Ultimate Roleplay Cravings [F for M]

Started by himawari, April 12, 2017, 01:19:08 AM

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Hi!  XD

Please PM if interested!

Will not reply to anyone if they post or respond on my thread.


Plot 1: A new pet
It's your 125th birthday. A young village girl was captured by one of your followers and given to you as a gift. What will you do with her? Will she just be another meal? Or will he fall for her charms? (super open-ended)

Plot 2: My teacher
The princess of the vampire realm had turned 18 and it was time for you to retrieve her from the human world. She was sent there for her protection during the bloodwars. She has no idea she was a vampire and her thirst for blood and powers were locked. All she needed was to taste her first drop. Will you teach her to become the vampire she was meant to be? 

Plot 3: Clan Wars
Two different clans fighting against each other. Each side blaming the other for killing either family member. It's a Romeo and Juliet story. Will the two lovers bring peace to their clans or die at the hands of their families for being a traitor?

Dynamic Duo


Yo-ho, yo-ho it is a pirate's life for me.

A swashbuckling tale of a young maiden who stowed away on board a pirate ship in search of something (treasure, true love, who knows?)
and pretending to be a guy on board the ship but only to be found out by the captain. He promise to keep her secret when she promised to pay him with gold and other services....

**I do not want this to be a pure smut story. I would like to have a bit of romance aspect......


Assassin Creed Pirate themed

My biggest dream since I was a kid was to be the woman sneaking on the pirate ship dressed like a man, who was this great sword fighter, and the captain fell in love with her. ~Maria Bello


Edward Kenway x OC

She was not much older than him. Her dark brown eyes stared at the hooded man. Blood was everywhere. A few dead bodies laid on the deck. Who was this man? How did he get onboard? They were in open ocean and there was no way that he swam. They were miles away from any sort of land. She grasped her sword tightly in her hand. She was ready to fight him should he attack her. But he did not. He stood there too. Silence. Only the cries of gulls and the sound of waves. The wind blew and she caught a glimpse of what was under that hood. His blonde hair, a structured jaw, his lips did look a tad bit pale......

"Who are you? How did you board this ship? Why did you kill my men? Where is my husband?" So many questions and the tension was there. Was he going to kill her? Or just stand there?

With a grunt and the man fell forward. Dropping her sword, she ran towards the stranger, totally forgetting that he could be dangerous. Blood stained the side of his clothes. He was hurt. Compassionate as she was, she half dragged and half carried him to the cabin to tend to his wound. There was no way she was going to get her answers with him dead......

I foresee this as an adventure/love story YC (Edward Kentway) and MC (Anya Sheffield - an OC).  To have them fall in love along the way after she helped him even though he killed her husband. Who knows, maybe she would join the Creed as well and finally see his reasons for killing her husband?

Anya Sheffield, 24
Wife of Nathan Sheffield (now deceased). Daughter of a rich merchant who stowed on-board a ship when she was 18 to lead an adventurous life on the seas. Fell in love with the captain of the ship, not knowing he was a pirate. He lies to her that he was a trader doing trades with people. Learnt to sword fight from him and how to run a crew and ship.

I would like Edward to be like 20-23? A bit younger than her.


Anyone wanna play Batman?

I had this story with someone but it died because life happens. But I really like the romance between these two. Both in and out of costume. I am sure it'll be loads of fun. I was hoping for them to meet out of costume first then slowly having the great detective realize that he was seeing/dating one of the thief he was trying to catch all along, right under his nose and maybe having her already knowing but stealing is a bad habit of hers and well...let the sexual tension rise!!! It need not follow any universe, we can create our own!  8-)

Elvish Fantasy

It is based off an RP which died after the 2nd post. I want to have a story of an arranged marriage between two different elves. The Western and Eastern Elves. The Western Elves are more demure, refined and they are very slender and pretty. Think LOTR elves. Meanwhile, Eastern Elves are more brutish and manly and curvy. You get the picture. Total opposites of culture and stuff. So the Western Elf prince has come over to the East to show his respect and to honor the engagement to the Eastern Elf princess. He is in for a culture shock.

My old character:

Estel Ivósaar, Princess of Caelum

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Added a new ultimate craving!  :P
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I am interested in both, but would need to discuss Hades more in depth before I would be able to RP as him.  However I am always a sucker for a new vampire..
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Added new plot for BloodBourne.

Added new story..........
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Himawari’s Fields of Ideas


Just watched Batman and Harley Quinn movie so the Batman feels are back. ADDED BATMAN NA NA NA NA!!!

Would need time to settle my other RPs before starting this one. But I'm open for discussing it first.

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Himawari’s Fields of Ideas


Hey I am quite interested in plot 1 or 3 if you're still opened to it
let me know
<3 <3
beautiful nightmare


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I'm interested in a freespirited, swashbuckling, yardiharharing (Because that's how they talk damn it) pirate RP.
Dynamic Duo seems to have a lot of potential, story/romance/suspense/smut/drama/etc wise *Sails the stormy brainwaves*

Contact me if interested on writing an awesome story together. :)


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