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Author Topic: Interest- Igen Pharmaceutical Corporation (physiological, torment, dark )  (Read 1141 times)

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Imagine doing some mundane thing, walking home, walking to your car, and what not only to black out and wake up in a small white tiled room. All your possessions are gone. All your clothing has been replaced with line green scrubs with small back numbers embroidered on the left side. A thick plastic wrist band with numbers is on your wrist. You ave no memory of how you arrived and don't know what this place is. No one answers your demands to be let out.

For you are now a test subject in a lab.


Who is Igen

At the beginning of  the 21st century the Igen Corporation had become the largest commercial entity in the U.S. Its  political and financial influence is felt everywhere. To the public, its the world's leading supplier of... medical products, advanced robotics and cybernetic implants. 

Unknown even to its own employees,its massive profits are generated by genetic experimentation, experimental robotics, medical experimentation and cybernetic experimentation all funded by the largest  Pharmaceutical company around , a faceless organization simply known as The Corporation.

Igen is a research compound that is underground and self contained. Its purpose is medical, bio-engineering, robotics and cybernetic research. It uses a proxy, the Belko Corporation, to secure test subjects. Said test subjects are comprised of kidnapped homeless, mercenaries with bounties on their heads that were turned over instead of being executed, and oddly enough, every day people who made the mistake of answering a mysterious letter or e-mail.

The one thing all the test subjects have in common is that no one will miss them. They have no friends, no family, no children.

Obviously, kidnapping and holding people against their will or buying mercenaries who would be executed and running invasive and painful tests on them could potentially raise legal issues. This is solved just like many issues in life, with money. And the Corporation has a seemly endless supply of it.


Characters Needed

There are two main groups, researchers and test subjects. The researchers, as a rule, are not interested in their test subject sexually. This is a low smut game.

The researchers are of all ages, races and genders. They are very business like in their attitude towards the test subjects.

The test subjects come from all walks of life, and range from humans right up to sapient AIs.

Other staff that is comprised largely of NPCs like janitorial, research assistance, guards and the like.


As fun as sandboxes are, there has to be an endgame. Now this will depend on your character. You can have your character killed off then make a new character and continue to play, kill the character off or you can join some of the other characters in their escape. Of course even if they do escape, they will find the environment outside is miles of sand, rock and scrub-land scorched by a searing sun.

They also may find the world as they know it has changed drastically thrusting them into a whole new adventure.



-This is a low smut game. The focus is to be on physical and physiological, not smut.

-My NPCs can be slaughtered or killed with out asking me permission. Some, like Travis, no doubt will deserve a messy end. You can kill off other players NPCs as well but make sure to ask permission first.

-In this game, characters will die. But never with out the permission of the player. A player can kill off their own character or have someone else do it then make a new character, this way things stay fresh.

-Respect a players Off\Ons

-Characters have to be twenty or older. This is for the comfort level of all involved

-There is no posting order

-Use the tagging system and use headers

-This game is open to every one

-If you choose to leave the group, please inform the GM and anybody you are RPing with so we're not left hanging

- IC Posts should have substance, no one-liners.

-Please try not to keep anybody waiting on a post longer than one week. Real life happens but inform any one you are RPing with that you will be longer

-Communication is key,talk to your fellow players

-While not a rule, interaction is not only a good thing, its encouraged. Don't exclude characters because you don't know anything about them or don't want your character to screw them. Go TALK and interact with other characters, it helps build the story



Both original and fandom based characters are welcome, any orientation, any gender. The characters consist of humans, non human sapient robots and cyborgs.

In the notes section, give us an idea of what the scientists and the like can and can't do with a victim. It'll help stop the constant messaging each other back and forth with questions of, "Oh, can I do this?", "Can I kill them or no?", "Is this ok, or no?"

You can have up to three characters and as many NPCs as you want

Player Name:

Character Name:





Bio / History:

How did your character get into this mess?:

Link to you On\Offs:

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Re: Interest- The Belko Experiment (physiological, torment, dark )
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Ohh sign me up!