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Author Topic: ~The Younger Sister.. All Grown Up ~ Not an Incest Story! (M seeking F)  (Read 1241 times)

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I only write in threads (forums) not via Email or Private Message.
I do use PM and Skype <snip> to work things out.. but.. all stories will be done in Threads (Forums) Only.

Please, (& Thank You in advance) do not write replies directly to this thread, but PM me.


    Back in 2012 I had a good run with the below setup, my writing partner and I enjoyed it for many months. But as tings often happen the real world got in the way and I am looking to try and do it again with someone new. I included the first posting by Meri who through PM shared the setup with me. I was also really surprised that after five years most of the links still worked.

    This is basically a romance request.. romance with passion and story.. people say you can never go back, I did a bit in the thread written in 2012, now five years later I want to try and find someone to go back again. Oh and most everything below is fiction, but based a wee bit on fact.


Please Read for more background on this thread

     Thanks for browsing this thread request, as you can see it is at the top of my list because Yes!, it is near and dear to my heart. The idea comes from a time when I was a heck of a lot younger, and did not know nearly as much as I know now. The time of the story is late 80's early 90's this was before there was a WWW ,(World Wide Web), and the internet was AOL based  or BBS's (look it up if you have no clue what I am talking about).
     The story takes place in or about Cleveland Ohio USA, Set in 1991 to be precise, and yeah it is me in the story, well a version of me. As this is a fantasy board I did make changes, I mean the guy in the pics is NOT half as good looking as I was  >:). But the car, the house, the cat, the bathtub, the job all were part of my life or could have been, (I am not going to say what was what but yeah the cat and house were part of it, okay that is as much as I will say OH! and one of the cars, now that is all I am saying) ;D
     I have run this thread twice so far and I know in the future I will run it a 3rd or 4th or 5th time because, it is simply one of my favorites if not my ultimate favorite request.
    I will be updating and adding to the background as well. The main reason is as I write with others more bits come to mind and I want to add or include them and make the thread better. I feel the more info or background a person has the better they can do when writing a thread such as this. Most updates will come from questions that my writing partners have asked bringing more insight and details on backstory spoiler.  I have/had great people writing with me and we enjoyed, (or hopefully will enjoy) what we did (pr are doing) until either we no longer wish to write or  are able to write because of real world issues.
    1st - As Stated this takes place in or about Cleveland Ohio USA
    2nd - Veronica or Ronnie was my first childhood sweetheart I fell for her in kindergarten. In first grade I stood up on my desk and shouted 'I love Veronica Christopher' in third grade her family moved. I was heart broken for about a week and then moved on. In seventh grade Veronica came back. That was when one of those innocent BF/GF grade school romances start. You know the first boy girl dances and all that, holding hands and passing notes. Her father was out of the picture at this time and her mother worked long hours. Veronica got stuck taking care of the Twerp her younger sister Shannon.
              Shannon thought I was the coolest 'boy' as if I brought something for Ronnie I also bought something for her. Veronica loved her little sister but one day the twerp did something to embarrass her and her sister did it right back. I choked on the soda I was drinking because of what Shannon had done to her older sister and as I said Ronnie was so upset she drug her sister out from where she was trying to hide and chose to embarrass her in the same way. I could not deal with it and I took off for home on my bike as quick as I could pedal.
              When I did finally did come back, Shannon was mortified, (I think she had a crush on me the older more sophisticated boy LOL two years older LOL) and Veronica was still upset at her. I had felt sorry for the twerp and gave her a ride on the handle bars of my bike. It was a
and after that  she asked me if she could ride it every time I came over to visit, of course being a soft touch, I said yes. To this day I think that is one of the reasons that in a few years she went from BMX bikes to motorcycles, but I could be wrong. ;D
               Even today I remember these events as if they were yesterday, it was shortly after what happened above that both Veronica and the Twerp left my life. What sucks was I barley got to say goodbye? Here is what happened they did not have a phone and I had been grounded for some reason? When I did show up they were busy packing and had been for some time. Her mom had lost her job and they were moving east? west? south? heck I do not know, all I knew was her grandparents where stepping up to help her mom out and they were soon to be gone. Her mom did not want to be mean but there had a ton to get done and ready so I had to go home, and that was that.
               That was my last image of her of them as  Veronica game me a hug tears in her eyes,and Shannon the twerp also hugged me she was actually crying a bit and shivering so I gave her my jacket. It was an old thing she loved to wear, (and it helped her not get too banged up when riding my bike and wrecking a time or two). With one look back I got on my bike said good bye to what I considered the first girl I loved (Veronica) and rode off. Many many many years later I joined Elliquiy and after a time put this thread up.
               Hi , So now you may be wondering why is this request for Shanon the 'Twerp' and not Veronica? I have tried threads with Ronnie and I am certain I will try again possibly in the future, but I chose Shannon because it hurts less. Shannon was also a cutey and still growing thus could look like anyone now. Veronica in my mind has an image that would be impossible to describe and trying to have someone or ask someone to do so would be far too hard. If I do ever decided to do one with Veronica it would have to be a special writer willing to work with me. Okay enough of that.
                I need to add this one fact, I did see Shannon one time back in 1991 she did recognize me as well and I barely recognized her. I was in the car shown, she was on a motorcycle and we did talk.She was wearing a helmet and sunglasses , she was heading out of town we talked a bit and laughed a bit  and she informed me she still had my jacket. Her sister was married and happy, she got married right after high school (Veronica not Sha Na Na), and had a loving husband and two little girls of her own. Shannon and I talked about getting together for a drink, she smiled and agreed but never showed up or if she did I missed her.
    3rd - Shannon or Sha Na Na - Yup she had a nick name and she was impish and cute and fearless, I have been asked about my On's and Off's and F-list for her and the thread so here is what I am asking in regards to all that.
            F-list/On Off - Tuck it all to the side and enjoy the basics ~ Switch's with itches still new to it all and what they do know they know from trial and
error. I request her to be a Biker Chick, like country music or at the very least tolerates it, everything else is up in the air.
            Hard Off's will be Smoking, Bathroom Play, Pain for Pain, actually let’s drop the whole slave master idea unless it is playful role-play not full time, you know like dressing up as Darth Vader and Princess Lea, or That Hunky UPS delievery guy with a special delivery .
     4th - I am going to add this section as options within options cause also it is 100% true and about me. Below is NOT needed but... options.
Swinging- I once was a swinger, yup I had no less than six? or seven? relationships during this time and I am going to be 100% honest it was more the idea then the deed in real life that kept us hot and heavy. Why do I bring this up now if this is supposed to be a sorta Vanilla love story? Well I was in my 20's at the time thus the age I am in this story. You see I came to realize in real life couples be they husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend who wanted to try 'swinging' would meet up with other like couples to enjoy the idea of swapping partners and having sex. NOW how many times did this happen to me I'm not sharing, save to say it is not like in movies or writing here. Yes it was interesting and fun but for the most part it was the idea, the idea  was what made it exciting. Meeting other couples 90% of the time there was no connection, and for the rare times there were I am not about to write about those. Except maybe in fantasy again here with the right partner.
I guess a lot of what I did in the 90's and on BBS's is what got me here and writing on E in the first place I joined in 2010. Yes I have modified my past and I did it to add flavor to it. However you should know when I write about going to the clinic and getting checked out, that was something we did but not the place or names used in this story. The group I was part of was called 'Swingles' later named 'Afterglow' it is long gone. It had been a  BBS for people and couples to meet and chat and before you got to be part or allowed into the life you had to go to a clinic. One of the members did actually work at this clinic and the couple who ran the BBS thought this a great idea because of the time.You went to the clinic was checked out had blood work done and the got card if you were all clear. Couples had to do this every month, the fee was cheap I think $50.00 per couple for the first time and then like $10.00 for the testing each month after. You did not have a card and you had to do this each time if you changed partners BF/GF thing, or you did not keep it updated you were not aloud to be part of the group. It may have seemed like a pain in the ass for some, but for those that complained too much we did not need them nor were they welcome, this was the time of 'Aids'.
Threesome-  I also did threesomes back in the 90's BUT again not going to share how often, I will say any sex with more then one demands a  lot of trust. Also you really need to have an open mind. Thus if you wish to write this with me here in this thread be prepared to keep it real, well for the most part, Okay it will be 100% fake but I promise we will have fun.
That is, it for now, as always if you have questions please PM me.
Thanks for reading this
Rog the Rake
Pics of his 1972 Old Cutlass
Rog (age 21)
was testing the engine he and a few buddies had dropped into is 1972 Old’s Cutlass, the car was not all that pretty on the outside but under the hood his 350 rocket was purring like a kitten and the twin glass packed exhausts did all the rest.. smooth leather seats and his fuzz buster was all he needed, OH and the radio of course. He had just taken the car to the park and tested how the work done on the front bearings had also been done, smooth and easy to handle there was no jerks and only a few squeals and he was very very happy…
      He had NEVER been a car guy, that was his older brother but GOD he loved this car, yeah it needed some body and paint work, but the inside was perfect and under the hood was even better. He would get the body work done, he just needed to figure out what he wanted done. He had blown the original engine on street racing as well as the hood, it had taken him six months to get his girl back in shape and now she was purring like a kitten.
    He was taking back streets home when he saw the bike behind him, NO not saw HEARD it. There is no sound like a Harley and one that was louder than his glass packs told him either someone did NOT know how to care for their or they Knew how to care for it, when he made a left and saw the rider tool up next to him and smile he about lost control. SHE was gorgeous .. smoking hot... and though he could not see her eyes behind the shades he saw the smile and the white teeth as she gunned her bike and sped ahead of him. He followed for a few turns but then lost her, shaking his head he slipped into traffic on the main street and headed home.
     What he did not know is he may have lost her, but she did not lose sight of him, on her bike she could follow him.  Shannon (Age 19) was not certain if this was who she thought it was it looked like him, hell yeah he was older but, she had this itch and feeling. She watched as he turned down and alley back street, the type made for people to park their cards behind their homes. As he parked his car behind what she supposed was his house, saw watched him get out lock the car and go over to check out an another covered up car, then he moved through the back yard of the house. Smiling she saw a Grill, above ground pool and what looked like a jacuzzi but it was hidden from view for privacy. She had a few contacts still in town some of them might know more about who this was and she could only wonder if her itch would pan out, smiling she got back on her bike already planning on how she would find a way to bump into him if this was in fact him.
     She had not planned on staying long in town, just a drive through really, it had been so many years since she had been her. The fact that it could be him and she had just happened to see him. Was fate looking to kick her ass again or reward her? Riding off she pondered what was in the cards for her and di she really want to play out the hand or fold up and walk away?

     Rog had parked behind his house; he had set up an agreement with the people who rented the first-floor apartment from him. He had the rear two parking spaces and they had to park on the street in front, they had access to the pool, Jacuzzi, and grill but had to keep it clean and paid 1/2 the cost for gas for the grill. Slipping out of his car he went over to his next project car and checked her out, she needed a lot of TLC under the hood but on the outside, she was a sweet as sweet can be. Moving through his back yard he stopped, his ears had picked up the sound of big engine, motorcycle he though being gunned and his mind went back to the girl? woman? on the bike. She was what one called 'smoking hot' and he knew he would never see her again, he was just not that lucky of a guy.
Pics of the project car - 1969 Old Cutlass Classic -

   The fact that he parked in the back of the place, was a bonus for him but he still had to go around to the front to check for mail. Moving around his House he noticed a piece of siding that was loose and made a mental note to get the ladder out and get it back it back in place, (as well as check for any water damage) before it fell off. He had put a lot of love into this place in just twelve months, the loss of his parents in a car accident had given him the funds but would never make up for them being gone. Most of the money was in the bank but he took out enough to but this place free and clear, work on getting her livable and rentable. He still had a lot to do, but like his projects cars the house was also a project and kept him busy when not working.
Front of House
Layout Best I can do of the place

     He smiled as he moved around to the front the shrubs he added were doing great, he liked how well they worked. They did need some trimming, but Jillian would take care of that for him. In fact, as he got his mail Jillian opened her door, 'Hi Rog' she said and smiled SHE was also a looker but taken for the most part. Hearing her husband call out asking it that was Rog... he *chuckled* and stuck his head in "Jack what the hell do you want to complain about now..." he joked... in fact the couple did not have any complaints they loved what he had did with the place and were only surprised that he rented the 1st floor and kept the second for himself. They then read the contract about how the attic was off limits and it was explained about the back parking. BUT they could not beat the rent and all the amenities they even did not mind the old claw foot tub in the bath. in fact, they LOVED it.
      Jack yelled he was in the Kitchen so strolling inside he found the man at the stove ... 'Very funny wise ass' the older man said (Jack is 25 and Jillian is 23) he then motioned to an envelope on the table. ' Your rent Sir ' and turning smiled. 'Thanks for understanding about last month. the balance is there with this month...' Rog cut him off. "Jack you and Jillian have helped out on some of the projects ... I told you all you need do is talk to me and we can work something out, BUT make certain to let me know in enough time so I can shift things around if needed." he had money left from his parent's accident, he had used a good chunk of it for the house and renovations. he did not have any mortgage which means only what work he was still doing in the attic and the sundry other bills that come from owning a home were all he had to worry about. Jack of course asked if he wanted to stay for dinner but he bowed out, the two had often tried to get him to stay for other reasons but he was NOT ready or into that, but the thought did cross his mind now and then. Slipping out the back exit he pulled a special key out and opened the door to the rear stairwell up to the second floor.
      Originally the stairwell was open to the attic for both families to share but Rog had closed it off. He was converting the large attic into a master suite. in fact, that was what had sold him on the property. It had needed a ton of TLC but when he climbed up to the attic and saw the old beams he was in love. good and solid he would have a lot of work to do to make it his Master Suite / Office but it would be worth it. He had also raised the height by two feet and installed three skylights, pluming, electricity, AND there was a king-sized bed ready to be put up. No way he would have gotten it in normally but as he was jacking the room up to add height he could get the box spring and mattresses etc... all up there and off to the side. Pain in the ass as he had to move it from one end to the other until he could get it locked down and up to use BUT well worth it
     The whole house now also had central air and heating the old furnace, as there was but one for the place which was odd was dead. So, he had it gutted and buried and he spent two months helping to install the new central air with a buddy of his who did the work at just over cost for him. He had a lot of good friends and all of them had been there for him when his parents died. Main reason is he had little to no family an uncle down in Florida and an Aunt up in Michigan that was it.
    As he heading up the stairs he heard a familiar sound coming down to him, a bundle of black and white leaped into his arms. "Hey Jinx" he said...
Jinx Kitten and still a kitten
and cradled his his guard cat, enjoying the little purr monster, he scratched him behind the ears and when they got up to his / their place he set him on the counter then dropped the mail and keys in a bowl... kicking off his shoes, he stripped and headed into the bathroom, Jinx padded after and jumped up on the clothes basket, he was promptly dumped off as he shoved his shirt etc... inside. Opening the curtain of the shower, he smiled he loved this tub and had been more than willing to deal with keeping its and updating it during the renovation. The old claw footed design needed work and he took his time when making it a bit more modern. He he had added was the rain water shower head over the center of the tub, and was thinking of doing a steam upgrade but would need to repaint the walls to handle the humidity.
The tub
was large and Jillian and Jack had a similar one and often commented it was big enough for three, he took their word for it knowing his would at least hold two, this he knew for a fact. After his shower, he was grabbed a bit to eat ... made certain Jinx had some wet food ... did the litter box and then padded into his bedroom to read a bit before sacking out. He had to be at work 3AM and was pulling a double.
    Soon Out like a light he was woken at 2AM by his furry alarm clock, then his clock... A quick wash up and dress, ten minutes of quality time with Jinx then out the door. Heading to the plant his mind went back to the other day, and the hottie on the bike, she could be knowing to the neighborhood? He planned on driving around, maybe he would get luck? Or maybe one of his neighbors know of the vixen on the bike, dam she had hit him hard. BUT one had to pay the bills, thus off to work. Pulling out at the security gate he rolled down his window. slipping his card in the electronic lock he was let in. His status and pay grade meant he had access to special parking.
     The guard on duty at the main door greeted him and checked his badge 'Pulling a double huh? Rog nodded and went on in. He worked it the plants automation's room. Ford had installed a lot of the new reel to reel computerized work force, systems to help improve and augment the normal tasks their workers had to do on the assembly line. It was his job to make certain the big processes were running efficiently and as a perk he had an ultra-sweet modem connection he could use on sight AND at home. This allowed hit to in an emergency check the system instead of having to drive in. Aaron his boss had convinced the higher ups and it already had saved them 1.2 million dollars in down time, well worth the cost to maintain it for their senior techs. It also allowed him to access local ftp sites and BBS's. He saw his boss / friend Aaron as he went in and the two of them talked. Aaron was a new father and would only be working till 6am, Rog offering to give the man more time to be with his wife and new daughter. He was doing all that he could for the guy who had gotten him this job and helped him deal with the loss of his parents.
First things first he started to check the main machines, he went to each of the twenty large units, switched out the reels on those that needed changing and made certain all was in perfect working order. Done he then grabbed his clipboard jotted out when the next unit(s) needed to be changed and headed to 'The Recliner' ... this was a luxury one of three for those who worked the long shifts Aaron have paid for them and brought them up. If the big bosses knew they had it them they chose to ignore it, after all the six men who kept the big units running and were helping to make better quality products plus cut overhead in 1/2, deserved special consideration. Not everyone could access this room and those that could often took advantage of the recliners themselves. (LOL oh yeah the 80's and computers ... LOL)
     Taking a seat in the recliner Rog leaned back, before doing so he fixed a time on the Alarm clock next to him and as he closed his eyes his mind was already back to the sexy on the bike from earlier in the day. time slipped by and soon his day was done. On the way, home he caught a late lunch hit the grocery store... and drove around the streets from the day before... NO sign of the woman.  Heading home he took care of some other tasks, including dropping off some books at the library nighttime deposit and was back in bed by eight. to repeat his day...
    Friday came and so did his weekend, he was third man so on the weekend, as were Aaron and Matt the newer guys got stuck pulling weekend duty. Unless of course the shit hit the fan then he and Aaron and Matt were called in... the new guys had to work the shifts until Tuesday. Heading home he spent some time with Jinx having given up on finding the 'Motor Cycle Hottie'. A shower and a shave then slipping into a pair of nice but comfortable jeans, his grey boots with the cockroach killer toes, a nice shirt and a shot of cologne and he was ready. Jinx gave him a once over and meowed his approval as he headed out the door for some good food, good drinks, maybe a dance or two... and of course... some killer pool.
    Hitting the bar, he strolled in, was greeted by the usual crowd, and said his hello's. He liked this place, he had heard about the owner’s rules. #1 being No smoking... when he had heard that he had to check the place out as he hated smoky places. Next he loved the fact that they had a kitchen and made some of the best burgers in the neighborhood, there were more rules but most of them were cut and dry. A weird one dealt with a private club down stairs called 'Afterglow' members only and he was not a member. He ordered the usual and as he waited for the food he was handed a nice cold bottle of Millers (MGD) the long neck on the bottle sweating... smiling he looked around eyeing up who was here tonight and looking to see if any new faces were in the room
(( Meri wrote below.. it may help with some insight it may not ))

On Shannon Black's 19th birthday, her college friends threw her a huge bash at Phi Beta Kappa's Sorority House, where the drinks never ran dry. She spent the latter half of the evening puking her guts out, managing to get some of it on her boots and in her long red hair, and the next day had a hangover that would kill a bear. It was miserable and worse, she couldn't remember much of what happened.  It was not her proudest moment.

was a free spirit, but that didn't make her stupid. College was easy enough, but she had never felt like she belonged there. Never belonged anywhere, really. They had moved so many times while she was growing up, she didn't feel like she ever had a real home. But lately her mind had been wandering back to one place they lived in twice, where she and her sister Veronica had made some friends; real friends. She had already decided when school ended in two weeks, she was going to ride her bike back there and maybe stay all summer, depending on how much things had changed. Her parents were in Scotland and her sister lived 1200 miles away with her husband, a 2-year old daughter and twin sons, 10-months old. She needed some kind of human connection.

Two weeks later she roared into town on her bike and was amazed at how much things had changed, and how much they had stayed the same. She smiled and rode through to the road where she had lived. It looked much the same, and the memories hit her full force. She blinked rapidly, taking off her sunglasses and quickly wiping an escaping tear away before anyone noticed. She turned the bike and headed for the Cottage Inn, a grouping of five small buildings, each with a bedroom and a bath, the outsides covered in river rock. Her parents kept her in enough money to live on, but she didn't want to spend it on expensive lodgings. She didn't need much; liked to pack light so she could go on a moment's whim. She was just two blocks from the Inn when she pulled alongside an old car, a Cutlass. Somehow that made her smile. It was like going home again.

The driver turned and looked at her and, for a moment, she was sure she knew him. He was one hunk of good-looking male. She smiled broadly at him. The light changed and she pulled away. Who was he? She knew it would come back to her; she just had to give it time. Then she noticed that he was following her. Hah! Time to play! She leaned farther forward and cranked it up enough to momentarily lift the front wheel off the pavement, then ducked into a parking garage when he was just turning the corner. She pulled into a dark corner and shut the engine off. Watched him drive by, stop at the next street and sit there for a few moments. Then he turned left and disappeared.

Rog! She thought his name was Rog. She remembered now. He had been one of Veronica's boyfriends. She giggled. She remembered she had such a crush on him back then. Of course, he hardly knew she existed, so sometimes she would act up just to get his attention, even pulling her sisters top up once to let him see her boobies. Now she laughed. She gunned her engine and took off, turning the same way he had and following him until he pulled into a driveway. She stopped in the shadow of a large tree, and watched him walk in. Then she drove away. She started checking around and found out he was still single. A call to Bridgette, one of her old friends, on Friday, told her what she needed to know. She promised to see Bridgette the next day, then hung up and went to shower. Tonight she was going dancing!

More Pics of Shanon's Outfits and Examples of Her

Note ~ At one time I was asked in one sentence could I describe Shanon my reply - Bad Ass Motorcycle riding cowgirl at heart. When asked for turn off's I only asked that she not be a smoker, not into drugs, not into bathroom play, and not into BDSM as I wanted this wild but not that wild.


Please, (& Thank You in advance again) do not write replies directly to this thread, but PM me.
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