drop dead gorgeous, he decides to let her dance with whomever hits on. The little flirt quickly finds a guy, of course, and lets his hands wander, groping her right there on the dance floor as she teases right back. Her phone buzzes - its her boyfriend, telling her to go home with the guy and fuck him and then to tell him all about it in the morning. She is hesitant at first but decides it could be fun, so agrees to it.

The next morning, she tells her boyfriend all about it. They get to talking about it and he reveals he likes the idea of her fooling around with other guys but wants to see it happen next time. So they agree to try it out, both liking it as it happens, filming it sometimes soon. The videos are posted online and turn her into an amateur star, with guys of all ages and walks of life propositioning her for a night of fun with themselves!

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Blackmailed Teacher

Mrs. Brown was an attractive woman in her mid-30's. She was happily married and worked at a local high-school. She loved her husband but had started to find the sex to be quite stale lately. She had resorted to reading online erotica in order to get her juices flowing lately and was starting to crave being dominated in the bedroom by her husband but wasn't quite sure how to bring the subject up with him. He was very Christian and very vanilla and she didn't want to strain things between them.

Of course, Mrs. Brown had not always been so vanilla herself. College had been a wild time for her. She worked as a stripper (and would never admit to the amount of customers she slept with) and even had an affair with a married professor. If you dug even deeper, you'd also find that she had starred in not one but three amateur porn films. That was before she met her future-husband and 'found God' on some scale once more. Of course, with the internet, no secret was safe these days.

Andrew was one of Mrs. Browns better students. He was quiet but never late with any of his assignment. A solid B student, but she thought that was because he didn't apply himself and seemed to daydream a lot in her class. But she wasn't one to bring attention to a kid who was not paying attention. And he was kinda cute, if she was allowed to say so, being his teacher and all. She found an envelope on her desk one day and was shocked by its contents - pictures of her naked on stage from her stripping days. Such pictures could easily ruin her career and potentially her marriage. The person wanted to meet with her after classes so she sat anxiously, waiting for whomever it was to show up.

She was shocked when she saw Andrew walk into her classroom, and even more shocked by what he wanted to keep his silence.

Seduced by a Teacher

Mrs. Brown had a problem. She loved young cock. Nothing illegal, age wise, but not anyone close to her age. She couldn't put her finger on it but maybe it was the enthusiasm and gusto younger men showed. She knew she was sexy, she knew guys wanted to fuck her, so she loved teasing them. Occasionally she fucked a guy her age, but usually it was to get something. It was the only reason she was still a teacher - word had reached her previous head master that she was fucking one of the football jocks. Luckily, the day before he found out she had fucked him for a raise so instead of firing her or reporting her to authorities, she was transferred to a new school instead.

She tried to control her urges of course but being surrounded by younger men all day was too much for her to handle. She wasn't going to go after a jock this time, no. That had been a mistake. He had bragged about banging an older woman, which turned into banging a teacher, which had led to their discovery. She couldn't risk that again. No, she was going to go after a quiet type, the type of guy who had few friends, never had been kissed, had no one to tell or no one to believe him if he did tell.

Her eyes settled on Andrew Simon, a quiet, bookish boy in her class who kept mostly to himself. She started to smile at him, talk to him, flirt and tease with him to test the waters. Yes, he would do she decided. It was time to seduce Andrew Simon.

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The Family Slut

Sally was a quiet  girl. At 16 years old, she had 3 older brothers so had grown used to not getting her way. As such, NO was not part of her vocabulary. Despite her shyness, she was also starting to draw attention from other guys who were all too scared to ask her out because of her older brothers - underneath her demeanor she was a very pretty girl. Inexperienced and a virgin, she also feared that she would never feel a mans touch because of her brothers. But that was where she was wrong.

Now that she had come of age, she was fair game. It was her weekend to visit her Uncle, so she went to his house right after school on friday. Her school uniform had always driven him nuts and he had learned more and more about her and her inability to say No. So he decided to have some fun with her, putting a porno on for them to watch. As he got more aroused, he started to touch her. One  thing quickly led to another and they were soon back upstairs, in her room, losing her virginity to her Uncle. Her lecherous Uncle had her for the weekend and had quite a bit of fun with her.

Of course, back home during the week, she started noticing that her brothers and father were eyeing her in the same manner as her Uncle had. It wouldn't be long now before the rest of her family started to exploit her nubile body for their own personal pleasure.

[Looking for a Daughter who can't say NO. Heavy themes of Incest, dub-con, group sex, etc]

Forever Twins

Twins. One male, one female. They’ve done everything their whole lives together and still share a room. Even so, they have distinct personalities and some people think they are just siblings and not twins. They were eachothers first kiss growing up as well and neither have ever really had a significant other in their lives.

She comes home from a girls-only birthday party earlier than expected, walking in on her twin jerking off to porn. Instead of being repulsed, she is curious, and encourages him to continue, before reaching in, to lend a hand. She’d never touched a penis before and she was curious. And thus begins a nearly nightly ritual of exploring each others bodies, touching and kissing, working steadily up to the night they decided to have sex, to lose their virginity to each other.

Who better to give it up to than someone who will always love you unconditionally?

[Seeking some twincest, starting out with some teasing and light touching before getting into heavier, more hardcore scenes, all the while keeping it a secret from friends and family alike]

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Still looking for games.

As a note, I would like to keep the general characteristics of a plot intact, but actual details and names etc can be tweaked to make a better fit with whomever may be interested in the plots.

Alternatively, for the incest-based ones, I would be willing to step back to step-relations if that makes the ideas more appealing.


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